Why Fotor is The Best Photo Editing Tool for Social Media Experts

By Bea Potter June 6, 2020

If you’re creating a marketing campaign you won’t get far without considering social media.

It’s without a doubt the fastest growing platform for marketers to take advantage of, and the best way to grab the attention of thousands of users of all different demographics.

That being said, there are certain ways to capitalize on social media marketing that work better than others.

For one, it helps to know your platform; who the users are, how content marketing fares on each network, and, perhaps most importantly, what kind of content you should be focussing on.

Some of your content decisions will come from your user research, some of it will be defined by the products you’re selling, but no matter these factors there is one type of content that performs consistently well: images.

When it comes to the content shared on social media, they are shown to outperform textual advertising at almost every turn, driving higher engagement and resulting in more conversions on average.

Images are only outperformed by video content, but image posts are far easier to put together, often resulting in a better return on investment per post.

Of course, that’s only if your image posts are of a high quality. Internet users are pretty savvy when it comes to image posts nowadays, especially social media regulars.

They have come to expect a level of quality in corporate and marketing image campaigns, and anything beneath that bar will be disregarded as amateur and, most of the time, skipped over.

That’s why you should use the best photo editing tools available to you, and our favorite online photo editing software for social media marketing is Fotor.

Short of hiring a design team to make your images professionally, Fotor is your best option for creating high-quality marketing images that are easily shareable across all social networks.

Here’re 5 Reasons to Use Fotor For Your Social Media Campaign

We get it, when it comes to image editing software the field is flooded with competition, so what sets out Fotor against the others?

1. Intuitive

Fotor has all the classic features of solid photo editing software—cropping, brightness, contrast, smoothing—but you don’t need a degree in design to understand how to use them.

All the features are easy to understand, change and undo, so you can experiment with whatever image you are going for.

2. Multiple Modes

Fotor is more versatile than your average photo editing software for the simple addition of their three modes:

  • Edit
  • Collage
  • Design

With many services you are limited to one of these three options, but in Fotor you can create graphics, edit images, and build collages, all in the same interface.

3. Feature & Content Rich

“Fotor pulls out all the stops when it comes to image customization,” says Douglass Fairbanks, a social media writer at Academized”.

They have all of the features you’ve come to expect from image editing and more, plus a whole range of templates if you’re looking for inspiration.

Their feature-rich platform makes it easy to make varied and exciting designs that always look top-notch.”

4. Available Online Or As An App

No matter how you like to work, there is a form of Fotor available for you.

Fotor circumvents the limitations of your hardware and operating system by offering all its services online through your web browser.

That means no long install times, no need for downloads and updates, and no worrying whether it will work with your home or office computing system.

Even better, Fotor is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

This is not only good for editing on the go but building your image content on mobile devices makes sure they’re in the right format for mobile users, which makes up the largest percentage of social media users.

5. It’s Free!

Hearing all of these impressive benefits, you might be surprised to learn Fotor is free to use.

While there is a pro version with even more detailed options, the free version offers all you need for most social media marketing campaigns.

Fotor Features

That was a bit of a whirlwind tour, so let’s dial down and go into a bit more detail on some of Fotor’s main features.

All of these elements are available in the free to use version, so if you like the sound of these there’s nothing stopping you dropping in and giving them a go.

1. Photo Editor

This is the main attraction of Fotor, and probably the thing that brought you to the platform in the first place.

Fotor’s photo editing feature is both powerful and easy to use, making it suitable for noises and experts alike.

After you upload your images, you can try 1-tap enhancement to give them a bit of sparkle and pop without any work on your part.

Or, if you have specific features you want to edit, there’s a complete gamut of advanced sliders so you can have complete control over the final product.

No photo editing platform would be complete without filters, and Fotor is replete with hundreds of those too.

You can make sure your photos have that classy, social-ready sheen to them without having to leave the platform.

2. Beauty Retouching

For those particular detail touch-ups, Fotor still has you covered.

Along with the broad image customization, Fotor also gives you the ability to go into detail on particular aspects of your photo.

These are particularly good for photos of faces. Fotor offers a wide range of airbrushing and blemish removal features.

If you feel like you need to cover up wrinkles or acne, whiten teeth or make body modifications (which you absolutely shouldn’t, you’re beautiful as you are), those options are available too.

See below example:

3. Collage Maker

Once you’ve got a few edited photos, Fotor also gives you the option to group them together for collages.

Collages are a great way to bring multiple products together into one post, or give your users more than one angle on your photos, as well as a great creative way to package your image content.

Fotor comes pre-packaged with four different styles of collage:

  • Classic
  • Artistic
  • Funky
  • Photo Stitching

Classic collages are great for simple collections of photos, but if you’re looking for something a bit more sleek and stylish Photo Stitching might be the choice for you.

If you want to be really creative with your work, take a look at Funky or Artistic.

The former gives you the option for different quirky photo frame shapes and the latter involves block colors and text that bridges the gap between photo collage and designed graphics.

For more family photos shooting inspirations, there is a site you don’t want miss out, PxBee, stocking over 3,000,000 photos

4. Graphic Designer

Speaking of graphics, Fotor also gives you the option to turn your photos into beautiful and fully designed graphics that you can use for your social media marketing campaigns.

Sometimes a photo is not enough on its own, and for those times Fotor’s Graphic Designer feature allows you to collage text, images and other design elements into professional-looking graphic content, all with only a few clicks.

This ease of use is partly down to the thousands of templates Fotor offers.

Ranging from fun and funky to sleek and stylish, Fotor’s templates are a great way to organize content from scratch or inspire your post creation.

Once you’ve found a style you like, you can just add in your own text and images and export, or tweak the template elements in detail.

Key Takeaway

If you’re a business looking for photo editing software for your social media marketing campaigns, you can’t go far wrong with Fotor.

The versatility of their photo editor feature gives you complete control over your image customization so you can create content perfectly suited to your marketing voice.

On top of that, the template and filter options allow you to keep a consistent image style across a range of your posts, an important aspect of any marketing campaign.

Once you’ve got your precisely tuned images, Fotor’s collage and design features give you the ability to curate your posts more than your regular photo editor software.

With all of these detailed and powerful features, all that you need is a clear vision on what your social media marketing presence should look like and what audiences you are looking to attract with your content.

I hope you enjoyed my guide.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Have you tried using fotor for social media campaign?

If so, how was your experience?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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