How to Boost Your Organic Traffic Through Content Relaunch (+3 Case Studies)

By Bill Acholla September 2, 2020

As a blogger, I was shocked to learn from Forrester’s 2014 report on content marketing that half of published posts ends up unused.

I worked so hard to produce that content! From that moment on, I vowed that I will learn what actually gets read and creates the results I was hoping for.

Thankfully, I found several amazing advice about techniques to increase the productivity of posts.

In this article, I focus on relaunching content because it is among the top strategies to boost organic traffic – the kind of traffic arriving from a search engine without you paying for it.

To give you a little background, this article about Venus Williams fuelled my efforts in perfecting my content.

I read that her brand EleVen is about being better than a 10, or pushing beyond the limits and reaching the best to win.

Thus, I was inspired to create posts that win the medals, so to speak.

So let’s go back on how to fix your blog and get it working like a pro. Although it may look complicated at first, it will become a habit after a couple of tries.

Relaunching Content Improves Your SEO

Organic traffic is dependent on SEO, which is the practice of maximizing the visitors to a site by letting it appear among the first results returned by a search engine.

Relaunching content drastically enhances SEO as you will see from the following examples.

Example 1: HubSpot

HubSpot’s historical optimization enabled them to double their monthly leads from their old posts and increased their monthly organic search views by 106%.

This is the happy result of their Attribution Reports, a tool they have developed under their marketing platform.

Their Attribution Reports tool was their attempt to figure out which among their blog posts generated the most leads – specifically, those that caused readers to click a call-to-action link that takes them to a landing page.

With this, HubSpot discovered that 76% of their blog views from a particular month came from posts published before that month, and 92% of the leads were created by posts that were also old.

This did not surprise them because they know that one of blogging’s perks is that some posts will continuously bring in readers.

However, they were shocked to learn that only 0.5% of their posts were producing 46% of their leads! This meant that majority of their posts were underperforming.

Because of these revelations, they implemented some techniques to improve their posts and they managed to increase leads tremendously – you’ll learn these later.

Example 2: Generating Viral Content

Let’s have a quick example from my “The Content Relaunch Strategy”

On April November 25, 2015 I published this article about “How to Generate Viral Content That Yields Leads Automatically”.

After executing “The Content Relaunch Technique“, the old post got ranked as part of the top 10 on Google search results for the keyword “how to generate viral content.”

This shows again that no matter how old a post is, it will still get a high ranking if it follows certain criteria.

Making an old post current is one of the effective ways on making it highly visible in a search.

Visit the page to learn how you can create viral content that generates leads too. The information in there is collected from 43 experts.

As a summary, the following techniques were recommended:

  • Writing relevant content
  • Adding call to action inside content
  • Upgrading content
  • Displaying Facebook ads
  • Using emotions
  • Syndicating content
  • Setting up a conversation funnel

The article is a valuable resource for those who want to drive organic traffic to their site.

I highly recommend that you take down notes from it so you can apply what the pros have discovered to be effective.

Example 3: Backlinko

Brian Dean the founder of first executed The Content Relaunch with this post.

2 weeks later his page got a huge organic boost traffic and a huge spike in traffic from social media and blogs.

Because  of “The Content Relaunch” his content got in front of lots of people and the page accumulated a ton of new backlinks

From my own experience, if you want your improved paged to get tons of new backlinks, you can’t go wrong with “Content Relaunch Technique”

Why Content Relaunch is So Effective

Ross Simmonds, reiterates that content relaunch is important because it offers you to give a second wave of life to an asset that you’ve already built.

It’s easy to take a philosophy of publishing and waiting but the proactive approach of relaunching content and distributing it frequently can be a huge differentiator.

Relaunching content increases the visibility of your top performing posts and improves the performance of those that do not do so well.

It ensures that every post you make actually does something instead of being hidden under tons of new content.

According to Umar Khan the SEO and Social Manager of Fam Properties, he says: 

So you published the blog after days of hard work and research, hours of brainstorming and now finally you’re starting to see the results. People are sharing your blog across all social platforms and tons of traffic is coming.

This is what all the blogger wants…

Before you start working on your next masterpiece and expecting the same result. Hold on for a moment and check your analytics.

Find out what are your top performing content in last 12 months. Make the list of top 5 and start working.

Why to rework again?

You got lots of appreciation on your blog due to the fact that you covered the insightful and actionable tips.

