Learn How to Grow Your Coaching Business: (9 Proven Strategies)

By Ellionza Lopez July 20, 2021

So, you just helped your client grow his business but you fail to see growth in your own business?

Why might that be?

After all consulting businesses is your specialty, right?

There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon.

Coaching businesses can be a tricky business in itself and plateauing is a common occurrence, this could, in fact, be a result of wrong strategies being used.

But, fear not, as in this article, we will discuss the best growth strategies business coaches use to generate leads.

  • Customs Plan
  • Influence through social media
  • Clients Come first
  • Lead Leads to success
  • Diversify your Services
  • Identify your weakness
  • Build up Creative content
  • Manage Marketing
  • Focus on Growth.

In the addition to these strategies, it is important to identify wrong or harmful practices, and thus along with the excellent strategies for success below, a what not to do will be attached.

1. Custom Plan

As a business coach, it is unlikely you will ever deal with just one type of one business, rather you will be engaged with multiple types or a bunch of them at once.

Now the worst possible thing you could do is, neglect the need for a custom plan

Why do you need a custom plan?

Because each business might have unique requirements and creating custom plans would help your business in standing out from the crowd and attract interest from existing leads which would definitely help your business in the long run.

The important thing to note here is that the template adopted for one business might or might not work for another, thus analyze your options, the needs of the client, and the impact of such leads through social media.

This brings us to the second strategy.

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2. Influence through social media

Social media is a perfect place to analyze your growth and your client’s growth, and utilizing social media to your advantage can be pivotal for your success.

This can be done in multiple ways.

Increase your reach

one of the key features of social media is that it increases the reach of each business to unimaginable distances, you might be sitting at the comfort of your home halfway across the home and yet you are reading this article.

Similarly, if a client or potential customer thinks “which is the best business coach near me?”  your business must come into their minds.

Physical proximity should not be an issue, have an internet presence so strong that people don’t think twice before clicking a link with your name.

Thus, utilizing platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube to maximize your reach through connections and strong Content, you can effectively self-advertise all the while you build your connections and interact with your audience.

Interacting with audience

Another key feature of social media is that it allows one on one interaction with your followers, this enables building a strong personal bond, for example, asking people what improvements you can make or how can you help them.

Not only does this engagement build your reputation, but it will also give you a fair idea of what is going wrong and what can be done, public interactions can reveal a lot about how your business is going, and improving and taking suggestions creates an impression.

Create an impression

Perhaps a step that many ignore, creating an impression is not just about presenting your business, it’s about how you treat your audience, how receptive you are to criticism, how ambitious your projects are, what kind of client base you have, and how you treat your clients.

These are all important points to remember when using social media, remember as much as professionalism is appreciated by clients, adding a human touch through emotions or actions that make your audience feel special will only boost your business.

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3. Clients come first

This probably goes without saying at this point, but focus on your client service, this will help you not only gain attention during your early years but become a recognizable trait in the future.

Is your business client-centric?

 If yes then your client service can make or break your future and if your business is not client-centric then having a positive review can help build up trust for collaboration and increase and open up a new avenue for your business to progress.

Also, why would you want to lose perfectly good leads and clients due to inefficient sales or improper client coaching?

Do not we repeat do not waste the leads you gain.

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4. Leads lead to success

How can getting leads lead to success?

Simply because you are growing the number of people you can offer your services and doing this will boost your growth considerably.

Generating leads thus is an effective yet simple way to grow your business.

How do you generate a lead?

Simple techniques like free content, courses, and webinars which are now quite popular would require your audience to register themselves, while it is completely free, they would still need to give their details and once you have these details, you can build on those leads through tailor-made content.

The worse thing to do while gathering leads is to fail at creating interest, or not following up on those interests. For effective growth over a period of time, do not sit on the leads you acquire.

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5. Diversify your services

What benefit do you think diversifying has on your business?

Do you think Facebook or amazon would be these big conglomerates if they did not diversify?

No, any successful business needs to have a strategy to diversify their services if they want to grow.

Diversifying is a great way to stay relevant in the market and offering your services to two different groups will bring greater engagement, income, and eventual expertise.

Coaching programs that not only help businesses to grow but also provide affiliate advertisement would no doubt create an entirely new area for your business to grow.

One of the best examples is the existence of escape rooms which cater to different interests and groups while retaining the basic premise of puzzle solving.

Escape room business tend to have multiple themes for all ages and interests which allows them to stay competitive.

6. Identify your weakness

Once you notice growth in your business, the next important step has to be identifying your weakness as going forward, your weakness would become a handicap and a hurdle that needs to be eliminated rather than overcome.

Identifying your weakness will lead to two things, firstly you will know what your strong points exactly are, and you will be able to build a strong business on those points, secondly, you will become self-aware of your own business.

Business coaches like yourself believe that the mistake of not being self-aware of your business will result in negative growth and thus being self-aware about your weakness will allow you to pinpoint areas of improvement and grow your business.

For example, if your practice is generating leads but losing them quickly as well, then you need to learn retention by constantly curating content.

7. Build up creative content

What is the most common mistake business coaches make?

Not creating enough curated content for their target audience which keeps them engaged will result in your business losing leads, interest from our audience, and lower sales.

While content can keep and bring more audience, the real application of this strategy comes in the form of landing pages.

Landing pages filled with content will not only generate leads but interest in your business.

Having people come back to consume good quality content will create a dedicated following, which at a certain point in time would be ready to pay for your content, further boosting your business.

What not to do: a lot of business coaches forget the creative aspect of content, an effective strategy according to business coaches is to stand out from their competition through creative content.

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8. Manage Marketing

Business coaching requires distinction, undoubtedly you face competition from thousands of businesses but how do you stand out?

This is why marketing helps, if you are indeed unique in your approach, you need to market yourself that way.

Marketing is all about showcasing your hidden potential and your importance, why do people need your business?

This can be showcased using a marketing funnel.

The funnel represents the effective stages of marketing, the first is creating attention about your business/brand to the unsuspecting browsers, second part is creating enough interest among your leads, the third and the most important aspect is to create a desire among your audience because that will lead to the last step which is your business profiting from the leads.

Focus on your marketing strategy to create a name on the internet and if possible have your clients do it through feedbacks and recommendation, as this will increase the credibility of your claims.

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9. Focus on growth

How serious are you about your growth?

No seriously, this is a question that many business coaches like yourself need to ask yourself.

If you do not plan on growing and expanding your business, then do not let plateauing affect you or your business.

But if you plan on growing your business, then you must show absolute focus and dedication towards your goal and stick to that plan.

Coaching clients can be tricky as you might end focusing on your client’s business more than you focus on your own business, while this might not be a bad thing, you will face stagnation in your business at some point.

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Warren Buffet once said, “I don’t look to jump over 7-foot bars. I look for 1-foot bars that I can step over”.

And as the quote implies, stick to a simple achievable plan, take one step at a time, achieving success will require patience and persistence.

Thus, be confident and don’t be afraid of being selfish for good reasons, but compliment your selfishness with hard work and proper planning, otherwise, your business would be an unmanned ship depending on the wind and the waters to take you to your destination.

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