9 Brilliant Ideas To Help You Come Up With a Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name

By Ryan Biddulph September 26, 2021
Blog Name Ideas for Your Lifestyle Business.

In this post Ryan Biddulph is going to talk about blog name ideas that can help you build a memorable lifestyle blog.

So if you’re looking for catchy blog name ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Ryan Biddulph welcome!

Thanks Bill!

Blogging From Paradise.

I admit it; I got a gem nearly 3 years ago.

I had just deleted an old blog, brand and cash flow stream.

Within a few hours I gobbled up this domain name, ran with it and never looked back.

Choosing a lifestyle blog name helped me:

  • Build a memorable blogging brand.
  • Lay the foundation for a profitable blogging business.
  • Helped me get featured on sites like Virgin, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Fox News.
  • Drive a steadily increasing amount of traffic and comments to my blog

Are you hungry and excited to increase your blogging success?

To help make this post super actionable, and speed up the implementation on your end, I recommend you host your domain with a high-quality hosting service that can help you choose the best domain name and create a popular blog for your business.

Whether you are creating a new blog or want to change blogging niches, use these 9 blog name ideas to choose the right name for your lifestyle blog.

Let’s dive in!

1. Go Authentic

I have had sweet success with Blogging From Paradise because I picked an authentic, genuine blog name based on my life.

I *had* blogged from paradise for 3 years prior, ya know? After circling the globe, with an emphasis on living in tropical paradises, I simply chose to share how I created my traveling, blogging lifestyle through my blog.

Picking a the best blog name near and dear to your heart gives you the clarity, confidence and conviction that you need to build a highly successful venture.

I found it easy to choose a powerful blog name when I decided to blog about a personal life experience.

I didn’t make this choice based on income potential, popularity, or anything else other than having fun and sharing my authentic experience to help my readers.

I reached out to Miroslav Chodák and here is what he had to say;

On the topic of finding a brandable name, bloggers can borrow a page from the corporate world, too.

For example, when Jeff Bezos created Amazon in 1994, I wasn’t the only one who thought that naming a company after a river was a pretty lame idea.

Yet, it helped his potential customers to recall the brand name when needed… “You know, that large river in Brazil dot com.”

Fast forward to today, Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world and many of its shoppers won’t even know that there is a (pretty significant) river going by that same name.

By the way, the second most valuable brand in the world is Apple (same naming idea). Other examples include Oracle, Virgin, Red Bull, Caterpillar, Target, etc.

So, lesson #1 from the corporate world is that associating your company with a short and already well-known word can be a pretty good idea.

Can you guess the #3 on the list of most valuable brand names? Let me give you a hint: it’s a misspelled name of the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.

If you still don’t know what it is its Google. The word has no meaning to most people, yet, it’s short and sounds good.

Want more examples?

How about:

  • Yahoo
  • Alibaba
  • Uber
  • Lego
  • Canon
  • Sony
  • Pepsi
  • Nike
  • Skype

… the list is almost endless.

So, the lesson #2 from the corporate world is that short names that have a “good sound” to it, can do very well, too.

Next I reached out to Vairo Kremanis of WPwarfare.com and he told me;

An authentic and genuine name is very important for your blog’s success.

It is a significant aspect that will characterize your business and define how it is different from the thousand other blogs that are probably doing the same business as yours.

The best way to choose a name is to pick something that is unique, short and memorable.

At the same time, it should also resonate with the objectives of your business.

Take some time analyzing your blog name before you finalize it.

Make sure that it’s quirky enough to set an impression on your visitor’s mind in the first go itself.

2. Make It Easy To Visualize

Human beings think in pictures.

If you pick an easy to visualize domain name, guess what?

You just did some of your reader’s legwork for them.

I wanted to pick an authentic, easy to see blog name to make a powerful, memorable impression on my readers.

After kicking around a few ideas I could easily see myself blogging from my laptop.

I also visualized myself working online from various tropical paradises on earth, like Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica.

Blogging From Paradise seemed liked a pretty darn easy blog name to visualize.

Can readers effortlessly imagine your blog name?

Vague, tough to picture blog names are not particularly memorable or colorful.

Ditch the tough to see blog names. Pick an easy to visualize name to make the greatest blogging impact.

According to Sreeram Sreenivasan founder of Ubiq.co, an intuitive blog name makes it easy for readers to understand the type of information they can expect from your blog, and helps attract the right target audience.

This helps you quickly deliver value to your readers and build a loyal following.

It also helps them remember your blog easily and recall it whenever they’re looking for specific information.

3: Work In A Keyword

I had one non-negotiable; I had to work a “blogging” keyword into my blog name.

I mistakenly built my old blog name on spammy, Google “No No” keywords. I learned my lesson the hard way.

My blogging themed blog had to drive some targeted, legit, passive traffic through Google.

I also figured it may not hurt for a guy intending to be a known commodity in the blogging niche to work a blogging keyword into the blog title, right?

Think about your blogging niche. What niche-specific keyword can you work into the name?

