Learn How To Manage Your Sales Process Through Pipedrive CRM Software

By Indiana Lee January 31, 2021

This is the most complete guide to managing your sales process using Pipedrive CRM software.

So if you want to:

  • Learn how to get qualified lead
  • Align your KPIs with customer success
  • Categorize sales stages relevant to your business model
  • Clearly define goals and activities
  • Achieve greater results

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Let’s dive right in.

Sales teams in the modern world need all the best tools to help them manage numbers and maximize potential.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software like Pipedrive is one of those tools.

But how does a CRM help?

What can Pipedrive do for you?

And how do you effectively manage this technology for better sales results?

In this guide, we’ll cover all the details on what to expect from a CRM and how to manage your sales process through Pipedrive.

The results can mean greater returns and conversion rates.

What is CRM and What Can it Do For You?

Customer relationship management software is the platform most modern businesses employ in the effort to track customer metrics.

The capabilities extend beyond customers alone, however.

CRM manages leads, email subscribers, employees, and affiliates in a useful and accessible dashboard.

This allows businesses to track vital performance metrics.

As a result, businesses can see greater outcomes in automated lead generation, customer outreach, and even increased sales revenues.

The software works much like similar content and information management dashboards, such as HubSpot.

Users simply tie their data input processes to the CRM and watch the program do the rest.

This process creates a host of benefits for the sales teams that employ CRMs effectively.

Here are just some of the positives brought about by using a CRM:

  • Customer satisfaction rates boosted by 47%
  • Customer retention rates boosted by 47%
  • Sales revenues up by 45%
  • Upselling and cross-selling up by 39%

With such invaluable benefits possible through effective use of CRM, making use of this tech has become the standard among sales teams.

CRMs define the customer journey in data. Sales teams then apply this information towards informed decision-making processes for all kinds of strategies.

The power of all this data in a consolidated form is revolutionizing sales across industries.

This is possible through key performance metrics and detailed customer paths.

CRM allows this information to be gathered, tracked and acted upon all through an automated process.

This automation is one of the key features making CRMs such a beneficial tool.

Rather than having to manually reach out to leads for follow-up and qualification, the right CRM does these actions for you.

This leaves more time for involved client interactions for the sales reps.

In practice, a CRM software can create the following situation:

A lead interacts with some of your content, perhaps a blog post or a pay-per-click ad.

Then, the CRM records this interaction and gives the lead a qualified score based on the level of interaction.

When that qualifier reaches the predetermined level for a qualified sales lead, the CRM can send out crafted content or notify sales reps.

With such a smooth and simple process for lead outreach, sales teams can more clearly focus on making a difference with their approach.

This enables better customer interviews, allowing sales reps to assess interactions with buyers who have closed a sale recently.

As a result, beneficial data on what drives conversions can be generated.

Within the shift to data-driven dashboards like CRMs, Pipedrive has moved to the top of the pack.

This CRM software makes it easy to visualize your sales processes and customer experiences.

However, making the most of this tech requires a broader understanding.

How Pipedrive Changes the Game

Pipedrive is a CRM that is all about activity-based selling.

This tool schedules, tracks, and completes activities based on customer needs in an attempt to produce the best possible sales responses.

This activity-driven approach has been instrumental in achieving better sales results for all kinds of products and services.

Now, Pipedrive is used by 95,000 companies across 170 countries, proving just how valuable effective CRM application can be.

But what makes Pipedrive different from other CRMs?

Pipedrive has earned its success through its focus on the people doing the selling.

The platform offers a wide variety of features designed to improve the management and flow of your sales information.

These features include:

  • Custom forms and chatbots for managing leads and deals.
  • Integrated quoting software that will help you save time and eliminate mistakes when it comes to automating price quotes example features.
  • Comprehensive insights generated through business data.
  • Communication and schedule tracking to streamline customer experience.
  • Data security and transparency into how data is used.
  • Task and lead automation through the power of AI.
  • Device flexibility through mobile accessibility

These features are changing the ways companies make sales and manage their customers.

Pipedrive enables better sales solutions through everything from personalized chatbots that handle common questions to creating conveniences for remote devices in a work-from-home economy.

Utilizing this tech can even help you craft viral content that pulls in qualified leads.

By thoroughly understanding your customers through key performance indicators (KPIs), your sales teams will be exceptionally positioned to target relevant content to an ideal audience.

The results are transparent, easy-to-understand sales pipelines demonstrated within Pipedrive.

