This Is a Complete Review to Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

By Bill Acholla July 25, 2020
Kinsta Review Hosting Company

This is a complete guide to Kinsta review.

In this new guide you’ll learn everything there is to know about this popular managed WordPress hosting service.

So if you want to get the most out of Kinsta, this guide is for you.


Let’s jump right in.

I was the typical blogger:

I would add entries to my blog every now and then, hoping to gain more audience and had no real difficulties at first, but then I realized – why not make it better?

I searched for other hosting providers and checked what they can offer.

I was a bit careful; Facebook’s security breach was still fresh on my mind.

Eventually, I learned about

So what is Kinsta?

To give you an idea, Kinsta is a popular managed WordPress host built on the Google Cloud platform.

Their target market is professional web developers and businesses, which means that their prices tend to be higher than the average, but they do offer better quality services.

Still not convinced that Kinsta is the best when it comes to unlimited WordPress hosting?

Here’s a review of Kinsta with 11 reasons that prove why Kinsta is worth it

1. Sites are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform

With Kinsta, sites are powered by the Google Cloud Platform.

The Google platform, if you still haven’t realized, is one of the best infrastructures that you can utilize for your website.

Because of this, they can provide the use of cloud servers exclusively to their clientele.

This allows them to provide web developers and businesses the speed they require.

Kinsta also works with KeyCDN so they can offer integrated CDN services.

Their plans also include free CDN bandwidth; the amount you’ll be given depends on your chosen plan.

They also allow you to choose among 17 different data centers for your site.

These data centers are grouped into 3:

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • US Central

These centers are strategically placed so that sites can get the lowest latency.

If you have multiple sites, you can opt to use a different data center for each one.

Unsure which data center to pick?

Make use of CloudPing to check worldwide data centers using your browser, and then provide the results to Kinsta.

The results you hand over will be used to determine the most ideal data center for your site.

2. Kinsta utilizes both LXD managed hosts as well as orchestrated LXC software containers for every site

LXD containers will help your site load faster as it comes with a single command line tool when managing your containers.

These containers will then be managed over the network through a specific API.

LXD also provides users with several key benefits. One, it gives you isolation with automatic scalability.

Two, you get a high transportability level between host machines and full container snapshots. This ensures instant and complete backup for your websites.

3. You get fast speeds

Sites can get an average load time of 400ms when on Kinsta’s servers.

One particular site, Design Bombs, received the lowest time of 359ms and the highest time of 499ms.

How does this Kinsta achieve this?

Kinsta achieves this kind of speed by utilizing state-of-the-art technology for their hosted websites.

As of August 2016, Kinsta servers use Ubuntu 16.04 that features Python 3, Apt 1.2, OpenSSH 7.2p2, and the Linux 4.4 kernel.

Other infrastructure components include PHP 7.X, MariaDB, and Nginx.

4. They assist you with site migration

Let’s say you have an existing site that you wish to move to Kinsta.

Usually, you’d stress over how to move everything without losing anything and then move on to getting everything set up.

With this company, that won’t be an issue as Kinsta helps with site migration.

All you need to do is sign up and create an account, access the migration form from the dashboard, then fill it out.

Once you’re done, Kinsta’s migration team will arrange to have the site moved for you.

Another good thing about this service is that you don’t have to deal with any downtime.

The migration team will even test your site prior to launching.

Through this, you can rest easy that everything will run smoothly after you’ve moved your site to Kinsta.

5. Kinsta has a staging environment site

Kinsta allows you to create a copy of your site as a test environment.

You can try out all the changes you want to make on that site to see how it will look and perform once finalized.

Having a staging site is a benefit for many web designers and the process is made simple by Kinsta.

They also give you access to MySQL and SFTP on this test site.

Another good thing about Kinsta is that it’ll create backup copies of your live version whenever you switch from staging to production.

So in the event that something goes wrong, you always have a copy on hand.

A staging site is vital for every high-end hosting site.

In checking out different WordPress hosting providers, make sure that you choose one with a staging feature.

6. They have their own WordPress plugin for clearing cache

Other hosting providers don’t have their own plugin cache; you’d have to choose and install one to activate on your site. Kinsta, on the other hand, provides its own plugin for clearing user cache.

This plugin can be accessed through the Kinsta dashboard. On there, you’ll see a Tools option.

If you click on it, you should see the Cache Management tool that allows you to perform a full page cache.

Every site has this plugin enabled and configured with the default settings.

If you need to customize it to suit your preferences, then you can reach out to them and have the settings modified.

7. Kinsta takes security seriously

Every minute, you not only get uptime checks from Kinsta but they’ll also make sure that you have an active DDoS protection.

Your site is also scanned continuously, ensuring that they’ll notice any threats immediately.

This protection is made possible by hardware firewalls that come with tight and software-based restrictions.

If your website shows signs of being hacked, they’ll deal with it and fix it immediately.

The fix will be given by Kinsta free of charge.

8. You get a specially designed dashboard

Kinsta gives you a powerful custom dashboard.

