6 Reasons Your Landing Pages Aren’t Converting [Examples Included]

By Matthew Booth June 26, 2020

The key to selling online is having a high-converting landing page.

Marketers spend thousands of dollars every year optimizing landing pages to hike up conversion rates by a few pointers.

Clearly, conversion rates matter and the world wants to optimize for more.

But does it come that easy?

Studies show that 78% of business owners aren’t satisfied with their conversion rates and want to boost them.

However, some mistakes can constantly push them down in the ground.

Talking about the same mistakes, here are the 6 reasons why your landing pages may not be converting.

1. Your LPs have Distracting Elements

Navigation menus.

Automatic image sliders.


All of these elements have no right place for being optimally positioned on a landing page.

In fact, these elements can distract your prospects resulting in them clicking an action button that won’t lead them down your conversion funnel.

The best way to cure this is by making sure that your landing pages are free from navigation menus and image sliders at least.

Speaking of why, these are the reasons.

a. How Automatic Sliders aren’t as good as they look?

While you may have put in some thought behind placing an automatic image slider on your landing page, turns out, it may not work in your favor.

What these sliders do is disturb the users’ natural flow and the rate at which they’d like to access the information on your site.

This won’t really help you while getting more conversions will be your concern.

So, your best bet will be to get rid of them.

No wonder, almost all conversion experts speak against these and say they are better removed from landing pages.

b. Navigation menus distract like hell

It’s no doubt that a navigation menu is important on most webpages of any website.

However, when landing pages are concerned, these can significantly retard your conversion rates.

Basically, because these are additional action buttons which can take your prospects away from your offer.

For that reason, it’s clearly better to get rid of navigation menus on your landing pages.

2. Your Images aren’t Spot On

Visual content on your landing pages greatly contributes to conversion rates.

While using the right images can earn you a spate of sales, the wrong ones can get you in doubts whether the image is even visible to the audience or not.

For a better understanding, take a look at this case, when this Deutsch house selling firm boosted their conversion rates by 89% by just changing one image on their landing page.

Their first landing page looked like this.

The image on this landing page is sweet and says “Need Help?”

Now, as it would generally come off, the page seems fine and clean.

But when you dig deep, the image can be replaced with a better alternative.

Makelaarsland realized this and took action.

They changed this image with one of a man placing a sign board saying “Sold” over an older sign board saying “For Sale”.

And this worked wonders.

Just as mentioned above, this small change boosted their conversion rates by 89%.

Sounds great, right?

The best thing is, it can work for you too.

Just think your images better and be totally spot on with them.

3. Your Landing Page takes Forever to Load

Another turn off for most internet users in 2019 is a slow loading website.

With the website speed bars constantly raising from year to year, this is the time when nearly 50% of internet users agree on leaving a website that doesn’t load within 2 seconds.

Where do you think your landing page stands with that?

Does it load fast enough to impress your visitors?

Does it respond quick enough to not make your visitors bounce?

If you want to optimize your conversion rates, you need to ask yourself these questions.

And if the answer isn’t in your favour, it’s time you take the right action to boost your website’s loading speeds.

Aiding to the same, here’s what you need to do.

Start with taking a page loading speed test with GTMetrix.com by entering your website URL in the bar.

After this, the site will take you to the results page where you will see a detailed report of problems with your LP’s loading speed.

For a better understanding, have a look at this infographic about page speed optimization.

What you need to do is pick these issues one by one and start fixing them.

Boosting your page’s loading speed can increase pageviews by 11%, user satisfaction by 16% & conversions by 7%.

Clearly, it’s a great idea to boost loading speeds if you want to boost conversion rates.

Tip: Uploading videos to your website host can slow down page loading speeds.

This is one of the reasons why you should use a video hosting provider for your video upload needs.

4. Too many Form Fields

‘More the form fields’ Lesser the probability of visitors converting’

Sounds new?

Well, it’s true to the core.

Internet in 2019 is filled with a bunch of impatient individuals. Individuals that don’t want to spend too much time filling out long forms.

Understand this. Shorten your sign-up forms by reducing the number of fields.

Be as crisp as possible and you will see the changes work in your favor.

For a better understanding, have a look at how Imagespace boosted their conversion rates by 120% just by reducing their form fields from 11 to 4.

What they simply did was get rid of the unnecessary form fields that were there on their landing page.

This made their form shorter and easier to fill through for their visitors.

So, they didn’t have to skip the form for its length.

Totally something that can work for you too.

5. Your CTAs Aren’t Actionable

The importance of CTA can be understood by the fact it’s a button that bridges the journey for a visitor from being your prospect to being your customer.

Clearly, it can’t be taken lightly.

But what to do?

What is the best CTA for my landing page?

What color to choose?

If any or all of these questions bother you, the following tips will make your life easy.

a. Don’t use a Text Link for CTA

While using normal hyperlinks for your CTAs may be an easy route, this practice won’t get you anywhere.

Text links as CTAs are pretty lame. They are too bland, while a CTA should be vibrant to attract eyes in the first glance.

So, think about it. Your CTA needs to be all awesome and attractive. That can’t be achieved with hyperlinked text.

b. Write Killer CTA Copies

One of the most important things to keep in mind while writing CTAs is that they shouldn’t impose work.

Don’t get it?

CTA copies like ‘Read More’ and ‘Fill this Form’ sound like work. When a person already has tasks to manage, they may not take out time to take action against CTAs like these.

A better approach can be the one where you tell your visitors what you have to offer them.

For example, instead of saying ‘Read More’, try saying ‘Let’s Start’.

These little things can earn or cost you a whole lotta conversions.

c. Use Contrasting Colors

When you use contrasting colors for your CTA, you make sure it attracts attention.

Using green or red on a white background is mostly a good idea. Just as using a yellow CTA on a black background is.

Such color combinations are matches made in heaven and can help you step-up your conversion game.

So, take this seriously.

Choose your CTA colors wisely and keep in mind, the importance of color contrast.

Choosing the right CTA for your landing pages is as crucial as optimizing your paid campaigns.

In fact, it’s a part of the bigger process.

Studies show that using the CTAs with the right contrast and an actionable CTA copy can boost your conversion rates by up to 42%.

6. Something is Wrong with Your Offer

“A Mediocre copy and a good offer can out-pull a great copy and a mediocre offer any day. So, make a good offer and if your grammar isn’t correct, or if your spellings are wrong, or even if you have poor color combinations, you still may convert.”

– Breakthrough Copywriting by David Garfinkel

Sounds so simple, right? Gladly, it really is.

No prospect ever is going to buy from you for your grammar or design.

Sure, they matter a great deal, but with an unjust offer, all the other efforts will probably go down in drains.


Make them an offer they can’t refuse. (Oh! I love to say this)

Basically, add more value to your offer.

Your prospects may not be too willing to pay for a product which’s perceived value isn’t greater than what they have to pay.

Over to You

While most marketers want to max out their conversion rates, this can’t be achieved without working-up the landing page.

In this post, we talked about 6 reasons that can be hindering your conversions, so you can know what to fix.

However, “always be testing” should be your approach if you really want to make the most out of your marketing campaigns.

That’s the only way to find out what works best for your audience, your product, your brand and your niche at a bigger level.

So, keep the above tips in mind but also make sure that you put your ideas to test for better results.

If you found this article useful, share it with someone who may like it too.

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