3 Best Marketing Strategies You Can Use To Grow Your Small Business

By Bill Acholla June 18, 2021

This is a complete guide to small business marketing strategies.

In this new guide you’ll learn exactly how to market your small business effectively, including:

  • Tips from marketing experts
  • Real life examples
  • Lots more


Let’s get started.

While she can make quality clothing— underwear in particular— she had no idea on how to make it interesting and appealing to her audience.

While searching the Internet for answers, she stumbled upon a YouTube video about her brother’s favorite basketball team.

She watched it and was amazed at how interesting it is despite being so simple.

Then all of a sudden, an idea came to her mind. She contacted the company who made the video and asked if they could make one for her as well.

Her idea?

Market her underwear product using whiteboard explainer video.

How whiteboard animation worked for the Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers is a team of professional basketball players headquartered in Philadelphia.

Also known as the Sixers, they have a rich history in NBA and have produced well-known names in the field such as:

  • World B. Free
  • Allen Iverson
  • Charles Barkley
  • Moses Malone
  • Julius “Doctor J” Erving
  • Wilt Chamberlain

…and many more.

The team’s management wanted to use Ydraw’s animation services to portray the “human” side of the Philadelphia 76ers players by bringing their stories to life.

Ydraw is a whiteboard video company— their animation appears as if it had been drawn on a whiteboard because it really WAS.

They have talented illustrators and scriptwriters working for their company. They produce animation videos for marketing, storytelling, etc.

Ydraw produced the animated explainer video entitled “Legendary Stories”; it featured World B. Free reminiscing about an unlikely adventure with Julius Erving, also known as Doctor J.

Here is the video.

The video was a mix of Free’s interview and animated snippets of the story. At the end of the video, a chuckling Free said this about his teammate: “Boy that guy had clout.”

The YouTube video clicked with Sixers fans across the Internet. The animation, alongside Free’s storytelling, made it seem as if the viewers were with Free and Doctor J at the time the story happened.

The anecdotal cartoon certainly showed the fans a side to their heroes that was never seen before.

Why did it click?

Not only because the viewers were fans of Free and Doctor J, but also because people could identify with the cartoon drawings.

Scott McCloud, a cartoonist and comic theorist, said in one of his books that cartoon imagery exhibits universality, enabling the drawings to describe more and making the audience relate more to the message being sent across.

Before you make a product video, put things into perspective first:

How to manage your business the smart way

Benjamin Franklin was famous for saying the following: “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Indeed, lack of business planning will cause the business to fail no matter how much you work hard to maintain it.

The key is not only to work hard but also to work smart.

1. Market your ideas creatively using the new effective trend— whiteboard explainer video marketing

This is the part where marketing videos comes in. It is a creative way of engaging your target audience because it makes use of the audio-visual form of communicating.

With whiteboard video marketing, the product you’re selling and its value to the consumers will be clearly communicated online.

Mark Robertson, founder and CEO of ReelSEO.com, believes that ecommerce retailers should invest in doing product videos “because they’re cost effective, highly measurable, and they’re there to sell products.”

Want to start making product videos?

A video software can help get you started with making software animations.

In order to make free video animation, have a sketch video software such as VideoScribe.com; with it you can make your own whiteboard animation;

Not all animation videos are made by professionals; if you can write a script, draw recognizable images, record the necessary audio, and know how to do basic video editing, you can most certainly make your own animation.

If you can’t do all of the stuff mentioned above, watch a tutorial and grab some friends to help you out.

Take your pick of the whiteboard software and/or digital animation program you will use to create a draw video.

2. Get the best CRM software for small business at a cost you can afford

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is used to make businesses such as your own more efficient.

It helps to manage information within the business and improve customer satisfaction.

The earlier you use the CRM system, the better because it will put things in perspective and make things easier for you to handle.

There are five benefits to CRM:

  • Better data organization – turn leads, contacts, and customers into sales and customer engagement.
  • Enhanced communication and easy scheduling.
  • Improved information sharing by giving access to resources.
  • Increased number of leads.
  • Organized numbers – see how much you have and how much you’re making.

One example of a business that uses CRM is Deborah Main Designs, a pillow company owned and managed by Deborah Main.

CRM helps manage not only her business (follow-ups with clients, etc.) but also her relationships with the customers.