Well known bloggers have likely gobbled up the most keyword rich combinations but you can get creative to insert a niche-themed keyword into a colorful, brandable blog name.

Robin Geuens founder of Atompilot.com, says that; if you look at Google’s search results, you’ll see that exact match domain names aren’t ranking well anymore.

It’s better to pick a name that sounds good and is easy to remember. You can do this by taking two words and mashing them together (ConvertKit), use a prefix or a suffix (contently), or come up with a short phrase (freelancetowin).

I wouldn’t stress too much about your domain name, just pick one and write the best content you can. That’s going to bring in a lot more results.

4: Ask For Feedback

I asked Kelli for her feedback on my first blog name idea: BlogFromParadise.com.

She said BloggingFromParadise.com sounded more natural, rolling off of the tongue smoothly.

I listened to her take. Thought it through. Processed the idea.

Then I bought BloggingFromParadise.com and never looked back.

Trusted fellow blogging friends – or blogging wives – can provide you with a different perspective, giving you clarity.

Ask fellow pros for their opinion on your new blog name. Tap into year’s worth of online knowledge. Make your decision with greater confidence.

Here is what Clement Lim owner of limwriter.com had to say;

Say you’ve come up with an awesome new blog name. You think it sounds amazing. All your friends like it. Your mom loves it.

So why should you ask your fellow pros for their opinion?

Successful pro bloggers understand the most important thing about blogging:

It’s all about your audience.

Fellow pros can help you evaluate your new blog name through the eyes of your audience:

  • Is it memorable?
  • Is it distinctive?
  • Does it promise a benefit?
  • Does it appeal to their emotions?
  • Does it use the kind of words that they would use?

If you want to succeed in blogging, you need to create a brand that speaks to your audience.

And it all starts with your blog name.

Next I reached out to Andre Oentoro founder and CEO of Breadnbeyond.com and he told me that you should AVOID DOUBLE ENTENDRE.

Your blog’s name make you.

Although what you’re going to write on the blog is as important as what you are going to call the blog, you only have one chance to pick a name (and domain name, of course), and then you stick with it until the rest of its life.

Try asking other pro-blogger of their opinion because they might see the names that you already came up with from another angle.

It’s very possible that you might overlook something, even if you did your best, i.e. you don’t want unintentionally use double entendre.

And that’s why Pankaj Narang founder of Socialert.net says that; too often, when we think of a blog name, we forget about the most important thing: its readers.

Before coming up with a blog name, Pankaj always ask other bloggers and readers to give their two cents on the overall content.

He focus on their feedback and perform keyword extraction and monitoring from it.

This helps him think of a blog name that would resonate with his readers. It should be easy to understand and justify the nature of the content.

Finally, according to Lee Goff CEO of MarketingAgencyCoach.com, he recommends that your blog name must be relevant to what your audience are interested in.

To achieve this, you need to find out what keywords or phrases your audience would type in to find it via search.

5: Pick A Name Already!

I picked BloggingFromParadise.com approximately 2 hours after I first conceived starting a new blog.

I am not kidding.

I got clear. I tossed a few ideas around my brain box. I asked Kelli for feedback.

120 minutes after deciding to create my site, I bought the domain name and ran with it.

I go bonkers when bloggers spend days, weeks or even months deliberating over a domain name. Clear the fear. Make the choice.

Give yourself 1 week. Tops. You should pick a domain name in 1-2 days. No delays, no hesitating, just clarity, confidence and boldness involved in your decision-making process.

6. Come Up With Some Random Creative Moment

As you have embarked on making a blog you have to think about the material that you are going to post on it.

Your blog can relate to everything and anything, and it should be something that is closely connected to you.

Many people these days set up blogs on book reviews, diets or veganism as they are relevant to them. Try to find a name that will be apt and easy to remember.

For example, if you have blogged about you being a mother then you can name it mommyadventures so that it is easy to remember and catchy.

You can also add your name to it if you want to as for example susansmommyadventures.

7. Know Your Target Audience

The target audience is one of the most important parts of a blog when choosing a name you have to make it resonate with the people most likely to visit your site.

Older people often prefer simple recipe sites whereas younger people will often search for different things.

Know about the target audience and in doubt always choose something simple.

Bill Gassett founder of Maxrealestateexposure.com attributes that, when naming your blog it is always smart to come up with something memorable that also applies to the niche you will be writing about.

For example, Bill Gassett was trying to decide what to name his real estate blog, He decided on Maximum Real Estate Exposure.

There was one really simple reason for this – Bill wanted to be able to distinguish the type of clients that were most important for him to reach.

While many real estate agents work with an equal amount of buyers and sellers, Bill focus has always been seller clients.

When selling a home what do sellers want most? If you guessed exposure, you would be right! They want their homes found by buyers online.

They want to know their real estate agent is doing everything under the sun to get the most eyeballs looking at their property.

Maximum Real Estate Exposure conveys just that. Bill want his clients homes found everywhere online.

Whether you are selling real estate, giving social media advice, trying to reach young mothers, offering travelling tips or some other audience your blog title should convey that immediately.

