Top 16 Affiliate Programs For Beginners Paying a Lot More Money Than a Full-Time Job

By Bill Acholla January 3, 2022

This is a complete tutorial to high paying affiliate programs for beginners.

So if you’re looking for opportunities to earn incomes more than a full time then you’ll love this new tutorial.


Let’s get started.

Are you ready to join the $8.2 billion industry of affiliate marketing?

Turns out, that is how much the affiliate market is projected to reach by 2022, according to data on Statista.

In this regard, affiliate programs are redefining the rules of traditional marketing books. 

Some of the top earners in affiliate marketing, such as The Wirecutter, clocked up to $10 million, which is impressive.

And individuals are not far behind when it comes to earning massive sums of money from affiliate or performance marketing, as it is also called.

However, if you are new to the realm of the affiliate network, it can be a daunting task to sort through an avalanche of niches.

Granted, programs such as Amazon associate and ShareAsale affiliate programs are very popular.

But in our experience, some other affiliate programs pay much better than these two. 

Therefore, we have curated the top 16-affiliate programs for beginners that pay more than a full-time job

Let’s begin.

Full Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you. You can read my complete disclosure statement here.

A. Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

An estimated 4 billion people use email globally, even without a website.

Furthermore, among the media business, email marketing is a very profitable platform. According to recent data, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the return on investment is up to $42.

Therefore, it is no wonder the internet giant Verizon has made a deal to sell media properties, aka Yahoo and AOL, to Apollo for a cool $5 billion. 

Having said that, below are the best email affiliate programs for beginners to check out today. 

1. Constant Contact


  • Easy to start
  • High commissions
  • Trusted by small business 

Constant Contact has been in business for more than two decades.

And their affiliate program is a favorite of businesses big and small. 

The commission at Constant Contact is 5%.

So you can quickly earn more dollars than a regular paying job.

Furthermore, you do not need a credit card to sign up for the affiliate program.

Best of all, the website has free trials making it an ideal choice for beginners foraying into email marketing.

The site also offers promotional resources and exceptional support to every affiliate. 

Sign up for the constant contact affiliate program here 

2. Unbounce


  • High commission
  • Great for marketers 

Unbounce partner program offers 20% of revenues for every referral by offering partners unique affiliate links.

Another fantastic feature of the Unbounce affiliate program is that it offers lifetime commissions making it one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. 

A lifetime commission also means that you can easily earn more than a 9 to 5 job.

The opportunity to boost conversion rates and earn great recurring revenue is something that regular jobs for beginners cannot offer you.

Click here to start the partner program on Unbounce 

3. Leadpages


  • Up to 50% of recurring commissions 
  • Lifetime benefit 
  • Excellent tech support and access to resources 

Leadpages affiliate program is another excellent way to secure your footing into passive income.

With this top paying program, you get the opportunity to earn 10% to 50% lifetime commission, meaning you can earn better than a regular desk job. 

The training materials and the tech support on the Leadpages website are also worth pointing out.

Furthermore, the lifetime commission from this platform is also among the reasons why it is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. 

Learn more about the Leadpages affiliate program

4. Sendinblue


  • Earn up to €100
  • Best for beginners and bloggers 

Another great marketing platform for beginners is the Sendinblue affiliate program.

You earn €5 for every user that signs up on the website using your affiliate link on this platform.

As if that’s not enough, if a referred user signs up for a subscription, you can earn €100, which is more than what most beginner jobs pay.

The monthly payout policy of Sendinblue is also very convenient. 

Sign up for the Sendinblue program today 

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B. eCommerce Affiliate Programs

Another platform that allows beginners to make money passively is eCommerce.

Top eCommerce affiliate programs on the market currently are:

5. Shopify


  • Easy promotions
  • Fantastic benefits 
  • Free to join and no monthly charges 

Shopify is an eCommerce giant that hosts thousands of webshops and businesses.

With the Shopify affiliate program, you can earn up to $58 for every successful referral.

