Learn How to Earn $100,000 as a Full Time Freelance Copywriter (12 Practical Tips)

By Bill Acholla March 1, 2020
Freelance Copywriter

Are you anticipating a career in freelance copywriting but aren’t sure whether to embark upon the journey?

Well, you are at the right place for I can assure you that there is certainly a lot of scope for freelance business writers.

To be honest, I didn’t enter content writing service elatedly — my circumstances pushed me into it.

In other words, I didn’t choose the writer life, the writer life chose me.

I started looking for jobs online.

Burdened under the weight of pulverized dreams, I took a leap of faith, and got on with my unexplored talent of writing.

It was time to turn my pastime activity into a full-fledged career.

So, if you are wondering how to become a freelance copywriter, read on.

Devastated, I stumbled upon the story of Danny Margulies on the internet.

The guy was also jobless and in order to make both ends meet he joined Elance and started searching the listings that didn’t require any technical expertise.

Danny browsed online for effective strategies to write exemplary and convincing email copies and built a forte of targeted copywriting.

In a span of months, working relentlessly, he started receiving gigs on his bids.

Danny’s account made me think about the rates for freelance copywriters.

Time Ongoing Freelance Opportunity

I was flabbergasted by this story and finally realized the potential of websites for freelance copywriters.

“If I can contrive to pave my way forward with online jobs for freelance copywriting in a similar fashion, I will not face any hardships raising my son!” I thought.

I devised actionable practical tips that will help you generate $100,000 annually.

However, you must understand that the salary for a freelance copy writer does vary but it will make sure that you have a rock solid source of income as opposed to the traditional jobs.

Here’re twelve tips to help you earn $100,000 as a full time freelance copywriter

1. Put Faith in Your Writing

The key to initiating a career in freelancing is to identify your forte as a writer.

Even though superficially, your resume doesn’t state clearly that you are a writer, it doesn’t mean that you cannot consider it as an alternate career.

There are freelance writing jobs for beginners through which you can start a full-time content writing service.

You will have to keep faith in your abilities so the first step towards earning money is to get rid of the mental blockade, “I am not worth it” or “I can’t do this!” You most certainly can —educate yourself that freelancing isn’t just a figment of your imagination, it is your strategy to never be jobless again.

If executed properly, you wouldn’t really need your day job at all! Even the slightest of interest in your abilities will carry you a long way off.

2. Join Freelance Websites

A professional freelancer and an author Sara Horowit emphasizes over the fact that freelancing is more stable than conventional jobs, “You can think of freelancing as volatile and risky, or as flexible and opportunity-rich.

Doesn’t having multiple sources of income and multiple moneymaking skills sound less risky than putting all your eggs in one employer’s basket? Freelancing lets you shift gears when the world does.”

After you have established the veracity of the scope of online jobs for freelance copywriting, you should start looking for websites on which you can create your profile.

It is predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of the Americans will be part of the gig economy, which means that freelancers all across the world have the opportunity to work with wide-ranging employers for specific writing jobs.

Not only does freelancing improve work-life balance, it will allow you to select the jobs that you are really fascinated with! If you want to initiate a sole proprietorship, you will find ProBlogger a perfect online resource for making money.

It is an ideal platform for beginners or experienced bloggers to create a portfolio and then start looking for freelancing jobs online based upon your interests.

3. Create Praiseworthy Content

In the words of Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything you want in life if you will help enough people get what they want.”

And, this is exactly how the field of copywriting actually works — you develop content for your clients that they need.

If you are able to give them valuable content that generates returns on investment, you will be able to make revenue and profits on your own.

So, do not underestimate the impact of a powerful piece. Browse the internet for how to write convincing pieces for your clients.

Constantly try to improve your writing skills. High-value content will help you in getting clients who will be willing to pay you highly.

Here are the three most essential things to create worthy content:

  • Devise an enticing headline
  • Write an introduction that clings to the minds of the readers
  • Create a strong argument backed with irrefutable evidence

4. Work Out Your Rates

Now, that you have made an entry into the world of freelance business writers, you must be wondering about the rates on which the clients will settle for hiring a freelance copywriter.

Setting rates is definitely the trickiest part, especially if you are planning to quit your job. Initially, you may even have to do some pro bono work just to create your portfolio but with time you can also start increasing your rates.

With the increasing credibility, the scalability of your freelancing career will also see a transformation.

