How to Use Cartoons in Your Email Marketing Campaign to Grab the Attention of Your Readers (With Real Life Example)

By Bill Acholla August 8, 2021

Today, I received two company brochures in my mailbox.

One was from a finance company and the other was from an IT firm.

Both the Mails ended up in the trash bin.

The brochures were not only relevant to my company’s needs but also very boring. They focused too much on text instead of visual content.

I would say that the brochures were not engaging enough for a director of a creative agency.

I am not asking the companies to change their email marketing schemes for me or my company. My point is that they should make it more attractive and engaging.

One should give attention to your emails or newsletter at once. For this you need something interesting like cartoons.

A company should make their marketing campaigns easy to read and attractive enough to grab the reader’s attention which these two brochures clearly failed to do.

Both the brochures, I received had a very serious tone with no illustrations. They could have included cartoons in their publication to make it more attention grabbing.

A famous marketer David Ogilvy once said that “humour doesn’t work.” well, I would say he was clearly wrong.

Using cartoons in your marketing campaigns helps your message stand out better. Most importantly, it instantly grabs the attention of your readers.

To make my point clear today, I am going to share with you guys the story of Cartoonlink and how they managed to boost their paid response by 78%.

If you too think that using cartoons in a marketing campaign is useless then you should definitely read this story.

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What is CartoonLink?

For those who haven’t heard about Cartoonlink before, they are a marketing company that helps salesforce break through.

They mainly specialise in contact marketing solutions to provide contact with prospects and accounts.

They create and implement contact marketing campaigns to help your sales team reach more top accounts and prospects.

They can also help you in forming the right contact marketing strategy. In case, you need help with your contact marketing strategies, you can even consult with them.

Companies rely on CartoonLink to grow their business. With their years of uninterrupted service, they are one of the best companies out there.

Located in Seattle, WA CartoonLink have given a new meaning to contact marketing.

The company till date have worked with many of the top and biggest marketers in the world. They’ve also lend their services to many medium and small sized businesses as well.

They are known to make use of cartoons to boost your results and hence the name CartoonLink.

The company has faced many challenges in their initial years but with their sheer hard work and dedication they have overcome it all.

Challenges They Faced

The biggest challenge they faced according to Stu Heinecke, the president of the company was to run their company and produce continuous earnings across economic cycles.

Over the years, CartoonLink have created many record-breaking marketing campaigns for their clients with the help of cartoons.

For them the main challenge was to create a new test campaign which would be more effective than their previous control.

They wanted to check whether the audience is more responsive to fishing or hunting themed offers. You can check the screenshot of their test campaign on the web.


As a solution CartoonLink created two side-by-side test campaigns.

One of the campaigns featured a hunting theme and the other one was created with a fishing theme.

Both the campaigns were made in 8” x 10” which is considered to be suitable for framing print of the illustration was offered with paid subscription orders.

The copy created by them was brief and completely to the point. The illustration clearly showed that the recipients could access their print premium when they paid for their subscriptions.

CartoonLink have always believed that cartoons do provide with an unfair advantage. That’s because people easily get drawn to such illustrations.

This helps the brand to reach their message to more people and thus, it helps them make their marketing campaign a successful one.

If your brand wants to make use of cartoons in their campaigns then you need to first understand how it works. Just using cartoons with your brand logo won’t work.

Cartoons can prove to be magical if you can use it correctly. But the situation can just be the opposite if you fail to follow the rules.

One of the most common mistakes made by marketers is that they use cartoons with their brand or offer and sometimes with both.

The mistake is very much understandable as most marketers only focus on promoting their brand.

The best way is to focus on the need of your audience’s wants, needs and experiences. You need to tell them how your services can help them in their lives.

You simply cannot push a cartoon with your brand’s promotion. If you want the desired results then you need to highlight the pains or desires of your customers.

CartoonLink made one illustration for direct mail campaign for Outdoor Life magazine.

If you check out the picture of the cartoon, you will see two fisherman standing on the dock.

One of them is holding a huge fish in his rams and the other saying, “That’s look like the one (insert name) threw back.”

The main point to notice here is that the cartoon did not say a single word about Outdoor Life brand or about subscription.

They just focused on each of the recipient’s love for fishing. Brand and offer was there in the accompanying copy.


The results were beyond expectations.

The hunting themed illustration beat the previous control by 35% which was really good.

But the fish themed cartoon clearly stole the show as it beat the previous control by 65% in front-end response. It also produced 78% more paid response in comparison to the previous control.