So if you make a good number of referrals, you can easily earn a comfortable amount much higher than a regular job would pay. 

So what makes Shopify one of the best affiliate programs for beginners? It is a combination of three factors:

  • The program is free to join.
  • Shopify charges no monthly fees for using the program 
  • The platform has no requirements for making minimum sales 

Check out Shopify’s affiliate program here

6. Bigcommerce 


  • High earning potential 
  • Excellent support and tracking 

Its affiliate program is exceptional in that it offers up to 200% of commission with every referral.

In addition, you can also earn up to $1,500 per referral, which is impressive. 

So, for instance, if you make 20 referrals in a month, you set to pocket up to $30,000, which is more than any beginner job paycheck. 

Sign up for the Bigcommerce affiliate program 

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C. Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Several web-hosting platforms also offer affiliate programs, and the top ones include:

7. Accuweb Hosting


  • Earn commission of up to $200 for each sale
  • Anti-fraud protection
  • They provide all the marketing material such as attractive banners, text ads, text links, and email links. They also offer the training material, both of these things will help you to promote their hosting services.

Their affiliate commission starts from $50 to $125 on each sale for VPS products. 

On each conversion from your site, you will earn a really good commission instead of the one-time amount you have requested.

They offer a pay-per-mile option. You will earn a good commission on each visitor you refer to them. So, all your efforts will give you fruitful results.

To sign up for the Accuweb hosting affiliate program, click here

8. Liquid Web


  • Affiliate and referral program
  • Custom links and landing pages 

The partner community at Liquid Web has an affiliate and referral program for beginners as well as established content creators.

The affiliate program allows you to make up to $150 for every referral, which is way above the hourly minimum wage.

So you can quickly make more than a normal paying desk job. 

On the other hand, the refer-a-friend program pays up to $50 for every successful referral. 

To sign up for the Liquid Web affiliate program, click here

9. Cloudways 


  • Flexible earning models
  • 24/7 expert support 

Cloudways is another excellent web-hosting platform to earn passive income.

Best of all, Cloudways has flexible models, so you get a truly customized experience. 

The program pays a high percentage of commissions, which can beat any beginner job.

Take the success of Tom Dupuis, for instance.

The blogger makes up to $150k/year through the Cloudways affiliate program, so you can see why this is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. 

Sign up for the Cloudways affiliate program to start earning today

10. GreenGeeks


  • Up to $3000 payout 
  • Real-time statistics for tracking 
  • Full-time support from experts 

GreenGeeks affiliate program is an opportunity to earn up to $30,000 monthly payout.

This figure is significantly higher than what a regular job will pay you as a beginner.

As if that’s not enough, GreenGeeks’ commission also increases considerably as your referrals increase.

So you’re easily looking at a five-figure payout every month through your PayPal account. 

Sign up with GreenGeeks today

11. DreamHost


  • Advanced tracking URLs
  • Up to $200 cash for every referral 

DreamHost affiliate program pays its affiliates in cash of up to $200 for every successful referral.

However, they also offer different commissions according to a monthly or yearly referral program.

What that means is that with DreamHost, there is no cap to your earning potential, which cannot be said for most full-time jobs, especially as a beginner. 

Start earning with DreamHost today

12. Wix


  • Up to $100 for every conversion 
  • No cap on the number of referrals 
  • Additional resources for marketing training and tracking 

As a leading web-publishing platform, Wix has more than 109 million users globally.

So it is no surprise that Wix’s affiliate program allows beginners to make a substantial amount of money than regular office jobs.

The platform pays up to $100 for every conversion making it one of the marketing platforms top paying programs. 

The dashboard of the Wix affiliate program is also very beginner-friendly, so you should have no problem navigating it. 

Sign up for the Wix affiliate program 

13. Kinsta


  • Earn up to $500 for every successful referral 
  • Recurring commissions 
  • Links can be optimized according to your needs 

The affiliate program from Kinsta is another fantastic opportunity to make money without a regular profession.

What does this mean for you?