And according to Dave Chesson founder of Kindlepreneur.com, when people search for something on Google, the name of the website that presents an article in the Google search results is very important.

If the blog name sounds like it’s about something completely different, then the Google searcher won’t trust your article and choose a different one. 

Those of us who care about SEO, know this is VERY important in today’s rankings.

Therefore, when naming a blog, Dave ensure that his blog name truly encapsulates the scope of work his website will cover.

This will help to make it that Google searchers will click on his articles more often than his competitor’s.

Just recently, on his latest blog Scrivenerville.com, Dave could have gone really broad and called it something like “Writer Software.”

But the truth is, Dave only wanted to focus on Scrivener. Now, imagine you’re searching for a how-to article on using scrivener.

Would you select the article that was written by a website solely devoted to Scrivener?  Or would you pick that all-encompassing “writer software” article?

Notice Scrivenerville screams true devotion to art of Scrivener – I’m sure you know who the searchers choose.

8. Use Your Own Name

Using your own name is the best trick if you plan on embarking on launching a brand. Including your name personalizes the blog and makes people cozy.

You can easily make up a name that includes the blogs description and also your name.

Bill Widmer stresses that; building a brand with your name behind it is super powerful for one simple reason:

People want to work with people.

Very few people want to work with an “agency”. In fact, that term has gotten somewhat of a bad name in the last few years.

People associate agencies with poor work and getting bounced from person to person.

When they think of working with “Bill Widmer”, though? They feel like they’ll have someone to call up when they have a problem, and who will listen to what they have to say.

Someone who will understand their needs and level with them on a human to human basis.

Bill even polled over a dozen of his clients to see if he should start a brand name instead of working from his name – and every single one of them told him they probably wouldn’t have worked with him if he was a company instead of a person.

In fact Aljaz Fajmut, CEO of Nightwatch.io stresses that, using authority as an association in marketing when building a brand is known to be one of the most important aspects of building a brand.

If you already are an authority in a certain industry, you should use it in association with the brand to advantage your brand building. If you’re not, you should start becoming one.

It will pay off in long term to both you and your brand by establishing a stronger recognition and higher perceived value, which will result in being a more trustful source and will get you easier noticed by the target audience of your industry.

9. Do A Brainstorming Cloud

Brainstorming to come up with something new will also be viable and unique to your kind.

You can easily look for nouns and adjectives that match your interests and the content of the blog.

But be sure not to make it very obscure if you want the initial response to be good.

As new topics of blogs have come up, people have started to use words that they didn’t find appropriate before.

When choosing a name always is careful that it isn’t too intimidating. But it has been seen that after you gain a certain number of followers and have good content, the name doesn’t matter after a while

According to Mike Allton the Content Marketing Practitioner at Thesocialmediahat.com, brainstorming is absolutely critical, not just for the name of your blog, but for your primary direction, focus and topics.

Mike first idea is seldom his best idea, but without a bit of brainstorming, Mike would never uncover the more refined thoughts and ideas.

Brainstorming allows our minds to think organically and develop ideas in seemingly random directions. It also gives us time to process certain ideas.

It might be that, after a little while, you’d realize one of your first ideas for a name is no good because of X, Y or Z.

But if you’ve already leaped into buying domains and building graphics, you’ve wasted time.

Now Its Your Turn

That’s it on how to come up with a lifestyle blog name ideas.

How did you come up with a powerful blogging domain name?

What tips can you add to this list?

Please share with me and our audience your inputs and experiences in the comments section available below.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. When I moved from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress about 9 years ago I removed the word “blogging” from the title and just kept the nickname I was known by. Social media platforms were just developing then so I was no longer just writing about blogging. I had little competition for the topics then but times changed. However, I didn’t want to change my blog url after so long so I stuck with it.

    If starting now I’d choose a more specific topic within my niche and use a blog name reflecting that.

    • Bill Acholla says

      Thanks Sue.

      I agree with you, times change. Nowadays people are more focused on choosing the right blog name that’ll represent their brand effectively.

  2. Clement Lim says

    Great article by Ryan! Picking a name for your blog is an important first step – and it’s easy to go wrong and handicap yourself from the start. I like Ryan’s advice to find an “authentic, genuine” blog name that’s based on your unique life experiences.

  3. Bill Widmer says

    Great tips, Bill! All us Bill’s have good advice 😉

  4. Jason Dummer says

    Bill, thanks for the fresh ideas. I just finished reading 5 or 6 articles that gave me the exact same advice like picking something unique. My thoughts were “Hello, I know that if it’s not unique the domain is already sold”

  5. Elvis Michael says

    Absolutely nailed it with short names and branding, Ryan.
    My website, Listiller, originated from the idea of making a blog about listicles (lists) – and therefore, LISTiller was born. It’s also a one-word domain and it’s short. While the word doesn’t exist in the dictionary, it still conveys the point fairly well.

    While i am no longer strictly bound to listicles, i still enjoy the “shortness” of it, combined with the “list” of features available.

    Thanks man, you always hit the spot with your pieces.


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