How I Naturally Grew My Freelance Business Writing and Got Incredible Clients

Here’s the brutal truth about how I grew my business through freelance writing.

There’re way too many people in the freelancing business today that think “creating a popular blog and churning out pieces of articles” is enough.

They say, “if I create a popular blog with great content, potential clients will naturally hire me”.

If only it were that easy…

If you’re serious about growing your business or getting more clients as a freelance business writer, you need to be very systematic with how you create the right content and promoting it.

Well, today I am going to show you how my business grew and got more clients as a freelance business writer.

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I started developing my online presence

Here’s how I did it …

I started by reading other blogs about freelance writing and marketing tips to learn how to start my own freelance business writing.

I started by leaving thoughtful and engaging comments and sharing influencers article via twitter and Facebook.

I started building relationship with influencers and editors on websites and social networks.

I created my own platform where people can get a sense of who I am and what my work is all about. (More on this to follow)

And, finally, I signed up for newsletters about marketing and freelancing tips to learn the best tips for writing and promoting my freelance writing for online business.

My writings…

Let me start with the recent ones:

About a month ago I published: Calling All Tech Startups: Use This Strategy To Pinpoint And Outsmart Your Competitors (Source)

That single guest post from got me a qualified Tech client.

Secondly, I did another guest post at titled: How to Use Networking Events to Build, Maintain and Grow Your Business (Source)

And guess what happened?

Jordan Campbell who runs Verve, one of China’s most exciting event agencies shared the post to LinkedIn audience

and within a day I got another qualified client.

Want proof?

Take a look at this.

Then, on January 10th 2017 I wrote a blog post on my blog about 15 Incredible Tips To Help You Come Up With Fabulous Newsletter Ideas and I got a partnership request.

Here its is:

All this was because of my engaged content.

How sweet is that?

After executing guest posting from the top sites, the number of inquiries for my writing service shot up like a ROCKET.

Secondly, the reason why I was getting positive feedback from editors and publishers, was because I got my “PITCH RIGHT”

My content grabbed the attention of top editors and publishers, which made them approve my content for publication.

And, in turn, my content drove more traffic to my site.

Here’s the template that I use for pitching:

The key thing to remember: Don’t come right out and ask for a guest post. Be gentle and humble and if the editor likes your pitch, he or she will give you the go ahead of submitting your final guest post.

According to Guardian Professional, when looking to get work for magazines and newspapers, keep pitches short, sweet and interesting. Even if you’re sending your fifth in a row of rejected pitches, be polite and professional.

Don’t be scared of making the right pitch to an influencer or an editor. But, as I said, editors and influencers don’t have free time…so you need to give them exactly what they want.

That led me to build my portfolio by guest posting.

Building my portfolio by guest posting

Soon after developing my online presence and writing for big sites, I started getting guest post requests from top sites.

This was due to my strong portfolio that showcases my work and skills.

This helped me to expand my freelancing business to a wider audience that I couldn’t reach without promoting myself.

Here’s my writing portfolio that helped me build my credibility and trust from my clients.

My strong credibility and trust, helped me earn $110 to $150 Per Blog Post i.e (1000 per words) from my clients and different companies.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Note: Guest posting is still my main strategy of getting more qualified clients to my freelance business.

To sum it up, let me do a quick recap of a successful freelance writing business.

a. Create an accessible online platform. Creating a strong platform will help your client make the right decision. Most clients prefer to check work done before they hire you.

b. Have a primary focus. If your niche is in marketing, you can talk about B2B marketing or newsletter marketing. (Very Important)

c. Once you’ve identified your niche, then build your own strong network.

d. Build a relationship with editors through pitching. Make sure you get your pitch RIGHT.

e. Leverage every opportunity you get.

f. And lastly, sought bigger platforms to widen your reach and more exposure. Here’re examples of bigger platforms to reach out:,,,,, etc.

Yes, that’s an awesome strategy that can help you grow your freelance business writing.

Any More Update?

Now, I’ve expanded my business widely by helping small business owners and entrepreneurs create the right content for their business.

Just recently I started writing for Fortune 500 companies and top-tier media outlets.

Besides freelance writing, I’ve been able to create another business opportunity, where I help bloggers and entrepreneurs build their brand and traffic with content.

This tells you that if you create the right content and promote it the right way, then you’ll stand a high chance of growing your business.

Now You Try It Out

I hope you can see the potential of growing your freelance business.

Yes, it takes hard work to create something better.

Freelance writing has helped so many people to earn a full-time salary by working part-time as freelance bloggers.

But with guest posting strategy, your business can get noticed by top influencers and editors and be exposed to a wider engaged audience.

If you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, small business owner or a digital marketer and you’d want to grow your business with engaging content, you can hire me to create the right content for your business.

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  1. What a great collection of content, Bill! Thanks for featuring me alongside so many people I respect and admire, like Gina, Kirsty, Alicia, and Elna.

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