All you have to do is to upgrade the same content with new tips, adding the responses of people who got benefitted and then reachout to the list of people who shared your content previously.

Not only the individuals, also look out the top referrer channels and share your updated blog post again.

Because they loved the work you put in it in past, they are keen to know what update you made and happily share again.

The idea is simple. Reap the most out of your best work!

Here Are The 3-Steps That Make up The Content Relaunch Technique:

  • Step 1: Use Google console to get detailed statistics about each post on your site.
  • Step 2: Improve the under-performing content.
  • Step 3: Republish and share your improved post to the right audience.

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that monitors a website’s performance in Google Search results.

It helps users understand how Google evaluates the site and guides them in improving the site’s search ranking.

Google Search Console helps you find a piece of content that is under performing. To use it, you must sign up for an account.

Afterwards, you place the address of your website or app so it can analyze it. It will give you detailed statistics about each post it finds under the site or app.

2. Improving Content

Once you found the under-performing content, you can improve it by using storytelling and adding case studies.

These two things will make the content be ranked more highly than those without them.

Why does storytelling work?

According to Jason Quey the founder of TheStoryTeller Marketer says that, at the end of the day, people like stories because we like to interact with a fellow human.

So learn how to be vulnerable and tactfully expose yourself to the world, warts and all.

People are more motivated by stories that they can relate to as compared to mere lists or statistics.

Thus, articles that are presented in story form will tend to get viewed and shared more often.

Case studies are interesting to people because they prove ideas. People want assurance that what they are learning has actually worked before.

If you show them real-life cases, they will trust the material more, and that means they will spend more time studying it.

Let see what:

  • Nikhil Makwana
  • John Doherty

…have to say about making content better by using storytelling.

Nikhil Makwana – Co-Founder – 

As a blogger and a content marketer, my first most priority is always looking forward to the great content that gets me a great result.

Like me, there are many bloggers who are after this piece of the cake. Well finding a great piece of content is not that easy.

However, with the excellent writing skills, I do feel that any webmasters can generate unique and wonderful content.

Besides only producing fresh content I also re-launch old content on my blog. For that I follow two strategies:

  • I look for the content that isn’t performing, whether they aren’t ranking, generating traffic or converting. So I identify choose those content first.
  • One of the most obvious steps that I do follow is making those posts better whether it is to add target keywords, updates, and internal links and so on. Once I am happy with the added value to the older blog posts, then I re-launch and share it on social channels.

Besides only this as I have mentioned before, generating excellent content is equally essential for that as a modern content writer I do follow the given below approach:

  • I always focus on my key writing skills
  • I am also social media savvy with which I keep track of current industry trends and also keep an eye what my competitors are doing.
  • One of my powerful tool that I use is telling the fascinating story to my readers.
  • I also find what my targeted audiences are.
  • Before writing any content, I always research well on that topic so that can help me to receive well from my audience.

So these are few of the approaches which I love to follow asking my audience to follow the same.

In return it provides good organic traffic with better content visibilities among the targeted audience.

John Doherty Get Credo 

My biggest tip around using storytelling in a content relaunch is to make the story related to them early in the story, not related to yourself.

Your email marketing course customer doesn’t care that you only got 10 sign ups the first time you launched it.

They care about the lessons you’ve learned through email marketing over the previous two years and how they can learn from your initial launch. See the difference?

Another big tip around telling stories is to only tell interesting stories. Think about if you’d tell the story you are writing to an industry friend or a potential client out loud, then actually go and do it. See how it resonates. If it doesn’t, tweak and try again.

So You Have Improved the Content; What Next?

3. Republish and Promote the Improved Content

Tweaking your content will already make it perform better, but you still need to overcome competition.

Two things can help with that:

  • E-mail outreach
  • Facebook Ads

Email Outreach

Publish your edited post as new by modifying the publish date so it shows up as a new post in your blog. Email it to your blog subscribers.

You may gather email addresses through numerous ways: creating a sign up call to action on either your Facebook page or your blog, including a sign-up form in your site, hosting events and asking for email addresses and more.

Once you have collected a list, keep on sending posts that contain the link that directs them to the updated blog post.

Let’s take a look at three expert opinions about promoting content through email outreach:

Anil Valvi – Dynastic Tech 

First, I found the influencer and contact people who have shared similar content via using Buzzsumo, Twitter, Ahrefs etc. and ask an Influencer for a killer quote.