As an affiliate, you can earn anywhere from $50 to $500 for every user that signs up on Kinsta using your affiliate links. 

In addition to the referral commission, the 60-day cookie window of the Kinsta affiliate program is excellent.

This increases your chance of making successful conversions on the platform. 

Start earning with the Kinsta affiliate program today 

14. Wp Engine 


  • Custom funnels for maximum revenue
  • Earn up to $200
  • Up to 180 days of cookie policy

There was no way to leave the Wp Engine out of the best affiliate programs for beginners list.

Content creators testing the waters of money blogging should definitely try out the Wp Engine affiliate program.

The program is also an opportunity to earn some serious cash, which a full-time job cannot compete with. 

Wp Engine affiliate program puts no limit on the number of referrals through their tier commission system.

So really, your earning potential is limitless when you start referring others to the website. 

In addition, as an affiliate, you also get access to discounts and promotions you can share with your followers.

But wait, there’s more – the Wp Engine affiliate program has one of the longest cookie duration in terms of affiliate programs of 60 to 180 days, which is impressive. 

Get your affiliate link from Wp Engine today.

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D. CRM Affiliate Programs

CRM, short for Customer relationship management, is another platform that offers earning opportunities for beginners.

Two of the top paying affiliate programs on CRM platforms are:

15. Keap


  • Earn up to $200 for every successful referral 
  • An ideal program for small business and beginners to make more income than having a regular desk job 

Keap has an affiliate program where you can sign up and earn with every referral you make through the affiliate links.

Your earning potential can be anywhere from $100 to $250 depending on which affiliate program you choose – Keap Lite referrals or Max and Pro referrals. 

But regardless of the Keap affiliate program you choose, beginners can make more money with this passive income than a regular sitting job. 

To sign up for Keap affiliate, visit this link 

16. HubSpot


  • Detailed dashboard for easy performance tracking.
  • Access to free marketing tools for more conversions.

HubSpot affiliate program is another CRM platform where you can make a good amount of money as a beginner without a full-time job.

HubSpot affiliate program is currently transitioning to a new platform, so you cannot apply for the program.

Nevertheless, you can still apply to join the affiliate program once the platform is ready. 

But wait, there’s something else – HubSpot Solutions Partner Program.

There are two tiers in the partner program where you can earn 20% of the revenue share as a lifetime commission. 

To learn more and sign up for the Solutions Partner Program, click here.

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E. SEO Affiliate Program

In the world of marketing, SEO or search engine optimization is the mantra.

In case you might be asking yourself, why SEO?

It’s all about using the right keywords in your content to attract customers and clients. 

And Berush is one of the industry’s key players with a fantastic database for keywords.

The platform also has a Semrush affiliate program, so let’s check out its features. 

Bonus. Berush


  • Up to $200 for every Semrush sale
  • Multiple earning opportunities 
  • Powerful tools for support and tracking 

With Berush’s Semrush affiliate program, beginners can earn up to $200 for every conversion.

When added up, this earning opportunity can easily beat any beginner job on the market.

As an affiliate of Semrush, you will also earn $10 for every new trial activation on the platform that comes through your affiliate links.

Furthermore, you can also make $0.01 every time your follower registers on the platform. 

To start earning with the Semrush affiliate program, apply here.

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Key Takeaway

Key takeaways from the above post about the best affiliate programs for beginners.

  • Excellent opportunities to earn incomes more than a full time job in the office.
  • Lifetime commissions.
  • Easy to sign up and participate 
  • Drive sales and boost income. 


With the pervasiveness of online marketing and earning passive income, affiliate marketing is here to stay.

Earning commissions is a top-selling point for affiliate programs. 

Best of all, you do not need intensive marketing training or a marketing course to sign up for these programs.

Most of these earning opportunities are available to a worldwide audience in India, Canada, and the UK, for instance.

Sign up for these affiliate programs of your choice and start making money today!

Do you have experience with affiliate programs?

Share them with us in the comment section below!


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