How To Organically Rank Your Small Business Higher On Google

By Bill Acholla September 25, 2021

You want more traffic and more sales for your business?

Of course you do!

Let me show you how to organically rank your small business higher on Google.

In fact, this strategy helped Tor Refsland blog post ranked #4 on Google for the keyword “productivity tip”

(More to follow…)

But wait, there’s more

I’ll also show you three proven content marketing strategies that can help you get more exposure for your blog post on Google.

First, let me make a few things clear. Your ability to rank your blog post higher on Google and drive highly-targeted traffic to your blog depends on three things

  • Finding the right and profitable keyword.
  • Creating the right content that is TRULY WORTH PROMOTING.
  • Using the right content promotion strategy i.e Pre-Outreach Marketing and Content Road Show Marketing.

Now, I want you to notice that no where did I say “You need massive social shares, Publish content every day or week.”

“Why?” you ask.

Because none of that minutia matters

YES, that’s it.

Question is:

How do you start?

Well, let’s dive right in…

Step #1: Find Profitable Keywords You Can Organically Rank for

Before you create the perfect content for your blog, first you need to choose a keyword you can rank for on Google!

There are several ways of finding profitable keywords, Lets here what Joe Williams of Tribe SEO has to say:

My biggest tip for finding profitable keywords is to find the right keyword zoom. When you look at a topic and zoom out, you’ll easily see the most generic keyword phrases but these are of course the most competitive phrases.

Let’s imagine we’re researching keywords for a running blog on the topic of training for a marathon.

If we zoom out we’ll find keywords like

  • Half marathon training (9,900 UK monthly searches)
  • Marathon training (4,400)

If we zoom in we’ll find keywords like

  • Marathon training schedule (1,600)
  • Half marathon training plan (3,500)

These are all good keywords but unless you have an authoritative fitness domain, it’s unlikely you’re going rank for the terms any time soon. And sadly this is where many beginners stop.

If zoom in further, you may find keyword like

  • Marathon training plan beginner (260)
  • Marathon training schedule for beginners (170)
  • Marathon training for beginners (140)

These are good keywords but are still relatively hard to rank for if you’re just starting out in your SEO endeavours.

If we zoom out further still, you’ll find keywords like

  • 16 week marathon training plan for beginners (10)
  • 16 week marathon training schedule for beginners (20)
  • Marathon training schedule for beginners 16 weeks (10)
  • Beginner marathon training schedule 16 weeks (10)
  • 16 week marathon training schedule beginner (10)
  • Beginner marathon training plan 16 weeks (10)

By going more specific, there’s far less competition and collectively there’s still a reasonably good amount of search volume and if you dig deeper you’ll see are many more keywords than I have listed above.

So my advice if you’re just starting off or if you’re not getting the SEO results you want, try zooming into a topic a littler deeper and you might just find you start gaining momentum quicker.

Another great benefit for zooming in, those longer-tail keywords often convert much better as well.

I asked Mike Ramsey founder of Nifty Marketing about finding the right keywords. Here’s what he had to say:

While using keyword tools are great one of the best ways to find profitable keywords is to look in your analytics account at the flow of traffic through your conversion path.

When you identify the landing pages that lead to customers you can look at the landing page for similar topics or keywords and either build the page to be more robust or build a similar page.

As an example I own a fun little pet project site that sells custom backdrops and when we looked at the page we saw that we were doing very well on that specific term and it was bringing in a healthy amount of traffic.

Through using a keyword tool (Google’s at the time though it’s half of what it used to be) we found that a lot of terms around backdrops used words like

“studio” or “photography” or “printed”

So, we rewrote the title tag and updated some of the site content to include a broader idea around Custom Studio Backdrops Printed For Photographers. Simply getting more descriptive and covering more details lead to the page expanding its reach.

According to Nathan Gotch founder of Gotch SEO, there are several ways to find content ideas that will resonate with your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA).

Some platforms you can use to find ideas that your audience actually cares about include Buzzsumo, SEMRush, forums, Facebook groups, and of course, the Google Keyword Planner.

…and let’s kick things off with Adwords Keyword Planner.

In order to use the keyword planner, you need to have an Adwords account.

