9 Proven Ways to Improve Customer Experience (Examples Included)

By Bill Acholla September 23, 2020

Customer servicing can be quite challenging at times.

It is not an easy feat to deal with different people and meet every one of their expectations.

It is natural to feel anxious, especially when you come across angry customers.

Sometimes, you have to face unpleasant interactions while handling a rude customer and it does affect your work as well.

However, you need to understand the root cause of their frustration.

In this write-up, I’ll help you learn ways to enhance customer experience and strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

According to the American Express research, 86% of consumers are always ready and willing to spend more for superior customer experience.

The customer experience influences all aspects of your business. It incorporates the consumers’ entire journey.

Companies that prioritize this approach will gain an increase in traffic, ROI, and reduced churn.

Most people reach out to support reps when they have a problem that requires fixing.

Therefore, as a customer service rep, you need to improve customer service experience and have good customer service skills.

Here are nine customer service tips to help you achieve a flawless customer experience and build rapport with customers.

1. Find Your Ideal Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the most important factors of any business.

To make your business grow, you need to establish a strategy to enhance and measure customer experience.

Before that, however, you need to know your ultimate experience – the feeling your customers will experience when interacting with your company.

After finding your ideal customer experience, you need to focus and make sure to deliver your planned experience.

Soft skill training also plays an essential part in increasing customer satisfaction. Soft skills such as emotional intelligence, active listening, work ethics, openness to feedback, and so on help build interpersonal skills.

This training will not only enhance the superior customer experience but also improve the future of customer experience.

2. Go Omni Channel to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience and omnichannel are in close association.

You can adopt an omnichannel rather than going for a multi-channel method.

Your customers will be able to interact with your brand through multiple channels such as smartphones, social media, etc.

Simply put, you will be able to interact and service your customers from a channel and flawlessly resume it on a different channel.

You can build an omnichannel customer experience by using customer journey maps.

For example, a client uses an app to go through a product. They can use certain social media platforms to interact with their friends, like tagging them for an opinion.

After they pay a visit to the store, a customer rep can guide them via a device and answer their questions.

Experience cloud also drives the management of omnichannel and promotes customer experience.

It allows companies to build effective experiences for the consumers and an efficient way to interact with them. 

3. Incorporate Customer Experience Management Program (CEM)

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is what you would call the art of customer interactions at all touch points, both physical and digital.

It helps track, control, and design customer interactions to satisfy customers’ needs and demands.

Companies should prioritize the CX program to increase customer engagement. It allows the customers to have a proper relationship with your brand, which in turn helps improve customer loyalty.

It will not only be beneficial to retain customers, but these are ways of improving sales as well. Word of mouth marketing can always assure growth for your business.

For instance, let’s take a look at the Nielsen Survey conducted in 58 countries, with a total of 29000 consumers.

It found that 84% of the population fully trusts the words of their family, friends, or colleagues when it comes to advertisements.

4. Self Service for your Customers

Many companies employ high-end, user-friendly technology and even hire a customer journey expert for the implementation of customer service strategies. 

In today’s world of AI technology, most customers are able to manage things on their own, and they hardly need our assistance.

By implementing novel strategies, self-service for customers can prove to be an exciting experience in itself.  

Rather than waiting in line for a customer service rep to deal with your queries, one would instead prefer to browse the internet for the answers.

As stated by the CRM Magazine, 45% of businesses and companies offer self-service through web or mobile.

This has significantly increased the websites’ traffic and lessens call inquires.

To achieve this, you can post FAQs and resources on your site.

It will significantly help the customers’ self-service themselves and seek for answers to their queries.

5. Innovate Customer Experience to Set the Bar

Innovation is the best practice for businesses wanting to improve customer experience in retail. It is not just about creating new things, but also implementing better results to boost your workflow and meet your goals.

Companies like Disney, Apple, or car dealership like Tesla are some examples of good customer service.

They deliver increased customer experience for effective consumer relations.

These companies use the CX innovation approach for customer entrapment and connection. It allows them to be more prominent than the rest.

CX innovation is one of the ways to ensure customer satisfaction, improve retention, and create customer loyalty as well.

Along with it being efficient and effective, it is also cost-effective.