It’s a user-friendly dashboard that gives you access to automatic backups, server-level caching, staging sites, and important statistics and data.

Through Kinsta dashboard, setting up a new WordPress site and installing it, is a breeze. Features are easily accessible; just click them so you can use them.

The dashboard also gives you a free certificate through Let’s Encrypt.

With just a few clicks on the dashboard, you can enable https to achieve a secure connection.

9. You gain access to developer features

If you’re a developer, then Kinsta is perfect for you.

It works great if you need a test server to see how plugins and themes look like or a place to create and grow your own site.

On the dashboard, you’ll see a feature labelled as “Companies”.

This feature allows you to organize your sites and give them separate dashboards.

Through this feature, you can create a dashboard for each of the clients you work with.

10. You get your money’s worth

Compared to other hosting providers, Kinsta’s pricing does appear more expensive.

This is because Kinsta leans towards the high-end market – they tend to cater to those who are willing to pay for better quality services.

To give you an idea, here are the plans being offered:

  • Starter Plan – This is offered for $30/month. This includes 1 WordPress install, 3GB disk space, 20,000 visits, free SSL and CDN.
  • Pro Plan – The Pro plan charges $60/month. You get 2 WordPress installs, 6GB disk space, 40,000 visits, and free SSL certificate and CDN.
  • Business 1 – The Business 1 Plan charges $100/month. This comes with 3 WordPress installs, 10 GB disk space, 100,000 visits, and free SSL and CDN.
  • Business 2 – The Business 2 Plan is offered for $200/month. With the Business 2 Plan, you get 10 WordPress installs, 20 GB disk space, 250,000 visits, and free SSL and CDN.
  • Business 3 – The Business 3 Plan charges $300/month. This comes with 20 WordPress installs, 30 GB disk space, 400,000 visits, and free SSL and CDN.
  • Business 4 – The Business 4 Plan charges $400/month. This comes with 40 WordPress installs, 40 GB disk space, 600,000 visits, and free SSL and CDN.
  • Enterprise 1 – The Enterprise 1 Plan charges $600/month. This plan will give you 60 WordPress installs, 80GB disk space, 1,000,000 visits, and free SSL and CDN.
  • Enterprise 2 – The Enterprise 2 Plan charges $900/month. This comes with 80 WordPress installs, 120GB disk space, 1,500,000 visits, and free SSL and CDN.

We can’t blame you if you get confused – after all, you have 8 plans to choose from.

So, let’s make things simpler, shall we?

If your site is fairly new, then go for the Pro. Upgrading or downgrading can be done later.

Consider your page views as well, especially if your site comes from a different hosting package.

If what you have is a high-traffic site, then contact the Kinsta support team and have them decide which works best for you.

Choose the monthly packages first; after you’ve seen which plan is ideal, then go for an annual package.

11. Famous brands trust Kinsta

Well-known brands such as WP Buffs, Ubisoft, TripAdvisor, GE, and Intuit trust Kinsta.

That should be enough proof when it comes to how efficient this hosting company is.

Every affiliate stays and becomes a loyal client, which illustrates how satisfied they are with the services they receive.

Here’re a few thoughts from the WordPress experts:

a. Dale Reardon founder of says that Kinsta is fast – He certainly agree with that and they offer the latest technologies and use Google Cloud which obviously helps.

He particularly like their control panel and all its features and capabilities.

Of any host he has used, the Kinsta control panel is the most powerful and easy to use.

b. According to Evan Varsamis founder of Kinsta, It’s based on Google cloud which is scalable but their senior developers have also created the perfect environment for scaling your website.

There was a notable difference in load time and TTFB from the moment we moved to Kinsta and over the years we’ve tried the top 5 hosting companies in dedicated environments, nothing can be compared with Kinsta in terms of stability and performance.

c. Chad Barnes owner of Thanks to Kinsta Cache and a dedicated environment for each WordPress installation, we were ~100-0 on our page load speed guarantee before they integrated with KeyCDN or launched Kinsta DNS. Now, it’s just ridiculous!

d. Martin Caparrotta Co-founder of We chose to host on the Kinsta platform as they are the fastest managed WordPress host we could find.

Our site handles millions of unique users per month and we require both speed and stability.

Kinsta sites are hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and that means that they use the latest technology to power WordPress (which is not known for being a quick platform).

We moved all of our sites to Kinsta in April 2017, and I can safely say that it was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

So is Kinsta worth it?

If your business needs WordPress, then Kinsta is the ideal host.

Kinsta will provide quality services regardless if what you have is a small blog, a web development company, or an eCommerce shop.

If you want better hosting for your site with plenty of features that would help boost it, then you should be ready to shell out a bit more cash.

Sure, there are cheaper options but at the end of the day, are you really getting your money’s worth?

Eager to give their services a try?

Well, to test out the waters, you can opt to sign up for a free account.

This would provide you with a firsthand experience of the dashboard, as well as the other features that come with it.

Once you’re ready, just let Kinsta know.

They will then help migrate your site and get everything set up for you.

Have you tried Kinsta?

Share your thoughts below.


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