The Importance of Content Marketing and Visual Content on a Blog

By Robert Katai March 27, 2020

Whether you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, I am sure you already know the importance of content marketing on your website.

It’s effective, it doesn’t drain out your budget and on the long run, it returns your investments tenfold.

However, content marketing cannot exist without visual content and through this article, I will try to explain why is that and also, why visual content is important for any blogger or website owner.

The importance of content marketing

Over the past few years, the way we conduct marketing has changed drastically.

More and more people seem to favor the social media and the visual content and there seems to be a decreasing number of people interested in reading blogs and informational websites.

This doesn’t mean however that traditional written content is obsolete, neither that visuals have taken over the marketing strategies completely.

What we need to do is to combine these two sides of an apple and try to present the entire fruit to our audience.

And, of course, you need to focus your strategy on specific niches, thus ensuring that you have a constant and dedicated audience. But first, let’s see why content marketing is important:

Well, let’s see some really compelling reasons:

1. Content marketing is cheap. Even if you are not prepared to write articles on your own, neither skilled in an editorial profession, you can hire skilled writers at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

2. Content marketing is not limited in time. When you pay for banners or for audio/video adverts on Radio and Television, you are doing it for a specific time span.

Nobody will allow you to pay once and be on the air forever. When you publish content, however, your posts will be available as long as your website is on. In other words, you create marketing campaigns for your entire business’ lifetime.

3. Content marketing has the capacity to resonate more powerfully with your customers because it’s carefully tailored to their needs and interests.

It’s a way of conveying your brand’s personality and offering without being overtly promotional, which can go a long way toward building brand trust amongst your audience, Liam Fisher, the creative lead at Builtvisible said in an Interview at Smart Insights.

Well, he’s right. Content is not intrusive, it adds value to the audience and most of all, it helps you make your brand more visible to a larger audience.

4. Content marketing is already the chosen marketing strategy for ninety percent of companies. If the above reasons do not suffice for you, this should.


Because one or two marketers may be at fault when they choose a strategy but when all of them are walking on the same path, you cannot ignore it.

At least, you should try it and see what happens, considering it won’t cost you as much as traditional marketing.

The importance of visual content

Now, that we know the fact that content marketing works and it is effective, what can I add to visual content? Well, the answer is “a lot”.

Visual content nowadays is the foundation of everything we share due to social media on one hand and the human nature on the other hand.

Let’s take it step by step:

Human Nature: Nobody talks about the human nature when it comes to the content we publish, read and enjoy online but I think it is one of the most important facts we should take into account when creating a marketing strategy.

Why? Our brain processes images 60k times faster than text and 90% of all the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Therefore, it’s only natural to be attracted by visuals rather than written text and to process visual data faster.

Social Media: Social media these days is based on visual content. Take for example Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Facebook, four of the most popular social media platforms of our times.

They are all based on visual imagery and people seem to favor them especially because of that.

What does this mean for a blogger? On one hand, it means that you should use the visual imagery on every article you publish, even if you are only using stock photography.

On the other hand, this visual content will also allow you to promote your content on social media platforms and attract more visitors.

Basic links and text may help you expand your audience at some level but you will need visuals in order to attract a wide audience.

Pro tip: Use a custom URL shortener like Rebrandly to shorten, brand, and track every link that you share on your social media channels. By using branded links you can increase your click-through rate by up to 39%

You need something catchy, something to raise the viewer interest before they get to read your titles or your excerpts.

As a consequence, besides your actual content, a visual content strategy should be a priority should you want to be successful in these times.

Some Facts About the Importance of Visual Content

Why is visual content recommended?

Why should bloggers and marketers consider choosing to publish more visuals when they decide to share content with their audience?

Well, let’s see some facts that will definitely persuade us once and for all about the importance of visual content:

The attention span of your audience: It is said that the attention span of today’s people is shorter than of a toddler.

a. The attention span of your audience: It is said that the attention span of today’s people is shorter than of a toddler.

The first ten seconds are critical. You need to raise your audience’s interest immediately and you can do it only by delivering something really great and valuable.

The title and the excerpt, however, may not be enough. You need great visuals. This is the content that will trigger their attention and make them look further and maybe read your first sentences.

Moreover, the visuals will help you become more visible on social media when you share your articles or when your fans share your articles as well.

b. There is an informational overload. We are all connected, we are constantly browsing the web, and there are thousands if not millions of websites that are sharing content that is of interest to us.

We are facing an informational overload and not all the websites are delivering exactly what we need.

This means that we have to select our sources and this selection should be made in just a few seconds because our time is limited.

Well, sometimes, the visual imagery is the catalyst. People are more attracted to images than text and if you choose your visual content wisely, you might be more successful at catching your viewers attention and at making them read your blog.

c. There are no problems related to speed anymore. I don’t know if you remember the times when the Internet was based only on texts and nothing more but back then, the connections were slow and multimedia content was almost inexistent.

Now, most of us have broadband connections and when on mobile, we are connected to 3G and 4G networks that are able to deliver visual data in fractions of a second.

This means that we are no longer tied to textual content and we can share everything we like, no matter what kind of content it is, video, audio or static imagery.

What visual content can you publish?

What kind of visual imagery can you publish on your blog or on social media in order to complement your posts? How can you make the best out of your visuals?

Let’s see some examples and based on them, choose your best approaches according to your marketing strategy:

Images: Split a text body with relevant images and people will be more inclined to finish reading what you wrote.

Articles and blog post with images get over 90% more views than those who are just plain text without any visuals.

Magazines: Digital magazines and printed magazines these days are mostly visual. They follow the trends and this is not a bad thing, especially when you can use them as a source of content marketing.

It doesn’t matter how you create them, and what software you are using for DTP tasks. However, you will need a digital magazine maker such as in order to make your work easily shareable on the internet.

Brochures and catalogs: If your blog is attached to an eCommerce website or it is the online window to a local store, I am sure you have already pondered to publish your brochures and catalogs online.

However, regardless of the products shared through these documents, the elements that count are the visuals.

It matters how good your pictures are, how you manage to take your photo shoots and so on.

People react to images and these elements are your best shot to effective marketing.

Videos: Video content is effective especially when you want to share tutorials or presentations of newly launched products. You can mix them with texts or embed them in your blog.

Infographics: As I have said before, visuals have a greater impact on the viewer just because they take less time to be acknowledged and comprehend.

Blog posts can be accompanied by great Infographics in order to attract more viewers and back links. Also, Infographics easier to share and read on social media.

Memes: They’re great for social media because most of the times they add fun to your campaigns and attract shares and views should you create them with inspiration.

Good ideas, even humorous ideas, are always great for marketing. Keep this in mind before brainstorming for memes.


Visual content is quite important in today’s context of online media. Content marketing is also important for blogs and websites but as we have already learned from this article, it cannot be truly effective without visual content.

What do you think about images and videos?

How often do you integrate visuals into your content?

What does your analytics say?

How effective do you think visual media is?

Please share with me and our audience your inputs and experiences in the comments section available below.

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