Want to Build a Six Figure Blog That Earns A Real Income? Follow These 6 Steps…

By Bill Acholla January 6, 2022
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When I first thought of building a six-figure blog to help me earn a steady passive income, I was skeptical.

It’s not the conventional way of earning money, anyway.

With all the expenditures at home and the bills to pay, I had to be sure that I wasn’t wasting my time, money, and effort.

When I read about people like Imran Amed, who quit his day job to pursue his passion for writing, I was amazed at how he became an ordinary management consultant to amassing fans and readers for his online fashion journal.

This led me to deciding to follow the footsteps of these bloggers, who braved the currents and chose to change their lives.

I did, and I never looked back since.

As a good friend would, I would like to share the secret of making a six-figure income through my blog.

How to Start Earning a Real Income with your Blog Now

Earning with your blog is as easy as 1-2-3.

There are several steps to be done, and a little sacrifice along the way, but all these would help you become the next big thing on the Internet.

It’s about time you learned how to start a six figure blog and make money online!

Full Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you. You can read my complete disclosure statement here.


Let’s dive right in.

Step #1: Choose the Right Domain Name

Domain names matter in a blog.

Think of it as your personal brand as this is what your readers would first remember about you.

It also helps determine and reach your target demographic.

If you plan to have a smart passive income, you should start with a smart name as well.

There are domain names available at Namecheap.com, and you can choose which one suits your content best.

The right domain name also helps you be ranked accordingly in Google indices.

Though Shopify gave out 15 domain name generators, the best one is Namecheap.com because you can easily search for the domain name and extension, and you can easily purchase the domain name.

When you choose a domain name, remember to keep it simple. The shorter it is, the better it is for people to remember.

Steer away from free domain or domain names that bear someone else’s trademark so you could avoid lawsuits and similar troubles.

Being creative helps too because you need to be unique amidst thousands of blogs out there.

Brian Dean of Backlinko.com also suggested that choosing country-specific extensions help you rank better in Google.

Step #2: Set Up Your Blog Hosting

Bluehost web hosting is the best blogging platform that could help you make money online from starting a profitable blog.

For an affordable fee, you will get a free domain, free site builders, an easy one-click installation of WordPress and never-ending support from their customer service.

With a WordPress blog from Bluehost, you can easily write or transfer your content. You don’t have to worry about themes, layouts, or backgrounds.

Smart Passive Income owner and writer Pat Flynn recommends Bluehost.com services.

In his bluehost review, Pat Flynn mentioned how it’s affordable ($3.95) and convenient for starting bloggers.

You don’t just get a webmail, but you also get to transfer domain to bluehost, a great idea for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

If you are using bluehost for your first blog, you can score a great deal with its packages.

Don’t worry if you have no experience starting a blog yet.

The staff from bluehost web hosting will be ready to assist you any time of the day.

Indeed you can make money with their affiliate program.

Step #3: Install Profitable Plugins

Install WordPress

Having website tools and plugins is essential for blogs, especially for first-timers.

You can use these plugins to direct more traffic to your website.

Remember: web content becomes more useful if you have actual readers.

Enticehq.com previously wrote about 108 blogging tools that you can utilize for a variety of purposes.

Aweber, for instance, is an email service that helps you develop an auto correspondence system for your readers and visitors.

Yoast.com, on the other hand, provides you with the necessary information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and some useful SEO plugins for WordPress.

You can use cloudflare.com to speed up your Internet connection and improve your website performance. It also ramps up your security, keeping your site free of malware attacks.

As for themes and templates, you can check Thrive Themes for awesome designs.

Whether you prefer modern or minimalist designs for your blog, ThriveThemes.com always has something new and suitable for you.

If you want to enjoy a superb anti-spam service, Akismet is the plugin to have for your blog.

If you start to get loads of traffic to your blog, you need to have Crazyegg.com.


Crazyegg.com will make you understand how your visitors engage with your website and let you see where those people are coming from to begin with, and who clicks on what the most!

It will also help you increase your conversion rate.

I asked Kristi Hines about increasing conversion rate with Crazyegg. Here’s what she had to say:

Crazy Egg is one of the best tools for increasing conversions because it will show you exactly where your visitors are engaging with your website.

