Top 23 Side Hustle Statistics You Need to Know For 2022

By Bill Acholla January 2, 2022
Side Hustle Statistics

A Side Hustle is an additional job undertaken by a person who also has full-time employment.

It is a freelance work that provides supplemental income to your real income.

A side hustle is also known as a side job or a side gig.

You are probably considering getting a side hustle to invest and purchase something or pay off a debt.

There is an array of reasons why someone gets a side job. It helps in bringing overall enhancements to your total income.

The world is moving forward at a fast pace, and so are the evolvement of the jobs.

There are a variety of side gigs available nowadays that weren’t known before.

The job sector is evolving every day, offering many opportunities to people with meaning.

This article focuses on the best side hustle statistics for 2022.

The statistics will provide you with all the necessary information to pick the right gig for you.

By the end of this article, you will have clarity on what best fits you.

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A. Millennial Statistics

Millennials are one of the most socially conscious generations.

They are more active than baby boomers and Gen Xers when it comes to side hustling.

01). According to a recent survey by SunTrust Bank, Millennials make about $10,972 on an average every year via side gigs.

They make more than Gen Xers, who make about $8791, and baby boomers with $5892.

From the survey of 2028 people with different age groups and income, 1116 had a side hustle.

About 64% of the millennials admitted to having a side job at present and in the past.

It was more compared to Gen Xers, with 58% and baby boomers with 44%. Plus, 19% of the millennials had multiple side gigs, whereas Gen Xers and baby boomers had 13% and 6%, respectively.

02). Bankrate has new data that shows that about 28% of Millennials from ages 18-26 are continuing to work on the side.

So, these young members are getting their regular income accompanied by additional income from the side gigs.

Here are the numbers with the millennials:

  • 61% are on their side gig once a week or even more sometimes.
  • 96% are on it for at least a month.
  • 25% claim to earn about $500 in a month and more sometimes.

Plus, an average millennial taking part in this Bankrate study utilizes their side gig for bagging $200 a month, at least.

03). Slavik Boyechko, an Emmy winning filmmaker, never thought he needed a side gig.

But he still decided to add on his income by helping co-found “Video Dads.”

It is a video production and Gear/Training business.

It is a website for filmmaking education and reviewing gear. He admitted to having a good career path but still considered a side hustle as a backup.

The main employer of Boyechko started laying off many workers.

So, Boyechko was glad to have started side hustling.

His side hustle/brand “Video Dads” is now his main gig.

He believes that millennials should drop the false hope of long-term stability with just one job like the older generations.

What is lucrative today may not be so tomorrow.

So, it is best to stay prepared.

04). According to a Bankrate statement in New York, 2019, About 45% of the US working citizens earn extra income through side hustling.

It includes both 51% of part-time workers and 43% of full-time workers.

The average hustler brings home about $1122 every month through 12 hours of work in a week.

About 66% of the people admit that the additional money is less than half of the monthly income.

Also, 3 in 10 people use hustle money to pay their daily living expenses. Plus, 34% utilize the income for discretionary uses and 27% for boosting their savings.

Nowadays, technology plays a huge role in the side job economy.

About 78% claim that technology does play a part in their side jobs, with 51% claiming it to be the major role.

05). Another side hustle statistic article at Tennessean indicates that about 37% of the population are working side jobs.

It equals to four in ten Americans, with Millennials taking the lead compared to the other generations.

They are getting side gigs for the following reasons:

  • Debt payment.
  • Additional cash for supplementing their daily lifestyle.
  • Savings for retirement purposes.
  • Job flexibility.

06). According to the recent survey under CareerBuilder, the Majority of millennials are working side gigs.

They work while they are away from their 9-5 jobs.

Most of them favor side jobs like babysitting, designing websites, blogging, and even bartending. Overall, 29 percent of the workers have second jobs.

However, millennials tend to outpace the other age groups. About 39% of 18-24 age group workers and 44% of 25-34 age group workers earn additional dough on the side.

07). Triple J, a famous ABC radio station, conducted a survey called “What’s Up in Your World.” It is one of the biggest surveys for young people back in Australia.

This survey targeted 11,000 young Australians ages 18-29 with many questions.

One main question was around money and work. Here are some of the results:

  • About 79% of Millennials want to have their own homes someday.
  • 42% of Millennials are living with their parents.
  • 40% of Millennials are renting, and 10% are looking for houses to purchase.
  • One in three millennials is working side jobs.
  • Some work on a contract basis while the rest does casually.

08). According to dollarsprout, here are some of the key findings of the side hustle:

  • 27% of the side hustlers are relying on the extra income for covering their monthly bills.
  • 18% of them are interested in going full time with their side gig.
  • Almost 1/3 of the side workers are over 54+ of age.
  • Web designing and Writing being some of the gigs with the highest salary.
  • About 23% claim on facing a decrease due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • And lastly, over 42% of the side hustlers are optimistic about their future.

B. Making Extra Money Statistics

Making extra money is super important for a lot of people.

You will be able to pay off bills, support your lifestyle, and even splurge on things sometimes.