Rates for freelance copywriters vary but if you want to earn more than $100,000 a year through freelancing, you will have to be precise with your calculations once you have experience in getting gigs.

At first, when you are still a novice, you will have to allow the client prices to dictate you. However, soon you can start charging heavily depending on your estimations.

Firstly, you will have to estimate your annual salary (should you still be employed), then add on the overhead of doing business, such as seamless internet connection, taxation, bills, and online promotion marketing, healthcare, accountant fee for tax preparation, costs of living, and even project management tools once your business starts to thrive.

After you have estimated the cumulative amount, it is time to determine the number of hours you will be willing to work.

I allocated time for vacations with my preschooler because I wanted a flexible schedule along with annual and sick leaves.

After calculating the total number of hours that you will be taking off, calculate the billable hours by subtracting from the annual working hours, which is 2080 hours in all.

Simply divide your income over billable hours to obtain your hourly rate for freelancing.

Pricing is the key to meet your predefined threshold for per annum salary for a freelance copywriter.

While at the initial stages, you will have to compromise, you can start charging premium rates with the passage of time.

5. Start Earning Bucks through Guest Posting

Promoting your content online to the right people online can contribute significantly towards fast-tracking your revenue earning steam.

But, how can you accomplish that? Well, you can attract the right clients with the help of guest posting.

Here are the three reasons why guest posting is so effectual:

  • It will enable new readers to engage with you online
  • You can attract the right readers to your freelance business writer services
  • High paying clients will be willing to outsource their writing jobs to you because they trust your content writing service

In my case, after submitting one of my article to Inbound.org, I started receiving high-paying clients. In fact, this strategy really boosted my income level.

Guest blogging is an interactive method for extending your network of readers.

It is an idyllic way to set an authoritative demeanor within the market you are selling your content writing services to.

But, it’s crucial for you to determine your niche in the market.

Make sure that the content is reliable — your guest post isn’t an advertisement, it is a way of instilling into the minds of your readers that you are a credible figure of your field.

The more people engage with your content, the better will be your SEO ranking.

6. Have A Daily Revenue Goal

Ongoing Freelance

If you are targeting to make $100,000 area so you need to find out the small aim to earn $2000 a week for 50 weeks.

Well, working in a week 5 days it will come $400 per day.

Now I know that the major point is coming what writing relevant work you are able to do that person or your customer will be out $400 per day.

If you are going to write or proofreading so this amount will not achieve a day but if you are going to target ghost-writing books annual reports so it might be good.

Remember, writing case studies and newsletter will be the best option to earn $400 per day and more.

If you think you are not able to earn $400 per day by writing yourself but you need to count your average revenue is coming $480 or $2,000 a week.

The most common, someday you will be writing and doing self-promotion but nothing to earn but another day you will write a great peace in 6 hours and earn $1000 so you just need to your average revenue to maintain.

In general, if you are targeting high average project fees it will be easy to meet your goal $400 per day.

Earning $100 per article sounds like you are going to become rich very soon.

In a perfect world, I would suggest you not to just dreaming about $100,000 freelance income but it will make your goal easier if you target daily basis earning and it will help you more concerned.

7. Develop Specialized Skills

This really tells you that developing specializations skill will help you to smoothen to achieve your goal daily basis.

So now you know that you need to earn $400 a day.

Let me give you an example:

Most of the freelance writers are earning $20 per article at this rate you are going to write at least 20 articles to hit your goal and therefore you need to spend 1 hour to complete an article.

This sound is not suitable for 20 hours a day.

But you should imagine if you could make your rate higher such as $100 per article so now your goal is going to achieve by targeting only for an article.

Yes, you might have to put more time for each article to write but it will certainly be less than 20 hours. It will make 12 hours to complete all the four articles.

You might be wondering; you just need to put 3 hours per article to write a better version.

The best way you can write your rate by focusing on developing specialized skill in your targeted market will be paying for more than $100 per article.

There are many more freelance writers they are providing genetic information and post but if you develop a specialized market skill so people would happy to pay you more than $100 per post.

You’ve probably heard about the people are happy to pay premium rates for premium work.

8. Minimize Time Spent (Value your time):

Blog Post

If you are going to Target $100,000 a year and weekly for 40 hours show your time is earth between $40- $50 per hour.

Freelance Rates for Bloggers

You need to think how you like to spend on that figure your time.

