Future of Web Development: Trends You Need to Keep an Eye On In 2022

By Ritu Sharma January 1, 2022

Editors note: Today I’ve the privilege of inviting Ritu Sharma to talk about future of web development trends to watch out this year.

Ritu, the floor is yours.

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When it comes to web development, trends are a very important aspect that shapes the success.

Statistics show that nearly 50% of web users are drawn to a website because of its design.

This means that any website that intends to attract attention, needs to keep an eye on what is trending and try to incorporate that into their web design.

However, we do not want to follow trends simply because everyone is doing it.

We need to be able to see the benefit.

The evolution of web development is such that it sways toward making the visitor (prospective customer) happy.

These are the trends we will pay attention to in this article.

This article helps you ignore the noise and pay attention to the trends that REALLY matter.


Let’s dive right in…

1. Responsive Web Design

80% of visitors will leave a website that fails to display properly on their device.

This is a statistic from 2019 and it implies that 2022 will be the year more beginner and professional web designers come up with websites that can display well on different devices.

There may already be a lot of focus on mobile responsiveness, but the thing is, despite the compelling evidence that mobile sites are a trend, you cannot ignore other devices and it would be tedious having to design a site for every device so a responsive website would carry the day.

The technology for responsive sites is already on demand so this is a top trend to keep an eye on this New Year.

2. Accessible Websites

Did you hear about the Domino’s Lawsuit?

Well before we talk about Accessible Websites in 2022, here is a summary of the Lawsuit.

A blind man named Guillermo Robles sued Domino’s Pizza stating that despite using screen reading software, he found their website inaccessible because he was unable to order anything from their website.

Dominos tried to counter the suit with an appeal at the Supreme Court but in October 2019, the Supreme Court upheld a ruling by a lower court that ruled in favor of the blind man.

Now, what has this got to do with web development trends? Well, it means that more websites, particularly e-commerce sites will have to start making their websites accessible to people with disabilities.

It means if you have a video, there should be subtitles, if you have graphics, there should be audio options describing them and so on.

The accessibility guidelines are not clear, but the Domino’s lawsuit has opened the way for many more lawsuits so many site owners and designers would want to be on the right side of the law.

This may have been a common practice for other sites, but 2022 will have it as a trend as sites look to avoid lawsuits but also provide for a demographic that may have been neglected.

3. Live Chat With Chatbots

This is interesting because most people will claim they would like to be served by a real person when they visit a physical location, but when it comes to online support, an increasing number of people are more comfortable getting assistance through live chat which is actually done by chatbots.

There has been an increasing demand for swift online support, chatbots can provide this the moment a user makes contact with website support.

There might be a few improvements that need to be made to perfect the support provided, but this is definitely a trend to keep a close eye on in 2022.

The entire experience ensures that a user gets the attention they need as soon as possible and problems are solved promptly with accurate records of frequently occurring problems.

Websites can become more efficient and ensure visitors can find what they want with ease by asking the chatbot for the information they want.

It also ensures that there is round the clock support so that even people in timezones different from where the businesses are located can still receive help.

4. Green Hosting

Do you care about the environment?

Most are now well aware of climate change and would like to feel like they are contributing to reverse the effect or at least trying to reduce the impact they have on the environment.

This is why green hosting is a trend to consider in 2022. More web hosting companies have started offering green hosting to their clients.

No, it is not some kind of organic server in the forest. This is simply a concept where websites or blogs are hosted using eco-friendly servers that are energy efficient.

It also encourages more recycling where possible. 2022 is likely to see the custom of cloud storage becoming even bigger than before since it is a more energy-efficient storage practice.

It is also flexible since you can scale your storage capacity according to the evolving needs.

The world is attempting to be greener in different industries and this effort will shape future of web development trends.

5. 2-Seconds Load Time

In the world of web development, load time is crucial, visitors to a site expect a page to load within 2 seconds.

Many websites today are still following the 8-second rule but research shows that with the increased use of mobile to access the internet, loading speeds need to be even faster.