That will allow you to place elements that will lead to conversions (opt-in forms, lead generation forms, banners to your top products, call to action buttons, etc.) in the top places your visitors are looking.

Plugmatter.com is an optin feature box that allows you to create beautiful high converting ‘optin feature boxes’ for your WordPress blog.

Here’s what Samar Owais of Freelance Flyer had to say about Plugmatter:

Plugmatter is the perfect conversion tool for cash-strapped bloggers and businesses.

Not only does it gives you complete control over how your sign-up form looks – from colors to fonts and everything in between, but it also allows you to split test your forms to figure which convert the best.

Personally, my blog didn’t start growing until I started using Plugmatter’s Optin Feature Box plug-in.

Whether you’re just building your list or want to start making money from it, Plugmatter’s plug-ins have got you covered.

Lastly, you can count on Getsocial.io to drive more revenue to your content as it directs heavier traffic to your website.

Step #4: Create The Right Content That Deserves More Traffic And Sales

1. Unleash Interesting Topics

My favorite source of blog post ideas that I normally use is Google Keyword Planner and Semrush.

But let’s start with Google Keyword Planner.

It’s a powerful tool that can help you come up with relevant topic ideas for your content.

This is how I use Google Keyword Planner:

Step One

Go to Google Keyword Planner and Click on the “search for new keywords and ad group ideas” just like you normally would.

Here’s the screen that you’ll see:

Google Adsense

Step Two

Make sure you enter your competitor’s landing page into the “your landing page” field

For example, let’s use this page as our competitor: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/5-things-retire-early-comfortably-141642914.html

Once you enter the page and select search, it will give you the below topic ideas.

From the above outcome, you can see we’ve two awesome long tail keywords we can use to write an authoritative content that can attract relevant traffic.

The next step is to write a TRULY WORTH CONTENT

2. Write In-Depth Article

Equally important is the stuff that you write.

After all, this is what readers would root for in your blog.

Benjamin Beck of Sumome.com notes that most companies spend almost 55% of their budget just on creating and producing meaningful web content.

This is a smart move since 68% of consumers spend their time reading your content.

About 70% of these consumers also want to learn about products through the great content you provide.

Now you can write beautiful content, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to boosted traffic and sales.

Beck further suggests the following: to have a successful blog, you must have good topics and content, and the means to publish and promote them.

Another tool that I use for topic ideas is Semrush.com

I use SEMrush for topic ideas, whenever I’m at a loss.

As a web content writer, it’s my job to provide interesting topics and content to my readers and followers.

The first criterion is “what my readers need to know”.

When I check SEMrush for ideas, I always come across terms that are more likely what my readers would key in the search engines.

Moreover, I use keywords to help them see my page among the numerous blogs online.

As for the content, I make sure that I write only what is necessary – no hullabaloos nor fancy language. It is better to be straightforward with your audience.

It is also worth remembering that content includes information about your product and services.

You can also add frequently asked questions (FAQs) to target specific topics or problems regarding your product.

3.Publishing and Promotion

Now the next question is who is going to do the publishing and promotion of your content?

And more important, how?

It’s rather easy.

First I use SumoMe for growing my email list.

This email list helps me contact my readers and clients who would want to know more about my products and services.

You can tweak the content of your email list. Add newsletters and coupons, or infographics to make the reading and dissemination of information easier.

You can also check out Google AdSense and post your ads on other blogs so people would know more about you.

Though blogging is sometimes tied with competition, it wouldn’t hurt to have your own network of friends and fellow bloggers.

The bigger your network is, the more chances of you being known by readers will be.

Step #5: It’s Time To Promote Your Blog Business.

Lets use these 5 effective marketing strategies to promote your blog

1. Guest Blogging

Promotion is indispensable in blogging for beginners.

Even personal blogs need to be promoted.

Otherwise, the blog would only be as useful as an online journal and not as a tool for curating content and selling your wares.

Like me, writer John Gannon also used email signups in his promotional tools.

In fact he got 1800 email signups just from guest blogging. For 3 years, he guest blogged at The Muse.

Posting for big blogs proved to be effective. Gannon believed that “big blogs need an endless supply of content.”

It is likewise the key to creating a blog that makes a six figure income.

