How Real Estate Businesses Can Achieve a Staggering Growth Using These 9 Tips From HubSpot’s Massive Growth

By Bill Acholla April 17, 2021

To start a real estate business, let alone growing it, is not for the easily intimidated.

In this industry, you need to sales call multiple leads every day.

But here is where the problem lies.

Most of the time, only around 4-5 deals can be closed at the initial year. That is only if you are lucky.

It comes as no surprise that out of six, only one real estate agent succeed throughout the initial 5 years.

That speaks volumes of how challenging starting and growing a real estate business is.

Nevertheless, for people who are competent enough and know the ropes, setting up real estate businesses will certainly provide them their dream jobs.

With that said, today, this guide will delve deep into the topic of how to grow your real estate business.

All you need are nine practical tips from HubSpot’s massive growth, and next thing you know, your business will be outshining all its competitions.

But before anything, let’s get down with the basics first.

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What is a Real Estate Business?

Real Estate Businesses are business organizations that attend to investing, managing, buying, or selling real estate properties.

In recent years, most working-class families have not been faring well and losing out on their fortunes. The reason is because of the fall of incomes as well as an increase in inflation.

Adding to that is the fact that nowadays, less than 5% of individuals of age 65-66 possess sufficient money for retiring. They are not even financially stable, as reported by the U.S. census bureau.

Certainly, no one wants to have anything to do with those unpromising statistics.  

Therefore, the one option you can opt for is to start your own real estate business and attain your financial objectives.

Now, you can achieve this without much of a hassle with the help of HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management.)

Of course, there are other excellent CRM tools like:






…etc best for real estate investors, brokers, and representatives.

However, HubSpot certainly stands out the most.

So why is HubSpot CRM important for real estate business?

Well, the answer is quite simple.

HubSpot CRM is the perfect inbound tool for all real estate businesses.

It helps in scaling their systems and, at the same time, keeping them all integrated into one location.

This means automatic lead to the rise in revenues as well as business growth.

For instance, let’s talk about and how HubSpot helped them boost their revenue.

With the help of this amazing tool, they were able to nail outstanding benchmarks and even boost their website traffic.

In the initial 3 months, their site traffic boosted by 100%, leading to about 1,500 extra leads monthly.

What’s more, their revenue increased by a staggering 600% in only 10 months simply by implementing HubSpot CRM.

So, the question remains – what’s stopping you from achieving the same?

It is high time to setup HubSpot for real estate investors and agents alike.

There are also other real estate tech companies that raise fund to support underserved assistant agents. They help them develop their business and build their productivity.

How to Grow your Real Estate Business?

Most, if not all, marketers must now be well aware of the massive growth of HubSpot.

Their traffic ranking comes 5th all around the globe and also in the online marketing technology world.

This is not counting the sites they have created to setup their company and filling the peak of their marketing funnel.

HubSpot is a big gun among SMB software marketers. They increased revenue by 49% in 2018, i.e., a growth of $271M from $181.9M.

Knowing all these stats, it is time to take a quick look at the nine useful tactics used by HubSpot.

Let’s figure out how real estate agents can make use of these tips to develop their business.

Tip 1: The ‘Content Stacking’ Strategy for Making Website Visitors Stay on your Site Longer

The customer-facing main website of HubSpot is

It achieves vast organic traffic through search engines such as Google.

The thing you need to be aware of is that HubSpot focuses greatly on SEO as well as content wholesaling.

They own a wide variety of non-specific keywords such as ‘Grow Email Lists,’ ‘Website Leads,’ etc., that ranks on Google’s first page.

After researching over 69,000 organic key phrases of HubSpot, there were more than 5,900 rankings on Google’s first page.

Adding to that was 10,440 keywords ranking on the first page of other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

You will find much marketable content available on the HubSpot site, which undoubtedly keeps their bounce rate low and higher time on the website.

Additionally, they even provide various lead generation incentives in return for full leads on their blog.

On their blog posts, ads and calls-to-action are directed to the landing pages.

This is done with a simple visual blueprint as shown in the demo, a brief form copy, along with a full lead form.

Once done, HubSpot masterfully makes use of their free accessible guides for lead generations.

They then lead to qualifying leads through the addition of relevant links to various other sources.

This takes the audience to multiple ‘next steps’ on the basis of their position in the sales funnel.

