17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hostinger Web Host: The Complete Facts

By Bill Acholla February 23, 2021

I am someone who has always been interested in having a successful website.

I have tried a lot in the past to get an affordable web hosting service, but have always failed to get a good hosting provider.

I was usually given expensive quotes from different companies, saying that it is the best price that I can go for.

I almost gave up on the idea of having my website until I got to know about the Hostinger web hosting services.

So, I thought that it would be helpful for many other people if I write a Hostinger review which will help them to know about their great service. 

What is Hostinger? 

You may wonder about the Hostinger, but it is very easy to guess the thing that they provide.

They are mainly a company that provides different types of web hosting services and they are available throughout the world in 178 countries.

They even provide the advanced cloud hosting system which is said to be one of the best ways available right now.

They currently have a client base of 25 million people which keeps on rising every day because of their great services.

Some other hosting services include Bluehost and Siteground. You can know more about them through Reddit threads.

Currently, Hostinger also lets you be a website builder by using their services. 

Why Hostinger? 

Just like Hostinger, there are several web hosting companies available throughout the world.

You may think of going towards them rather than availing the service of Hostinger.

So, we thought of mentioning some points which make the company the bestweb hosting service.

So, let us have a look at them. 

1. It’s a reliable web host

Whenever you are buying a service online, one of the concerns that you will have is the reliability.

You can be sure about Hostinger as they have been in the web hosting market for a long time.

You may not be able to see the things that they are doing, but they do provide the right amount of security and you will get proof that your website is being hosted well. 

2. It has a good performance

You can judge a web hosting service through the way that they are hosting the website.

You can read numerous reviews about Hostinger that says that they are one of the best in the market.

They have several data centers around the world which help to serve a lot of people.

They always bring the best technologies which help in increasing their performance. 

3. It has an incredible customer support

One of the best things about Hostinger is that they care for the customer.

If you develop any problems, you should reach out to their customer care team and they will be there to help you out.

It is available 24/7, so your location will never be a factor. 

4. It has a decent Uptime

One of the concerns for the best hosting service is the uptime provided by them.

Hostinger promises 99.9% uptime which is great and I think that you get a deal for the price that you pay for it.

They have special engineers who keep a check on their servers present all over the world.

If there is any problem, immediate repair work is done so that your website doesn’t face any problem due to it. 

5. Its services are transparent

I think that when I trust a service, it needs to be transparent.

Hostinger tells you about the things that you will get in a package and quotes you a nice price.

They do not charge you any more or curtail your services. You may even compare the packages to get the best one.

They tell you the reasons for which they are charging you the money and they show you the different options that you have.

This is an important part that I had to mention in this hosting company review of Hostinger. 

6. It has an attractive pricing model

Whenever I have tried to find a web hosting service, the companies have quoted a huge price.

That isn’t the case with Hostinger.

They have different price packages according to your requirement and they are quite affordable.

You can also choose the length of the plan according to your preference.

They also have nice sales from time to time, which slice the price to a great extent. You may try Hostinger Premium if you are looking for great features.

They even have a 30-day money-back guarantee for those people who aren’t happy with the service that they have received from Hostinger.

We can call it cheap in the truest sense.

7. It provides an intuitive and responsive admin panel

Managing a website doesn’t just end when you choose a hosting service.

You have to keep a check on it every day and control the activities and look for things that are happening on the website.

I think that the admin panel is quite important and it should be easy to use even for a person who isn’t tech-savvy.

That is the very thing provided by Hostinger and they are known for their admin panel.

Everything is laid out beautifully and you do not need to worry about missing features.

It also shows the features present in the web hosting package that you have chosen and lets you do the administrative work. 

8. It has a user-friendly cPanel

You may think that every company provides a generic cPanel, but it is far from the truth.

There are companies for which you pay a heavy price, but their cPanel lacks the features that you may have wanted.

Hostinger has a custom-developed cPanel, which stands for quality.

You wouldn’t need to worry about controlling the performance of the website as it is made easy through the cPanel.

I know that many non-professionals do want to create their websites, but they are scared about the fact that they wouldn’t be able to tackle it.

Hostinger makes sure that everyone gets to understand their cPanel and use it without arising at a problem.

Also, their customer care representatives are always present to help them out. 

9. It provides a lifetime SSL Certificate

If you are going to start a website that accepts payments or take sensitive information from visitors, then they will check for an SSL Certificate.

I remember that it is quite costly at times to get an SSL certificate and at times companies do not provide a lifetime subscription.

That isn’t the case when it comes to Hostinger.

