How To Use Your Competitor’s Resources To Generate Leads

By Bill Acholla March 2, 2016


The words ‘lead generation’ have the same effect on most of us as the words ‘balanced diet’ do.

It’s something we know we should be doing more, but we aren’t exactly sure about the specifics, and keep trying to put it off even though we know we need to do it for our own good.

There are many straight resources you can use to generate leads like advertising, PR, stunts, and email marketing, but there is one more source you can use to generate leads… your competition.

Think about it, no one has a better set of potential leads than your competition. They are in the same market, they already have customers, and they have an established base of operations in your field.

So why not walk in and capture some leads?

What many marketers don’t realize is that thanks to the internet, with the right content they can infiltrate the resources of their competition.

If you think we are talking about something potentially illegal or unethical and are concerned, don’t be, because what we are talking about is being smart.

If you think we are talking about something potentially illegal or unethical and aren’t concerned, or are excited, we might not do business with you but do let us know the next time you’re going out to party, we’ll make a night out of it.

Content marketing, actually scratch that, good content marketing, is essential for small businesses.

Big businesses have millions of dollars to spend on advertising so they can skip the content marketing but small businesses can’t.

Small businesses need epic content marketing which sets them apart. This isn’t just a bad thing; this is a good thing as well because small businesses operate under different terms.

If you are running a small business but think you do not get enough support, let us set the record straight. Too many small businesses complain about how they aren’t supported by locals, and how the money goes to corporations instead of them.

The reality is that people love taking the side of David; it’s just bad content marketing which makes them use the Goliath.

Wouldn’t you bet on the Goliath as well if you didn’t know that there was a David to support?

What this means is that whenever a small business takes on a larger business, people usually support the small business. This is the best way to fight big companies.

People do not identify with million dollar companies, they identify with you and me, companies that are run by people like them trying to succeed.

They feel the same way about their lives as we do, because we are both trying to make it big in a world full of competition.  As Neil Patel put it so aptly,

You can get bitter or you can get busy.

The biggest thing you have to look out for is bad publicity of big companies. We saw a fantastic example of this a few days ago.

You probably know about Stub hub, the absolutely huge ticket selling company and probably do not know about Tickets for Less, a much smaller ticket selling company.

However Tickets for Less managed to use Stub hub’s own resources against them to market itself. What happened is that a Kobe fan had tickets to a Lakers basketball game.

When he bought the tickets from Stub Hub, he bought them at normal rates because it was just another game of the season.

Later on, Kobe announced that he was retiring and that game was going to be his last.

Ticket prices immediately went up, from being in hundreds of dollars to being resold for $10,000.

Stub Hub mishandled the case and cancelled the ticket sale to the Kobe fan so they can resell the ticket to someone else at a more expensive rate.

Now, if it weren’t for social media, the story would have ended here on a sad note.

What happened instead is that the fan talked to TheLead Sports, a sports blog, who published his heartfelt story about how he loved Kobe and how the chance to see Kobe’s last game was taken away from him.

People were angry and a lot of bad PR was being generated by the story. This is where Tickets for Less showed how small businesses can win in a world filled with behemoths.

The VP of Ticket Operations at Tickets for Less, Jason Durbin, commented on the news article and asked to be put in contact with the original fan, saying that Tickets for Less would gladly provide them tickets free of cost.

The comment was voted to the top and then the CEO of the company appeared as well, saying that he will deliver the tickets personally.

So while Stub Hub was putting out flames, Tickets for Less came in and took away a Stub Hub customer.

In doing so, the company gained a massive amount of free publicity and saw an immediate increase in the daily influx of customers they receive on their website.

This is what you need to do; if you are fighting against big companies, keep monitoring them. Wait for them to make a mistake. The easiest way to do this is to find disgruntled customers.

You will find that the internet is filled with people complaining about other companies. Any time you see the competition being mentioned negatively, go in and make the disgruntled customer an offer.

Big companies are the easiest to attack in this way, as complaints about them are aplenty on the internet.  This will also have many other side effects and will improve your page rankings as well.

Much in the same way companies generate leads by creating viral content, you will be generating profitable leads by doing good deeds which go viral.

Another great strategy, if you are a company dealing with technical products, is to infiltrate the LinkedIn groups in which your competition is active.

So if you are a new trucking company, go to LinkedIn, look for groups of logistics people in your area, and monitor the conversation there. Just by adding your own expert opinion you will expose your company to more people.

There are other niche ways of using the competitor’s resources as well. We saw another great example of this on Reddit. If you don’t know what Reddit is, think of it is a social news aggregator / forum for multiple things.

There is an active community there for dashcams (the cameras which record from your car.) Drivewatchcamera was trying to promote itself on the dashcam section of reddit but was banned by the moderators.

Later on, Drivewatchcamera found out that one of the moderators was a seller of dashcams themselves.

Drivewatchcamera could not post on the dashcams section because they were banned, but they were not banned by Reddit administrators.

So they ended up buying advertisements that targeted the dashcam section, and paid enough to lock the ad space for 2 months.

They went from being banned on the dashcam section to being the most talked thing in it. That is how small businesses can win, by constantly looking at the competition and attacking at the moment of weakness.

It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. As the SEO guru Brian Dean says,

There was a brief time in SEO history where you could build thousands of spam links and watch your site climb to the top of the first page. Those days are long gone. SEOs that do well today dedicate serious resources (time, money, and skilled labor)

So get on it and start being successful.

Also, let us know how you plan to generate leads and build a successful business.

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