Email Outreach Template That Can Help You Get Authoritative Backlinks

By Bill Acholla August 22, 2021

This is a simple guide to email outreach for building effective backlinks.

So if you want to:

  • increase your response rates
  • get huge spikes of traffic
  • earn authoritative links

Then you’ll love this new simple guide.


Let’s get started.

Here’s an expert’s quote on email as a marketing tool:

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches — at scale.” Credit goes to David Newman, a marketing speaker and strategist.

For Newman, one key to success is “to be personal” in your approach and that emails are useful avenues to effect personalization.

Before sending any emails, verify your email list with email checker tools

Reasons for utilizing personalization techniques vary:

People are busy. There’s no time for reading mails that come in hordes.

Most mails are disenfranchising. They lack value for their recipients.

Changes in the way we communicate and treat the most important part of our business — the target audience — are due.

The same is true with the approaches we employ with people and sites where we hope to get our guest post accepted and posted in.

We will walk you through strategies that can help in your bid to get featured on top sites. Hopefully this will boost your email outreach program.

In addition to personalization, we’re going through four more key elements. Incorporate them into your copies to rewire your blogger outreach campaigns.

Send Only Relevant Messages

The screenshot’s taken from a article. The full URL is right on top for anyone to access and read the article.

The author goes by the name of Dave and here, he is reacting to an email sent to him by the celebrated Brian Dean of

This email highlighted relevance. You may be wondering which part of the email is “relevant” and “relevant to what”?

A relevant email carries a message that relates to the life and business of the receiver.

In this case, Brian sent a message that covered Dave’s interest on the program (Skyscraper Technique) that he was promoting.

The offer made at the end part of the email also showcases relevance. Brian wrote he was willing to send Dave the new case study he was working on once it was finished and published.

If you were in Brian’s shoes, how would you word your mail to an influential person like Dave? Would you be receptive and responsive to Dave’s interest?

Back Your Email Outreach Program by a Strong Network of Authority Backlinks

Writing a successful email outreach plan involves the recognition of the importance of building high quality links.

“It’s no secret that link building is the most important skill in SEO.” This quote comes from SEO master Brian Dean.

Pardon the mention of the same personality in this post. We can’t help but give more space to the man who has shared so much invaluable knowledge on building links.

According to Dean, link building requires a mixture of different skills.

If one wants others to link to his site, then he must master first content, programming, psychology, sales, and some working old-fashioned marketing strategies.

Why is link building important?

Dean points to the fact that it’s required by Google. In the old days when Alta Vista and Yahoo were the big players, content was king.

When Google snatched the crown from these two former giants and started swinging the baton for the SEO orchestra, it changed the rules of the game.

Instead of content, Google’s algorithm placed the focus more on the number of people that have linked on a particular page.

But it isn’t just the number that the algorithm places importance on. Finding high quality links is the priority.

What’s a high quality link? There are several aspects to consider that even content marketing service providers are pretty knowledgeable about.

Number one, and most important, the page linking to you must be authoritative. For checking a page’s authority ranking, you can use

Also, check on the authority of the site that’s linking back to you. As much as possible, get linked only with established and well-respected sites.

This means that the site WebMD will have a bigger impact on your site than a medical site that has just recently started operations.

Relevancy of the site, the link’s position on its page, and editorial placement are other factors considered by the algorithm.

What’s your benefit from this? If you have high quality sites and pages linking to your site, your ranking will skyrocket.

In turn, you will not have so much difficulty convincing influencers through your email outreach to introduce your business to their audience or have your guest post featured in their site, since they too will benefit from the exchange.

Note that in your emails, you will provide your recipients links to your site. No doubt they will check the strength of your ranking before posting your link or content in their sites, so you better build a reputable network of links.

Use the Power of the Word “Because”

Experts have a high regard for the power of the word “because” in email outreach posts and we can’t help but feel the same way about it, too.

It is because the word signals to the recipient that the email is specially made to target them. You might include that as a personalization technique — if you wish — in your next emails.

Here’s an example from the content marketing service provider for digital marketing consultants

The email sounded as an invitation to the recipient to look into something that the sender is working on. That “something” might be of value to the reader, the sender emphasized.

There is no indication of forcing the recipient to do an action as a response.

But prominently in the email, the word “because” opens the expression of the good reason for writing it which may be beneficial to the recipient.

When you use the word “because,” make sure that the sentence that contains it explains the possible benefit that your recipient can get from your proposal.

If the reader sees clearly the impact of the benefit to his project, he might not object to featuring the sender’s work in his site as a token of gratitude or merely for the belief that it deserves a good amount of attention from his own followers.

Neil Patel, CEO of, has this to say on writing persuasive copies:

Pay attention to every word, because they all have the potential, when organized and fleshed out appropriately, to communicate with and impact your target audience.

Get Zero Bounce Back Rate

How to plan your email outreach right should involve considering getting the services of a zero bounce back rate company. One company that serves along this line is the

What they do is examine lists of email addresses with the goal of eliminating invalid addresses. Invalid addresses will never receive a marketer’s email campaign.

You want to have a healthy bounce rate, which means getting a low number of bounced back emails. has a system that can effectively identify invalid addresses and delete them all. If that’s applied to your list, you can be sure you will never get a bounced mail — not even one — and therefore never put your reputation on the line due to a bad listing.

With that to your advantage, you can be sure your personalized messages will reach all the influential people you will be targeting.

Now Its Your Turn

As an online entrepreneur seeking to put to maximum use the advantages offered by a good email outreach program, these are the things you need to consider doing.

As a starter, you will find yourself grappling with the basics, but expect to develop your skills as you go along.

The goal is to get important people to get engaged with your business, and you surely can catch their attention if you do the personalized approach, choose the right words to use for your copy, strive to get authoritative links, and make every single mail count by ensuring that they all reach their recipients.

It seems there are lots of things to do, but take heart.

You only need to take it one step at a time.

So for now, make it a point to get started — take that first step right now.


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