9 Reasons That Make HostPapa The Best Web Hosting Service For Small Business Owners

By Bill Acholla June 25, 2020

When running a small business, it is crucial to get the best Web hosting.

Picking a wrong web host will affect everything from site speed to revenue. It needs to be reliable because time is money.

And with every minute the site is down, cash goes down the drain.

The hosting plans should also be reasonably priced. Above all, it should include security certificates needed to provide a safe online experience for the users.

In a lookout for a hosting provider that provides all the essential features at a fair price?

Here is a detailed article on why having a high performing and reliable Web hosting like HostPapa is the secret to any successful website.

It also gives answers to what makes HostPapa the best web hosting service for small business owners.

What is HostPapa?

HostPapa is a privately owned Web hosting company based in Canada. It was founded in the year 2006 and is operating in over 15 countries.

HostPapa is also one of the first Web hosting companies to have their servers run in 100% Green Certified renewable power.

It is a highly awarded company that hosts more than 500,000 websites across the world.

Here are nine reasons that make HostPapa the Best Web Hosting Service for Small Business Owners:

1. Hosting Plans

HostPapa offers a variety of hosting plans that gear to the needs of every client.

These include services like:

a. Shared Hosting- It is an ideal hosting plan for those starting. It allows a single server to host multiple websites. As shown below, it offers three plans, one better than the other.

b. VPS Hosting- It acts like a dedicated server. It gives more control over additional resources like disk space. But it does not cost high.

c. Reseller Hosting- It is a plan that allows the client to resell hostings.

d. Optimized WordPress Hosting-It is a plan which is optimized to run for WordPress.  WordPress powers almost 25% of the website that is on the internet.

It lacks Cloud hosting and dedicated servers offered by other competitors like BlueHost and Inmotion Hostings. But, this in no way has lessened the quality of service provided. It uses the best web-based Control Panel (cPanel) for web hosting. It is a platform where the customers can find solutions to any web hosting problems.

PC Magazine has quoted,” HostPapa is a Web host with flexible shared and VPS packages. It rivals those offered by some of PC Mag’s Editor Choice Award Winners.”

d. Low-Cost Hosting Packages- It offers each package multiple price plans. It is a plus point for small businesses that want to scale their business with time.

It is a full-service Web hosting company. Some of the standard features in all plans include:

Techradar has quoted,” HostPapa covers all the core features you need and deliver decent performance for a fair price.”

2. Free SSL certificate

63 % of online shoppers will not buy from websites with no security policy or Trustmark.

It makes HostPapa’s free let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, great for small business.

HostPapa has also partnered with GlobalSign. It allows the purchasing of SSL certificates for their websites.

Investing in HostPapa’s SSL certificate will provide:

  • Automatic and immediate installation
  • 99% browser compatibility
  • It offers two levels of SSL security
  • It uses the most robust available data encryption to secure the personal information of the customers.

3. Security

There is nothing worse than losing all the hard work invested in building an online business.

One can lose everything just because of a single server crash, site malfunction, or hackers.

That is the reason why HostPapa provides the best security features. Some of them include:

  • Automated website Backup: It works by automatically backing up the websites, emails, and databases every day. It allows the client the comfort in knowing that all the information is safe at all times.
  • SiteLock: It helps remove dangerous malware from the website automatically. Its Website Application Firewall (WAF) creates a shield around the site from hackers. It stops attacks before they even occur.

Business-class hosting plans also feature domain privacy protection. It also has a dedicated IP address. The plan has the best cloud backup in comparison. One should note that all these features are all Premium services.

4. Speed

Much research has shown that most site visitors will leave the website if it does not load in 2 seconds or more.

HostPapa is free of such problems because it has invested in all the latest speed technology.

  • Storing all the databases and files of a website is done in  Solid State Drives (SSD). It is faster than Hard Disk Drives (HDD).
  • It uses built-in caching that protects, optimizes, and improves the response time of the website.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) powered by Cloudflare is used to cache the content and deliver faster to site visitors.
  • HostPapa uses Fast servers like PHP7 to deliver the content 50 times faster. The servers built for speed makes Websites and Google love HostPapa’s servers.

5. Guaranteed Uptime

Only the best Hosting Companies provide a 99% Uptime guarantee.

If not, a full refund of the plan. HostPapa is among one the few companies that offer such a warranty. 

  • One can cancel the subscription at any time without being charged any cancellation fees. It promises a 100% refund if canceled within 30 days. Unlike other Hosting companies, HostPapa provides returns on its additional features like VPS and Reseller Hosting.

6. Web Design and Management Services

HostPapa offers two Web Design services. Though it uses the Drag and drops website builder like Hostinger, its features are more superior.

  • Website Builder allows the clients to create websites by themselves. It creates unique websites in just minutes. It has made creating websites for business or eCommerce store much easier.
  • HostPapa’s Do-It-For-Me Web Design service (DIFM) –A team of experts helpscreate a professionally designed business website. One can save valuable time and allow the experts to do their magic, at half the price of hiring a designer. 

Both the above plans offer free consultation sessions.

7. Free Domain

HostPapa is one of the few independent companies with ICANN Certified Domain Registrars.

It means that every top domain in the market can be purchased. It also has its domain registrar, which helps find the right domain name in no less than 60 seconds.

HostPapa offers free domain registration for new users.  Another selling point is it offers free transfer of domain names.

Lastly, clients can choose from the five available plans for specific domain names.

8. Email Hosting

It is a service that allows creating a custom email address. Email hosting allows the use of one’s name along with the website domain to show that it is an established business.

It gives more control to the client and also security from attacks by hackers. 

Some of its features include:

  • It makes sending large attachments easier.
  • Access email from anywhere, in all devices.
  • No Storage issues.

It offers four plans according to the needs of the client. These include- Basic Email, Advanced Email, Office 365 Email, and G Suite or Google Suite Email.

9. Customer Service

HostPapa is known for its award-winning customer support service available 24×7 and working 365 days of the year to answer any questions.

  • It keeps constant touch with the customers through Online Chat, Email, phone, and even fax.
  • They offer phone support in 18 countries, which is by far the most by a company.
  • Another plus point is their multilingual support staff fluentin English, German, French, and Spanish. It makes them one of the only ones to provide support in different languages.
  • Like it is not enough, it also has 30-minute one-on-one sessions with ‘Papa Squad Experts”.

 In this session, an expert explains and trains on how to use the services and tools provided.

The customers can, when required, schedule a video or telephone conference for the service.

Along with it, HostPapa offers a wide range of articles and video tutorials to help its customers.

Key Takeaway

HostPapa is most beneficial for small business owners who need an intuitive and fast hosting solution.

It allows an opportunity for people to start and take advantage of its free website builder.

Besides, it is one of the few companies that offer the best web hosting services without compromising on essential features like security, speed, and support.

Its excellent value for money for medium and small businesses makes it stand out in the market.


Web Hosting is indeed the backbone of a successful website. HostPapa is the best solution for those that need a beginner and small business web host.

Choose from any of the available fair priced hosting plans. And go ahead and try out HostPapa for starting your business venture.

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