Users are on the go and do not have the time to wait that long. It is estimated that a number of mobile users will make the decision to leave a website or stay within half of a second.

Such information is going to push the trend to have faster speeds. Web developers in 2022 need to adopt designs that will help sites load much faster and yet still have a display that is pleasing and captivating for the visitor.

Loading speed could become a career on its own within the industry web designer as more people focus on this aspect.

6. Single Page Sites

Many sites today do not need to have several pages and with financial constraints added to that, it makes more sense to have a website that is simple and straight forward.

But that is not the main drive behind this trend. It is more about being able to have a mobile responsive site.

Single-page sites are more efficient for mobile screens. A user can scroll up and down and get all the information they need on that page.

There is no need for menus that may complicate the browsing experience. If you have an eCommerce site, you would find that this is a very convenient design, it also makes loading time a lot faster.

Single-page sites and static website designs are a hot topic in 2022 and more businesses are adopting them to balance costs as well as provide quick information to visitors, by the time the visitor leaves the site, they have gotten the scope of information available on that site.

7. API First Design

It is interesting that APIs have been around for years but it is not until recently that we figured out that it is a lot easier to start with the API and then design all the other Applications around it.

Well, with 2022 set to be the year we give more attention to mobile internet users, API design is trending and API first is the way to go.

APIs help in the creation of responsive sites and it is only natural that we think of how we can design them with the developer in mind instead of the end-user.

Whether you are designing in house or designing it for other developers, it is better when you start with the API and then hand it over to the front end developers.

8. Cyber Security Using AI

Cybersecurity is an increasing concern as attacks become more serious. The emergence of AI technology can offer a remedy to it.

There is already an AI that is able to detect as much as 85 percent of cyber attacks before they happen.

This is good news considering that many businesses have been depending on humans to provide security but we know they cannot always be available.

AI, on the other hand, can always be present and maybe more efficient. Billions of dollars are expected to be spent on AI in 2022 which is certainly going to make AI cyber protection a trend worth looking out for and probably adopting whether you are an industry web designer or a company CEO.

9. Voice Search

This is something that needs to be taken seriously during website development. Since more people are using mobile phones, voice search is getting increasingly popular.

Web designers are now looking for ways to effectively incorporate this into the websites that they design.

Websites now are going beyond providing a screen where you can view content, they are now thinking also about people who may be doing something that does not allow them to look at the screen.

A driver in a car may want to search the location of a store, a chef may want a recipe for a particular cuisine and some people may want to be able to order online using voice commands.

These are scenarios that need to be addressed and 2022 will be the year that more websites address this.

Even for people engaged in digital marketing, they need to be able to capture user activity from voice searches.

A third of internet users already find it important to be able to make voice searches and that trend will grow even more.

10. GIF

They are already trending on social media and now they will trend on websites even more in 2022.

web designers are looking for ways to make websites more attractive since most users today have very short attention spans.

The idea would be to have videos on the site but that will affect loading time. GIFs, on the other hand, may provide an attractive animated alternative.

They are lighter than videos but can still effectively attract attention and hold that attention for a while.

They also are more appropriate for single page sites and mobile views. Using GIF is one of the top 100 web practices for 2022.

11. Content

It is impossible to talk about web development and not mention content.

This will be a constant trend every year. The thing though is that the kind of content that will trend in 2022 will be more relevant than ever before.

Web developers are aware of the fact that people are looking for quick information and they need to find ways to present that information so that it is easy to assimilate and it can be appreciated by the users.

The content also needs to be designed to be responsive, it is now possible to see different content on a computer from what you would see on a mobile phone.

A lot is still being done and by the end of 2022, we probably will be doing different things with how content gets displayed on websites.

Over to You

Whether you are a new or established business you will realize that mobile trends will be a big thing in 2022, a lot of the trends that you will need to keep an eye on revolves around mobile use.

There may be hundreds of trends you will come across, but the above will probably be the most important ones while others may be related to these.

If you are not already doing this, it is time you started working on these trends for your websites.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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