Second step to add killer quote on old content and promote them again on social media, Linkedin, and all the various platforms. Also share the content influencer so they read, share, and link to the content.

Chris Hornak – Blog Hands 

I find building and maintaining an email list to be crucial. If you’re not building an email list, then you are living off your daily traffic.

If those visitors don’t convert, then you’re out of luck. By building an email list, you always have potential customers one email away.

Now that you decided you’re going to keep an email list how do you build one? I don’t believe simply asking people to signup for your newsletter is enough.

Think of this as a transaction and their email address is money. You can’t just ask for their money you need to give them something of value.

There are many types of content you can offer in exchange for their email. It could be a webinar, 6-week training in X email series, whitepaper, etc.

My recent strategy has been an ebook that teaches people about blogging, and I use the Wishpond platform to capture the emails.

I ping my email list each time we publish a new blog post. This is an excellent way to email your contacts on a regular basis and continuing to show them your expertise.

My ebook landing page has a 16.42% conversion rate and has captured over 200 emails in the past year.

This may sound like a lot or a little depending on your business.

I can say that I am glad I have these 200 contacts on hand and it has been well worth the time invested.

Agnieszka Jaśkiewicz – LiveChat

I hate massively sent e-mails with no-personalization. When I want to reach a writer or an influencer I always make a research and make sure that s/he’s interested in a particular topic.

I read his/her articles, analyze Twitter shares etc. Then I ask him/her on Twitter for an e-mail or possibility to send direct message.

I always try to personalize messages as much as it’s possible. I start it with an information about how I found this person/if we contacted already via Twitter etc.

I also find a connection between my content and his/her articles. It’s much better to say:

“I’ve read your article about the state of customer service in US. We’ve recently launched a report that might be interesting for you.

After analyzing over 245 M customer service conversations we can say that US companies have an average result of 90,84% customer satisfaction score (…)” “than “Hi, we’ve just launched a Customer Service Report for 2017”

Follow Agnieszka @twitter.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads give marketers a chance to reach their targeted audience directly. With Facebook ads manager, you can set your audience parameters according to traits like location, interests, job levels, and the like.

Try not to rely on Facebook too much in marketing your content because it is your blog that should be receiving the traffic.

Facebook should only function as a supplementary promotional tool to increase your blog’s exposure.

Advertising on Facebook has the option of sending people to your website. Use posts that have received a lot of interactions and promote it with an ad targeted to your followers’ friends and others who are likely to be good leads.

Let’s take a quick look at what Edward Leake has to say about promoting content through Facebook Ads:

Edward Leake the Managing Director of Midas Media

I love Facebook ads for content promotion, it’s the perfect platform for reach at a reasonable price.

Facebook users consume content at a rate of knots, they particularly like information that helps them and isn’t a sales pitch. Remember your audience doesn’t log on to Facebook with credit card in hand!

First rule is to make your ad not look like an ad. Make it look like the article it is, pose a question that can only be answered with a click and be sure to pixel your visitors.

You can segment your content engagers for future ad campaigns, where you can target topical content to their previous consumption habits.

Second rule is to always ask yourself, why would I click? Make it a no-brainer for your target audience to click and consume. Drive up your CTR and you’ll drive down your CPC (costs).

Good content will gain comments, engagements and shares. Good content will also gain at least 40-60% organic reach from ads. Great content, even more.

So if you’re struggling for organic reach when you post to your page, a little ad budget can move the needle in your favour.

No matter your business, give your audience help first – educate and inspire them – and they’ll be more likely to trust your brand.

Always remember that salespeople push ‘stuff’, friends tell stories.

Now It’s Your Turn to Relaunch Your Old Content

Yes, it can be hard to take knowing that almost half of material published will lead nowhere.

However, we are quite lucky to have on our fingertips everything we need to know to overcome that hurdle so we belong to the 50% that matter.

We just have to work on what we have learned consistently, just like an athlete trains to win the competition.

Relaunch old content after dressing it up and promoting it to the max. Use tools such as Google Search Console and the like to make it easier.

Don’t worry because the more you do it, the more you get used to it, and the better your site will perform.

Now that you’ve seen how to boost your organic traffic?

What do you think of content relaunch strategy?

You can share your thoughts in the comment box below


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