Editors note: If you love the above point, you’ll love this post Bigcommerce vs Shopify: What I Learned About eCommerce Support

3. Build your online presence and reach out to your target audience

Knowing the value of the product to the target market greatly helps not only on constructing the message that you want to get across but also increasing the message’s effectiveness.

Brendan Cournoyer, the director of content marketing at Brainshark, went as far as saying that customers care neither for the seller nor the product:

“They only care about the value that you can provide for them,” he said in an interview.

Be at the place where your audience is. Most likely, many of them are connected to the Internet most of the time. Connect with them via your website.

Use your website to get leads to your business. Make a website for your brand; if you cannot make one for free, buy a domain name and a hosting. Think of it as a career investment.

Not only is the website a great way of making your mark on the online community, it also serves both as a manual (what is it and how does it work) and an advertisement of the product.

Also, create social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.) for your product.

ThinkThin LLC is a company which produces healthy snacks and protein bars. They have a website where consumers can go to and search for information regarding the products they are offering.

They also have a Facebook account where they post product videos and have their consumers comment and give feedback regarding the company’s efforts and its products.

Developing a following takes time. Develop creative ways to market your product and brand. Use lead magnet ideas to get customers and pique their interest in your services.

Where to go from here?

Want your product to be the next big thing?

Take small steps, and be sure to keep walking. Learning is the key to growth.

To further develop your business strategy, continue learning about marketing tools such as cost effective SEO, web presentation tools, and whiteboard video marketing. Learn them and choose what works for you and your business.

Remember the Philadelphia 76ers situation: they made themselves more relatable and likeable with the help of a whiteboard video animation.

Their audience was drawn not only to the story but the uniqueness of the medium and the way it delivers the message. Ultimately, the viewers were drawn to the team.

By following the steps presented, the same thing could happen to your product— you can draw your audience’s attention and interest to it.

Be like Carmen and take that plunge. Great companies started out as a startups or small businesses.

By taking advantage of the advancements in marketing technology, you can definitely put your product out there.

Before I conclude, let me introduce the below experts to share their practical tips about how you can use whiteboard explainer video to market your small business.

1. Harry Sanders – Studiohawk.com.au 

Whiteboard videos are great simply because they show up in Google and Bing search results.

It’s good SEO.

YouTube is the #2 largest search engine.

A video is an integral part of an overall online presence, and if done properly, makes you stand out amongst the crowd even after you have attracted visitors to your website.

2. Roman Daneghyan – Renderforest 

Creating Whiteboard videos for your small business can help you have more sales.

With Whiteboard Animations you can easily describe what your business is about and what services it provides.

Just be sure to include the main key points of your business in the first seconds of the video, otherwise people may get too bored to continue watching it.

With the help of Renderforest’s online whiteboard creation tool you can create whiteboard explainers in minutes, which literally means you can start promoting your business right now.

3. Ben Foster – SEOworks.co.uk 

Regarding video, the first thing to consider is to create some useful, valuable content.

Think about what you know as a business, or what makes you different. You need to create something that will engage the viewers, and engagement is really important.

You then need to think about getting your video viewed. If you’re looking to optimize your video for YouTube or Google then Views, comments, and video responses are all used as ranking factors.

If people are watching your content through to the end, they are fully engaged, and YouTube will rank you better than a video where only part is watched.

Think about where you can share your video:

  • Do you have a blog?
  • Do you have social media channels?

Inbound links, social shares, and video embeds are important to improve your ranking.

If you upload the video to YouTube, think about optimizing the video content. Ensure the keywords you would like to be found for are in the title.

Write a real description for your video of 300 to 500 words, write this naturally for the reader, and include the keywords where relevant.

Add at least ten tags including your keyword and related keywords. Also transcribe your video manually, ensuring your keywords are apparent as this is also considered when ranking your video.

4. Triston Goodwin – UtahSEO.Ninja 

The cool thing about video is that we get to show the benefits to the customer, instead of just describe them.

Whiteboard videos are neat because they’re visually simpler than something like a crazy After Effects thing with flying/exploding texts and dubstep music.

My advice would be to take advantage of that to clearly tell your customer what you do and how it can change their lives.

