Why Influencer Marketing Is Right for Your Business And Brand Awareness

By Shane Barker March 2, 2018

influencer marketing strategy

Finding ways to take your business to the next level?

Why not make use of influencer marketing?

It’s a great way to boost each and every aspect of your performance.

Many marketers are already using it in different ways.

Read on and you can find out exactly why you need to start implementing influencer marketing into your marketing strategy.

First of all, here’s how other marketers make use of influencer marketing:

  • It’s an effective marketing method according to 69% of marketers
  • 73% are using it effectively for generating leads
  • 76% say it helps them boost customer loyalty
  • 93% are using it to effectively raise awareness about their brand

These statistics highlight how effective influencer marketing is based on reports from marketers who are using it.

You can experience the effectiveness firsthand once you get started with a campaign of your own.

Benefiting from influencer marketing

In addition to the uses of influencer marketing mentioned above, there are plenty of ways in which you can directly benefit from it. Take a look at some of the top benefits:

  • It’s more cost-effective than any other marketing channel. So you don’t need to spend too much to experience the effectiveness of influencer marketing
  • Influencer marketing helps you reach out to a huge audience
  • You can use it to win over a new target audience
  • You can use it as an authentic way to market your brand and products
  • Influencer marketing helps you win the trust of your audience

Now, these benefits show that it’s crucial for you to start using influencer marketing. Integrate it with other aspects of your marketing strategy to experience the most benefits.

Causes of influencer marketing failure

Although influencer marketing is highly beneficial, some marketers may not be able to enjoy those benefits.

This is usually because they make mistakes that seriously hamper their efforts in engaging people through influencer marketing.

Take a look at some of those common mistakes you might end up making:

  • Executing it without a set goal in place
  • Doing it without getting to know their audience
  • Failing to document their campaign
  • Expecting instant results
  • Failing to choose the right influencers

In addition to these, you could easily make many other mistakes and fail to enjoy the benefits of influencer marketing.

Once you learn more about them, you can also learn how to avoid them.  Get to know more details through the influencer marketing infographic.


Here’s my take on why you need to implement Influencer Marketing in your business

1. It’s More Authentic than an Ad

Every large business organization relies upon a variety of ads to promote products and the brand.

These ads are an essential part of their marketing strategy and therefore they spend a huge amount on TV ads, online ads, printed ads, and other types’ ads.

This may sound weird, but the targeted audience does not find those ads authentic and reliable.

Now is the time for the marketers to understand that spending a huge amount over ads will not provide them with a huge number of leads.

They need to find key leaders, whom people trust and follow for all their demands.

The marketers now need some influencers, who can endorse the products and brands even without showing that they are marketing any product.

The influencer marketing is more authentic because it is driven by genuine leaders and not by some actors or models.

2. It’s more Cost-Effective

Nielsen Catalina and TapInfluence have researched and found that the “Return on Investment” generated by the influencer marketing is 11 times greater than any other marketing campaign.

It means influencer marketing is the need of today’s businesses, which do not want to spend a large amount and still want to earn a huge profit.

If a marketing agency spends $1.00 on influencer marketing, it earns $6.85. It is a proven data and it shows how some key leaders can make your brand one of the most reputable brands in the market.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars because a very reasonable amount spent on influencer marketing can do wonders for your business.

Probably, it is the reason that many SMEs are now searching for people influencers, who can make leverage a huge profit for their business.

3. It’s an Easy Way of Building Trust

Why would a buyer buy your product if he or she does not trust your brand?

The primary focus of the marketing companies should be on how they can build trust and present their client as a reliable service provider.

This may take a long time if you apply the traditional marketing tactics, but influencer marketing can do this within a few weeks.

There are many marketing examples in which the influencers helped some brands to gain the trust of their fans.

The influencers have a strong bond with their fans and their fans trust them for their recommendations and content.

You should contact such an influencer and take his or her support to endorse the qualities of your brand.

If it worked, your business will soon gain thousands of customers, who will be loyal to your brand for a very long time.

4. Get Access to Large Audience

The influencers are people, who have gained the trust of thousands or probably millions of people within the last few years.

Their huge fan following can be very beneficial for your business. You don’t need to search for the prospects because an influencer can provide you with an easy access to a large audience.

An influencer can by anybody who has a huge fan following, like he can be a YouTuber with a huge number of subscriptions, a Facebook page admin with a very large number of active followers, or a popular leader.

Such leaders can take your brand to a very large number of people and promote it without letting people feel that he or she is marketing your brand.

People will find you a reliable service provider and they would certainly choose you over other brands.

5. It’s a Way of Creating Real Time Engagement

The simplest way of building the trust is communicating with the targeted audience.

The real time engagement can play a vital role in the success of your business you can grow your brand by engaging with the prospects on social media and other platforms.

The influencer marketing statistics prove that it provides you with a great opportunity of meeting and communicating with a huge number of prospects.

The influencer will endorse your brand or share your marketing content and then his or her followers will post their queries.

Whether the influencer is marketing Instagram or on Facebook, you will get a chance of engaging with the audience.

This quick communication will offer you with a few vital minutes for attracting the customers.

Try it because:

It is the best, influencer marketing works better than blog branding and other marketing tactics.

It is a ray of hope for all the SMEs in today’s competitive world. There are thousands of brands struggling to win the hearts of customers.

They are trying email marketing, content marketing, and many other modern marketing techniques.

We are not questioning the importance of content marketing, but all other marketing techniques work quite slowly in comparison to influencer marketing.

Google Trends also depict a huge growth in influence marketing. You can become a market leader if you get succeeded in starting a winning partnership with an influencer.

Do not miss an opportunity, if you get a chance of marketing your products through the most influential people of this age.

Every business does not get this opportunity and you should redeem the opportunity when an influencer takes interest in your business and its products.

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Shane Barker

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant that specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, Influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities and don’t forget to connect with him on Twitter!


  1. Ayodeji Awosika says

    Hi Shane,

    Influencer marketing is very time consuming, but I agree, the ROI is worth the effort. I realize how important relationships and promotion are, as opposed to endlessly cranking out content.


    Thanks for having on a guest with such useful insights.

  2. Hi there Bill,

    I really liked the text that you have written here, especially breaking the content with bullet points, but truth to be spoken is the Infographic that makes this post magnificent.

    Keep up the good work, and adding infographics.

    Waiting to see more.

    Cheers, Clay.

  3. Emmanuel | Top Insurance Blogs says

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for this thought provoking post. The height at which influencer marketing has taken business as to is unfathomable. The growth has been astronomical.

    But the biggest undoing is when you have an influencer who can’t manage their public presentation. Whatever they do can lead to boycotting of the company they represent.

    That’s my opinion. I love the infographic.


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