How to Use Instagram to Skyrocket Your Brand Awareness: The Beauty Brand Edition

By Marilia Dimitriou June 15, 2020

Today you’re going to see one of my favorite brand awareness strategies in action.


Specifically, I’ll show you six proven strategies and examples you can use to promote your great brand.


Let’s dive right in.

Since its first appearance back in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking services.

Today, Instagram has slowly established itself among social network giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

What turned it, though, into a worthy opponent is its photo and video-sharing features that allow users to share their favorite posts and moments with their peers.

For brands, Instagram has given them the opportunity to take advantage of both paid and organic marketing strategies in order to increase their brand awareness and increase their conversions beyond measure.

One industry that benefits directly from Instagram’s visual-centric character is the beauty industry.

If you take a look, there are hundreds of beauty brand profiles sharing amazing content with their followers.

Whether they are big household names like MAC Cosmetics, Colourpop, and Morphe Brushes or smaller brands like Kopari Beauty, EM Cosmetics and Tati Beauty, Instagram is the perfect place to build your brand image and let new followers know that you are there for them.

For beauty brands, Instagram might sound like a piece of cake; however, to improve your conversion rate optimization and reduce your bounce rate, you need to plan your posts carefully, deliver consistent messages and give your followers an amazing experience rather than a product promotion.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the leading photo and video-sharing networks that have more than 1 billion active monthly users in 2019.

Apart from its large user base, Instagram gives you access to an already nurtured audience that enjoys dynamic content and tends to share it with their peers.

Since beauty products usually target female consumers of different age groups, Instagram is the perfect place to engage with them and nurture them until they turn into loyal customers that will support the brand throughout their customer journey.


To become the best Instagram marketer you have to slowly build your brand image from the ground up, offer the best content out there, find the best time to post it and, in no time, you’ll get a loyal user base that will support you unconditionally.

Now Let’s See 6 Amazing Ways To Increase Your Brand Awareness Using Instagram

1. Launch Instagram Paid Campaigns Like Morphe Brushes

Sometimes organic traffic alone can’t give you the brand visibility you desire.

Especially for smaller or newer beauty brands, increasing your audience and engagement can be a tedious task that requires time and patience.

To make things a little easier, beauty brands have invested in Instagram ads to increase their brand awareness and lead generation faster.

Instagram ads might sound easy since you pay and then you wait to get instant traffic; however, the fact that you pay for it doesn’t mean that your ads should be plain and less than perfect.

As beauty brands have a lot of competition and rely on visuals to showcase their products, having the best and most creative images along with great social ad copy is your way to success.

To make successful paid ads you should also drop the sales-y approach and try to make your ads feel like organic posts.

A great example of Instagram ads comes from Morphe Brushes.

Take a look:

To promote their new collaboration with makeup artist and Youtuber James Charles, Morphe brushes created an inspiring paid ad to promote their limited Morphe X James Charles mini palette.

By looking at it, Morphe’s ad feels as natural and creative as their posts.

With this ad, Morphe gives Instagrammers a glimpse at their amazing product and excites them with a fresh concept that fits their creative audience.

Also, having James Charles feature his palette instead of a model makes the ad a lot more believable and engages James Charles’ fans to buy the new mini palette more effectively.

Post-Click Landing Pages To Dominate the Beauty World

If you thought Instagram ads are enough to make your audience click, then we have a lot to talk about.

Your amazing ads can excite them and show them what you’re made of; however, how do you lead your potential buyers from your Instagram account to your website and make them convert once and for all?

The solution comes with post-click landing pages, also known as social landing pages.

When you create a landing page that is meant to connect your social ads and website you have to make sure that it is as coherent as possible.

Social landing pages must give your potential shoppers all the reasons why they should buy your beauty product and be smart enough to get them a step further down your marketing funnel.

Great landing pages must have attractive visuals that will provide continuity to your followers’ experience, have clear CTAs and testimonials to give your brand credibility and trust.

Here’s the social landing page from Morphe’s ad:

The brand has an excellent landing page that grabs their followers’ attention with vibrant colors, black background, and white headlines.

Also, Morphe equips their page with the video process of turning James Charles into a colorful masterpiece using the palette, giving their audience something that will get them hyped about the limited time offer.

Landing pages like this might need a lot of work but they will be the bridge between your customer’s intention to buy and final purchase.

To make things faster, you can use a landing page builder to save time and roll your creative landing pages out faster than anyone else.

Also, if you want to be on top of your game, you shouldn’t forget to monitor the effectiveness of your landing pages using website analytics.

Monitoring online user behavior will help you optimize your Instagram experience and improve both organic and paid strategies for better results.

2. Become a Giveaway and Contest Pro Like EM Cosmetics

If you are an old soul like I am, then you probably remember some of the first makeup tutorials and how-tos on Youtube.

Back in the day, the only thing we wanted was the perfect tutorial to learn how to do the perfect vampire makeup just in time for Halloween.

If you can recall, many of those Youtube videos usually showcased all the products you needed to achieve the perfect look and then gave you a chance to win the complete set.

Giveaways and contests were an amazing way to get more viewers that, when they were implemented on Instagram, brands saw their follower count and engagement skyrocket overnight.

Not only are they the perfect way to get more followers, but they can also contribute to enhancing your image and build trust in your brand.

Here’s an amazing contest from Youtuber and owner of EM Cosmetics Michelle Phan:

EM Cosmetics took advantage of the holiday spirit and came up with an amazing contest in the form of a #TrickorTreat Challenge where all you have to do is to use your EM products, create a spooky look, snap a picture and then use the right tags and hashtags to take participate.

While this might sound difficult for new followers who might not even have an EM product, Michelle Phan’s contest aims at getting her old customers to engage with her brand in a fun way.

