Be a Better Writer: 13 Phenomenal Freelance Bloggers to Follow Right Now

Do you want to be a freelance writer?

Do you want to be inspired to make more money for your freelance business?

Are you looking for tips to help you be a better writer?

Of course, you do.

Well, in this article I’ll cover 13 phenomenal freelance bloggers who can inspire you to be a better writer and a professional blogger.

If you are a beginner and you are looking for freelance writing jobs, then you will LOVE this post.

Most beginners are looking for writing jobs, but they don’t know how to approach and the skills to write an engaging article.

But today, am privilege to talk about valuable freelance bloggers who have made it and they are ready to help you achieve your freelance writing career.

Are your ready to rock?

Let’s dive right in.

1. Tom Ewer

Tom is an elite freelance writer.

He has been featured regularly in the income report roundups and earns around $6k a month with his writing.

How sweet is that?

So, how does he make money?

He writes blog post for his clients and get paid. In fact, he makes some serious money through this process.

Personally, I can vouch Tom’s process, because that’s how I make money through writing blog post for small business owners.

Yes, you can make a good living out of it.

This is where you can find Tom Ewer

Leaving Work Behind

2. Kristi Hines

Kristi is an incredible freelance writer, ghostwriter, and certified digital marketer. Her writings have been featured on top blogs such as:

  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Social Media Examiner

…and many more

The above sites have contributed a lot to Kristi Hines freelancing career. In fact, she has been able to grow her followings tremendously.

And it has allowed her to create and promote content for her clients.

There’s no doubt, Kristi Hines is a phenomenal freelance writer.

If you want to learn more tips about freelancing and promoting your freelance business, then visit her business blog at

3. Linda Formichelli

Linda has been a freelance writer since 1997 and she has written for more than 150 magazines and websites, including USA Weekend, Inc., Health, Redbook, WebMD, Cleveland Clinic Magazine, Pizza Today, Women’s Health, Family Circle, and Writer’s Digest.

She operates a blog with Diana Burrell at The Renegade Writer.

If you need some serious coaching, then Linda Formichelli is the right person to accelerate you freelancing success.

4. Mary Jaksch

Do you love writing?

Of course, you do.

As we all know writing is a skill.

You need to learn by practicing.

This is where Mary Kajsch comes in.

Mary Jaksch, the Chief Editor of Write to Done a blog that can help you learn write better.

Mary’s tips are inspirational and motivating.

5. James Chartrand

James is a phenomenal expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners.

If you want to improve your results, take your business to the next level and squeeze every ounce of success into your marketing efforts? Then Men with pens is the right place to be.

Find her here: Men With Pens

You Can go wrong with James Chartrand.

6. Jeff Goins

Jeff is a popular author of four books including the national best seller, The Art of Work. On his blog, he shares his reflections on writing and life.

His blog can give you actionable tips on how to make as a freelancer and growing your business.

One of his popular post is about How to Stay Focused Writing.

If you need to learn how to be productive and focus, then that popular post will help you a lot.

If you have a passion for creativity and changing the world, then Jeff’s blog is the right platform to help you.

You’ll learn two things from Jeff’s blog:

  • Creativity
  • Professionalism

7. The Write Life is a popular blog that helps writers create, connect and earn money on their freelancing projects.

The managing editor of is Alexis Grant an entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist. All of her work falls under one umbrella: helping YOU create the life you want to live.

If you want to learn how to land your first client, then, is the right blog to engage with.

They have an engaged community who can help you improve your writing skills.

I have no doubt that can open more jobs for your freelance writing.

8. Carol Tice

Carol is an award-winning freelance writer and she likes helping writers achieve their dream of making money through freelancing.

Carol has been a full-time freelancer, for both publications and businesses. She has been fortunate to work with a lot of terrific clients, from Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Writer’s Market, to Costco and American Express.

She is one of the bloggers that I know who earns a 6-figure income through freelance writing. Making a six-figure income through freelancing is not a hard task, it only requires skills and confidence.

This post will help you learn how to earn six figure income.

If you want to learn how to support yourself with freelancing, then Carol Tice is the right person to reach out.

9. Joel Friedlander

Do you want to be a book designer?

Joel is a book designer who has helped a lot of writers self-publish their own book.

Joel spends a lot of time researching new ways for you to get your books into print, to make them more apt to sell, and be a source of pride to both author and publisher.

How great is that?

Joel has used his background in book design, advertising, graphic design to create collection of over 700 articles that are authoritative, easy to understand, and fair-minded.

If you want to be a professional book designer, then Joel’s Blog is the right place to be.

You can find him here: The Book Designer

10. Jennifer Mattern

All Indie Writers is a resource and community for freelance writers, indie publishers, and independent bloggers looking to build a successful writing career.

Jenn began writing for clients in 1999 and began blogging and Web development projects in 2004.

She currently owns and manages numerous websites and blogs covering topics such as small business, social media, writing, and publishing.

If you want to reinforce your writing skills, then All Indie Writers is the right community blog to join.

11. Bryan Collins

Do you want to overcome tour writing challenges?

Of course, you do.

So, what will you learn from Bryan Collins?

  • You will learn practical tips about productive and creativity.
  • You will learn about writing better articles.

If you want to become a better writer, then Bryan Blog will give you all the tips you want.

12. Judith Nazarewicz

Judith is a Mom, Affiliate marketer and a writer.

From her affiliate marketing, she learned how to write first before she became an affiliate marketer.

Her career background is a traditional and graphic artist and a writer.

Before you become an affiliate marketer or an SEO expert, you need to have the skills of writing better articles for your business.

There’s no doubt about that.

Discover her blog and learn how your writing skills can turn into affiliate marketing business.

You can find her here: Moms Affiliate Marketing

13. Alexa Mason

Are you a single Mom?

Do you want to become a freelance writer working from home?

Of course, you do.

Alexa has gone through a lot and after trial and error, she finally grew her income.

She grew her writing income big enough to replace her day job (which was less than $2,000/month at the time!) and then she quit her full-time job and began working for herself.

So, if you’re a single Mom, I believe you will be inspired by Alex’s Journey.

If you are starting from scratch, then this post will help you earn more money from your freelance writing business.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you have learned tips about freelance writing, then I need to hear from you.

Ready to rock to be a freelance writer?

If you have any tips or thoughts you’d like to share, kindly let me know in the comment box below.


  1. Thanks for including me on your list Bill!

    • Bill Acholla says:

      You welcome Bryan i was thrilled by your awesome content about “25 Valuable Lessons from Seriously Successful Writers” good stuff.

  2. What a great group of freelancers. I know the majority of them. Good people!

    I have guest posted on a few of these sites already, both for free and for pay.

    What I like best about these people is that everyone is so nice and willing to lend a helping hand.

    I’ve modeled myself after a few of these people, too!

    No wonder my clients love me! 😉

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