How to Get More Blog Traffic With These 20 Actionable Tips: The Definitive Guide

By Lorenzo Gutierrez May 16, 2019

‘To blog is to share, connect, create and inspire.’

As a blogger, your journey will be filled with confusion and excitement. The former can be frustrating – especially when you do not see any traffic on your blog.

The latter is a pleasant feeling because as soon as you find visitors, your heart will be filled with joy and there will be hope!

In this post, you will find the 20 Actionable Tips for getting more blog traffic.

Before we cut to the chase, it is important to understand why traffic is necessary for your blog.

  • Nobody creates a blog for their own pleasure. A writer will pen down their thoughts and would hope that they reach a wider audience. If your content is not reaching the target audience, you are simply writing for yourself. Nobody goes online and starts a blog without a motive.
  • Erving Goffman’s theory of Dramaturgy talks about the front stage and back stage. For example, bloggers want to go online and showcase a side of them to the world. They are influencers online, but they are a completely different person in the ‘backstage’ or ‘real life’. When we go online and start a blog, our motive is to share it on social media. We want likes, comments and appreciation. We portray an ideal ‘self’ in the online world and want to get noticed. That’s precisely why bloggers want to get noticed online and have followers. Who doesn’t appreciate and value popularity?
  • It is possible that you are reaping commercial benefits out of your blog. When readers start visiting your website, you see the numbers increasing. Some bloggers aim to sell products on their page and that’s why they need traffic. Some of the visitors are exploring your website and others are looking for information. There are some, who might just buy a product from your website or click on a link which takes them to a product page.

The question is – How to get more traffic on your blog?

We have no shade of doubt that your page has stellar content, but that is not going to be enough!

Now let’s take a look at some older tips and embrace the new actionable tips.

Let us begin the journey and find the tips for getting traffic to your blog in 2019!

Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Blog – The Proven Ways

1. Rise and shine, Social Butterfly

The whole world is using social media to stay connected. Will it be safe to say ‘the whole world’?

If you are one of those people, who are not using social media then it is time to go online and make a profile.

Use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to interact with prospective clients and readers.

If people are not able to find you through the search engine, they will find you through social media channels.

Making a profile on Instagram and Facebook is fairly simple. Twitter is one of the best platforms where you can use precise content with links.

When you are on social media, make sure that you are constantly posting new ideas and posts. It is important to keep in touch with your followers!

They can stay updated about the new posts on your blog and even the latest offers. Social media is the best platform for interaction and sharing content!

2. Finding the Best Content Writer (Except YOU)

As a teenager, you would write poems about heart-break and butterflies. Once you grow up, your social media reads ‘writer and poet’.

We are sure that you write heart-warming poems, but it is about time that you should invest in a quality writer.

‘Content is king’

Visitors come to your website to find information. If they are not finding the information on your website, they are going to find another source.

Don’t forget that there are thousands of competitor sites out there! Let us say that you are a great writer, but you will not be able to devote time to your blog.

The blog requires regular updates and lots of content! Giving your audience flawless content is necessary!

Our suggestion would be to hire a professional writer. You can hire a freelancer to save extra bucks.

3. Keyword Research is Necessary

Look for keywords that are trending. When a user goes to Google and searches for particular keywords, they will find the desirable results on the first page.

It is a rare case that the users will click on the second page. Your goal is to find keywords that users are searching for online which you can frame your article after to attract more search visibility.

Working as a small business marketing consultant I recommend using SpyFu a keyword research tool or Google Keyword Planner to explore the monthly searches.

Once you have the keywords with you, it becomes easier to plan your content. You can place them in the body, title and description accordingly.

4. Be like TURBO

Everyone knows the ‘Turbo’ snail! Your website needs to load faster in order to be everyone’s favorite spot.

Keep yourself in the scenario and you will find that waiting for more than 15 seconds would be irksome.

If your site is faster, you would be able to retain the visitors. Readers love sites that are easy to load and do not take up much time!

We live in a fast-paced world where patience has taken a back-seat. It is best to BE LIKE TURBO!

5.  Keep in touch!

Once a visitor is on your website, it would be a wise move to capture their email address through subscribe options.

This way you would be able to notify them through newsletters about new posts on your blog.

This helps in increasing traffic to your website. Add a pop-up box to your blog and attract visitors!

6. Contests and Giveaways

In order to get traffic, you would need to invest some time, effort and money as well.

You can do giveaways which helps in bringing traffic to your site. How do people bring traffic with giveaways and contests?

For example: A baker and food blogger have collaborated and have posted a giveaway alert.

They would write:

‘Hi there! Here’s a giveaway for all our followers. Freebies are always cool! Want to win an iPod? Just answer a simple question and follow the steps given below:

1. Tell us ‘The first song by The Doors’ and why Jim Morrison was a legend! 2. Follow @sangriagirlonadate and @tanyabakes on instagram

3. Visit the website and subscribe to our newsletter.

4. Tag 5 friends and get them to participate! 2 lucky winners will get a branded iPod. Contest ends on 5th July, 2019.’

If the participants tag their friends, you would get 5 visitors on your website.

Even if they are not opening your website, you are still getting exposure.

Everyone wants to be a part of giveaways and would love to win freebies. This could work brilliantly!

7. Keep it fresh

 Would you eat the same kind of food every single day? Even if you love Kentucky Fried Chicken, you cannot go back to the store and order the same food.

Similarly, the readers want new information. If there is old content on your website, update it and give them something new to read. You can update the existing articles by adding some points to it.

For example: There is a website that has an article on ‘Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in New York’.

