Bluehost Reviews: Why It’s A Good Web Host For Beginners in 2022

By Mansi Rana January 1, 2022

This is a complete guide to bluehost review.

In this new guide you’ll learn everything there is to know about this popular web hosting company.

So if you want to get the most out of bluehost, this guide is for you.

Let’s jump right in.

Contemplating starting your WordPress blog?

Looking at a self-hosted site for blogging but not too sure about the web hosting company?

Would it be:

  • SiteGround
  • Hostgator
  • Dreamhost

…or Google Domains!

It can be perplexing choosing the right one from all these names – what is daunting is that there are multiple such players that will be popping up, from here and there, leaving you more confused.

Many first-times and beginners are not merely looking at just big names; many times they are looking at reliability and value add-ons. 

You can keep comparing month after month and yet not come to the right solution. 

We have just the right solution to your dilemma.

Just the type of detailing that is for beginners- that would give you the confidence to pursue your new blogging career.

It is Bluehost.

There are many reasons to choose the company and continue with it even after many years of blogging.

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What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the well-acknowledged and undisputed leaders in web hosting solutions since 2003.

The company was founded in 1996 and was called which was a free hosting company.

In 2003, the web hosting platform was renamed as Bluehost

Today, Bluehost empowers more than 2 million websites globally and is one of the most powerful open-source platforms with a high focus on performance, security, uptime, and affordability.

With unlimited flexibility, the platform is versatile helping millions of website owners leverage the full power of the Worldwide Web in incredibly distinct ways.

The platform offers innovative and technological-advanced tools that help professionals as well as amateurs to work seamlessly.

Why Bluehost is good for WordPress Users?

It is no big surprise that has been endorsing Bluehost for the last 15 years or more.

It is a great accolade for a hosting company.

Bluehost’s commitment to WordPress is of a different kind – it has a WordPress CORE development team that has full-time engineers, who are experts at WordPress.

The handshake between Bluehost and WordPress is so strong that today Bluehost is the number one choice for WordPress hosting. 

These are some very motivating reasons to use the services of the web hosting platform while there some not-so-exciting features too that you get when you use the services of Bluehost.

Here, we cover pros and cons, extensively features offering perspectives from both angles, so that you are able to make the right decision.

1. Pricing

Bluehost is a blessing for beginners, especially monetarily – Bluehost has proven to be a true value for money.

It is a cost-effective investment because Bluehost has a reputation for high performance at affordable prices. 

  • When you buy a hosting plan from Bluehost, you get a free Domain name for the first year.
  • There are exclusive intro offers.
  • Unique 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The starting price is as low as $2.95 on a monthly basis. 
  • FREE Weebly site builder and Cloudflare CDN.

Downside – While cheap price is definitely a big advantage in favor of Bluehost, there is a bit of a con here.

The first year is nice and smooth sailing but when you go about renewing the plan, you can be in for a rude shock as the renewal prices are comparatively higher than the introductory offer.

2. Unmetered Bandwidth

Bluehost offers three types of hosting solutions – dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, and shared hosting. 

In the context of shared hosting, the platform offers unmetered bandwidth which technically means that you are not charged any extra amount if your blog or site uses high bandwidth.

It is a motivating factor for many site owners; however, it needs to be remembered here that if your usage continuously exceeds the average bandwidth of the server, the company sends you an email to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server.

This is also a good deal because eventually when your online business grows, it is natural that you might consider such a move for offering better and securer experiences to your users.

Downside – if your site is using higher bandwidths vis-à-vis other websites that are on the same server, the usage is termed as bad usage.

In such a case, you will be sent an alert after which you need to adjust the bandwidth of your use.

Sometimes, when the usage goes beyond the maximum average bandwidth, Bluehost can cancel your account.

3. SSD Storage

Solid-state drives or SSDs are characterized by superior hosting speeds and impeccable stability in hosting services.

In the sphere of web hosting, SSDs are the latest and the most advanced technology in the context of data storage on servers.

Compared to the traditional hard-disk drives (HDDs), servers with SDDs are fast and way more reliable.

SDDs are known to be highly resistant to mechanical failures, and physical shocks.

Also, SDDs run silently, and use lesser power.

Bluehost offers SSD drives free as inclusive in the shared hosting packages.

The basic package offers about 50GB and as you go ahead with the Plus, Choice Plus, or the Pro Package, you get unlimited SSD Storage. 

4. Free SSL Certificate

You buy a hosting plan from Bluehost and you are awarded an SSL certificate, free of cost.

Generally, the user does not even have to manually enable the certification – mostly SSL is automatically installed and assigned to the new domain that you buy.

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is one of the most crucial elements in securing user data through encrypted technology.

