Want to Start an Entire Fashion Blog Completely On Instagram? Follow These 5 Steps…

By Bill Acholla March 18, 2021

I was scrolling one time on my Instagram account when I noticed a strong following of Cardi B, a rapper and a reality star, was talking about her photo tagging Fashion Nova for her outfit.

She wrote, “My shoes Balenciaga but my fit @fashionnova THOOO Duuuuhhhhhh.”

It surely created a whole lot of bunch of interested women to try outfits from said clothing line.

In December, Kylie Jenner, along with her sister Khloe, has advertised on her Instagram page the same clothing line for their denim.

She wrote on her Instagram,”Obsessed with my new @fashionnova jeans.”

When I told a friend about Fashion Nova taking a trend on social media, she said she heard of the brand before when she was watching Tana Mongeau’s fashion hauls on YouTube, where she broadcasted herself trying on clothes from Fashion Nova.

It is very interesting to see how a small business could grow so fast with just a small campaign on social media sites.

Of course, you have to consider the number of your followers and your advertisers’ followers as well.

So, how exactly did Fashion Nova start to build an entire fashion blog completely on Instagram?

Fashion Nova is a top of the line fashion store for women. They promise to sell affordable and durable club dresses, shoes, casual jeans, skirts, body suits, and many more.

Their clothing brand is based in California where they are loved by everyone – plus-sized women, celebrities, and it-girls – you name it.

Fashion Nova was able to link people’s fondness of social media to their business leading them to become viral. Instagram became their platform to market their products.

“The concept is that the runways are dying,” Richard Saghian, Founder of Fashion Nova, said, “If you think about it, why did they have runways before? Because there was no internet.

People are now looking at their feed for fashion inspiration more than they are at the runways.”

Their strategy seems to be working because in just 3 years, Fashion Nova has grown to a staff of more than 600 people.

They are now able to launch up to 500 new clothing designs every week.

Another highlight of how Fashion Nova reached the peak of their fashion business is through the help of their social media influencers.

They have about 3,000 to 5,000 social media influencers and each has a strong following that even helps boost their fame.

Now, the company seems to be taking the internet by storm because they reached up to 6.9 million Instagram followers and celebrity endorsers with big names such as:

  • Kylie and Khloe Jenner
  • Amber Rose
  • Blac China
  • Cardi B
  • Teyana Taylor
  • Ivette Saucedo
  • LivvyLand Blog
  • Danielle Bernstein

…and many more

These celebs started buying from them and tagging them, and that’s how they got viral.

They now work with about 500 sewing factories across Los Angeles, producing almost 80% of their products in a fast pace.

Since the company has social media team, they monitor what’s being worn online; send these styles to their design team.

Then their sample products will then be forwarded to those factories and within a week or two, the company can start selling the design.

So, if you want to learn on how to start a Fashion blog on Instagram and get paid as a Fashion blogger, here are 5 steps to follow.

1. Be Obsessed Over What People Are Wearing On Social Media

This is probably one of the basic things you need to do when you decide to start a fashion blog on Instagram.

You can visit various lifestyle blogs and Instagram tips from fashion bloggers to get inspirations.

As soon as you were able to make sample products, post it, and get paid for blogging.

When it comes to posting, experts say, go for square shooting.

Peg Fitzpatrick a speaker, social media strategist and co-author of The Art of Social Media, advised, Starting with high-quality photos make your Instagram marketing more effective.

One of the best ways to save time and compose better photos for Instagram is to shoot square photos.

This lets you save time on cropping and ensures that the essential elements in the photo won’t be cropped out later.

2. Recruit Social Media Influencers

This is one of the key elements that will help you as you start a fashion blog and make it famous.

This is the practice of bridging relationships, between your social media influencers to their followers, for you.

Since 90% of consumers trust the recommendations of their peers, your influencers can convince a strong group of following to try your products.

Instagram influencers are modern-day celebrities and are creating high-quality digital content.

They have a large follower base and are trusted for their opinions on the latest products and trends.

Align your brand with the right influencers and you can expand brand awareness and follower reach, Kate Talbot, content marketing manager for Aspireiq said.

“There are many ways to work with influencers to promote your products. From contests to giveaways, find a unique angle on how you want to carry on the relationship,” she added.