It is very important, especially if you live in a fast-paced city with high living costs.

Plus, it will help you pay off debts at the earliest.

Maybe you will take time to earn larger amounts, but it will help you accelerate paying off your debts.

09). 1/3 of Americans claim to need side jobs for managing their expenses.

According to a recent survey by Bankrate, about 45% of the US working population earn extra income outside their main career.

Here, Millennials consists of 48%, followed by Gen Xers at 39% and Baby Boomers at 28%. The side hustlers are making about $1122 every month on an average.

It was $686 the year before, and so you could see the high increase.

Some of the popular side gigs include – bartending, running social media accounts & blogs, landscaping, home repair, child care, Uber driving, crafts, and selling products online.

84% of them believe that technology plays a major role in making all the dough.

10). – After a survey of 996 Americans from CREDITLOAN, here is a list of reasons behind the side gigs.

Remember that these people have the main occupation with one side gig, at least.

11). We also know from a Bankrate survey trending on NBC News that many Americans prefer their side jobs than their main jobs.

About 1-In-4 respondents admit to preferring their side jobs over their primary career. 40% of the 18-22 age groups are among them.

But Amanda Dixon, an analyst at, talks about the reality & expectations when it comes to side jobs.

Some people go in with high salary expectations and end up disappointed.

But the rest are okay with the salary tags.

12). About 57% of the respondents are working a side job, with 65% of them being in the age group of 18-34.

Women are more likely to be working a side gig compared to men.


Because of the increasing numbers of moms who stay at home.

Here you can see that women take a clear lead when it comes to side hustling.

Now you can also see from the most worked side jobs to least:

  • 32% are involved in selling services such as fitness training, photography, and house cleaning.
  • 30% of them are involved in selling new handmade products, flipping & reselling second-hand products.
  • 15% of them are taking up online surveys, miscellaneous jobs, and mystery shops.
  • 13% are partaking in a gig economy through Uber, Postmates, and Instacart, etc.
  • 10% are working with multi-level marketing companies in Avon, Rodan + Fields, and Scentsy.

Here we have the jobs from most paid to least:

  • 29% of them are earning via gig economy works.
  • 24% of them are making their income through selling services.
  • 19% are garnering their income by selling products.
  • 9% are engaging in the marketing of multi-levels.
  • 20% of the respondents are doing it via other methods.

13). – A recent June 2019 survey by Bankrate of 2550 adults reveals interesting details.

About 3-In-10 Americans are side hustling to cover their monthly living expenses.

Almost 45% of Americans have side gigs as well as the main job.

They are working these jobs to produce their disposable income.

Here you can see how they are using their side income:

From all the generations, Millennials tend to dominate in the survey of having a side job.


Because they have seen the financial issues faced by their parents and grandparents.

Plus, they depend on it to obtain a bigger income portion.

As you can see from the snapshot below, about 40%+ are millennials.

From the survey, we also know that wealthier and educated American households are more likely to possess a side gig.

About 43% of these households obtaining about $80,000 every year have a side job.

37% of the poorer respondents/households with an income below $30,000 don’t have more side jobs.

The average income every month is $1122. So, look at the snapshot below for locating how much these side hustles are earning in a month.

C. Average Income Statistics

Average Income or Per Capita Income (PCI) refers to the average income earned by a person in a given area in a year.

You calculate it by dividing the total income of that area by the total population.

14). In December of 2017, there were about 114.2 million full-time working US Citizens.

The American workforce’s median salaries display big variations in different careers, such as from hospitality to tradespeople and white-collar jobs.

The median salary in terms of the week was $857, which amounts to $3714 every month.

About half of them earned more, and the other half had fewer earnings.

There are distinct differences in the median income per week and month between men and women.

  • Men Weekly – $946
  • Men Monthly – $4099
  • Women Weekly – $769
  • Women Monthly – $3332

Median income varies by educational levels

  • High School Graduates Weekly – $714
  • High School Graduates Monthly – $3094
  • High School Diploma Holder Weekly – $513
  • High School Diploma Holder Monthly – $2223
  • Bachelor’s Degree Holder Weekly – $1170
  • Bachelor’s Degree Holder Monthly – $5070
  • Advanced Degree Holder Weekly – $1487
  • Advanced Degree Holder Monthly – $6444

Median Income Varying by Occupational Differences

  • Professional & Management Positions Weekly – $1235
  • Professional & Management Positions Monthly – $5352
  • Service Workers Weekly – $539
  • Service Workers Monthly – $2336

15). As we know through the Bankrate survey, about 37% of Americans have side gigs, which equals 4-In-10 Americans.

Amanda Austin, a 35-Year old full-time digital marketing manager, is one of them.

She lives in Erie, Pennsylvania, and sells wooden miniatures and dollhouse kits online as her side job.

Her curiosity led her to create the website and make a low investment, which later became a success.

She is making about $500 a month but hopes to earn more down the line.

Below we have a snapshot of how much the side hustlers are raking in on a single month.

The average income per month is $686.