Because of this, HubSpot further develops as a key player in the industry, building trust with their users and converting them into paid customers.

Tip 2: Entrepreneurs Guest Writing on Your Blog

Initiated in 2015,, known previously as, is a Medium Publication for HubSpot.

This medium single-handedly produces more than 330,000 site visitors monthly. offers relatable content that engages the audience.

HubSpot launched on Medium because most people consume articles straight from digital automation platforms such as Facebook, Medium as well as podcasts.

Later, they succeeded in getting skillful writers on the platform like:

  • Danielle Morrill
  • Larry Kim
  • Seth Godin
  • Steve Blank
  • Nir Eyal

HubSpot even syndicated the content. This way, they exposed them and their website to new audiences.

On HubSpot’s blog, prominent individuals get to guest write in either of the following ways:

  • Reference from a person in the company.
  • Prior connection through the podcast, The Growth Show.

Below is the traffic performance of HubSpot on Medium throughout their initial year after executing this tactic.

After succeeding on this platform, HubSpot went about investing in a new community that will completely focus on an offsite tactic.

The brand has more than 140 guest writers, and more can submit

Tip 3: The BotBook Content Collaboration to Increase Your Website Traffic with Leading Businesses 

What HubSpot does is get its brand ahead of others spectators through content collaboration. A noteworthy instance is their collaboration with Chatfuel.

Let’s look at the three key factors leading to their Chatfuel collaboration so that you can implement them for your tactic.

  • Two industry professionals equal to extensive knowledge benefit. ‘Bots’ has been a hot topic for years now, and of course, HubSpot put this to good use. They created a collaboration with a major industry expert in this area. HubSpot partnered with Chatfuel with the idea of forming an eBook extremely remarkable that you will not be able to resist downloading it.
  • The created content is provided on the domain of Chatfuel. This way, HubSpot is brought to light in front of new spectators.
  • HubSpot makes use of one of Facebook’s bot landing pages for delivering the eBook, also known as the BotBook.

Let’s have a look at the funnel.

Once you register for the eBook, you are directed to a page. Here, they will guide you to navigate through to your FB messenger. This is the next step to retrieving the data.

Once you are done clicking through, an adorable GIF with an opt-in icon will cue you. After opting in through the button, HubSpot masterfully makes use of the Bot for capturing your lead details.

You will then be asked multiple questions. HubSpot makes use of all this information to get further details about you. They then use the information in the future for hypertargeting you with add ons of related content, including template (quote templates,) bios, courses, etc.

At the bottom of the page, you will see two calls-to-action (CTA.) One will lead you to the contact page of HubSpot, while the other to the home page of Chatfuel.

Tip 4: Three Paid Search Funnels for Making HubSpot Affluent

HubSpot spends an average sum on search advertisings that are paid monthly.

Additionally, they are making bids on their 587 PPC key phrases. Nevertheless, most, if not all of their advertisings are a form as shown below:

HubSpot provides free CRM, and their whole paid search funnel appears as below:

They do have three virtual search funnels that are paid and active and drives visibility to three landing pages.

What you need to do for your business growth is to provide offers for every keyword group relevant to the audience.

You can then do the branding by categorizing them to search intent keyphrase, commercial groups.

This is the exact method HubSpot followed through that brought them the visibility and revenue they needed.

Tip 5: Partnership with Micro-Influencers for Growth Hack

While HubSpot has a great number of followers on Instagram, it is not as great as Sumo.

The important aspect in regards to HubSpot followers on Instagram is quite simple, and it is none other than ‘Micro-Influencer marketing.’

In the word of a blogger at HubSpot, this is how the strategy runs:

The brand makes use of HubSpot Partners for building a circle of micro-influencers.

You will see around 1,650 posts using the hashtag #hubspotpartner on Instagram.

This leads to genuine followings for HubSpot.

All in all, micro-influencer marketing plays a significant role in boosting the engagement rates of their followings.

Tip 6: The Nine Parts of Free CRM Lead Generating Page for Gaining New Customers

Once a customer enters this page, they will quickly reach a decision just from the information given in the first part.

The visitors are led to a half lead form by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ call-to-action button.