Once you get an account, log in and choose Keyword planner


Click the first tool which says “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”


Enter an article for your competitors landing at the “Landing Page section”


For example, I entered an article from Backlinko and I was taken to the “Keywords Results Page”, which looks like this:


From the “Keywords Results Page”, you can see awesome niche keywords you can use for your blog content.

If you want an alternative route to finding profitable keywords and stay ahead of the game and leave your clients begging for more, you can lean on your PPC data.

Bill Sebald of Green Lane SEO reiterates that, I think the best way to find profitable keywords for SEO is to lean on your PPC data.

Since Google gives full transparency of that keyword data, which you can tie directly to ROI metrics, I think it’s a great idea to experiment with PPC campaigns to feed your SEO campaigns.

It’s not free, but gives you a head start if done properly.

To build that PPC seed list, I like tools like SEMrush for keyword research.  I find it valuable to dig through competitors, and look at keywords and pages that seem to be performing well for them.

Looking at Search Analytics in Google Search Console is valuable as well, to correlate your currently successful pages (from an organic standpoint) with the keywords that are driving volume.

If you execute this process well, then your efforts will be rewarded.

For instance, consider how Harris Schachter of Optimize Prime describes his experience in finding profitable keywords:

To find profitable keywords (not just high ranking) in organic search, leverage paid search data.

Since we don’t have keyword data any longer, you can use your Adwords conversion data to see which ones drive the most business.

The process is fairly simple:

  • Do keyword research to make sure you’re covering your topic well.
  • Plug those into Adwords, and use separate ad groups to target similar keywords. You want to make sure the ads themselves match the keywords very well, otherwise the data isn’t trustworthy.
  • Implement an Adwords conversion pixel on your site, on a thank-you page in order to track conversions.
  • After a sufficient period of time, pull the keywords which are driving the most conversions.
  • Put an SEO strategy for those keywords to rank even higher for the ones you know will bring in business, and make sure the SERP presentation includes them too.

The key to growing your blog is to find the right keywords that can attract traffic, clients and make money for you.

Now that you’ve found the right keyword, it’s time to create the right content for the right audience.

Step #2: Create the Right Content That’s Truly Worth Promoting

How do you create the right content?

  • Identify pain points.
  • Choose a topic that ROCKS.
  • Evaluate your current competitors who already ranks for your topic.
  • Exploit the weakness of your competing post.
  • Come up with an irresistible headline.
  • Get supporting information to help you write a convincing article.
  • Plan your main points.
  • Craft your epic content and go an extra mile to make your content fun and interesting.

According to Sean Bestor don’t hit publish until you’ve gone through every point in your checklist.

UAV Coach Alan Perlman takes a more direct approach. Here’s what he had to say:

Our content and service offerings as a company improved drastically when we began hopping on the phone with our prospects and community members.

For too long I had hid behind the computer and email, and it wasn’t until getting on the phone that I learned more about who was visiting our website, where they came from, and most importantly, why they were there and what they were looking for.

To this day, while we have 40,000+ community members from all over the world, I do my best to take a 1:1 approach with all emails and phone calls that make it my way, knowing that there’s always more to learn as our industry continues to change, and as we perhaps attract a different kind of audience along the way. So…get out from behind the computer and start making phone calls!

And when I asked Dave Chesson the founder of Kindle Preneur about tips for creating the right content for the right audience, here’s what he told me:

I’m a numbers guy and don’t quit like guessing at what audiences like to read.

That’s why I like to see what is working for my competitors.

In this case, I’ll find someone who’s blog is similar and look at what their most popular post is.

I can do this by looking at their top posts in the sidebar (if they have it) or I can enter their URL into websites like or

Knowing what their readers have responded to the most and comeback for gives me an idea of exactly what I should think about when coming up with my next article…without having to guess.

Here’s how I kicked off things with my content strategy.

Since I love connecting with influential bloggers, I decided to create an epic roundup post.

What is a roundup post?

It’s a blog post made up of responses from industry influencers to a question that is relevant to their expertise.

This was the question I asked the expert to answer:

What are the best white hat SEO techniques, entrepreneurs or bloggers can use to attract clients for their business? I asked 30 bloggers and I ended up getting 27 responses.

And their contributions were epic.

Majority of them use:

  • Guest blogging
  • Email outreach
  • Content Upgrade

Actually, no one mentioned any BLACK HAT STRATEGY.

This shows you that Guest Blogging, Email Outreach, and Content Upgrade can help you attract thousands of people to your blog.

