Want to Know How to Initiate Your Social Media Campaigns? Follow These 6 Easy Steps…

By Gaurav Sharma October 9, 2018

Social media platforms are one of the most powerful weapon for all brands.

They help brands reach and tap into new markets and increase their sales. Nearly 30% of marketers agree that social media is very effective for their business.

But why has social media become an integral part of marketing? 30% of young people follow brands on social media to get new updates.

And 52% of marketers found that their brand’s revenue and sales increased by many folds due to social media.

If you want to learn how to kickstart your social media campaigns, this post is for you. Let’s take a look at six crucial steps to launch a successful social media campaign.

1. Set Clear Objectives

The first step in planning a social media campaign is to decide your objectives. You need to be clear on what you want to accomplish.

You need to ensure that your objectives are in align with your company’s overall goals.

So take a look at your company’s goals. And see how a social media campaign can contribute to those goals.

Based on that, you can decide the objectives of your campaign.

For example, your objective may be to boost sales, build your brand’s image, increase awareness, or generate traffic.

Once you finalize your objectives, they will help you design your social media campaign.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

The second step after deciding on your objectives is to identify your target audience. Unless you target the right audience, your social media campaign won’t help you accomplish your objectives.

There are a few parameters that you can use to identify your target audience. They include age, interests, income, locations, behaviors, and genders.

So, you need to conduct intense research to identify your target audiences. You can also scan social media and learn more about their preferences.

Always keep yourself up-to-date with trending and popular topics and themes in your industry or niche.

You can also use popular, unique, and key hashtags in your posts. Identify key influencers from your industry and scan for popular content from them.

All of this data and information will help you create a buyer’s persona. And this will help you to target the right audience using relevant posts on social media.

3. Select Relevant Social Platforms

As mentioned above, you need to target your audience in the right place. Even if you have amazing and effective content, it won’t work unless you use the right platforms.

Identify the platforms where your target audiences spends the most time. And use them as your main platforms. This will help ensure the best results.

You need to tweak your social media campaign content for each platform. Once you understand the purpose of each social media platform and your goal, it will help you use the platform to its maximum potential.

Let’s say your campaign goal is to generate leads and most of your target audience uses Facebook. Then it makes sense to invest and leverage Facebook ads.

For example, Amazon uses Facebook to promote their Prime Day packages.

4. Partner with Influencers

To create an effective social media campaign, you can collaborate with relevant influencers from your industry.

When done correctly, influencers can impact the purchasing decisions of your target audience.

Influencers with a huge following can give your brand more exposure on social media.

You can also tap into new markets and gain new customers by partnering with influencers for your social media marketing campaigns.

You can use the following influencer marketing strategies to make the most of the collaborations.

a. Giveaways & Contests

You can ask your influencers to organize giveaways and contests. This strategy will help you to promote your products or services.

Contests and giveaways are very fun activities and are very engaging. So they can also increase the awareness of your brand, increase engagement, and boost sales.

For example, Gillette collaborated with male lifestyle influencer, Justin Livingston. Justin organized a giveaway on Instagram to promote Gillette’s products.

b. Product Reviews

You can collaborate with influencers and ask them to review your products or services on social media. A review post or video from an influencer can impact the purchasing decision of your target audiences.

A single tweet from influencer has influenced the purchasing decision of 40% of their followers.

When done correctly, this strategy can also boost sales and motivate audiences to visit your website to make a purchase.

For example, YouFoodz collaborated with food influencer, Jess Vuong, to promote their brand. The food enthusiastic gave an honest review of their menu.

c. Social Media Takeovers

You can also ask influencers to takeover your social media account(s). When done correctly, takeovers can increase your sales.

A takeover is also one of the best and win-win ways to gain new followers for both brands and influencers.

The post below is a perfect example of an influencer takeover as an effective social media campaign strategy.

5. Design a Strong Content Strategy

The next important step in launching a social media campaign is to plan a strong content strategy.

Without powerful content, you cannot leverage the power of social media platforms to the fullest.

Ensure that you create diverse types of content to reach your target audience. This will help you win them over and turn them into loyal customers.

You need to consider two very important things while developing your content strategy. They are context and content format.

Your brand’s voice and the most popular social platforms will decide the context of your content.

And then you can decide the context format, such as videos, text, links, and images.

With the balanced combination of these elements, you can create informative, useful, and educational content. This content will also help you get the attention of your target audience.

But the most crucial things to consider is to post the right content, at the right times, and to be consistent. This will make sure that your social media campaign is effective.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of content.

a. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have successfully managed to increase the amount of time people spend on Instagram. On average, Instagrammers spend nearly 28 minutes a day on Instagram Stories.

Also, there are more than 25 million business that use Instagram to promote their brands. So you should consider using Instagram Stories for your social media campaign.

For example, Renault leveraged the new feature of Instagram for their social media campaign. They used the platform to promote their new product, Twingo Midnight.

b. Video

More than 50% of consumers prefer watching videos and want to watch more video content from brands.

And video marketing has become one of the most popular trends in digital marketing.

When compared with other forms of content, videos generate and higher engagement rate. In 2018, 85% of companies are keen to create more videos for their marketing strategies.

The numbers clearly indicate that brands have realized the importance of videos for their social media marketing campaigns.

You can leverage the power of videos to create tutorials, how-to, DIY, unboxing, or storytelling videos related to your brand.

c. Facebook and Instagram Live

Live videos are one of the best ways to connect and bond with your target audiences. They can also helps you gain the trust of your audiences.

Live video can help you connect with your target audience on a more personal level. Drop that corporate curtain and show your followers the human side of your brand.

When compared with pre-recorded videos, people spend 3X longer time to watch live videos.

Also, live videos are more interesting, attractive, and engaging to watch. 80% of consumers refer to watch live videos rather than reading a blog or social media post.

So, the best way to make your social media campaign successful is to do live videos. You can share your brand’s stories via Facebook Live or Instagram Live videos.

For example, through Facebook Live videos, Wishpond was managed to expand their reach by 300%.

6. Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

You cannot have better brand advocates than your own employee. They are the perfect people to talk about your brand on social media.

Why? They are the only ones who know your business and products or services thoroughly.

When compared with celebrities, your target audience can relate more to your employees.

Also, your employees are more trusted, reliable, and approachable sources of recommendations.

According to Edelman’s Trust Barometer study, the purchasing decisions of consumers are more influenced by a company’s employees, than by celebrities.

You can also ask your employees to share your campaign content on social media. Just remember to provide your employees with guidelines, if you have any.

For example, GE leverages their employee and turns them into brand advocates. Below is a screenshot of one such employee talking about GE on social media.

Now it’s Your Turn

When it comes to promoting your brand and your products or services, don’t underestimate the power of social media.

Using the steps outlined above, you should not be ready to play and launch your own social media campaign.

So it’s time to start reaping the multitude of benefits social media platforms offer.

Do you think we have missed any important steps for launching a social media campaign?

Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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