The Future of Emailing Influencers for Content Promotion is On a Slow Demise for New Marketers (A Data-Driven Answer)

By Bill Acholla February 11, 2020

I recently analyzed the effectiveness of influencer outreach for new marketers.

My goal?

Why Influential bloggers are turning hostile to new marketers when it comes to content promotion

Specifically, I looked at:

  • Email pitch
  • Influencer responses
  • Follow-up sequences
  • Content type

To staff off, let’s define who an influencer is.

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer can be anyone from a movie star to a famous gamer with millions of followers on social media.

Influencer marketing is totally based upon these popular people, who can influence the target audience to buy certain products.

Many businesses hired these influencers to get more sales within the shortest possible time.

They have made a lot of money with those influencers who encouraged people to buy certain products.

The time is changing again and as mentioned earlier, buyers are getting smarter.

A study conducted by a renowned source reveals that about 45% of followers do not pay attention to sponsored posts anymore.

These 45% of followers know how the influencers make money.

So, is influencer outreach on a slow demise for new marketers?

Let’s find out:

Here is a Summary of My Key Findings:

1. 86% of influencers don’t respond to email outreach from new marketers, they only respond to influential bloggers.

2. Influencers are choosy on who to respond to.

3. Email template may not play a key role in getting feedback from influencers.

4. Email outreach from influential bloggers tends to perform better than email from new marketers.

5. Infographic tends to perform well than text

6. Most influencers like to share posts on social media channels rather than to link them from their site.

Let me share what I discovered.

One day I stumbled upon a research report on called, “How Chatbots Will Transform The Retail Industry”.

Despite being a small research report, that report racked up an impressive number of social shares.

After reading that report, I thought to myself:

“If that report got people that excited, what if I create an infographic around that proven topic?”

Which led me to my second step…

First, I spent a day researching content for the infographic.

Then I hired a freelance designer to take my list of bullet points…

…and turn it into a professional infographic.

Looks nice, right?

As you probably know, if you want to get better results you need to promote it strategically.

Which leads me to Influencer outreach.

Below is a sample email outreach template I used to reach out to 100 influential bloggers to promote my infographic about Chatbots redefining the customer service industry.

(I obviously personalized and tweaked this template for everyone I reached out to).

Below are a few sample responses I got from influencer outreach campaign.

a. One journalist who was interested and promised me to feature the infographic but unfortunately she did not feature it.

b. Another influential blogger only replied with good feedback.

c. I got lucky and only one major influencer who liked the infographic and he added it in his distribution list and promoted it.

d. I got a reader who enjoyed my article and he was interested in backlink from my site.

The final result?

Pretty cool, right?

As I was monitoring the performance of my infographic, one influential blogger reached out to me to share my thoughts about his survey.

Guess, What?

I replied and agreed.

After a while I saw his blog post being promoted by major influencers. 

When I reached out to him about my post, he did not respond even after several follow ups.

Oops. I almost forgot.

Here’s the script to I used for follow up:

What does that tell you?

You need to match their status.

It’s safe to say that influential bloggers are turning hostile to new marketers when it comes to content promotion.

Below is a detailed data and information of my findings.

1. 86% of influencers don’t respond to email outreach from new marketers, they only respond to influential bloggers.

Most of the marketers want to get the best results for their efforts. They search for influencers of their industry and try to reach them via an email to publish a guest post, get a backlink from their blogs, or for collaboration.

You might make an agreement in ideal circumstances and work on some business development plans to benefit from this collaboration.          

Unfortunately, things do not often work in that way. Emails are ignored and even the best pitches do not work to draw the attention of the influencer.

Why does that happen more often with new marketers?

Why do they only respond to influential bloggers?

New marketers face this problem mainly due to the following reasons:

a. Sending too many emails:

It is obvious that you want to get a quick response from the influencer. You might send many emails to scores of influencers in that effort.

It might seem like an easy thing to do, but you won’t get desired results in that way.

Whether it is a social media influencer or a public figure, they know their value.

Therefore, you might not get a second chance if your mails are canned.

These influencers have a huge number of followers because they are experts in their field.

They expect a genuine conversation and they also want to work on great projects.

Therefore, you should never spam them and send a genuine email to gain their attention.

b. Trying to reach a wrong influencer.

