How To Promote Your Blog With 35 Content Promotion Tactics From Blogging Experts

By Bill Acholla January 2, 2022

Blog Promotion Tips

How to promote your blog business?

It’s a good question most entrepreneurs and bloggers struggle with.

And yet, folks like Derek Halpern recommend spending 20% of your time should be focused on writing and 80% should be focused on promotion.

So Derek Halpern advice makes a ton of sense.


The reason why I decided to write this post, it’s because fueling the growth of a blog or a small business is a huge challenge to achieve and it’s something we need to improve on it.

So I decided the only way to know the best ways to promote a blog or a small business was to ask the experts to share their wisdom.

Consider this guide as the most Qualified Post.

Reason being…

It will inspire and help you grow your audience and revenue.

You don’t need to pay for anything, but this is the most Qualified Post that’ll help you grow and generate revenue for your business.


If you’re looking for some practical strategies that you can use to promote your blog audience today, then you’ll love this post.

And if you want to make your blog growth a success, you have to put a spin on it and make something different.

Let me introduce:


1. Simon Penson – Founder and MD, Zazzle Media 

Simon Penson

Zazzle has always been an inbound business, built on the ideology that if you openly share knowledge and help make the lives of your customers easier than you will always find a way of working together.

We work really hard to produce great content that ticks those boxes, whether that’s on our blog, on another authoritative site or by speaking at events etc.

By putting useful content at the centre of our marketing activity we can then grow our reach through all channels – paid, earned and owned media and we use a CRM to ensure we open conversations with those potential customers really early in the sales cycle.

By the time they get to need an agency like ours we already have an established relationship and the conversion process becomes much ‘warmer’. Simply because we’ve helped them out

2. Ryan FarleyLawn Starter 

Ryan Farley

Since content is so important to us, we ended up hiring John Egan as editor in chief – the best consumer content marketer in town.

He had built up Bankrate’s insurance business, then built up the traffic of storage comparison site Sparefoot.

He writes a mixture of trendy content such as 17 Facts About the Raleigh Home Market, and industry specific content such as this lawn care guide.

The former serves as a first intro to our brand, whereas the second is information for people midway through the buying process.

3. Vivek Patel – Local Search Specialist at E2M 

Vivek Patel

Earlier, I would refer different marketing tactics such as skyscraper, audience research, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook marketing before writing my posts, only to see lackluster results.

I soon realized, however, that only a well-planned content strategy is helpful in marketing a product/service.

Here’s what you should be doing when formulating and implementing your content marketing strategy:

  • Do not create random content. It is always a good idea to publish content which is unique and well-researched to drive engagement.
  • If you’re looking to deliver value through your content, publish at least four great posts every month.
  • To increase your blog traffic and subscriber base, focus on building a loyal fan base. Do keep your target audience’s likes and dislikes in mind when composing content.

The following pointers should help you conjure up an outstanding content strategy:

  • Think carefully about your content design. As far as possible, keep your content long and in-depth, like my post on local SEO audit.
  • Other considerations include the use of high-quality images, audio and video to make your posts more engaging. You can easily insert these in listicles and case studies.
  • Take your time to do your research, go through some popular posts and discussions on forums to learn about the kind of content that online readers like read about the most. This will help you craft great posts of your own, thereby growing your blog.
  • Simply creating interesting content does not mean it will surely be read. You need to place it on the right channel, based on the objectives you want to achieve with it.
  • You also need to blow your own trumpet, i.e. promote your content. It, therefore, makes sense to have an effective promotion strategy in place for doing this successfully.

4. Clement LimFreelance B2B Copywriter & Content Strategist at Lim Writer 

Clement Lim

You might be reading this looking to discover the magic ingredient for growth of your business.

Well the most important things are the fundamentals:

You create something outstanding, then you promote it to the world.

When you create, only put out your best work. Business is competitive and you want to stand out in a sea of similar voices. Focus on quality over quantity.

Before you promote, network with anyone who wields influence. They could be a powerful industry figure or a promising up-and-comer. Nurture your connections and give before you ask.

And the magic ingredient?

Well, the magic ingredient is you. Or what we might call your brand. Can you answer these questions:

What is your purpose?