6. Enhance your Call Center Performance

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, made sure he attended the two-day call center camps along with his employees.

In this way, they learned ways to improve CRM and officially fulfill their ‘customer-obsessed’ tagline.

In addition, you need to improve your call center efficiency for attracting and retaining customers.

Divide your customers by taking the help of KPIs, IVR, data analytics, performance metrics, etc.

It is crucial to authorize your agents with the right tools to make decisions in place of the company.

A professional agent will ensure the satisfaction of the customer in telecom industry. It will result in a better customer service and implementation of a more beneficial CX.

Having said all that, you need to reward your employees with rewards and quotas on their excellent work.

It costs nothing to make them feel valued and, in turn, will keep them driven when the going gets tough.

7. Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience

The start of Ecommerce shopping has had a great impact on the business industry.

Nowadays, most customers seek for variety, easy accessibility, and reasonable pricing.

With the increase in consumers turning to e-commerce or online shopping, many retail stores are closing down and converting to e-commerce centers.

Now, this is where you come across a critical stage.

By going e-commerce, the customer focus and expectations are on how positive your customer experience is.

This ‘make it or mar it’ phase will decide if a consumer will become your regular and premium customer.

According to HubSpot, 80% of people refuse to do business with a brand because of their unsatisfactory customer experience.

Therefore, it is of the utmost priority for your business to provide a high-quality e-commerce CX to increase retention.

Online marketing examples such as Shopify and Mailchimp build excellent customer experience by optimizing their e-commerce SEO and adopting email automation.

The emails would reach the customers with relevant messages at the right time without having to do the work every time.

8. Enhance Customer Experience Strategy

By now, you must be well-informed about customer experience and its influence on the business market as well as the customer lifecycle.

You may be trying to implement it in your business; however, the customers still opt for your competitors and not you.

To avoid this, you need to have a customer experience strategy to retain customer retention.

Building a CX strategy is the best way to boost loyalty, promote innovation, and step up your business.

After creating a customer experience strategy, ensure to further enhance your CX by optimizing your CX strategy.

Make sure you are clear about the goals you need to achieve for your customer experience and also how to attain it.

For instance, the company Aliant noticed some issues relating to the bills and how it was weakening their customer experience.

To solve this problem, they strategized and hired an expert to improve the bills as well as the customer communications.

9. Employee Response to Improve Customer Experience

Your employees know best what works best for your customers and what not.

Therefore, it is important to collect feedback from employees using pulse surveys.

It will help you quickly improve and achieve the best customer experience for your consumers.

It is the employees who are in direct contact with the customers, and thus prioritizing job satisfaction is necessary.

Using a pulse survey, you are able to take into account their opinions and feedback to improve service better.

This will, in turn, help provide world class customer service.

We can clearly see this in banking industry. When one has to deal with customers’ day in and day out, it becomes strenuous and exhausting for the employees.

Consequently, making them unable to perform their finest and thus impacting their exchange with the customer.

Furthermore, hosting regular team building programs and mental health checks will also help boost the team morale.

Key Takeaway

Every business or company offers a customer experience. Prioritizing a seamless CX helps in the growth of your business.

Strategizing on how to enhance and measure all the elements to create the ultimate experience will help you achieve this.

Working on an omnichannel method ensures that your customer has a flawless experience with your brand.

There should not be any interference in your customers’ journey from one channel to another.

Furthermore, managing CX is the element of customer engagement and interactions as well.

Adam Richardson, of the Harvard Business Review, talks about what a customer experience encompasses and how to set about and improve it.

According to him, the knowledge you first require to improve CX is to understand your customers’ journey with your organization.

By improving CX, it benefits the organizations in many ways, especially in its growth as a brand.

As discussed in the above sections, implementing different methods that enhance and measure customer experience is a way to achieve this.

To put it simply, companies and brands that execute customer experience tactics attain an increase in customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and higher profits.

Keep in mind that it is essential to build an emotional connection with your customers to improve your CX in your organization.

Over To You

Well, there you have it – nine strategies on how to improve customer experience for your business.

Simply follow these steps to increase your business’ traffic and build rapport with customers and let us know your thoughts on it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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