The 2022 SEO Jobs Statistics, Trends & Data You Need To Know

By Bill Acholla January 2, 2022

This is a complete list of up-to-date SEO Jobs statistics.

So without further ado, let’s see the stats!


Let’s dive right in…

SEO is the trend lately.

Not many were aware of its existence until Google and other search engines began to conceptualize it.

Regardless of the growth, there are some not sure whether to follow this line of job.

Not to forget the naysayers on the internet quoting “Is SEO dead?’’

It is not traditional per se.

Doubts will arise; the uncertainty around this job is inevitable. The technicalities know-how, the need to stay updated with the current trend and vice versa.

But worry not.

This article will show you the current trend and statistics of the SEO industry that might clarify your doubt.

The market analysis states that the SEO industry’s current market value is worth $80 billion.

The growth of the SEO industry is thriving. The market value every year is on the rise, and it will continue to do so.

What is SEO Jobs?

If you were to buy a phone, the first thing you would do is Google about it. Google is a search engine, and like Google, there are many search engines available.

A list of websites will bestow on you.

Have you ever wondered how all these sites pop up on Google or any other search engines?

We believe Google does all this, but the leading players are the SEOs. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In simple terms, SEO paves the way for websites to be listed in the top ten of Google, Bing, etc., through the organic search result.

SEO task is to obtain organic traffic.

Customers now mostly rely on the internet to research, and SEO can act like virtual salespeople offering the best deals, products, and services.

How Does It Function?

SEOs have different job titles to carry out various works. Each job profile works on a specific division.

Given below is a hierarchy of SEO and its functions.

*SEO hierarchy may vary depending on the company

SEO Director is the head of the department. The SEO director oversees the entirety of the company. The director makes sure that the goal is achieved.

SEO Trainer is a mentor to its subordinates. They teach their subordinates employees the technicality and functioning of the SEO.

An SEO trainer must possess high-level knowledge to catch up with the current trends to make their website visible.

An SEO Manager is an important position in the organization. The manager gets in touch with the base level to a high level.

An SEO manager prioritizes time management and implementation of the project. They are responsible for quality content and analyzing results.

SEO account manager controls over social media sites. They optimize internet search results.

SEO manager makes sure that their websites show up in the top ten search engines: Google, Bing, or Yahoo!

SEO technicians assess the competitor’s website for updates, finds the link, and build opportunities. They optimize and promote the content prepared for marketing purposes.

An SEO Specialist helps in implementing and carrying out the SEO campaign. They write web content and design online campaigns for their client.

They are responsible for managing the organic search results of the company’s web pages.

SEO Consultant is like a visiting faculty. They come once in a while to the company, provides business ideas and suggestions. They are well versed with various tools used in search engine optimization.

SEO Strategist lays down strategies for the company. The plan laid down will be followed and executed to increase the company’s website search engine optimization.

An SEO Analyst’s job is to review the work of an executive. They are adept at keyword finding and techniques.

They analyze and check the work of the executives.

SEO Trainee is the entry-level job profile in the SEO domain. SEO trainees learn about the technicalities and functions of SEOs.

SEO trainee mainly works under the guidance of an SEO executive. Their task involves building relevant links for the website, brainstorm new ideas; perform keywords research as per the business requirements.

Why Is It a Promising Career?

The dominance of SEOs started in late 1900 with yahoo as the trailblazer, but Google came to the fore.

Global digital advertising spends $375 billion by 2021 and surpasses $630 billion by 2024. The advent of digital marketing calls for a high demand for SEOs.

The impact of COVID 19 plays a vital role in the prominence of SEO. SEO can work from home or anywhere.

It can be full time/ part-time/ freelancing. An article in the USA today stated that nearly 30% of working professionals would quit if they had to return office after the pandemic.

As said by Brian Kropp, chief of HR research at Gartner, “Employees now expect to be able to work flexibly.” The job flexibility of SEO gives an edge over other jobs.

SEO is an amalgamation of science and art. It will allow you to delve into your creativity. Perhaps in a year or two, SEO will be the “it” job.

1. SEO Jobs Salary for a US-based SEO Professional Statistics

The rise of the digital era allows companies to indulge in SEO professionals. They are ready to pay a salary for a good service.

An SEO specialist earns $46,060/yr, while the senior SEO specialist earns $ 61,611/yr.

According to a report, San Diego in California pays the highest salary to an SEO specialist.

The graph shown below is the average annual salary of SEO professionals:

2. SEO Jobs companies based in CA, CT, NY, and NJ Statistics

There are several companies based in CA, CT, NY, and NJ.

California has the highest number of SEO jobs companies, followed by New York.

Among the four cities, Connecticut has the least number of SEO based companies.

3. SEO Jobs Postings Statistics

Companies have started job posting for SEOs under different job profiles. Linkedin, Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc., all have started posting jobs on behalf of the company.

With the shift of digital advertising, Google has also adopted a new function: ‘Google for Jobs.’

It has also been observed that only 22. 9% of SEO job postings are for a technical position. 77.1 % are looking for SEO professionals with non-technical skills.

The study also reports that business services and IT are the two sectors that hire SEOs professionals more.

