13 Of The Best Customer Feedback Tools To Help You Collect, Analyze and Take Action (Updated)

By Aaron Swain November 13, 2020
Customer Feedback Tools

Today I’m happy to invite Aaron Swain.

He’ll talk about 13 of the best customer feedback tools you can use to gather customer insights and help you drive real change for your business.

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After I talked to a few eCommerce business owners, I realized that they have one thing in common — they want to improve and to offer the best customer experience they can.

However, they also have a common problem, as they struggle to understand what areas of their business need improvement most of all.

The reason why not many businesses have a clear vision and direction for improvement is that they simply don’t get enough feedback from their customers, or they fail to analyze it properly.

Customer experience is all about understanding what your customers need and giving them what they want.

The easiest way to get what you want is to ask, and feedback gives customers such an opportunity.

However, customer feedback is even more important for businesses.

Customer-focused companies have up to 60% higher profits compared to businesses that don’t build their strategy based on the customers’ opinions.

Unfortunately, as much as 42% of businesses fail to collect feedback properly, and even more companies fail to analyze it and to get actionable insights from it.

What Makes Customer Feedback So Important

Customer feedback is a term that refers to customers’ opinions about a service or product.

To get feedback from customers, you can use various surveys, chat interactions, social media platforms, etc.

“One of the main benefits of collecting feedback from your customers is an opportunity to accurately measure their satisfaction.

You can determine what factors drive customer satisfaction so that you can focus on them and increase your chances to impress your customers,” notes Rita Phelps, a marketer at an essay writing service reviews website best writers online.

Feedback also enables you to improve your customer retention.

Acquiring new customers costs five times more than retaining the existing ones.

If you listen to your customers and address issues that bother them, they won’t need to use products or services from another company.

Besides, you can analyze feedback and make informed decisions based on solid data.

Actionable data will help you invest in the right areas and set the right direction for innovations.

Now let’s consider the most effective tools that will help you collect and analyze your customers’ feedback so that you can use it to your advantage.

1. JotForm

JotForm is one of the leading online form builders. It’s a great tool that has tons of use cases but it’s actually something more. JotForm is all about data collection and they have moved from a simple form builder to a full no-code productivity platform.

JotForm can be used as a survey maker, database, reports builder, and even a spreadsheet. As a plus, it can be used for free. All of their tools and features are accessible in their free plan.

JotForm also has a solid content and email marketing strategy. If you ever need to collect feedback, leads, or any type of data, you can rely on JotForm to make the process a breeze.

2. UserReport

The quality of the feedback that you get from customers directly depends on the quality of your interactions with them.

UserReport is a great solution used by companies like TripAdvisor and Toyota. It will help you maintain direct interaction with your customers.

This solution integrates with your website or application. UserReport includes two widgets — a feedback widget and a survey widget.

The first widget will help you collect detailed feedback on your products or services.

It will also help you determine what features of your products or services are the most popular.

The survey widget is a tool that will provide you with more measurable results.

This widget displays your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

This parameter demonstrates how much your customers like your product or service.

3. InMoment

This is experience optimization software with extensive functionality.

It’s a cloud-based solution that includes tools for social reviews and advocacy, along with a Voice of the Customer platform (VoC).

This platform not only enables you to collect feedback from your customers but also offers a number of additional features.

For example, it includes tools for occurrence management and online reports. You can also receive alerts about important events in real-time.

Developers of InMoment emphasize the data-driven approach which enables companies to make informed decisions based on solid analysis.

Its VoC platform combines the data obtained from surveys with lots of other data that it gets from social and financial sources, as well as CRM.

4. Qualaroo

When conducting surveys, one of the most important yet most overlooked criteria is survey timing.

Little do many marketers realize that they should ask for customer feedback at the moment of the highest impact: directly after an interaction with your company.

Imagine a pop-up survey, appearing just before a visitor is about to leave the website asking him/her why they are not buying or their overall experience with the eCommerce site.

It takes minimal effort for the user to leave a comment or answer a short question on the website while they are in the moment.

Here’s where Qualaroo’s expertise lies: it is a unique customer feedback tool that helps ask the right questions to the right user at the right time, without interrupting them.

The insights extracted from responses to Qualaroo’s proprietary popup surveys called NudgesTM are 10 times more valuable than the usual after-the-fact email surveys.

Furthermore, Qualaroo offers you features like Sentiment Analysis, advanced targeting, word cloud, new response highlight, and response bookmarking to analyze the survey feedback and get beneficial customer insights in no time.

5. Frill

Frill is a customer feedback tool. With Frill, you can both capture and prioritize ideas from customers. Customers submit ideas and add multiple categories to them.

A new way to collect, communicate & announce ideas to your customers.

Helps SaaS companies manage everything related to collecting, implementing, and announcing user feedback.

Features available:

  • Roadmap management and transparent sharing with users.
  • Also Announcements, which is a changelog tool.
  • You can also respond to customers’ ideas.