What makes you unique?

The answers to these questions come down to your brand. Branding can give you the edge to stand out and add fuel to your business growth.

If you want to know more, you might like to read my post about how you can create your brand identity.

5. Meera KothandMeera Kothand 

Meera Kothand

A combination of 2 strategies have fuelled the growth of my blog.

Firstly, guest posting. A well-planned guest posting strategy can drive traffic and subscribers to your blog, even if it’s fairly new.

It can also help you get on the radar of key influencers in your niche by getting your name out.

The second strategy is to write exceptional content. Nothing you write will be original because there will be at least a 1000 people who have written about that exact same topic but you can stand out by writing content that contributes to the existing content that’s out there.

You can take this further by focusing on 1-2 content categories to position yourself as a thought leader in those areas.

6. Ehsan JahandarpourJahandarpour 


  • Implement Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) strategy for all of your posts
  • Follow the advanced growth hacking framework – a proven battle tested growth strategy
  • Embrace growth mindset – It takes time and effort
  • Plan smart and work hard
  • Do-NOT implement every new tactic that you read about – Instead, focus on the winning strategies that work for your bog
  • Craft great contents but remember that Content is not the king anymore.
  • Focus on content promotion and building relationship
  • Build high quality relevant white hat backlinks.

7. Larry KimMobile Monkey 

Larry Kim

Recently we’ve been using Paid social ads on Facebook and Twitter to promote our top performing content.

It’s cheap, and because we can be super-picky as to who to promote content to, it converts, too!

8. Imran EsmailEscape Your Desk Job 

Imran Esmail

I started with posting 4-5 really solid articles and then started answering questions on Quora while building up an email list.

Then kept posting really in-depth articles while SEO did a lot of the heavy lifting for me.

It’s also important to make connections with other bloggers to bring their audience into your platform. Pretty standard stuff but most people don’t even bother doing it.

9. Brittany BergerBrittany Berger 

Brittany Berger

The main way I grow my blog is through networking.

My main source of content ideas, guest bloggers, and traffic are all groups I participate in.

Specifically, Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, and Slack communities have been really great drivers of growth for Blog Bolder.

10. Erin Brenner – Run And Write for Copy Editing Blog 

Erin Brenner

At Copyediting, we don’t just encourage our bloggers to spread the word, we give them tools to do it with.

We created a badge that links to the blogger’s author page on the site.

Bloggers can post the badge on their websites to encourage their audience to read all their posts.

11. Eve MayerSocial Media Delivered 

Eve Mayer

I fuel the growth of my business by never being completely satisfied and always a little curious.

My mind constantly tinkers with my company wondering if we could do it just a little bit better.

12. Ian ClearyRazor Social 

Ian Cleary

The best fuel for growing a blog is providing content better than anyone else amongst your competitors and spending time promoting that content.

There is too much content out there so you have to stand out.  Your content doesn’t have to be unique it just has to be better.

And good content sits on the shelf unless you promote it.  Create great content, promote the content and watch the results!

13. Yuval MaozKlear 

Yuval Maoz

Writing blog posts should be a collaborative work with influencers and experts. Use their wisdom and experience to spice up your content.

Once they feature a blog post, they will be more inclined to share it with their audience and drive more people to your site.

14. Tim FargoTweet Juke Box 

Tim Fargo

The best way to grow your business is to find better ways to solve your client’s problems.

People waste time on clever marketing.

The best marketing is a clever product.

15. Tim BrownMinneapolis Web Design 

Tim Brown

I fuel the growth of my business by considering the long game, and not getting in the scarcity mindset.

I spend time creating articles that serve people that may need my services in the future and for other people in my industry who are not as far along as me yet.

By doing this on a regular basis, it creates authority for my website on search engines and allows me to get seen when people search up the services I offer.

Combined with guest posting on other sites, and a concerted effort to get links this long-term thinking is a way to spend time rather than advertising dollars to get a real return on investment, even though it’s not instant.

16. Liz StraussSuccessful Blog 

Liz Strauss

If you’re looking to fuel the growth of your blog, keep everything you do about your core audience. Write content that is relevant and title it with a statement or question that is a concern of theirs.