Therefore, I like to suggest you virtually any services you can buy under $100 an hour. It’s got clear that you should outsource the extra task.

There are two important resources time and money but time is more valuable resources that you can make more money with it. But once it is done you can’t bring back to you.

The most important matric you should pay attention if you are a freelancer.

The amount of time you are going to spend on finding new client so before that, you need to think about the value of your time.

9. Increase Your Personal Productivity

Career for Freelancers

As you know the royalties and product sale and writer there only paid for their time so more efficient and productive for your writing faster to make more money you make.

First, make sure you should develop the habit and that will help you more to get this done in less time.

The easiest and simple point I like to tell you that you should get up and start work an hour earlier than you are doing now.

Let’s say if you start working at 7 a.m. so you need to start working from 6 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m. or 9 a.m.

However, keep the mobile and your email inbox switch off. It can distract you while writing the first hour. The first two hours will be most productive for you.

10. Outsource The Right Guy

Freelance Outsourcing

In my opinion for this point, I didn’t go to the post office after 12 why because it is an absolute waste of time and I might be writing on that time to make more money.

You need to think for your client and publisher the only things you will be getting paid when writing is done.

All of all other actions are not going to pay you and therefore you should hire the other people who can do better with the cheapest price.

I am not talking about you to hire a full-time secretary to outsource your other task but you can find there are a lot of bright school student and college student glad to work with the writer just dollar 10 per hour or so on.

You can find them most advertise in the local city paper and online to hire a virtual assistant.

11. Royalties, Sales, And Markups

Rates for Freelancer

I hope, you might be hearing about the dentist what they are saying.

“The more you drill and feel the more you Bill”

It is real truth for a dentist specialist.

They are just like a writer getting paid only for their time.

A dentist expert always hiring other new dentists to work for them in their practice and collecting more revenue by using them.

Who Else Wants to Earn $100+ Per Hour as a Copywriter?

Click the Image below to watch the video:


When you are going to write a book or music, of course, you will get a royalty for each purchased book or CD.

Therefore, you will be able to make thousands of extra dollars a month from the product without doing extra more work.

Most of the financial and health blogger or copywriter often gets a royalty for promotion to the client.


It is meaning you might be created and sale your own information product such as you might be writing for book, e-book, newsletter, videos, podcast and software review.

This is called self-publishing.


Some of the writers are making money by buying product or services and making them for their own to reselling their client.

12. The Secret to Solving the Problem:

Product descriptions

To earning six-figure a freelance writer you need to be pretty busy with most of the time a day.

You might notice that you set a goal to earn $2000 a week but you make zero for this week so you need to target to make $4000 upcoming next week to make the average earnings.

You need to minimize downtime to ensure writing with a schedule.

To get a high rate of a price you need to be specialized in a subject such as:

  • Finance
  • Investment
  • Health and Fitness
  • Email marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Annual report
  • Social media

Are you thinking to be must in specialized in an industry?

Not but you need to be clear that specialize on more than a generalist.

There is all time more demanded specialized writer in any industries it is also easy to find the work done generalist writers.

If you are specialized in a particular industry so you will be able to write in depth with problem-solving to the audience through your content and therefore it is much more demanded in any industries writer.

This is the most important secret to solving the supply and demanded problem.

This is the secret way to increase high rate for your writing and earn more to achieve your targeted goal on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Now Its Your Turn

To conclude, I’d only like to point out those online jobs for freelance copywriting has a lot of potential for generating revenue.

It enabled me to determine my own terms and conditions for working and I get to spend more time with my loved ones.

Besides, I now have a stable income source, even if there are a few displeased clients, the high-paying ones compensate for the losses.

So, if you are wondering about how to become a freelance copywriter, you are already on the right track for career progression!

This blog post has been co-authored by my colleague Prasenjit Dutta Chowdhury Blogger/Founder of Copyproblogger.com. He has experience in search engine marketing, in-depth blog post writing and outreach expert like to help the small business owners through content marketing.


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    I have a huge database of remote writing jobs on my website. And although you get to see all kinds of rates posted (low-paying, average-paying, high-paying) I always encourage writers to step out of their comfort zone and aim big.

    Is copywriting your favorite revenue stream at the moment? I am actually considering “grant writing” sometime to see how that goes, and for variety’s sake 🙂

    Take care, and keep it up!

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