Big blogs like Fast Company, Huffington Post, Fortune, Inc, and Business Insider have ad-drive business models that made it necessary for them to accept, generate, and publish more content. Not surprisingly, more content means more readers and more revenues.

2. LinkedIn Pulse Channels

You can also maximize LinkedIn Pulse channels to attract more traffic. If you have high quality content, a strong and catchy title, hashtags, niche, and tip at LinkedIn Pulse, then you have high chances of getting featured there.

Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today said your post had to provide an original perspective and should be well-written.

It also helps to tweet your post title to @LinkedInEditors so the editorial team could look at your work, Hutchinson added.

For more detailed tips about LinkedIn Pulse, check out this post Interview I did about: How to Maximize Your Chances of Being Featured on the LinkedIn Pulse Channels

3. Use HARO to Get Press Mentions

Everyone knows that press mentions through HARO are the bomb.

But aren’t press mention impossible for Average Joe BLOGGER?

Fortunately, not.

If you provide a thoughtful high quality responses, you’re golden.

And that’s where HARO comes in.

In fact, Christopher Gimmer of Snappa.io got a high authority backlink through HARO

Here’s an example of the link Christopher got: (Source)

Search Engines

4. Submit Quality Content to Medium

We already established that press mentions through HARO can get you some serious ranking punch.

Besides HARO, there’s another strategy you can use to get SERIOUS traffic to your blog:

Medium Publishing.

Here’s how it works…

  • Write quality and EPIC content story.
  • Submit it to a specific publisher within medium.

If you want to know how to leverage Medium.com for maximum traffic, check out this post interview I did: How to Get Your Article to Trend on Medium

This strategy alone can lead to a flood of visitors to your blog.

5. Create an Effective Roundup Post

Let’s face it: Most roundups post are weak.

So how can you make your roundup post stand out?

By tapping into Unique Topic.

I’m sure you’d like to see an example.

Here you go:

This is a roundup post I did a while back called, 43 Experts Reveal How To Generate Leads Through Creating Contagious (Viral) Content

That roundup post got me a link from SmallBiztrend.com (Source)

The success of that roundup post was due to the unique topic and promotion I did.

Brian Honigman reiterates that, most readers enjoy roundup posts because they feature insight from many industry experts all in one place, saving the reader time while still providing value.

It’s time to offer services to make you six figure income.

Step #6: Services to Make You a Guarantee Six Figure Income

Making a six-figure income becomes easier now with services that help your blog reach your target sales.

These are the following:

1. Affiliate Marketing

With Affiliate Marketing you can earn commission by promoting other people’s products or services.

You don’t have to invest so much of your time and effort in promoting their products – an ad will do!

When Pat Flynn first started Affiliate Marketing, he promoted another company’s practice exam software.

He was also smart enough to include his own audio guides and published ebooks in the ad.

It’s like jobs that pay over 100k a year, and he can actually have more than this amount from the affiliates he endorses on his site.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Consultant

You can also have a six-figure salary by becoming a social media consultant. You can be like James Burchill, who earns $100,000 annually as a part-time social media consultant.

This means he manages social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for other businesses.

3. Freelancing

Danny Margulie, a copywriter, built a six-figure income from his freelancing business on Elance.

To be specific he earned $113,553 in just 12 months! However, being a freelancer meant he did the “dirty” job of blogging, plugging on social media platforms, advertising, sending emails, asking for referrals, and actually meeting people and clients.

Being a freelancer also meant freedom from his tedious nine-to-five job to concentrate on gathering more clients for his services.

Margulie is the perfect example of making six figures working from home.

4. SEO Consulting

When Neil Patel decided to become a 6-figure blogger, he certainly wasn’t expecting that he’d actually build an SEO agency and earn more than he asked for.

Patel worked for companies and websites so they would be ranked higher in Google indices.

He studied how search engines worked, and now he’s receiving 7 figures in a year!

Now It’s Your Turn To Build a Six Figure Blog…

Making six figures working from home isn’t a walk in the park; it takes commitment and skill to create the million dollar blog.

If you have the right tools and great content, you can manage to earn from ads, affiliates, and social media.

Nothing is impossible.

You can be wealthy through your blog and eventually leave your day job.

You just have to be smart and efficient in the use of your Web resources, and of course, contact the right people and companies to help you out!


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