The results of both the illustrations clearly show how cartoons can prove to be beneficial to you in your marketing campaigns. But the main point is that you should be able to use it correctly.

When used correctly, it will give you the desired results or more than that. But if you behave like other novice marketers, it will bring you nothing.

Now that you’ve seen the results, it’s time for me to walk you through on how constant contact can help you boost your email marketing campaign.

But before that let’s discuss what Constant Contact is.


Here you go.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is a reputed email marketing and marketing automation solution. The company was established in 1995.

Since then it has been helping businesses boosting their marketing campaigns. With their help you can automate your email marketing.

It helps businesses to become more proficient in social media advertising. For example in Facebook. Other than that it also helps you in using email, convert and retain customers.

They also have their own website page on the web. So if you want you can go through their site to know more.

The company is based in Brookline, Massachusetts. Back then, email was treated as only a means of online communication with friends and family.

But the founders of the company saw the valuable marketing tool in email that would help small businesses compete against the big businesses.

With time, the company grew in size and by 2005, they had already reached over 50,000 customers. After that there was no turning back for the company. They soon surpassed the 50k mark.

In 2009, the company introduced their third product, event marketing. In the next three years, the company opened new offices in multiple locations.

The effective marketing automation tools offered by Constant Contact allow users to send personalised emails to contacts. It can even resend the emails which were not opened the first time.

With Constant Contact you cannot only increase your open rate but it can also help in growing a strong email list.

With the power of email marketing, they can help you boost your conversion rate.

They also provide you with a mobile application that allows you to create and send emails right from your phone. You can send banner, template, coupon etc. via mail to your recipients.

You can also avail email tracking capabilities so that you can monitor the performance of the mails you have sent.

Constant Contact aims to help small businesses navigate the power, promise and potential of the web.

You can check the pricing of the solution before using it.

5 Tips On How Constant Contact Can Help You Boost Your Email Campaign

As I already mentioned, Constant Contact is a great and intuitive marketing solution. With Constant Contact you can easily boost your email campaigns.

Now let me show you how you will do it.

1. Marketing automation

With the help of Constant Contact, you can easily set-up welcome emails, birthday and anniversary emails and auto-responder emails to be automatically sent to your contacts based on triggers. It can even send the emails that have not been opened in the first place.

Once you spend time to customize your emails according to your need, you don’t have to worry about then again until the time when you feel the need to change or modify your content.

2. Statistical reporting

Constant Contact also provides you with a detailed report which will show you the number of clicks received, forwards, opens and unsubscribes. Not just that but it can even show you the number of spam reports.

The software will show you all these statistics in a graph format in your account.

Along with that you also have the option to customize your spreadsheet to export whatever stats they desire.

An activity tab logs removals, exports, additions and updates.

3. Contact management

The contact management dashboard provides you with all the required tools that you need to organise subscribers.

This helps you to organise and manage all your subscribers in one single contact list.

You can even upload a spreadsheet or text for automatic processing. Not just that but you can even import contacts directly from Gmail or Outlook.

With the help of this solution, you can also tag your contacts and add custom fields.

All this is a matter of child’s play when you are using Constant Contact.

The solution also allows you to clean up your list in order to avoid duplicates.

4. Ecommerce integrations

Constant Contact also provides you with native integrations with many of the e-commerce solutions. This enable marketers to process an abandoned care emails.

You can see the number of sales made from the Constant Contact dashboard.

5. Event marketing tools

Constant Marketing’s event registration application is a good feature. If you want to leverage the power of email marketing in order to drive attendance at conferences and trade shows then this feature will prove to be of great use to you.

It provides you with all the tools that’s required to create an email invitation and corresponding registration home page and form.

The form available online is known to streamline the event registration process. It eliminates the need to collect registration information via telephone.

You will also find integrations with other event marketing tools as well.

Over to You

Now that you know the way cartoon works in a marketing campaign, hopefully you will be able to use it properly in your marketing campaign.

Humour is one of the best ways to attract your customers. All you need to remember is to do it the right way or it’s going to end up like a flop show.

You can take inspiration from the story of Cartoonlink that I shared with you.

Coming to your email marketing strategy, you should choose the right solution to help you out.

Now that you know about Constant Contact, it should be easier for you. Maintaining your email growth becomes easier with Constant Contact.

If you found this article helpful then you should share it so that others also benefit from it.

If you are interested to learn about email marketing then this write-up could be helpful to you in many ways.

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