Here is an example of roundup post I did:

white hat image 1

Let me show you some real examples:

First roundup post for Tor Refsland, resulted in:

  • 20,231 page views in 6 days
  • 1500+ social shares

Tor refsland

And his blog post got ranked as #4 on Google for the keyword “productivity tip”

Tor refsland rank 4

Richard’s expert roundup post resulted in a major boost in his organic traffic.

Here’s an example of Richards roundup post:

richard clambr

And his roundup post got ranked as #1 on Google for the keyword “link building tool”

Richards rank 1

Brian Lang roundup post quickly became his most successful ever and:

Brian Lang

  • It attracted over 4,000 social shares and remains the most shared post on his blog.
  • It was Buzzsumo’s most shared post of the week for “blog promotion.”
  • It allowed him to connect with influencers he now considers friends.

Let’s take a look at more tips FROM THE EXPERTS about creating an Effective Roundup Post that is truly worth promoting.

Eli Seekins – Launch Your Dream eli

My #1 tip for creating a quality roundup post is to be authentic.

Make a hit list of all the experts you’d like to connect with, and starting reading all their content, subscribe to their lists, leave them nice comments, and even send them emails thanking them for all the ways that they have helped.

Do this first thing, before you even think about doing your first roundup. Build genuine relationships with people.

Then when the time comes for your roundup, getting contributors will be easy.

My 2nd tip is listening to your audience. Find out what they really want to know. Read their comments and emails.

Take a look at what blog posts your audience has responded to.

You can even send out a simple email asking your audience about what they are currently frustrated with regarding your niche.

Then create your roundup based on the wants of your audience

Tony Tran – Useful PC Guide tony

From my point of view, and based on my experience, to create a viral roundup post, you have to find an interesting topic, and then find useful articles that you will add into your roundup post.

Next, you need to think and write an attractive headline, as well as the introduction of each link.

A thoughtful introduction that explains the article and why it’s important- will make your roundup article looks good and attract readers.

I’m working on the technology niche, and I often create “top ten” roundup post. It always works, and my posts gained thousands of views.

I use SEMRUSH to find the keywords with a certain month search volume. Next, I use GOOGLE to find related articles that I can add to my roundup post. Then putting it all together.

Philip V Ariel – Pvarielphilips

I have had lot things to say in relation to creating Roundup posts since I have created some roundup posts on my page.

In short, it is not an easy task for a blogger to create roundup posts. If you want to create an epic one we need to get the reactions of the influencers.

For this, one need to have a good contact or relationship with the influencers.

If you can get the opinion of such well-experienced people then there will be a lot of value added to it.

Getting in touch which the influencers is no doubt an uphill task for a new blogger. But his continuous efforts in creating a relationship and developing a good rapport with them will help in getting their valuable experience notes.

Not only that some of them may sometimes recommend your case to their friends in the same niche and there is a good chance to get their notes too to include in your roundup.

In short, the main focus of creating a roundup post is to get into the good book of influencers.

Most of the influencers who after publishing their notes on the roundup, they surely share the link on their social sites and some even share it on their web pages with a note.

That really lead you to get a permanent traffic to your page. Once you are able to reach that level I am sure that you have finished half of your homework in this regard.

Of course reaching out different influential people is a tough task since most of the influencers are on their run with their daily scheduled activities.

To catch their attention is to get into their spaces, hey, hey, how can one do that?

There are many ways to do that, one of the simplest ways is that visit their main pages and get into the posts and read well and express your thoughts, opinion as comments.

One thing needs to remember here is that you need to express or write your comments from the heart after knowing/reading well about the content which you are going to write your comment.

I am sure a majority make note of your comment and respond to it and some may even drop into your page and comment.

Though there are a few who do not mind or react to your comments but don’t get frustrated by this and don’t give up, instead continue to do this process on a daily basis, I am sure in the long run, it will bring the desired results.

I have recently published a post on this subject which gives you some more lights on this aspect.

Do not approach a person especially an influencer and ask directly for a note for your roundup, such cases are generally rejected or neglected, so be wise and use your intelligence in this matter.

Minuca Elena – Minuca Elena minuca

The secret of creating a successful expert roundup is to carefully select the experts that you are going to feature. I often see bloggers that focus on getting as many answers as possible and are willing to feature as “experts” people that aren’t experts in that niche. Quality is more important that quantity.

