5 Effective Content Marketing Tips To Help You Get More Conversions And Sales

By Marc Sullivan January 18, 2022

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to use content marketing tips to help you get more conversion and sales.

In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover:

  • How to personalize your content
  • How to reuse your high performing headlines
  • How to create compelling visual content
  • How to build a consistent brand voice
  • Track content performance

Lots more

So if you want to generate more sales for your business, you’ll love this guide.


Let’s get started.

Well-written, compelling content has massive potential to convert your passive website visitors into paying customers.

However, it’s not always easy to create content that converts.

You’ll need to know whom you’re creating content for and the effective ways to deliver your marketing materials to help entice your prospects into becoming customers and even loyal patrons of your brand.

You’ll also have to know the best approaches, deploy the right tools, and spend a chunk of your time and resources to create high-converting content.

The good news is, we’re here to help with these five effective tips to help you take your content marketing game to the next level and, in turn, get more conversions and sales. 

1. Personalize your content

If you want to stand out from your competitors, draw traffic, and drive conversions, you’ll need to provide more than generic, run-of-the-mill content.

The key is to personalize your content to attract your potential customers and generate high-quality traffic.

This includes your landing page content and chatbot replies via popular customer service software.

After all, personalized content can provide memorable, unique customer experiences.

These encourage your prospects to subscribe to your email newsletter or buy your products and services.

One of the best content to personalize is your email marketing messages.

You can personalize your email copy and subject lines (among others) to help make your subscribers feel special and that your brand cares about their pain points and the problems they want to solve.

It also helps humanize your company and make your prospects feel like they’re interacting with a person and not just a faceless brand.

This allows you to engage and connect with your audience better.

While personalizing your content can take a bit of time and effort, you can streamline the process with powerful content marketing software.

For instance, HubSpot offers essential features and functionalities to help you target audiences, manage your contact list with ease, and create quality content — from blog posts to landing pages.

The platform includes a full-funnel marketing system that helps you build, implement, and deliver emails through robust marketing apps.

This helps you churn out content faster and avoid missing opportunities to engage, connect with, and turn your audiences into customers.

2. Reuse your high-performing headlines

Make the most of your best-performing headlines by reusing them in your Pay-Per-Click (PPC)  ads and other appropriate marketing materials.

After all, content and PPC ad copy share similar “hooks,” such as strong verbs, emotionally engaging angles, and easy-to-understand benefits. 

Assess which of your articles or blog posts got the most views, clicks, and conversions and incorporate the headlines within your ad copy.

If the headline could catch your target audiences’ attention and drive conversions, the chances are high that a variation of it can generate similar results with your PPC ads.
It’s a great way to optimize your content, saving you time, effort, and money while helping ensure you get the best results from your efforts. 

Simplify and streamline running ad campaigns with your reused headlines and related projects with reliable team project management tools.

Doing so helps you stay on top of your projects from start to finish using project management tools such as custom task views, priority tagging, assigning, auto-alerts, dashboards, and other features. 

3. Create compelling visual content

Text-based content is crucial to your marketing efforts, but it’s not always your audience’s cup of tea.

Some of your potential customers might prefer consuming content through visual channels such as videos and images (among others).

To accommodate this and boost your audience engagement through content, create compelling visual content for your website, social media platforms, email campaigns, and other marketing channels.

Consider these tips when creating visual content.

  • Diversify your content. While there is value in sharing, let’s say, a quick tutorial video across your website and social media channels, it’s critical to diversify your content based on where your prospects are in the customer journey.

For instance, you can create a short product overview video clip for new leads and deliver comprehensive product demo videos for closed-won deals.

This helps ensure you provide suitable, highly relevant content to the right audiences at the best time, increasing your sales and conversions.

  • Leverage user-friendly tools. Creating content can take boatloads of your time and resources, so opt for easy-to-use platforms and tools to simplify and streamline creating and publishing your content. This includes robust content management software and website builders. 

Most eCommerce platforms include templates and themes that make it easy to create blog posts, articles, landing pages, and other web pages where you can publish your content.

Some templates even come with SEO best practices to help optimize your content for search engines. This helps boost your page’s visibility in search results pages and, ultimately your traffic and conversions.

Alternatively, boost your visual content marketing within a short period by taking advantage of influencers’ high-performing social media images — such as those on Instagram.

How, you might ask?

By purchasing Instagram accounts that already have an enormous following and engagement.

You can do that securely on platforms such as Social Tradia. This tool pre-screens Instagram accounts and ensures you only get legit, high-quality ones for competitive prices.

Once you’ve bought an Instagram account, you can add similar visual content and promote your business and products.

You can then expect numerous new customers flocking to your website and signing up for your offers.

4. Ensure a consistent brand voice

Your content offers more than a way to provide compelling content to draw people to your website.

You can also leverage your content to help raise your brand awareness and recognition.

The key is to develop your brand voice with your content, starting with these tips.

  • Know your ideal audiences. Identify your target readers to shape your brand’s tone and style — which helps you determine the kind of voice to use for your branding and marketing efforts.

Establish a buyer persona using tools such as HubSpot’s Make My Persona to help you tailor your content to best appeal to your ideal audiences.

Doing so helps you create a brand voice that “speaks” to your potential customers, increasing your chances of engaging and connecting with them better.

  • Align your brand voice with your content strategy. Ensure that your marketing, advertising, social media content, etc., stay consistent with your content marketing strategy.

Whether your brand voice is friendly, professional, or casual, it should still help you reach your content marketing goals, from getting more signups to your online conference to increasing purchases.

Create content that addresses your target audiences’ problems while making your brand easily recognizable and generating excellent returns.

5. Track content performance

The best way to know whether your content marketing efforts are working and giving your expected results is to track their performance.

This gives you reliable data you can measure against your objectives.

Tracking your content performance also helps you identify gaps and areas for improvement if you get low-quality conversions.

It can reveal insights as to why your content isn’t converting and how to fix it.

Some of the vital content marketing metrics you should measure to assess performance and success include:

  • Web traffic
  • User behavior
  • Impressions and click-through rates
  • Shares and backlinks
  • Keyword rankings
  • Number of generated leads

Use the data to analyze whether your content marketing initiatives are helping you meet your targets and growing your conversions rate and sales.

Give your content marketing efforts a boost for better conversions

Creating high-converting content often requires hard work, determination, using the right strategies, and deploying the best tools to get the results you want.

However, it’s not impossible to achieve content marketing success.

Start by following the tips in this guide to supercharge your content marketing efforts and help drive more conversions and sales.


Now I’d like to turn things over to you:

Which content marketing tip from this list was your favorite?

Or maybe you have a tip that I didn’t cover here. Either way, let me know and leave a comment below.

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