Use social media to follow and listen to the people you want to attract. The key is that if you want people to be interested in you, be interested in them.

18. Stoney G deGeyterPole Position Marketing 

Stoney G deGeyter

Write great content and build relationships on social media.

19. Dorie ClarkDorie Clark

Dorie Clark

It’s certainly possible to grow your business 1-1, through client referrals, and that’s how I did it for the first few years of my marketing consulting firm.

But in order to reach a higher level of client, and have people coming to me instead of having to knock on their doors, I invested time in creating content that attracted them to me.

It takes time – hundreds of articles over several years – but the process works, and now most of my business is the result of potential clients seeking me out.

20. Leonard KimLeonard Kim

Leonard Kim

I redirect traffic from other sources like Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, Quora, Medium, etc. back to my blog.

21. Mandy EdwardsMe Marketing Services 

Mandy Edwards

I fuel the growth of my business through hard work, delivering good customer service, and doing what I say I’m going to do.

Almost all of my business has come to be through word-of-mouth – people being referred to be from others that have worked with me or seen my work.

Walking the walk, not just talking the talk, will always do wonders for a business.

22. Justin McGillLead Fuze 

Justin McGill

You should be spending just as much time, if not more, on the promotion of your content.

So reaching out to people you think it would be relevant to… seeing who has similar content and getting them to link to yours as well. exists for this sort of thing.

23. John LincolnIgnite Visibility 

John Lincoln

It is just a matter of working at it everyday. In my book, Digital Influencer I outline the process. First, you determine where your customers and referral partners are and then after that, create a plan to interact with them.

It comes down to a mixture of social media, content marketing, advertising and setting up new pipelines by reaching out personally.

It is important to work at it everyday, and constantly be looking for ways to expand your reach and influence. Through this process, we have become one of the top digital agencies in the US.

24. Aaron LeeShort of Height 

Aaron Lee

The best way to fuel blog growth is to write regularly. This is the number #1 mistake majority of bloggers make. They only blog once or twice a month and think it’s enough.

It’s not, I recommend at least two to three times a week. This trick has worked for me in the past for my personal blog as well as startup blogs that grew to over one million unique visitors a month.

Neil Patel and Nathan Ellering recommends blogging more. When he started his $100,000 monthly blog challenge, his method was to blog daily.

If you can’t maintain a blog posting frequency, your blog will not grow., it’s as simple as that.

Remember, consistency is the key. Blogging is not a sprint.

25. Jeffrey HayzlettHayzlett 

Jeffrey Hayzlett

By being relentless.  I am always looking for more, bigger and better.

It’s not about being lucky, success goes to the relentless so I am searching, pitching and closing every single day from the time I get up until I collapse at night— and then even then, I dream about getting bigger.  Be relentless.

26. Puranjay SinghGrowth Simple 


At this stage in my business, two things have helped me grow my business the most:

  • Promoting my personal brand on well-loved platforms within my niche. This can be distribution platforms such as or popular blogs. By showing up on these platforms, I establish visibility. Often, interested customers contact me because they liked what I wrote so much.
  • Personally reaching out to businesses who I feel could use my help. I don’t have a scientific process for this (yet) because I send out very limited pitches. However, I’ve found that if you can pinpoint a key pain a business has and offer a pointed, personalized solution, you’ll have a very high win rate. Far better than mass spamming businesses.

27. Chris LeeA Blog On Blogging 

Chris Lee Vella

Lately, I have been focusing on doing a lot of products reviews for the niches I’m involved.

I believe every blogger (beginner or pro) should be focusing on doing reviews as it is by far the quickest and safest way I know to get high rankings in Google (thus more traffic) and even income from the products you are reviewing.

This has been the strategy I have been using for the most part of 2016 and I am glad to say that my traffic, rankings, and income have increased tremendously.

I am disappointed at myself for not taking this approach years ago as I would be in a much better position today.

Try it out folks and let me know your results. I am sure you will find that this is one of the best ways to get the ball rolling (at least).

28. Anthony LambkinCadence Content 

Anthony Lambkin

We’ve found that old-fashioned face-to-face networking and client referrals have been very beneficial to our business growth plan.