Suppose you are searching for SEO based jobs in Connecticut through Glassdoor.

This is how it will look:

4. SEO Job Titles Statistics

Job titles distinguish types of work to be carried upon under a company.

In SEO domain, different job title carries out various functions.

According to a study, it was found that the most popular job title searches are senior SEO manager, head SEO manager, and SEO content writer.

Companies are on the lookout for SEO post job titles that have the terms:

  • SEO content writer
  • Senior SEO manager
  • SEO Account manager
  • SEO digital marketing
  • Head of SEO
  • Marketing manager SEO

5. Work From Home SEO Jobs Statistics

SEO is said to have a conversion lead of 14.6%. While outbound leads like print advertising and direct mail have a conversion lead of 1.7%.

Search Engine optimization is the trend for digital marketing. There is also development interdependent of SEO and inbound marketing.

SEO offers a variety of services. Some of the most in-demand SEO services by the clients are shown below:

6. Freelance SEO Jobs

Due to the growing demand for online marketing, the need for SEOs is essential. There is a growth of Freelance SEOs.

The nature of the work creates an opportunity. Many companies have created freelance job opportunities.

SEO Freelancers earn between $45000- $ 85,000 annually.

Given below is a list of some companies where you can find SEO Freelance jobs or SEO online Jobs:

Job Boards is the right place to search for SEO talent. Some popular job boards to get the best SEO Freelancers are:

  • Indeed
  • Upwork
  • ProBlogger
  • AngelList
  • Fiverr

7. SEO Jobs Cities Statistics

The maximum number of SEO professionals is in San Diego. It also pays the highest salary to an SEO Specialist.

Its SEO job density is 47%. The best city for SEO professionals to get an SEO Job is in Charleston.

 The list of cities that recruits highest number of SEOs is given below:

  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • LA
  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • Austin

The companies based in CA, CT, NY, and NJ pays the highest salaries for SEO professional, while companies in UT, PA, and IL pay the least.

8. SEO Jobs Skills Statistics

SEOs that are well-acquainted with coding get paid more. SEOs that have knowledge in specific programming languages have a 7.3% median higher salary.

Some of the skills that recruiter look for in an SEO is listed below:

  • Marketing
  • Tools
  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Search
  • Data

9. SEO Jobs Positions Statistics

With the current trend, industries are vying for enterprise software, IT, staffing & outsourcing, publishing, advertising & marketing to fill SEO positions.

10. SEO Jobs Qualification Statistics

It has been reported that 64.3% of SEO positions do not have degree requirement at all.

One can take a diploma in digital marketing course after an undergraduate degree.

Still, 29.8% did really need a bachelor’s degree of some sorts. Not many look for candidates with advanced degrees.

11. SEO Interview questions

SEO interview questions are mostly within the parameters of the job-related. The question will vary from basic- intermediate – expert level.

12. SEO Jobs Programming Statistics

While hiring SEO, the most popular programming languages that companies look for are given below:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • GO
  • Javascript
  • CSS

13. SEO Jobs Experience Statistics

The employers look for SEOs with experience in specific tools. The percentage of SEO jobs that call for experience with specific tool is 63.4%.

Given below are the standard tools that employers quote:

  • SEMrush
  • Screaming Frog
  • Google Analytics
  • Aherfs
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz

14. Remote SEO Jobs Statistics

The 19 COVID pandemics has made working professional stick to working at home.

According to a Stanford University study, 42% of the US workforce has been working from home full time during the pandemic.

The study also stated that 35 % of information technology workers would bolt to work from home.

The survey also highlighted the remote work advantages. 64% citing flexibility, 44% pointed to improved work balance; 40% feeling safer; 29% increased productivity, and 10% being able to acquire new career skills.

Remote SEO jobs mainly write content for websites like articles, advertising campaigns, and promotions of social media sites. It also identifies and researches keywords for web content.

The salary of a Remote SEO content writer is $35,000 -$ 100,000 annually.

To get into an entry-level Remote SEO job or SEO work from home, one should learn various SEO tools.

Learning some developmental skills and analytical skills would be of great use. Start working on a small project to hone your craft.

A course in Google Ad certification will also improve your job prospect.

Like any other Job, SEO has also created an ecosystem of its own. There is so much SEO can offer.

The flexible nature of the work adds much credibility, given the fact that almost 30% of working professionals would quit the job if they were to return after the pandemic.

The rise of digital advertising has led SEO to the front runner. It is here to stay, and it will keep thriving. Perhaps it might eventually lead to Job creation.

In its own realm, it has created an innovative space for minds to create and share ideas. The younger generation will lead the baton. The less complexity of education qualification will attract young minds.

Companies and investors have begun to understand the importance of SEO. The Digital era is escalating fast, and the need for SEO will require more than ever.

The facts and data show that business enterprises are willing to invest in SEOs. Digital advertising will be the forerunner in the market.

SEO will be a major influence in the technological industry. The SEOs job professionals will be in demand more than ever.

The general masses are yet to catch up on SEO trends, but sooner or later, people will be open to the idea and become SEO friendly.

The article hopefully provided insights on SEO jobs that you are looking for, and if there is any query or suggestions, you can leave a comment below.


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