One of the distinguishing features of the Pipedrive CRM is its comprehensive sales pipeline layout.

This is a visual dashboard that displays the sales cycle and where each rep is meeting their quotas.

A comprehensive sales pipeline can assist in sales management on nearly every level.

From adding clarity and customization to the process to pairing data-driven insights to sales solutions, these dashboards make improving sales numbers easier than ever.

But using Pipedrive effectively isn’t an entirely automated process.

While the easy-to-use layout and functionality make sales easier, there are still points to keep in mind when trying to achieve greater results.

Effective Management Styles with Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM is an exceptional tool. Exceptional sales management policies utilized with the Pipedrive platform can further boost your sales results.

With the customization potential of Pipedrive, sales managers need to be aware of a few basic best practices to make the most of their CRM.

You can automate a lot with the right CRM, but getting to that point takes some effort and oversight.

Here are some helpful strategies to help you maximize sales through Pipedrive optimization and effective leadership:

1. Align KPIs with customer success

Producing ideal sales results can be best helped by tailoring your performance indicators to your client’s needs.

This means building a sales process that recognizes your sales pipeline and focuses on the problem areas.

Your CRM makes this simple.

With your pre-defined data metrics displayed in a comprehensive dashboard available to your entire sales team, you can point out where the process is successful and where it’s not.

This will help you define your conversion narratives and better empathize with clients from the beginning, policies that will inevitably aid your marketing strategies.

2. Categorize sales stages relevant to your business model

The beauty of Pipedrive is its customization options.

Every business model requires a unique approach to funneling customers, and Pipedrive allows you to easily detail this funnel in workable sections.

Build the stages of your sales by lead acquisition, contacts, negotiations, and any other category that makes sense within the context of your business.

This will allow you to assign and track sales goals within a comprehensive dashboard, leading to greater business transparency and ultimate effectiveness.

3. Clearly define goals and activities

Once again, definitions and clarity are a key element to successful sales management within Pipedrive.

Your sales teams should clearly understand what their objectives are, but Pipedrive only makes this simple if the processes are defined well in and out of the platform.

This means the nature of each sales stage, KPI, and overall structure set up in Pipedrive should be a seamless representation of the process.

Making your CRM effective requires it to accurately mimic real-time sales so that you and your team know exactly what is going on at any given moment.

4. Be open to employee needs and feedback

Like with any business process, a system that works effectively relies on the feedback of its users.

Allow the CRM to help you store and track customer feedback, but don’t forget to consider employee suggestions, as well.

Your sales team will experience challenges and successes influenced by the setup of your CRM.

Listen to their concerns and make adjustments appropriately. Pipedrive should be a more or less seamless tool for the sales staff operating it.

5. Consistently re-evaluate

One of the vital benefits of a CRM is the data that’s provided in easy-to-understand displays.

Through effective management of your sales process, this data should tell a story about where you are as a company.

Evaluating this narrative and relaying it to your team helps you reassess your approach to greater sales numbers.

If your KPIs have been properly tied to customer success, this should be easy to do.

Every number tells a story about successes and failures within your sales team.

Approach this data with empathy, telling yourself the story as both your customers and sales team might see it.

As a result, you’ll ground your approach to re-evaluating your CRM usage in reality.

With the right application of management styles and software, your sales numbers can only go up.

Pipedrive makes this easy by offering a highly customizable user-focused approach to CRM.

Your job is to clearly define your KPIs and sales processes to coordinate with customer needs.

Then, using Pipedrive will provide useful insights at all times, allowing you to see where improvements can be made.

This process hinges on clear communication as sales teams manage employee and customer expectations alike.

Often, making the most of these strategies can be even more effectively enhanced by tying the Pipedrive process to sales incentives.

With clear procedures driving commissions, your sales team will be empowered to multiply your revenues.

Similarly, compensation incentives can help maximize talent development, keeping your sales team interested in growing their skills to enhance company results.

Use these strategies to foster sales growth. The Pipedrive CRM will make every step simpler.

Key Summary

CRMs are essential for any modern business looking to grow its customer base.

This software tracks all kinds of metrics and contact information; in turn, providing useful insights and a comprehensive platform for sales teams to work from.

However, the usefulness of CRMs like Pipedrive requires effective management.

Clear goal-setting and communication-based in empathy will help guide these management strategies.

The rest will be a matter of responding to feedback and adapting.

For businesses looking to boost their sales processes, apply these strategies to your CRM approach now.

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