3. Look for Instagram Feeds of Reality TV Stars for Fashion Inspiration

People, especially women, look up to their favorite celebrities and desire to dress like them so they go for bloggers’ advice.

So, you have to write frequently and improve your writing strategies to convince them to try your products. Give them tips and help them discover their style.

Also, you can use customized link shortener to track traffic. Think of having more traffic and sales.

Jenn Herman, a social media trainer, blogger, and Instagram advocate said “One of the most important things marketers need to know is on how well their Instagram account is driving traffic and lead back to their website.

Create a different link each time you change the link for a new landing page, campaign or default page to continuously track successful traffic leads.

Editors note:

Please remember that you can also host your fashion blog on a blogging platform. And as a user, I recommend Bluehost WordPress Hosting Platform

It’ll actively secure your fashion blog and help you earn more money from it.

4. Create a Social Media Team to Monitor What’s Being Worn Online

This method requires collaborating with other persons to help you manage and develop your blog site.

You can assign them different tasks on where to focus. Since your blog focuses on fashion, you can delegate them to look for trendy outfits.

Then, they could propose designs for your brand and you can pursue to make a sample product.

You can also monitor what type of clothes or garments people showed interest in. This way, you’ll know what your readers choices are and possibly hit target buyers.

You can start with a small group and as your site grows, you can add more staff to your team.

This is the smarter way to expand your business and to cater the different needs of your customers.

5. Encourage Your Followers to Use the Influencer’s Discount Code

You can practice newsletter marketing to send out informational letters to your target social media influencers.

Discuss with them that they’ll be having their individual discount codes. Then, you can offer proposal such as spearing commissions every time a customer uses their discount codes to purchase.

This way, you’ll have a stable social media influencer and have customers enjoy discounts.

“All of my followers use my codes constantly and say they had a great experience with Fashion Nova. I don’t work with things that are going to cause any drama because that reflects back on me. I want everybody to have a good experience,” said Rose Siard, a fashion blogger with over 338,000 followers.

To start your blog, try naming your domain with something catchy so that your readers will easily remember your site.

If you don’t know what online accounting platform to use, try using QuickBooks.

This is the leading online accounting platform that lets small businesses create custom invoices featuring your own unique branding.

Aside from helping your small site to look more professional, it could also help you get paid on time as you manage your invoicing well.

Additionally, QuickBooks has various features that you can explore. To name a few, it allows you to create budget, view your profit and loss statements, and prepare for tax by documenting all your expenses.

Catherine Chow and Corina Nurimba, founder of Azalea, a clothing boutique in San Francisco, said, “We love to travel, we love to eat, and we love, love, love shopping. We wanted to share our experiences and what we love with the San Francisco community. That’s when we decided we wanted to open the store.”

Kristi Soomer, a Brand Manager and Consultant uses QuickBooks to help her manage her financials. “At a quick glance, I can see my profit, sales, and expenses for any time period, as well as the capital available for upcoming production runs. These tools allow me to be nimble and are a timesaver at year end.

Currently, I’m using the QuickBooks EasyStart version but I understand the upgraded version has payroll, budgeting, and inventory functionality that will be valuable as I scale up my business,” she said.

At the end of the day, it will all depend on how you would manage your business even without strategy.

Like what Saghian said, “We don’t even really have a strategy. We grew so fast. We are just grabbing the tiger by the tail.”

Now It’s Your Turn

The world of fashion blogs is truly competitive, the standards are high so for your voice to be heard, you must leverage your content and establish originality.

In order to stand out, you need to serve something special and different to the table.

Inspire your readers with your branding and always consider having it fairly priced to have a group of supporters.

Try experimenting on things, you’ll eventually find your own unique line and soon make a statement.

Now that you’ve seen how to build a fashion blog on Instagram, I’d like to hear from you.

What do you think of starting a popular fashion blog on Instagram?

If you have a question or thoughts, leave a comment right now.


  1. luis P marrero says

    Thank you for your tips in order to get more traffic

  2. Stefan Stevanovic says

    Great article Bill! During blogger outreach, you mentioned separating influences into tiers? Why do you do this and how do you create tiers?

    • Bill Acholla says

      Thanks Stefan. I do it because it will help me start building relationships with top bloggers as I reap quick wins from the low-hanging-fruit blogs. Use various metrics such domain and social authority and blog comments.

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