5. Resource Protection

This is one feature of Bluehost that works out to be a big advantage for users. Users consider this particular aspect to be the biggest Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Bluehost.

The intrinsic risks that come with shared hosting are removed proactively by using this feature wherein each account on a shared server is isolated from others on the same server.

It is a big benefit for small-time bloggers and website owners as they can work with the basic hosting plan and need not move to a higher plan.

6. Scalability

When you start your blog, you are usually looking at beginning small; but that does not mean that you will always have limited operations.

Your business is surely going to grow big in the future.

Thus, you need a hosting provider like Bluehost that is empowered with a technology that enables you to grow your business seamlessly; without stress or hassle.

7. Multi-Server Management

Whether you have a single account or multiple accounts, across shared, VPS hosting, or dedicated server; managing all the accounts is pretty simple and hassle-free with Bluehost’s multi-server management feature.

All you need to do is to log in once and manage all accounts in a centralized manner.

8. Domain Protection

Domain Privacy +Protection is a feature that Bluehost offers to domain owners so that their personal information like name, contact details, address, and email id are hidden from public scrutiny on the WHOIS database.

This helps keep your personal details protected from scammers and hackers.

9. Content Delivery Network

One of the major features of Bluehost web hosting services is CDN.

Bluehost keeps a watch over its shared resources to ensure that each domain user gets a fair share on the server.

In case of an impromptu hike in Content Delivery Network, CloudFlare comes into play that helps in handling this sudden increase in traffic.

10. Access Control

With Bluehost, there is a single sign-in facility that enables easy, quick, and secure access to your domain.

Bluehost uses the latest techniques to make the backend failsafe with a foolproof login process like two-factor authentication.  

11. Spam Experts

SpamExperts is an in-built filter mechanism of Bluehost that is able to detect spam automatically.

The technology used is highly sophisticated wherein based on your preferences; the filter can adjust to new spammer techniques.

No manual intervention is required; and you are always away from spam!

12. Unique IPs

The domain users on shared Bluehost servers have no worries as far as sharing the same IP address is concerned.

Many domain owners express this as an area of concern.

Bluehost offers a dedicated IP address – a means to tackle this issue.

This means that you safeguard your site from issues pertaining to other sites on the shared server.

13. SiteLock

SiteLock is a unique offering from Bluehost that keeps monitoring your site for hacks and malware attacks.

The software is responsible for downloading data and cleaning it, before uploading cleaned data onto your site.

Bluehost offers Free Scan with limited malware detection facilities.

14. CodeGuard

As a professional web host, Bluehost offers the CodeGuard which is the ideal way to ensure daily backup of the date on your site.

No manual work is required. The backup happens in an automatic manner and is stored in a secure way across multiple locations.

15. Secure Shell (SSH)

When it is about the security of your site, Bluehost offers SSH or Secure Shell network protocol as part of its hosting package.

SSH2 is what Bluehost uses for maximum protection.

So, transfer files, secure FTP, or remotely access servers in a secured manner with Bluehost’s SSH feature.

16. Extreme Speed

Thinkwithgoogle mentions that server response times are one of the most crucial factors today.

Bluehost offers par excellence loading speed even though its data center is located in America, In the US, the speed is the fastest; but even on the opposite end like Singapore, the speeds are reported to be equally fast.

17. Uptime

Bluehost is committed to offering industry-best uptime for its Servers and Network. In case of downtime, the service provider guarantees to have the issue resolved within 15 minutes.

However, at times it does take more than 15 minutes depending on the nature of the issue.

Though such cases are rare, the possibility always exists. 

18. Technical support

Bluehost has round-the-clock technical support for resolving complaints and issues, offer support and answers to customer queries.

There is also a Help Center that is rich in resources for self-help and knowledge support.

Honest Feedback: 

Honestly, Bluehost has a host of features that are distinct and competitive which puts it in the league of the best hosting service providers in the world.

No doubt, Bluehost has been receiving encouraging user ratings and reviews from across all industry verticals and niche.

There are some impediments too, though. For example, the hike in renewal prices after a year.

As mentioned above, it can come as a revelation to many new-timers and beginners.

The company, however, has a justification for this – the plan charges for the first year come along with a promotional offer that is not extended during renewal.

Final Takeaway From Bluehost Review

There is no doubting the capabilities of Bluehost as an excellent hosting provider. It is one of the most reliable choices.

Your site can be up and running in a relatively faster time and with user-friendly cPanel interface, unmetered storage, impeccable customer service, unlimited bandwidth, immaculate uptime, and a pocket-friendly choice, Bluehost acts as a boon for beginners, small and medium scale businesses.

Bluehost truly works out to be your hosting hero!

Over To You

If this post has helped you in understanding Bluehost better and assisted you in choosing a sound web hosting server, do comment below and let us know about your impression about Bluehost.

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