As customer retention is always better than nurturing new customers, EM Cosmetics takes advantage of the festive season to give old customers something to celebrate.

But what about new customers who don’t have the product to take part in the contest?

The answer is the good old giveaway!

Giveaways are so simple that everyone with an account can participate.

Compared to contests, giveaways are so simple that you only have to follow the brand and tag some of your friends.

Giveaways like this will help you boost your brand awareness and establish your brand as a company that cares about its followers and wants to give something back without any commitment.

Also, keep in mind that the simpler and grander your giveaway is, the better it will captivate your new and old followers and slowly turn them into loyal supporters.

3. Find the Best Influencers Like St. Ives Skin

You have heard about them, you have definitely seen them in action and now it’s the right time to find the right influencers for your brand.

From that crazy agave beverage that your best friend tried last week, to the brand new face scrub you just bought, influencers might have had something to do with it.

Since influencers possess social media power, finding the right people to promote your product can be a major table-turner for your brand.

Influencers can range from big-time celebrities to small bloggers and you can reach them by sending them a simple message with your irresistible proposal.

If the influencer thinks it’s worth it, then you got yourself a deal to wow your followers and show them that your product has grabbed that influencer’s attention.

For St. Ives Skin, a relatively small beauty brand, reaching out to Lili Reinhart (you may know her as Betty Cooper from Riverdale) was one of their smartest moves since her sponsored post landed 828k likes and over 3,000 comments.

Compared to the brand’s average 1k-15k likes and smaller audience, Lili Reinhardt’s popularity gave St. Ives a huge brand awareness boost.

The young actress was the perfect influencer to promote the brand’s products since the young age, trademark honesty and her natural looks gave the brand a chance to stay true to its commitment as a natural brand.

So, when it’s time to get your brand out there through the eyes of an influencer, you should collaborate with a person that reflects the core idea of your brand and, along with their unique character, give your product a new perspective that will turn it into a must-have.

4. Leverage the Micro- and Nano-Influencer Power Like Dewy Cel

Not every influencer has a massive audience of 149m followers like the Kardashians.

Despite Kylie’s visibility and user engagement, sometimes it’s better to find influencers who don’t have the numbers but they do have the quality.

Micro- and nano-influencers might have significantly smaller audiences than the Kardashian sisters; however, what influencers like Jez Cruz (@wearethetrenders) and Alexis Baker (Aalexisbakerrr) lack are the fancy numbers.

While you might think that the only way to increase your brand awareness is to collaborate with macro-influencers who have the numbers, both smaller and bigger enterprises can leverage the power of micro-influencer marketing to get better results.

As micro-influencers have stronger bonds with their audience, the product they will choose to promote will be a lot more natural than having a big-time celebrity advertise it.

The same applies to nano-influencers with even smaller audiences.

For example, let’s say that you hire a big celebrity to promote your new face cream.

Your influencer is known for promoting several beauty products like that and, as a result, their audience usually gets excited about the promotion.

However, only a small percentage of their followers are likely to take their call-to-action since the exchange between the influencer and their audience doesn’t rely on qualitative exchange.

A nano-influencer, though, who has been nurturing their small audience for months of years will show them only the products they love and trust.

In the micro- and nano-influencer cases, followers will recognize the value of the promoted product since it will come from a person they trust.

Here’s Dewy Cel’s collab with nano-influencer Alexis baker:

Getting access to smaller, better-nurtured audiences is a beauty brand’s ticket to get followers who will appreciate their products and are more likely to make a purchase.

So, next time you plan your Instagram influencer marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out to them!

5. Give Your Followers the “Warm” Shoulder Like Tarte Cosmetics

When you make an Instagram profile it’s only natural that your audience will grab the opportunity to send you a direct message or comment on your posts.

Instead of staying mute and indifferent to your followers’ comments and queries, your brand should engage with the comment section and try to give solutions to simple queries, solve any misunderstandings or show love.

Here’s an example from Tarte Cosmetics:

Social media is all about engagement, so taking off your impersonal/intimidating brand mask and answering some of your followers’ comments will contribute to a friendlier and more approachable brand that cares about its customers.

Apart from engagement, you can use Instagram comments as part of your customer feedback strategy, something that will not only help you plan your next product campaigns better but also reveal what type of content speaks best to your target audience.

6. Power Up Your Brand with Instagram stories like e.l.f Cosmetics

Stories are Instagram’s secret weapon to engage even the most difficult followers, skyrocket the popularity of your account and increase your conversions.

Since people love storytelling and dynamic content that will entertain them, teach them something new or show them what happens behind cameras, you need to maximize the synergy between your content marketing and social media marketing endeavors.

As a beauty brand, stories will become your best Instagram weapon to win more followers and nurture those who already follow you.

For example, e.l.f cosmetics has an Instagram story series labeled as beauty hacks.

The brand gives its followers tips on how to achieve the perfect lips, eyes, etc by showcasing old and new products in the most authentic and practical way.

Since makeup tutorials and how-tos are still popular and relevant, giving your followers tips will inspire and incentivize them to buy your products and make your sales fly to the moon

Now Its Your Turn

As consumers rely on social media networks to find more about products, beauty brands should focus on optimizing the visual experience that will turn visitors into followers and followers into customers.

To succeed in the world of Instagram marketing, you need to take advantage of both organic and paid strategies to increase your website traffic and see your sales go through the roof.

Also, giving your customers something back and organizing amazing contests to keep them involved with your brand will make them feel valued, whereas replying to their comments and queries will turn you into a friendly and reliable brand.

Finally, spend time searching the market for the right people who will elevate your brand and take advantage of Instagram’s features to deliver the best social media experience out there and make your business thrive in a highly competitive market.

Got any feedback?

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