How I Got a High Valued Client To My Business Using Long Tail Pro

By Bill Acholla February 5, 2020

This is the ultimate guide to long tail pro.

So if you want:

More profitable keywords.

More traffic.

More conversion.

Then you’ll love the actionable tips in this review.

Let’s dive right in.

I’ve always had difficulty in getting viewers to click on my website.

The number of viewers, minimal views or the lack thereof, is somehow frustrating.

It makes you feel as if your website is trash or its contents are not good enough for the internet community, and we all know how the number of clicks matter in a business site.

I have tried everything from updating my content regularly up to sending personal messages to my friends so that they could check out my site or so that they could endorse it to their friends.

I also considered sharing some posts on social media, which helped but only in a slight manner.

I was just starting with this type of business and I had no idea what I was doing.

But I knew where I wanted to be.

I had little knowledge of maintaining a business in the World Wide Web.

All I knew is that your viewers are your prospective customers and you need a lot of them.

The more viewers you have, the more successful you are and the more income you could put in.

Finally, I noticed that I forgot about doing internet research.

Apparently, the answer was already there in front of me just waiting for me to look it up.

And so I did my research and found out about the whole idea of newsletters.

I found that newsletters are actually cost-effective media used to build relationships with your viewers and prospective customers whilst maintaining contact through sending them letters.

A study conducted by researchers found that a great percentage of their respondents use newsletters.

The study showed that these serve as a more favorable form of media for updates rather than social media posts or messages.

This was the start of my journey to having a better website and getting better views.

I have ample knowledge about the internet but I had the mistake of letting it slip my mind.

This happens a lot when you’re giddy and very anxious about something.

I continued my research on improving my website and stumbled upon this site called Long Tail Platinum at, which I read about in a long tail pro review I found online.

It simply utilizes the Keyword Competitiveness or KC metric on the site and calculates the score of the keyword you want to use in your topics automatically.

Its site always updates its KC metric so you could be sure that the numbers are consistent with the present market.

Since I was completely clueless about finding profitable keywords on the internet and how they worked, this keyword research tool worked wonders for me.

Its main use is to find profitable keywords on the internet.

As I now know, researching keywords is a very valuable and important factor in the marketing field that I’m in.

Finding the right keywords can dictate what path your website will be in and there are no alternative ways.

Using keyword research, I was able to easily predict the difference in my target’s demands and take action on these changes.

These gave me an idea about what content, services, and products were wanted by my target market.

I used long tail pro to gain ideas on how to produce good newsletters since it was endorsed by a lot of keyword research experts.

I was able to find similar people who were also looking for newsletter ideas.

I was overwhelmed at how many people were also looking for ideas for this topic and how they were able to find the solutions immediately using this site.

Anyone can use this application and it is a good place to start if you are as clueless as me and you want to move things up a bit in your life just by maintaining a website.

This is a great site for beginners or for students who want to learn how to run a business website or for content promotion service.

Long tail pro provides you with everything you need including an:

  • SEO keyword tool
  • SEO research tool
  • keyword search volume tool
  • keyword research tool long tail traffic

…and long tail search as required by keyword research experts.

It paves the way for easy access to blog post ideas and is a great tool to find the best keywords to rank.

All these tools may be unfamiliar to you so let me help you out.

1. Keyword Competitiveness

First, you would want to look at your keyword competitiveness which consists of how effective the keyword you use is when people try to search for it.

With long tail pro, they use a proprietary KC score to find out the rank of different keywords in Google’s top 10 results.

Below is how Long Tail Pro recommends you interpret the KC scores:

2. Level of keyword difficulty

After that, it helps you determine your target and this helps you add your domain to a particular project to find out the level of keyword difficulty you need in your site.

3. Determine Metrics

Next, it helps you determine your metrics. This means determining the strength of your domain, page, and referrals to these pages and domain, which also includes your site’s age, indexed URLs, and the number of links in your site.

4. Calculate Keyword Profitability

Since this is a business, long tail pro also determines the keyword profitability using a Rank Value feature.

It helps you determine the profitability of a keyword based on what you are building.

Here’s a keyword I found using Long Tail Pro:

If you take a look, you’ll see the keyword “newsletter ideas” which has a rank value of $24 and almost 1300 searches a month.

5. Sort & Track

It also sorts your favorites and your searches by using different sets of long tail keywords so you could revisit them when you need them.

This is important especially when you used different citations or ideas from other sites.

6. Depth Domain and Page level Metrics

Lastly, it delivers you the results. It gives you the keyword metrics data, which I explained earlier, the top 10 Google results, competition data, which is very important if you want to reach the top of your field, and an export list of keywords that are very useful when you need to backtrack on your data.

It also gives you real time and data on your competition and the number of words for local searches of keywords.

Since I used long tail pro search to find the best profitable keyword for newsletter ideas, I was able to create an actionable content that generated a high valued client to my business.

I was able to write a blog that provided 15 incredible tips to help people come up with newsletter ideas.

Once I saw what it was worth, it didn’t really hurt to get long tail pro.

I also had some help from this site called Build at

It’s a perfect site for beginners too since it has everything you need to know about building a website especially blogs.

In this blog, I was able to share with other people what I was doing wrong and how I made it right.

I was able to tell my viewers my experience that taught me a lot about blogging and email marketing.

I shared all I knew in that blog and it made me so happy, not only because I was sharing my newly found knowledge but also because I already knew what I was doing.

A few days after I wrote that blog about tips on how to create amazing newsletter ideas, I received an e-mail from an interested client.

Here it is:

That was so overwhelming for me that I was stunned for a while and didn’t know how to respond.

All I was thinking during that time was, “I should have done my research a long time ago.”

The e-mail was from a company owner who was seeking to launch a platform geared to helping users find content and ideas for their audience and helping people create newsletters.

The company is integrated with major platforms such as and Constant and they even cited what I wrote in my blog about sending articles across platforms via RSS feed.

My blog was posted there for a few days and I already had an offer.

The company asked for a collaboration with me with regards to a project helping people to find the best tools to help with their newsletters and content marketing strategies.

As of now, I’m currently working with this project and I really hope a lot of people would be able to read my next post.

However, I don’t need to hope anymore because I’ve already established a ton of connections since I started this project.

I want my readers to feel the same way, not having to feel what I felt when I was just starting my project.

My best advice for now is for you to do your research and try new things because you’ll never know what is in-store for you if you don’t learn to risk.

Besides, a lot of sites like premium have free trial offers and discounts.

Once you’ve made your way towards opportunities, the offers will just keep on coming.

Always trust our keyword research experts to point you to the right direction.

Lastly, don’t wait until the opportunity has slipped through your grasp; I encourage you to start your own website today.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you have seen the alternative keyword research tool and how I was able to attract high paying client to my business, it’s time to take action.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog post, I recommend that you leave a quick comment below and don’t forget to share this post with your social media followers.


  1. Pamela Orange says

    The Google Keyword Planner is recently changed. Its not like in the pic above anymore. No clear data of monthly searches. Only a wide range. and also the blue bar graph /diagram is not shown anymore. What is the best free alternative?

    • Bill Acholla says

      Hi Pamela,

      You can try SEMRush, they’ve a free trial.

    • Lives Ports says

      @Pamela Orange, I have found the best free alternative to be Keywords Heaven. They have a longtail keyword finder along with a few other tools, which are all free.

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