Some influencers feel like a brand ambassador when they present a product offer to their audiences.

They act like they believe in the promoted product and use it whenever it is necessary.

Suppose your business is selling smartphone accessories and you are reaching to an influencer who comments on people’s clothing, you may never hear back from that guy.

You are trying to hire a wrong person, who does not believe he is an expert in your field.

He won’t do any product review session for you and that’s why he is not responding.

c. Asking for favor.

New marketers often pitch an influencer proposal in which they ask for favor. Asking for favor from an influencer is not okay if it is your first proposal.

You might get some favors when working together, but many newbies ask for the favor in their first email.

That’s why the deal does not work. Most of the influencers only respond to influential bloggers because they use their blogs for promotion or publishing their guest posts.

They would love to share details about your business’s exclusive offer if you give something in return.

d. Poorly written email pitch.

Many new marketers find the right people to promote their products, but their bad email pitch works against their efforts.

They do not get any response in return. There might be many things wrong in your email, from the topic to its entire structure.

Influencers with millions of followers do not get enough time to go through a poor email pitch.

Therefore, they simply ignore such emails. You should use quality content to describe the project and your vision.

Keep it short and to the point so that your offer can impress that influencer.

2. Influencers are choosy on who to respond to.

Although these things cannot be true for each and every influencer, most of them are quite choosey in responding to people because of the following reasons.

a. They want to work with businesses relevant to their niche.

An influencer always wants to provide his audience with the best solutions for their demands.

He would barely consider promotion of a product that he does not understand very well.

As mentioned before, modern customers are quite smart and they take just a few minutes to recognize what’s a genuine offer and what’s a promotion.

Any influencer would never like to lose his followers due to promoting something that is not relevant to his niche.

c. They want to work only with reliable businesses.

Some influencers are choosy because they do not trust every new business. Influencer marketing lures new marketers because it helps them in drawing the attention of target audience much faster than other methods.

However, many influencers do not want to risk their reputation by promoting a product from a brand that is new in the market.

Most of the influencers want to work with reputable brands and that’s a big reason behind their choosy behavior.

b. They want a great deal.

Influencers might show that they care about what is great for their followers, but that’s not always true.

They always seek something in return when promoting a product. It might be their fees or a favor in return for their efforts.

They might not respond to you if you can’t meet their demands.

3. Email template may not play a key role in getting feedback from influencers.

Writing a perfect email is a part of engaging an influencer in a fruitful conversation.

Your email should be clear, brief, and revealing all the necessary details about your marketing plan.

Such kind of emails lures any reader and encourages him to take an action.

Unfortunately, new marketers choose email templates available on the internet to stand out of the queue.

Influencers get so many emails with such templates and they simply avoid responding to such lengthy emails.

4. Email outreach from influential bloggers tends to perform better than email from new marketers.

One thing makes influential bloggers better than anyone else and it is their ability to produce mesmerizingly awesome content.

Content quality matters the most whenever you are trying to reach a renowned person.

Influential bloggers know all the tricks and tactics employed to draw the attention of an influencer in their field.

Therefore their email outreach performs much better than new marketers, who have no idea about what they are mailing.

5. Infographic tends to perform well than text

People do not like to read lengthy text, whether it is published on a website or sent as an email.

One of the greatest ways of engaging the target audience is showing the infographics.

Whether it is promotion, information, or a great pitch to draw the attention of influencer, infographics perform quite great.

Marketers can combine infographics with text to engage the best influencer in their niche.

6. Most influencers like to share posts on social media channels rather than to link them from their site.

Most of the modern age influencers entertain their followers on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Yes, they have their official websites and those sites feature everything they find perfect for their followers.

Even though they own a beautiful and feature-rich site, most of them share posts on social media.

They do so because their millions of active followers check that post immediately and take the required action. It works better for generating leads than linking a post to their sites

Key Takeaway

It simply means new marketers are busier in checking the rate card of influencers than taking essential steps to outreach them.

You already know what it takes to impress an influencer. If you believe your product is great and probably better than competitors, you need an influencer to bring it in the market.

Follow the right process to reach your favorite influencer and you will gain his attention without putting a lot of efforts.

Over to You

What’s your #1 takeaway from this influencer outreach study?

Or maybe you have a question about the results.

Either way, I’d like to hear from you.So go ahead and leave a comment below right now.

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