Furthermore, the factors required for converting their users are as follows:

  • The ‘Google Partner Certification’ image immediately aids in adding credibility through association with top brand names like Google.
  • Their heading emphasizes the challenging issue, i.e., poor sales, faced by them.
  • The background picture with a powerful CTA in contrasting colors for letting the audience know what it leads to in case interested.
  • Their sub-heading allows the audience to see the workings of HubSpot CRM. It makes use of buzzwords which sets off an emotional reply to their customers.
  • A screenshot is added from within the software to help users know what to expect when using the product.
  • A brief two-minute testimonial video from HubSpot’s customer boosting social evidence.
  • Introduction of advantages such as ‘100% Free’ or ‘Ten-second Installation’ to help in overcoming disapprovals customers have with such products.
  • CRM software has a competitive market. HubSpot is aware of this; therefore talks about their main USPs for helping the audience figure out whether the CRM is a perfect choice.
  1. There have been proofs regarding the beneficial use of headshots with briefly written testimonials over or below the call-to-action buttons. To add to that are the lead forms, both increasing the conversions. So why not make use of them yourself?

Tip 7: The Outbound Sales Strategy to Keep Customers Longer

What the outside does not show is the horde of over 200 outbound sales agents at HubSpot.

They have more than 2,400 employees; therefore, their sales crew comprise about 15% of the total size of the company.

At HubSpot, outbound and inbound sales work together in bringing success to the company. They get over $800 worth of software contracts every month.

There is a major contrast that sets HubSpot apart from most tech corporations. HubSpot offers incentives to the salespersons or wholesalers for retaining customers throughout the years vs ending it after a contract is signed.

Because of the success of the sales team at HubSpot, they set up a Free CRM. This is so that the small-scale companies can implement it for the growth of their sales. In this way, they can nurture, track as well as organize their consumers and leads.

Tip 8: Surface the Issues Faced by your Customers by Setting Up a Free Software Tool 

The free Website Grader software of HubSpot came about in 2007.

People can enter the email address and URL of the websites to check how strong they are, scoring out of 100.

It will then provide you with recommendations, suggesting improvement in regards to security, performance, SEO, and mobile readiness.

Of course, this tool is incredibly useful for small-scale companies. But apart from that, it also explains how to set up a free software tool for driving sales-specific top-of-funnel leads.

This campaign is how you help solve your customer’s issues or recommend them to use the products as the simplest solution.

Tip 9: Calculate Customer Happiness Index Depending on the Behavioral Data of your Customers

The Customer Happiness Index (CHI) of HubSpot makes use of customers’ behavioral details to provide you with all the customers’ CHI scoring.

So, it comes as no surprise that this tool is HubSpot’s frontrunner for eliminating churn.

HubSpot concentrates on obtaining countless information points for all customers depending on their actions.

They then generate a regression examination on the information and detect the customers on the verge of churning before doing it.

In general, HubSpot makes use of CHI for measuring their customers’ actions with their products.

In this way, they will know whether the customers are faring well or worse as compared to their resolved baseline.

Key Takeaway

HubSpot features certain distinctive growth tactics, which have helped them a lot, leading to constant growth.

  • Offering free articles will not lead to conversions you are expecting. Rather, make use of your blog to tie up to valuable guides that can be downloaded for free. Additionally, by offering ‘next step’ calls-to-action, you can customize and attract your audience better.
  • Build a connection with influential people in your industry and let them write as guests on the blog.
  • Collaborate with the frontrunners from relevant industries and generate a powerful content collaboration.
  • Study the search intent PPC key phrases and produce equivalent offers.
  • Collaborate with Instagram micro-influencers and use hashtags to get genuine promotion through them.
  • Boost your traffic conversion rates by following the nine parts landing page procedure by HubSpot.
  • Gather all your customers’ information to predict their moves before it takes place. Then, make use of the collected data to generate strategies that kill churning before it takes place.

In Conclusion

If you are in the marketing industry, just like HubSpot, you have to face quite a challenging task.

However, we are hoping that this write-up, provided with the nine useful tips, will help your real estate business achieve staggering growth.

Do bear in mind that these tactics are applicable to every business market.

So, even if you are not in the real estate business, you can always customize and apply these tips to your other fields of business.

Believe it or not, this applies to photographers as well.

So what are you waiting for?

Follow these tips and leave us a comment, letting us know your experience.

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