If you take a domain from them and choose them as your web hosting platform, then they will provide you with an SSL certificate that will last you as long as the website is up on the internet.

They will never charge extra money for providing the benefit. For this feature, a Hostinger reseller often has a lot of demand. 

10. It works with Curl PHP

cURL is an important library that is used in PHP which helps to add a layer of security.

If you are trying to host a website that accepts payments, then do look for cURL and at Hostinger your wish will be fulfilled as they do work with it.

cURL is the abbreviation for Clients for URLs.

This will help the visitors to be assured about the security that you are providing. 

11. It provides great speed

Are you tired of getting to websites that lag?

The feeling is mutual for everyone as the advancement of technology and the rise of high-speed internet has made it obvious for us that a website needs to be fast.

Hostinger guarantees that you will be satisfied with the speed that they provide.

The visitors that visit your website wouldn’t need to wait a lot for its loading.

If you had the question of, is Hostinger good for WordPress?

Then I would like to say that it is compatible with WordPress. 

12. It allows you to manage your files and databases

When you have a personal website, you will need to manage a lot of things.

We have already mentioned that Hostinger has a great admin panel as well as a good cPanel.

It is very easy to manage the whole of Hostinger as it provides you with several tools which help in management.

You can keep a track of the databases and files of your website and keep them safe.

Along with that Hostinger also employs people who have the task to take care of a huge part of the management.

They do not let you understand the presence of any problem as they get it fixed as soon as possible.

They also have incremental backups which let you recover the data if there is any mishap. 

13. It has a strong and reliable backend server

A thing about web hosting is that you are about to get a service that only exists on the internet.

The server is present at someplace and it can be anywhere around the world.

Often in web-hosting, there is shared hosting as well as VPS hosting and the locations are at far off places.

You may think that Hostinger wouldn’t be reliable as you cannot physically view their services.

It is far from the truth, they maintain a good backend server and it is checked regularly to avoid any problems. You can contact customer care if you think that there is a problem. 

14. It provides a free domain for 1 year

This is one of the best things that I was excited about.

We generally have to pay a lot when it comes to buying a domain name.

Hostinger sponsored the first year on their own as I chose to get their web hosting service.

On top of that after the first year, I wouldn’t need to pay a humongous price to keep the domain running.

I think that it is a good deal for everyone who wants to open a website with a new domain.

Hostinger also has different domain options according to the location of your website.

You may get great Hostinger Coupon for more attractive offers. 

Challenges that you may face with Hostinger 

Till now, I have mentioned the benefits that I have seen while using Hostinger.

There are a few challenges which I face and I would like to elaborate on them.

They are: 

15. One of the first things that I saw is that it may be a little hard for an amateur programmer to control the server’s website when they are just starting with it.

I did need some time to figure out the things and get the hang of it.

I was able to do it and I think this challenge will go away when a person keeps toggling it with for a few days. 

16. We are a generation that is dependent on our smartphones and it has become our appendage.

To work with Hostinger, you will still need to pull out your laptop when you need to check things out.

This can be a challenge for many, but I do think that it is always better to look upon a PC as it provides a better view of things.

I think that it is okay for the hosting cost that Hostinger incurs. 

17. I would like to note that Hostinger isn’t the best choice for a person or business that is looking for a dedicated hosting service.

They are quite famous for professional websites which already has a lot of traffic.

They may always go for the cloud hosting service which is a great option from Hostinger’s side. 

My Overall Recommendation… 

I think that it is important to summarize the things that I have said here.

Hostinger is a great web hosting service for many reasons.

It includes their:

  • Great customer service
  • Reliability
  • Security options

The hosting is also quite manageable and they have kept it user-friendly.

They are reliable towards any problem that you may face and they fix it quickly.

It doesn’t lag and they make sure that the website that they host is perfect for every visitor as well as for the owner.

They also provide a free SSL certificate and on top of that their packages are priced quite affordably.

It is a great service if you are going to be hosting a blog or any other website.

Do read more web hosting reviews before you make a choice. 

Over to You 

In all, I would like to say that Hostinger is a great web hosting platform that makes me happy and my website is running quite smoothly.

I think that their features are great and I wanted to mention them as it will also help other people who are looking for good web hosts.

I am sure that this will make you check out Hostinger and I would recommend you to read more about them.

I may review Hostgator in the future if I get a good response on this.

Also, do share this guide if you think that it is helpful to know for web hosting services.

I would love to hear from you people, so do leave comments and do not shy away from letting me know about your queries. 


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