5. Travis Johansen – Providfilms.com 

My biggest piece of advice when planning a whiteboard video for your business is to really start with a good foundation.

Before you start any whiteboard video production process, get clear on your call to action.

At the early day of Provid Films, we produced plenty of pretty videos that looked great and worked fabulously for being a “brand video” but not so great at driving sales volume.

Sales aren’t always the goals – but when it is – be clear with your video production company.

Ask yourself if you want your whiteboard video to sell a product, build your marketing email list, book appointments, get people to attend an event, etc.

General branding videos are our favorite to create because they allow the greatest creativity while the most frequency comes from the specific product or service category where the videos have easily quantified results.

If this is your first professional video – define your objectives and share those with your video producer. When you get them onboard – they’ll be more invested in seeing you succeed.

6. David James – Businessgrowthdigitalmarketing.com 

A colleague and I were actually discussing the effectiveness of video yesterday.

We were talking about how the video needs to be less than a minute and needs to outline the story, problem, agitation and solution ideally within a 30 second time frame.

Then the video needs to get them to act quickly. It’s a simple, but very effective formula.

This should incorporate the framework for developing a whiteboard video.

7. Floyd Buenavente – Buenavente.com 

A whiteboard video is a very effective tool in getting your message across your audience especially when you are selling a product or promoting a service.

The first rule of thumb however for the small business owner is to answer the question, what exactly does his/her market need.

Because in simple words, we could say that sales is about persuasion while marketing is about understanding applied.

This is where many marketers make a big mistake, by trying hard to push a product by promoting its properties, without even thinking whether the potential buyer has a need for that product or not.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma, has a very good point when it comes to selling. “One must sell to clients that need your product.”

See video here

By instilling these properties inside a whiteboard video any small business owner would be successful in marketing his business.

8. Nikolay Stoyanov – Niksto.com 

Video content is the future of the Web. It’s also one of the best marketing tools you can use for your business.

If you’re a startup or a small business, you should definitely think about investing in a whiteboard video for your company.

It’s not a very cheap solution but has some great advantages such as:

A whiteboard animation video can:

  • Diversify your site content making it more catchy
  • Improve your social media presence and visibility
  • Serve as an educational tool for your followers
  • Help you get some YouTube referral traffic
  • Be a great for branding purposes

The thing I love most about whiteboard videos is their short form, attention grabbing potential, and the ability to use storytelling to market your small company in a non-pushy way.

9. Don Vermeer – Mediaostrich.nl 

The internet is filled with long text, articles and people saying that content is king. In my opinion right now, videos are the king 2.0!

If people stay on your website longer due to them watching an interesting video (Because it’s easier to watch a video doing other tasks than to read 1000 word articles), Google will mark the video as of good quality.

Ranking both your website and your video higher due to longer time spend on your page. Besides, video content allows you to be on YouTube as well.

Fact: A GOOD (explainer) video can grow conversions by 20% on average!

Tip: Transcribe your videos in the form of an article in the video description box on YouTube and add your website URL. This will make sure you rank a lot higher in both YouTube and Google!

10. Vipin Nayar – Acodez.in 

Whiteboard videos are taking the web by storm. It is one of the best ways that a business can express itself, while blending in the essence of entertainment, which drives user engagement.

Unlike the regular slideshow videos, whiteboard videos are distinct and eye catchy, and way more professionalized when they act as a presentation channel.

All types of businesses are implementing whiteboard videos regardless of industry verticals or size of the business.

Small businesses should explore the advantages of whiteboard video in marketing as it provides you with:

  • The facility to place it anywhere on your website, regardless of whether it is the homepage or landing page or anywhere as you please.
  • Enhances social connectivity: you can share it on your social media networks, which will attract customer attention thereby driving likes and comments and engagement as well.
  • Whiteboard videos are economical when compared with other means of marketing online, which are expensive.
  • Creative ideas attract attention: the creativity in the ideas will attract people’s attention and they would want to know more about you and how your business can create a solution, which is a best fit for their needs.
  • Finally, call to action: a well-written script and pleasing contents will force your people to take the desired action. The viewer will know what they are expected to do and hence you progress.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now it’s time to implement the above strategies.

The first step?

Leave a comment to let me know how you’ll use whiteboard explainer video in your business.


Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.


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