How Good Branding Can Influence and Increase Your Sales Online

By Bill Acholla November 4, 2015

Good branding

Online shopping has been an ongoing trend for consumers all over the world for quite some time now.

All thanks to the different social media platforms, promoting and selling brands have never been easier.

However, there is the underlying question of whether your brand has what it takes to survive the online world.

Though selling online appears easy, it is all a front. You cannot just sign up for a social media account, post your product, and then expect that you will get customers in just about a day or two.

Remember, online influence and sales success is not about the product, but about the brand.

Since branding is an element necessary for the success of your business, online or not, you should understand first what it is all about. By doing this, you can properly plan the course of action for your business.

What You Need to Know About Branding

The first thing you need to know is that branding is neither your product nor is it your marketing strategy. These three, however, are integral parts of your business.

Marketing strategies and products are more into the concrete aspect of your business. These are the things your customers can easily see, and just as it can easily be seen, it can also be easily changed or replaced.

For example, this season, you are selling black sneakers while promoting it using posters; next season, however, you will be selling white sneakers using commercials as your marketing strategy.

A brand, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of these two. It is not just an aspect, but the soul and foundation of your business.

Everything will depend on your brand, your marketing strategies, product, and even how you run your company.

A brand is so important because it is experienced by your customers every time they engage with your business.

Your brand does not start and end when your product is presented and sold to your customers; it is something that leaves a trace to every person who encounters it.

An example is when your product is an energy drink and your brand promotes a bright and active lifestyle.

Your drink must not be the sole source of your brand. The bright and active lifestyle must also be seen from those people promoting the drink, as well as the marketing strategies.

So basically, if you want to be successful online, make sure that people will experience your brand.

Don’t think about your sales or your influence, but rather prioritize your customers’ experience.

Always remember what Ted Rubin said:

All business is about building relationships with people and when you do, you always get a return without even trying to sell.

Communicating with People Online

Now that you somehow have an idea of what branding is, it is now time to learn some tips on giving your customers a wonderful experience online.

1. Be available and make conversation. Customers are important, without them, your business will go down the drain. Make sure that you make them feel how important and valuable they are to you.

The best way is to give your time to them and answer every question and consider suggestions they have for your product.

2. Approach them, not the other way around. This is important, especially if you are just starting online. Just like in everything you are new to, you need to introduce yourself. Don’t just wait around for people to approach you.

Yes, there would be one or two who will show interest in your business, but there would be a lot more if you make the first move.

However, asking them to immediately buy your product is not recommended. It is important that you build your relationship with your future clients first.

3. Focus on your customers. While promoting your business to your customers, you might go on non-stop about how great your products and your business are.

But keep in mind that no matter how good your business is, if it doesn’t interest your customers, then it’s useless. Always listen to what your customers want and need.

4. Be sincere. Whatever brand you want your business to have, make sure that you promote this because it is the value you want to share with others.

Do not do this just for the sake of gaining profit. Remember that people buy your products because they trust you and your brand, so always hold on to that.

Everything listed here is just suggestions for you to understand how branding can contribute to the online success of your business. However, whatever you decide to do to promote your business online is up to you.

Just remember this: what you show online must coincide with you and your brand. Like what Sujan Patel said:

Your content is the story your brand shares with the world. Tell it!

Over to You

You just saw how well good branding can increase sales online for your business.

But for you to get value from this ultimate guide, you need to take action on it and you’ll have a successful success.

How do you plan on using Good Branding to increase sales on your business?

Anyway, let me know by leaving a quick comment right now.


  1. Sweet, thank you. I try my best to add personality to each post.
    I think this was said on a fizzle podcast…”your brand is what other people say about you”

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