15 Actionable eCommerce Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales Online

By Duncan Kingori January 23, 2019

Every online store competes with another, trying to make more sales by the day, with increased traffic and conversion rates.

As an eCommerce business, it is never enough to have a proper business plan put in place.

It can get overwhelming, surprisingly even for experts, to decide on which marketing strategies and tactics are perfect to try out.

The hardest bit is never to deal with the impending competition, but really about the desire to have a straightforward acquisition of ultimate goals when working through the changing times.

Ideally, the internet keeps changing as technology advances, which means a strategy could work in 2015, but not so much in 2019.

How then do you remain relevant at such times?

Here are 15 actionable eCommerce email marketing tips to increase your overall sales online:

1. Choose the right email platform for your company

As the very first thing, before you can dream of increasing your sales, begin by choosing the right email platform for your company.

At this point, remember that an email option that may be working for one company does not necessarily have to work just as well for you.

Before you can initiate your email marketing efforts, choose wisely which platform to rely on because it is costly to shift.

While you may be eager to go for an email platform with a renowned name, be careful to consider a strike in balance in complexity and power.

Resolve for a platform that is simple to use, and more so, relatively inexpensive in comparison to others. Some common email platforms include:

  • Sending Blue
  • MailChimp

2. Configure the ideal email format

If you intend to start sharing your marketing messages with your target audience, test to ensure that the prototype you are sending out is by your brand requirements.

Therefore, this suggests that you configure an ideal email format. For example, do you prefer a long or short format? Would you want your messages to be in HTML or text?

As a bonus, also consider the frequency of the email. How often do you determine to send out your marketing messages?

Remember that all these should work together to increase your sales.

3. Remember Transactional Emails

With the aim of getting new subscribers as often as possibly possible, you cannot overlook the place of transactional emails.

These emails have higher conversion rates by far when you compare them to usual emails.

They give a status update of the transaction between your business and a client.

Include the shipping status, rates for the order in question, special offers and discounts, among others.

4. Write to individuals

Sometimes, the most significant challenge with using email marketing for spreading marketing campaigns and other promotional materials is that business owners are too oriented to crowd emailing., even though emailing a large number of people saves on time and energy, the way your recipients will receive the message will not be positive.

People want to consume content that has a face to it. Adding a face means that you become a lot more personal with the messages you send out.

Ideally, you can draft a similar message that will go to all your target audience, but then configure them for individuals.

In the same way, ensure that your emails come from one person, more especially in one department. Let your recipients establish a particular bond with you through email.

5. Organize your email list

An email list contains the addresses for the target recipients of your marketing messages.

In essence, the addresses differ in format and accounts, for example, gmail.com, and yahoo.com.

With a proper organization, it becomes effortless for you to share information, not to mention, you can countercheck against your database for formatting issues that may affect deliverability of the emails.

From that point, every time you want to send emails, you can sub categorize your email list in subsets, perhaps according to alphabetic order, location, gender, or simply, priority.

But if you want to dig deeper into your list building effort, I highly recommend Drip Optin service.

6. Use quality headlines

The one thing that email marketer do not understand is that gimmick email titles can piss off audiences in an instant.

If you keep playing tricks with your headlines so that your target audience can open your email, then you are messing up your reputation.

With time, you will even be termed as junk mail, and most of your emails will go to people’s spam box and be unread.

You can choose to use your other parts of the emails the same throughout your campaign period, but then keep updating and changing your subject line.

With time, you will realize different results for the different headlines; then you can create the very best version of sales scripting for that particular product or service.

Source: ecommerce-email-marketing-subject-lines

7. Have clear call-to-action

If a clear call-to-action has not always accompanied your marketing messages, then you know why you have been failing.

Email marketing is known for having very high conversion rates, but how would you expect to achieve this without telling your audience what you really want them to do?

One of the most primary call-to-action should be to ask your recipients to subscribe to your email newsletters.

The clearer you are with your intent to your target audience, the more receptive they will be on your messages and in purchasing your commodities.

8. Automate follow-ups

A lot of the times when you send out an email, you may not have the time to follow up with clients in person.

For such cases, consider automatic your responses, to notify your recipients of your willingness to respond as soon as you can.

The automation to follow-up with customers briefly creates room for communication at great scale.

9. Respond to feedback on time

People online hate to wait. Even though email is not as instantaneous as other media online, you must be timely with your responses to feedback from your audience.

For example, do not let an email sit for more than 24hours without a show of interest in the customer’s concerns.

Ultimately, the feedback you receive is informed of inquiries about the issue at hand.

Such is a prime time to keep your audience focused on your brand’s essence and on persuading them to be a loyal subscriber.

10. Entice with language

Language is a weapon to use when handling email marketing. Customize your language to be as luring as possible, enough to attract people into opening your email, and clicking on the links.

Your language is the key to high conversions by increasing your traffic and click0through rates.

Do not shy away from techniques, like humor and rhetoric questions, that keep people in their feet.

Source: how to use language in email marketing

11. Make your messages visual

Images have a significant influence on audiences, influencing decision making by a great deal.

Make your emails as visual as possible, with color and text to go along with it.

At the least of things, ensure you change up your images as often as possible, to provide people with variety, while still sticking close to your brand’s essence.

Source: visual email-marketing message

12. Acknowledge your Loyal Subscribers

It is not always about getting people to notice what you are offering, or about you launching your new product.

Sometimes, make it about the audience. Acknowledge your loyal subscribers with treats, deals, and discounts.

You can even give out coupons and shopping vouchers that will allow them to benefit more from your brand.

By doing this, you encourage the relationship and make it a lot easier for them to keep consuming your content, and better yet, referring others to your business.

13. Notify Customers About Previously Out of Stock Items

Once a product that was on high demand is out of stock, make sure you conspicuously notify your customers that you are out of stock.

This kind of communication builds an environment of trust and reliability, giving you leverage over the behavior of your customers.

For example, if you had a business for sale, and it has already been sold out, ensure that your clients are in the know, or else they will keep requesting for the product.

14. Capitalize on special occasions

Some days are special, and for businesses, those days should mean so much more.

On certain times, say Black Friday, or Easter holiday, customize your email marketing messages that can imply more value to your audience.

You can tap into a lot more traffic and customer base on special days and holidays.

Design several templates for the different occasions and holidays you are anticipating, and make the best out of them.

You can even spice it up a little bit by having giveaways and surprise offers and products on those special days.

15. Reward customers for referrals

Other than rewarding loyal subscribers, consider rewarding the few customers that refer their friends to your business.

You have the power to make your current customers be your promoters and draw in more people.

Create your email marketing templates to capture that aspect, for example, ‘get $15 for every successful referral’.

This way, you make them work for you without feeling like they are doing so.

Generally, the holistic approach to eCommerce marketing is etched on the underlying preferences of the business owner.

At the end of the day, aspects like budget and brand requirements must come into play.

Although the result of email marketing will be a dramatic increase in online sales, if you do it correctly, then your sales should gradually improve.

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