Of course, having a killer website and blog is essential, but today many internet-based startups sometimes lose sight of the value of tried-and-true in-person relationships.

29. Katlin SmithSimple Mills 

Katlin Smith

I view the connection with our consumers as the fuel that grows our business; it is through these connections that we’re able to share our mission, learn more about what consumers are looking for, and provide new solutions.

30. Niklas LaningeDaily Bits Of 

Niklas Laninge

Some quick advice if you are building something similar like us at Daily Bits Of, that is a marketplace where experts share and sell micro-courses.

Attracting experts

I use Help A Reporter Our to get in contact with potential course creators. I also use Fancyhands to scout leads related to personal development

Keeping contact and reaching out

I use Contactually to connect and reach out to people. Their convenient mass-mail function makes it super-easy to send personal emails in bulk.

Growing your community

This is where we do something highly unscalable: personal breakfast-meetups with our users. I’m talking no more than ten people sitting around a table at our office in Old town Stockholm.

This is a perfect way to connect and get real feedback. The meetups are so appreciated that people always tell their friends about it, thus helping us grow.

31. Mike AlltonThe Social Media Hat 

Mike Alton

The most cost-effective method that businesses have today to fuel their growth is the creation of content.

I just shared an article today that revealed how Content Marketing costs approximately 62% less than traditional marketing, yet dollar for dollar, is responsible for generating three times as many leads.

By creating more or less content, sharing it more or less, leveraging different kinds of content in different ways, business owners can properly temper the volume of leads and prospects the business receives.

Looking for more business? Publish more content and step up your activity on social and to your email list. Already have more leads than you can handle? Step back what you’re doing and focus on more long-term growth.

32. Chris MakaraChris Makara 

Chris Makara

The easiest way to fuel the growth of your business is by finding what works and doing more of it. It’s simple, but effective.

Knowing what isn’t working allows you to drop that approach and either try something new or spend more time on one that is working.

33. Chelsea BaldwinGet Copy Power 

Chelsea Baldwin

I fuel my blog’s subscriber growth pretty slowly, to be honest with you. I don’t go after “hacks” or pay for traffic or write 10 guest posts per month.

I focus on nurturing the relationship I’ve got with my existing subscribers, providing incredibly value to them, answering their questions, and growing via word of mouth that way.

I also rely on in-person events to demonstrate my value and use old fashioned pen and paper signup lists.

I know these aren’t the things most online marketers preach, but I’ve got incredibly high dedication and open rates – as well as really high response rates every time I send out an email.

For me it’s more about the quality and dedication about my readers than it is about my numbers. I’m actually publishing a post on it next week.

34. Jerry LowWeb Hosting Secret Revealed 

Jerry Low

Two proven strategies that I used to double WHSR blog traffic by two fold in 2015 (and am still using right now) are:

One, Merging my blogging topic with other niche. By marrying WHSR blog topic with other niche, we open a new door of new readership and social media followers. We write about how Sim City player can be a good social media manager (Sim City computer game + social media marketing), why a golfing blog maybe more profitable than you think (golf + blog monetization), and what you can learn from Vampire Diaries about keeping blog readers engaged (copy writing tips + Vampire Diaries).

Two, Guest posting. The key to success is to provide what the users want (in most times this means writing extremely helpful + easy to read articles) and drive traffic back to your own blog.

35. Tom HuntTom Hunt

Tom Hunt

Be Remarkable:

Define remarkable: the ability to make a remark about.

As when you become truly remarkable… each customer you acquire… will accelerate your growth… for free

Over to You

Are you ready to fuel your blog and generate the revenue you want?

Then you need to use the above tips from the experts.

Have any questions?

Drop a note in the comments.


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    The key is to get really clear on the direction of your brand. Then let it bleed thru your blog. Then promoting becomes easier because each Tweet and FB Share will reverberate far and wide. Like 1 droplet of water dropping into a still pond.

    • Bill Acholla says

      Awesome, Ryan! Glad you’re enjoying the content and finding it helpful especially on the branding principle from Clement. Thanks for stopping by!

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    According to me creating content is always a winning technique because if your blog does well then congrats but if you miss the shot then you learned that which type of content doesn’t work. So keep focusing on content is a win-win technique.
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