Keyword Search Volume Tool: The Definitive Guide (Updated With Examples)

By Bill Acholla March 6, 2021

When I was still starting out in my content marketing business, and still finding my way through the complicated network that is the Web, I figured that it wasn’t so easy to simply post your advertisement and content online.

I tried posting well-written content, just as how you today are fuelling the growth of your blog.

However, I was in for a surprise.

I realized that my posts get stuck in the virtual world without so much as a “share” or a decent traffic routed to my website.

Didn’t I just post something to make my blog more popular?

Or so I thought.

Then it hit me.

Perhaps the problem wasn’t in the content per se, but in how I was not keeping up with other blogs.

Some blogs just simply show up on Google index, and mine was usually buried deep in the list.

Nobody wants to see his blog post left behind; I had a business to manage and time was running out!  I knew then that I couldn’t count on my writing skills and expert advice alone, but I had to be a techie whizz to be on top of the Google search.

The problem was I wasn’t a tech god at the time!

The solution: I searched for tools to make my content more popular and my website higher-ranking in Google.

I wanted my blog featured in LinkedIn pulse channels. I just had to be trending on!

That’s was how I discovered SEMrush.

This tool just gave me the most profitable keywords to help generate more readership for my blog.

I didn’t become a millionaire overnight, but it did catapult my blog to the higher rungs of Google search.

The Secret to Being Rich

All of us perhaps wanted to become rich in some way; we just have different ways of getting to it.

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg all created high-tech products that sold millions and made them instant millionaires.

But Warren Buffett is different from these guys.

Warren Buffett started small, specifically with his four simple habits. He urges people to think like a businessman, make small investments, borrow as little as they can, and live below their means.

His example was so inspiring that it made me think of those pinball machines he bought.

These machines were small and didn’t cost much, but with eight of them around, he was able to generate a steady income every day.

When I learned about this, I realized the possibility of turning to the SEMrush alternative, and starting with small increments.

Using this keyword search volume tool may not mean much to most people, but simply key in your content and you’ll have your smart and profitable keywords in an instant.

These Google keywords allowed me to write meaningful content and drive more readers and clients to my article writing service. There was no way I could have done better without the help of SEMrush.

If you have read my monster epic roundup content about White Hat SEO Techniques, you would see why I trust that much.


I wrote that article to help entrepreneurs gain a more practical sense in inviting clients to their products and services.

Since my turf is article writing, I was proud to tell people about how I strategically use content writing and keyword generating tools to help me improve my content.

With SEMrush, I got keywords that eventually made my article more noticeable to readers.

All they had to do was type the keywords “SEO technique” or “SEO” and my article would appear in the index.

What I got in return was heavy traffic to my blog, my article, and also my service.

organic results

This is not the cut-and-dried advertisement technique that would have left my pocket with holes.

I started small, investing in a keyword search volume tool, and I am reaping its benefits every day because of the revenues I get from the blog posts I write.

The same thing happened when I had a guest post at I wrote about how to personalize your emails and build trust from your subscribers.


I created a fantastic article and people liked it. I would know because there were so many shares, Tweets, and hits – all these because I turned to SEMrush for help.

This keyword research tool has helped me in so many ways and has strengthened my business with just low SEMrush pricing.

It’s truly a wise investment, and the benefits go on for years. That is why writing this blog post is more of a tribute to me than a mere blog post.

Who Else Benefitted from SEMrush Keyword Tool?

I can’t stress this enough, but SEMrush is simply the best keyword search volume tool.

Even uses this when they write and post articles. It’s no surprise that articles from get on top of Google searches.


SEMrush has also helped Gavin Sanders, a business development manager at to research competitors of his prospects.

The same thing happened with Lee Odden, CEO of Apparently, he used SEMrush tools to gain digital marketing insights and level up as an SEO content expert.

There are absolutely other entrepreneurs and professionals who have used this keyword research tool to come up with useful keywords to drive more readers and clients to their website, and they did not look back ever since, nor have I.

Now it’s Your Turn

If you’re like me who’s looking for the best partner in SEO and blog writing, you will never go wrong with SEMrush.

You won’t have a hard time thinking of profitable keywords, which will then lead you to better business opportunities.

You can be like Warren Buffett if you want to. All you need to do is take the first step in the right direction.

Check out and see which specific tools will work best for your blog.

Do not be surprised that one day, you will have a thousand to a million readers and clients sharing your content.

Remember that success in business takes time.

What’s important is that you have made small investments to reach your goal.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your thought about

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  1. Priyam Baksi says

    Indeed a great Article,
    Semrush is a fantastic tool and also my favorite one to catch profitable keywords.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Onde Alugar says

    Keywords research is essential, because competition is very high…

  3. Great coverage.
    Recently swithced to SEMrush and SERPstat. So far so good.

  4. growth marketing tampa says

    Good article. I will be facing many of these issues as well..

  5. Praveen Verma says

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for a great review of SEMrush. SEMRush is one of the best keyword research tools and as a digital marketer we must have this tool in our pouch. This tool provides lots of great features to its users and help in making their marketing strategies in the right way.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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