9 Actionable Tips To Help You Come Up With A Powerful Blog Name

Blogging From Paradise.

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6 Smart Ways To Bring Back a Dead Brand Back To Life and Make It Successful

In this new era of marketing, even the dead can come back to life. Brands that have long since lost their following can return to their former glory and compete neck and neck with larger, younger brands.

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Half of Your Leads Are Not Leads

Most companies have only a vague idea of how well their Internet marketing campaigns are working.

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How Good Branding Can Influence and Increase Your Sales Online

Good branding

Online shopping has been an ongoing trend for consumers all over the world for quite some time now.

All thanks to the different social media platforms, promoting and selling brands have never been easier.

However, there is the underlying question of whether your brand has what it takes to survive the online world.

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