Another big mistake is to create a Google form and post it randomly on social media inviting anyone to participate. Although this is an easy way of creating a roundup, the quality and value of the post will likely be so low that the real experts may feel ashamed to have participated.

You can see here one of my expert roundups about best eCommerce platforms that is ranking for 57 keywords.

If you want your blog post to catch fire and work like a charm, then you need to implement the above tips.

It’s time for blog promotion.

Step #3: Promote Your Blog Content

This is where you’ve to scale your personal efforts effectively.

1. Pre-Outreach Marketing

Once you’ve finalized your blog post, you need to get influencers on board.

So how do you go about it?

Find blogs that have talked about your topic especially the one you found from Google Adwords Keyword planner.

Send them your email pitch.

Here’s an example of Pre-Outreach Email I got from Brian Dean.

brian dean

Because Brian Dean didn’t beg for a link, I said yes.

When he published his post, he sent me the live post (link) and I was happy to share it.


Here’s what Ashley Faulkes of Mad Lemmings had to say about Pre-Outreach Marketing:

There is a lot of basic things you can do to get on the radar of an influencer (share their content on social media, comment on their blog or social media shares etc) but the biggest tip I would give you is this – aim to form a relationship first, and then, much later go for “the ask”.

Influencers, like you and I, are normal people and do not like feeling used. When someone asks me for a favor, quick quote, to test their product, and I have no relationship with them, or any idea who they are, chances are I won’t even reply.

I get too many of these in my inbox, and I am not even much of an influencer! Imagine what the big guns get.  And the bigger the ask, the stronger the relationship should be. And don’t share a few tweets of theirs, then a day later ask for something, that is also super-obvious and annoying!

Keep this in mind too, although you may only want one thing from an influencer at the time you start building the relationship, in the end amazing things might happen if you treat them with respect, and get to know them on a more personal level. Oh, one more thing: do them a simple favor first, way before you even think of asking. Your results will skyrocket.

Dom Wells of Human Proof Designs told me that if people haven’t heard of you, let them know who else you are contacting and influencing in the post, so you can get some social proof.

For example “I’ve already had Neil Patel reply”

If you don’t have any big names included yet, then you need to first focus on building a relationship and networking with the person before you actually ask them to get involved.

Side Note: (Need help in Pre-Outreach Marketing? Then check out 4 Creative Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Blog Post Before It Goes Live).

2. Content Roadshow

Once you’ve done the pre-outreach marketing, you’ll need to search for bloggers who’ve talked about your TOPIC and other related topics.

Find a high-quality content that has been written by the blogger.

Then email the blogger and let him/her know about your new piece of content.

Let me show you a real life example.

I searched for bloggers that wrote about keyword research other related topics

And when I found a high-quality piece of content like this one…


…i emailed the author:


In this case, the author was happy and he added my link to his epic content:


One of the more fun – and easy – tools I’ve enjoyed using in the content roadshow process is called

What’s cool about Ninja Outreach software is that it makes blogger prospecting and outreach incredibly easy.

It can help you find thousands of influencers & leads instantly in any country making your content roadshow effective.

If you want to streamline your content roadshow marketing effectively, then you can use

3. Email Experts You’ve Mentioned

The next step I took was to email bloggers and experts to let them know I’ve featured them on the post.


Not only were the experts happy to share the post on social media, but one of them even linked to my post:

And guess who that was?

Anita Campbell, Founder of Small Business Trends

small bbiz

Here’s a link I got from her

And that one backlink alone pushed my epic roundup post above my competitors.

…and since then it has generated lots of search engine traffic and orders for my content writing service.

And when you get lots of this contextual backlinks, your blog post will rank highly on Google search results.

I’ve no doubt that if you apply the above 3 content promotional strategies; your blog post will attract a huge amount of traffic and email subscribers.

Now It’s Your Turn to Improve Your Rankings

Now you have the tips and strategies on how to rank higher on Google and improve your rankings.

However, the tips are totally useless, if you don’t apply it.

If you want to outwit your competitors, then you need to take action NOW!

I’ve no doubt that if you apply the above strategies, your epic blog post will be in a position to organically rank highly and attract the right clients to your blog business.

Have any questions?

Drop a note in the comments.


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