Below we also have a snapshot of the most popular side gigs.

Americans are earning the extra income mainly through these four side gigs.

D. Lucrative Side Hustle Statistics

16). This survey comes from “The Hustle” with over 3560 respondents in October of 2018.

Here is a snapshot of the most lucrative side hustles

Real estate tops the list, with an average respondent making over $29K per year on just six hours every week from the property. It is great for $90 per hour.

Here is a snapshot of the least lucrative side hustles

Farming side workers are making the least by raking in $6.8K every year or $9 per hour.

They work for 14 hours on average per week.

17). According to Bankrate’s latest study with 1000 respondents, here are the most lucrative side hustling gigs among Americans:

  • Landscaping & Home Repairing – 12%
  • Babysitting – 9%
  • Selling & Reselling Products – 8%
  • Substitute Teaching, Tutoring, Beauty, Online Surveys & Tasks, Freelance Videography & Photography & more – 4% each.

18). According to Vistaprint, we come to know that about 27% of Americans from the 2000 respondents in full employment are turning their hobbies into side gigs.

  • 55% are interested in turning their hobbies into side gigs but still haven’t leaped.
  • 61% think that the current generation is in dire need of side businesses to obtain money.
  • 39% predict that having side gigs would be the new norm in the coming days.
  • Average side hustlers are working 16 hours a week.
  • 42% of the side hustlers are interested in expanding their side businesses.

E. Women Side Hustlers Statistics

There are a ton of side hustling jobs available for women today.

Women from every age group and generation are working in the US.

19). With a survey of 1000 respondents, here are some of the key findings with women inside hustling:

  • Almost half of the respondents have side jobs, where 3-Quarters of them find it worthy.
  • 61% of the women and 54% of men are struggling to make ends meet.
  • More than 2/3 of the Americans are worried about their monthly bills, and the rest don’t always pay it on time.
  • Women side gigs are lesser than men on both hourly and yearly basis, even though they are doing more hours.
  • 18% of women and 24% of men are predicting that their side work will become full-time.

20). More women are considering side hustles compared to men for bridging the pay gap.

From a press release in CareerBuilder, here is what we know:

  • 35% of women have side jobs compared to men, with 28%.
  • Hispanic & African American workers are more likely to have side gigs compared to Asian & White workers.
  • 1-In-4 workers earn more than $75K & 19% of those earning $100K+ have jobs outside of their main jobs.

21). According to the survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here is what we know so far:

  • 61% of the women admit to working a side gig because they needed a 2nd source compared to men at 48%.
  • 19% of women are motivated by a passion for working a side gig than men at 31%.
  • 70% of women are using this secondary income for covering their expenses compared to men at 42%.
  • The gender wage gap is presently sitting at 23.7%.

22). From MarketWatch, we come to know that almost a 3rd of Americans are working multiple jobs.

From there, 30% of women are more likely than 28% of men to take up a side job.

Most women, especially women of color, try to bridge the gap in gender wage.

Women are earning just about 79 cents per $1 that every man gets. It adds up to $430,000 less compared to men in their careers.

Plus, 40% of Hispanics and 46% of African Americans are more likely to hold down a side job than 29% of White workers.

At present, women are starting to join the gig economy for on-demand gigs that are in anticipation of covering about 43% of the work environment, with 9.2 million citizens by 2022.

23). According to PRNewswire’s new data, there was a survey of 1000+ women that have side jobs.

The survey reveals the top three reasons behind women choosing to side hustle:

  • Flexibility – 44%.
  • Income – 38%.
  • Entrepreneurship – 25%.

“Women in the Gig Economy” offers a deeper insight by showing that 95% of the women with side jobs find the gigs fulfilling.

And about 32% of them are planning to continue working the independent gig forever.

Key Takeaway

Side hustling opens doors for unexpected ideas for making extra money without quitting your day job.

This traditional economy of ours has so much to offer when it comes to side jobs.

People of every age group are invested inside hustling for meeting all their expenses.

Most of them do it for covering bills, flexibility, lifestyle & financial tech support, and an array of other valid reasons.

The global gig economy is quite occupied nowadays, where the global workforce is so invested.

Citizens shouldn’t involve themselves in illegal jobs and be passive to it.

Hosting such activities isn’t legal and accepted under the law.

Plus, you may be barred from future job opportunities.

You can explore all the jobs available today and consider them for weekend side hustles.

Both adults and college students are earning legit attractive dough with these small gigs.

Remember that it isn’t always easy, but it ensures a sense of security.

Over To You

Side hustling has a ton of benefits.

You will have financial stability and will be able to manage your lifestyle with ease.

You will also develop confidence, new contacts, and more opportunities for the future.

It will help you develop and flourish all your future endeavors with businesses.

Even people with top six-figure jobs have side gigs to have a well-balanced work life.

You could also try purchasing some books from famous authors like:

  • Nick Loper
  • Chris Guillebeau get started with side hustling and the many facts regarding this work-life.

So that’s it for 2022 side hustle statistics, trends & data.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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