It is possible that there are new restaurants in the area, and you would need to update this article every 6-8 months.

Your focus should be on quality and not quantity.

8. What’s the reading time?

While long posts work best for buying guides, it is best to keep your content short and crisp. Nobody is going to spend more than 5 minutes on an article. If it is a long article, it has to be engaging. Follow a structure and keep the article short and sweet.

If you are doing a long article, make sure there are subheadings and bullet list.

In short, the article should be structured. The reading time should not be more than 5 minutes!

9. Adding Alluring Images

First rule is to NEVER use images that are not YOURS. Use royalty-free images and then focus on adding pictures that match the content of your site.

If you have a recipe blog, add the methods and then focus on adding images showing the methods.

Human beings are visual creatures, and they would appreciate a blog with alluring images. You can click it on your own or use royalty-free images.

10. Focusing on On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is useful! How? It helps in improving your performance in web search.

If you are unaware of tech terms, you must learn more about On-page and Off-page SEO.

Simply use the keywords in the URL and make blog titles using the target keyword/s.

Google is a strict teacher, and lives in a fast-paced world. It would be friendly with pages that are fast to load.

How does one ensure that? You can use small image files, register your website on Google Search Console, avoid the usage of unnecessary scripts and use a CSS style sheet.

This may seem overwhelming for non-tech individuals, but you can always hire a freelancer or an SEO company to do it for you.

11. Identifying Your Target Audience

Starting a blog is just the beginning! How about identifying your target audience? Are you solving their problem?

For example, your target audience is ‘mothers’. You have a blog which talks about motherhood, baby products and parenting.

Why should they visit your website? You need to do a thorough research on ‘what your target audience wants’.

Focus on one niche and do not let your ideas scatter! If you are solving the audience’s problem, there is a high possibility that they will share the post with the world.

Answer these questions:

  • Why should readers come to your website?
  • Are you helping your reader?
  • Will this help in changing my reader’s life?

There’s always a motive for doing things, and you need to BE THE MOTIVATION.

12. Supporting Other Bloggers

There are support groups on Instagram and Facebook. When you are interacting with other bloggers, you are able to promote each other’s posts through shoutouts.

The fellow bloggers are your competitors, but they are in the same journey too. You can be each other’s support! Growing together is the best policy!

Join support groups on Instagram and other social media platforms to stay in touch with other bloggers and promote each other’s website/blog/posts.

13. Linking your Content to Authority Websites

For efficient SEO, it would be a good practice to link out to high-authority websites.

Adding few external links will not hurt your ranking! Bloggers are fearful that they might lose their visitors because the readers would prefer going to a high-authority website. This is not true!

Sometimes, you need to take risks! It is all about linking certain keywords to helpful resources. This increases the credibility of facts that you are stating in your articles.

14. Incorporating Video Posts

Yikes! 2019 is all about video sharing. Everyone is going to YouTube, getting their workout videos and even diet plans.

In fact, students are taking help from YouTube educational videos. Videos are helpful, and they are elaborating.

If a person does not enjoy reading, they would enjoy watching a video because it is visual content.

Create videos that are witty, fun and informative. You can go live on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with your audience.

If you are not comfortable going live, then you can hire someone to do short videos for you.

This can be done by hiring a freelancer, who does short videos for websites.

15. In-Depth Guides is the Way to Go

We talked about a quick reading time, but it is always wise to add some elaborate buying guides to your website.

A how-to post and a buying guide would be an excellent way to attract visitors.

Everyone is going online to get information and YOUR blog could be their one-stop destination.

16. Comments, please

You can comment on blog posts and answer questions on Quora. Never use your full website name because Quora shall block your content and remove it forever!

How about answering the question and cleverly linking a keyword to your website? This has been helpful for many bloggers!

If you want website traffic, never come up with a cold-sales-pitch. Always answer a question and then you can blend your website link in the content.

17. Get Featured

When you start networking with other bloggers, you are able to get featured in their posts.

You can do the same for other bloggers! This helps in building a community, and their followers will be able to notice you.

For example: A blogger has 50k followers and you have 10k followers.

Once you build a connection with the popular blogger, you are able to get the attention of those 40k extra followers! Do ensure that you are promoting each other through featured posts.

18. Giving a Catchy Headline

Nobody enjoys boring content! How about giving a catchy headline? This could really attract the readers to click on your blog and read the full content.

Make it engaging, and as we mentioned, hire a writer to do it for you! Use words like – Easy, Life-Saving Posts, Top 10 etc, to drive traffic to your blog. This really works!

19. Usage of Hash tags

Using popular hash tags could help you to drive traffic to your blog. You cannot just write a headline and leave your desk.

Just like keywords are needed for improving visibility of your site, you need hash tags to help users to find you!

Some examples are: #love #loveforfood #foodiesofnewyork #movies #babyproducts

20. Post Your Content on Social Media

You have an Instagram handle which can be used for bringing traffic to your website.

How? Post the picture of a food item that you have cooked, and write ‘For the full recipe, visit my official blog page.

Link is in the bio’. You could also post short videos and tell your audience to click the link in the bio to see the full video. This works like a charm!

Concluding Thoughts

Don’t follow the same steps that you used to do in the year 2018 because trends change every year.

You need to embrace change and use new techniques to bring traffic to your blog.

By using the 20 Actionable Tips, you will be able to attract the target audience.

Hope this post was helpful for you! If you know someone who can benefit from this post, share it with them! That’s one way to increase our traffic, and this would also help others.

We get the best of both worlds, right? Show us some love by liking this post and sharing it with anyone who wishes to make it big as a blogger.

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