6. GetSatisfaction

One of the most difficult things about collecting feedback is that your customers don’t always want to give it, especially if they are satisfied with your product or service.

Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to make them interested in providing informative feedback.

This solution will help you create an online community of customers.

It’s a great way to encourage them to give feedback, as well as an opportunity to provide quick help and to encourage user-generated content from your loyal customers.

Besides, users who haven’t made their purchasing decision yet will be able to get useful information from other customers.

GetSatisfaction comes with gamification options so that you can use rewards and recognition, making your customers’ interactions even more engaging.

7. ProProfs Survey Maker

Surveys have always been a great way to gather customer feedback for improving the quality of products and services.

But there is one condition that you must meet to collect invaluable customer feedback: ‘Your surveys should be eye-catching and to the point.’

ProProfs Survey Maker can make the survey creation process a breeze as it has a comprehensive template library and 1,000,000+ ready-to-use survey questions.

You can easily customize your surveys by using your images, themes, and brand logo.

It also supports intelligent analytics so that you can understand how many customers have taken and answered your survey.

It helps you to take proactive measures if the survey response rate is dropping continuously.

Another attention-grabbing point is that you can integrate this tool with your CRM and marketing automation software, and this lets you take follow-ups properly.

In short, this tool is worth a shot if you really want to collect customer feedback 🙂

8. Typeform

Surveys are a great source of feedback, and one of the methods that have proven to be effective for this purpose is the use of forms.

However, traditional forms often tend to be boring. Everyone has seen dozens of survey forms that are basically long lists of questions.

When your customers see something like this, they are unlikely to complete the whole form or don’t fill any fields at all.

We recommend that you value your customers’ time and use Typeforms to make your forms easier to comprehend and fun.

This tool will help you create beautiful forms that immediately attract attention.

You can choose different themes and templates, including as many questions and answers as you want.

You can also present answers as icons so completing surveys will take less time.

Besides, this solution has a simple interface that enables users to create forms easily and quickly.

9. Reevoo

While negative feedback helps you understand how you can improve your business, positive feedback serves another important purpose, building trust and improving your reputation.

If you have satisfied customers, you can use their positive experience to attract more customers.

Real reviews from other people are extremely effective because they can have a strong impact on buyers’ decisions.

Nevertheless, most customers are unlikely to leave a review, especially if they have nothing to complain about.

The easiest thing you can do is to simply ask your customers to leave a review.

This tool automatically sends emails to people who purchased your products or services, asking for their opinion.

Reevoo also enables them to join a community of volunteers who help others make a purchase.

10. Qualtrics

The main purpose of collecting feedback from your customers is getting data that you can analyze to use the insights from it.

The more data you get, the more insights, and therefore, the more dynamic your changes can be.

An ability to implement changes quickly is especially important for new businesses, as they can’t afford to lose clients.

Thanks to this tool, you will get feedback data from multiple sources at once so that you can optimize your improvement process.

You can use this one platform to get feedback from your website and mobile app, along with social feedback and market insights.

Besides, this solution will notify you about customer interactions so that you can provide responses immediately.

11. Hotjar

As you may have already noticed, one of the main issues I mention all the time is that you should be able to encourage customers to leave their feedback because they may not even think about doing it.

There are many tools that can help you make this process simpler and more interesting.

However, sometimes, you may still not have enough information from the feedback. In this case, Hotjar will help you.

This is a visual feedback solution. Instead of asking for feedback, it gives you visual information on your customers’ online behavior so that you can see what they like about your website, what products are most interesting to them, and where your visitors decide to leave.

This solution also includes analytical tools that will help you understand what sections are difficult to use, along with feedback polls for quick surveys.

12. Loop

Once you’ve collected feedback, you should not only analyze it but also make decisions based on your data.

Your customers may point out many issues and provide you with different types of feedback.

However, it might be difficult for you to understand what issues are especially important and what problems require your immediate actions.

Loop will help you get more insights from the feedback.

This solution integrates into your website and includes a screenshot plugin so that you can see what exactly your customers are talking about.

Customers can also vote on feedback posts so that you can understand which of them are crucial.

Besides, this app will notify you every time somebody leaves comments.

13: Feefo

When it comes to surveys, one of the main questions is whether your customers should be allowed to leave open responses or choose answers from a prompt.

On the one hand, unprompted responses can help you identify issues you haven’t known about.

On the other hand, many customers don’t want to put extra effort into their answers and you should give them an opportunity to save time.

Feefo solves this problem by offering you a range of options.

This solution will send emails, asking your customers to provide a review of your product or service. You can get unprompted reviews from a text display, or you can get feedback in the form of a star rating or percentage.

Another good thing about this app is that it integrates with Facebook and enables social sharing.


The importance and usefulness of customer feedback are hard to overestimate because it can help you set the right direction for improvement.

We hope that our list of 13 feedback tools will help you collect the necessary information and use it to your advantage so that you can provide the best customer experience possible.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Which customer feedback tool are you going to try first?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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