Constant Contact vs Mailchimp: Here’s What I Learned About Email Marketing

By Bill Acholla January 17, 2019

The first time I tried email marketing, I failed miserably.

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How to (Finally) Start a Successful Lifestyle Blog That Generates Real Income

By Bill Acholla January 13, 2019
Start a Lifestyle Blog

This is the most comprehensive guide on how to start a lifestyle blog on the planet.

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12 Actionable Steps for Earning $100,000 as a Freelance Copywriter That are Working Right Now

By Bill Acholla December 30, 2018

Full Time Freelance Copywriter

Are you anticipating a career in freelance copywriting but aren’t sure whether to embark upon the journey?

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How to Generate Real Estate Leads Through Creating Contagious (Viral) Content

By Bill Acholla December 25, 2018

Lead Generation for Real Estate

Are you a real estate entrepreneur?

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I Analyzed SEMRush: Here’s What I Learned About Keyword Search Volume Tool

By Bill Acholla December 23, 2018

SEMrush review

When I was still starting out in my content marketing business, and still finding my way through the complicated network that is the Web, I figured that it wasn’t so easy to simply post your advertisement and content online.

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