Learn How Yvonne Halling Automated Her Business Using Keap formerly (Infusionsoft)

By Bill Acholla April 3, 2019

Today you’re going to see one of my favorite CRM software in action.

(Keap, formerly Infusionsoft)

Specifically, I’ll show you how Yvonne Halling automated her small business using Keap.


Let’s dive right in.

I’m fascinated by Emil’s story and decided you people would love to read it too.

Emil Shour was hired by SnackNation.com and was assigned his first job; to get backlinks for the business.

At that time, the business was facing difficult times and most of their blog section was filled with generic blogs, which did almost nothing to increase their business.

Emil explains how desperate the situation was, “When we first started out, the blog had a couple of okay posts.

We weren’t going after keywords that were outside of our really tiny niche.

There’s only so many things people are looking for in terms of office snack delivery.”

It didn’t take long for Emil to realize that they were approaching the problem from the wrong angle.

The only thing left to do at that stage was to avail the magic of Google and that’s what Emil did.

And all it took was just one blog to change the business around.

Emil came across a blog, Content Strategy Case Study and used the skyscraper technique to work wonders for the business.

In his own words, “I read that post maybe ten times because I was just amazed. I was like ‘holy crap.

I have to do this.’

And I just modeled it completely after that.”

So that was Emil’s story, but even now there are a number of people who’re looking for ways to take their businesses towards the ultimate path of success.

Yvonne Halling, however, is one of few people who aren’t looking for business automation choices. Or at least she wasn’t when she first started her Bed and Breakfast.

The new reality is that sales and marketing are continuously and increasingly integrated.

Marketing needs to know more about sales, sales needs to know more about marketing, and we all need to know more about our customers.

Jill Rowley

It’s rare to read about such stories and I knew I had to include this Infusionsoft review in my blog the moment I read it.

So, here goes.

Yvonne Halling owns a bed and breakfast, Les Molyneaux, in the Champagne region of France.

She lived in a renovated 19th century former grape farmer’s house with her husband who was frequently away on business trips.

To indulge herself and make use of her free time, Halling ran the business as a hobby.

Since the business wasn’t a source of income for her, she didn’t invest in marketing and stuff.

Whatever guests she get would come from random tourists or recommendation from the tourist office. Jiles, Halling’s husband lost his job and they had to move back to the UK.

But once the 2008 economic downturn happened, the Hallings knew it was time to make a profitable business out of Halling’s hobby.

Things were going good in the beginning but by 2010, Halling realized that there was so much she could do on her own.

And so began her search for the right sales automation software; a software to manage sales and marketing.

It was around this time she decided to try Infusionsoft now known as Keap software and one day, she went to one of their seminars.

“I knew this was the sales management software I needed to reach my dream of owning and running a six-figure bed-and breakfast with just four rooms.

I thought, ‘I can see how Infusionsoft would work in my business.’

So I invested.”

The results are remarkable! Her bed and breakfast now holds the first spot on TripAdvisor for bed and breakfast in the Champagne region.

Over time, Halling has used online forms, SEO, the business’s website and social media to attract guest.

All her efforts and the investment in Infusionsoft paid off.

She managed to save time, double revenue, grow leads by 450%, triple customers and reduce workload by 25%.

Now, she has started another business, which mentors other bed and breakfast owners. “I like showing [them] how to dramatically increase their revenue while keeping guests happy and informed. Infusionsoft is my secret weapon, which I gladly share with my own clients.”

5 Main Points Small Businesses Can Use to Generate Leads

It’s no surprise that small business owners face challenges when it comes to continuous growth.

Even after all their efforts, they fail to generate leads.

I’ve come across lots of people who can’t figure out why their business doesn’t succeed, even when they spend hours trying to figure out a way.

To many people, investing in a sales automation or an email marketing software is a waste of money.

They believe that they can establish a business by investing efforts but what good are those efforts if they can’t get you customers.

Just make sure you aren’t making these mistakes.

To all those people, I’ve always advised the same thing; to work on CRM, Customer Relationship Management.

With the right sales management tool, you can easily manage your sales and marketing functions and in due time, you’ll be able to see the results of the investment.

But till then, here are 5 main points that you can use to automate and generate leads for your business…

1. Develop a Marketing Strategy

Without a marketing strategy, you’ll just be wasting your time and efforts.

You have to identify your target audience and research about their demographics, their income, and their needs and expectations.

Through a marketing plan, you can easily cater to the needs of your customers and fulfill their expectations to your best.

All your promotional efforts have to be detailed properly and followed to the last strategy.

In order to get your business in front of your customers, you have to come up with the best promotional plan; a plan that’s cater to your target market.

Depending on the nature of your business, you might have a few marketing plans.

Just choose the one that’ll best serve the purpose of generating leads and follow it through.

An empowered buyer is exactly what a sales and marketing organization should be targeting.

Sales and marketing should unite to determine who their ideal customer is and how to reveal their latent pain and to move the customer to a place where they are more successful because of the product or service being offered.

Claudine Bianchi

But what work best for your small business, no matter its nature, is a customer relationship management tool.

Once you are successful in making customers realize that your business is the one that can satisfy their needs, you can expect a drastic change in your business.

Each customer likes to feel important and when you can do that, there’s no stopping you.

2. Content Marketing

Words have the power to influence and inspire people.

So if you have great command over words and are creative enough to generate inspiring content, you are sure to attract customers.

Nowadays, people don’t go for the same boring stuff that was intriguing for the past generation.

They don’t gush over boring articles and blogs. What they need is a bit of spice and some interesting content that they haven’t already seen.

That’s why many websites and businesses are opting for creative content and promotional media.

With busy schedules, not many people have time to go over lengthy articles.

An infographic however, is not only light reading but also provides creative relief.

3. Contacts to Customers

You’ve set off the promotions, the content is interesting and it really is generating lead but now what?

Most of the people who come to your website are just out to window shop and it’s time to convert them from potential customers to customers.

Through Infusionsoft, you can contact these potential customers and entice them with customized emails.

By taking care of their need for information, you’re slowly conditioning them to return to you when they are actually in need of your product or services.

It even provides eCommerce and payment solutions.

4. Micro Events

Small business owners might find it difficult to become part of large corporate events and seminars.

But they have lots of opportunities to attend events especially held for small businesses.

These micro events can provide you the chance to focus and decide on the best business opportunities.

Even though some micro events are quite expensive, if they help you generate some much needed leads then they are worth the investment.

You can easily get rid of these issues.

There are examples of lots of small business owners who invested in an automation software for small business and now they are enjoying the fruits of their quick wits.

5. Email Marketing

After the emergence of SMS and other communication alternatives, people think email isn’t relevant anymore.

That can’t be farther from the truth.

Businesses are always using emails to send out updates and promotions to their customers.

This way, they are able to keep everyone up to date with the recent events and it provides the business a chance to increase their revenue.

Email marketing is included in the plethora of services Infusionsoft provides as a part of CRM for small business.

Now that all is said and done, you wouldn’t have any trouble following the tips and finally, getting a favorable result of your effort and time.

So, without any more delays, get down to it and start developing that marketing automation strategy.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you have seen the full potential of growing your business, it’s time to take action with Infusionsoft now known as (Keap.com)

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