Why Content Promotion Through Social Media Communities Is Losing Its Effectiveness

By Melissa Calvert May 23, 2020

We are living in an era where technology and the internet have become an integral part of your professional and private lives.

Social media is undoubtedly a powerful tool that can make things go viral in an instant.

Many businesses are nowadays making an effort to utilize the full potential of this high return yielding platform.

There is no doubt that social media in today’s world is a force to be reckoned with.

We find social media is magnanimous when it comes to marketing.

However, today we are on a mission to rebuttal the hype that goes around social media and how it can promote your content.

According to a recent survey by SmartInsights.com, nearly 80% of companies online consider themselves to be delivering outstanding customer service through social media.

On the other hand, only 8% of their customers agree with that statement.

So let’s dive a little deeper and look for ourselves how social communities fail to deliver the impact that is expected of them.

1. Limited Functionality, Limited Value

While we find many ventures getting their posts written, and their visuals adjusted to have all the cosmetics ready for their social media pages, there is still a huge problem that they have yet to address.

A lot of them tend to fail and are unable to realize that apart from aesthetically pleasing looks, their social media profiles and business pages are still offering limited function for the end-user.

Hence if a customer does land on their social media page, they are getting very little value from it.

They need to look at the perspectives of their target audiences, study their persona, understand their pain points and then direct their efforts into providing them with the best solutions.

2. Lack of Member Centric Features

In correlation with our previous point, social communities fail when they are unable to address the reasons behind a visitor landing on their pages.

Furthermore, if a business profile or a business page disregards offering their members additional features that are centered around their needs, then, in the end, the page becomes pretty useless for incoming traffic.

As a business, you need to stand out and think like your customer.

Consider aspects that can make a prospect, or a candidate convert put your services on top of all other counterparts available online.

You need to be special and use insights to guide you as to what a client would look forward to viewing on your social media community pages.  

3. Absence of Analytical Data

Analytics plays a vital role in determining your online performance.

One quick glance and it can provide you with a SWOT analysis of what you are doing right and what needs to be changed.

However, companies who fail to implement analytics for the social media pages are definitely missing out.

It is not about amassing likes and shares in a quick succession of time, there has to be a proper method and system to identify your strengths and in which side or aspects are you lacking in.

Without proper analytics, you’re just skimming through the surface, whereas with analytics by your side, you can dive deep and point areas of improvement at a much higher rate.

4. Inability to Accommodate Growth

There are times when we put out a lot of zeal in a small enterprise, wanting to see it grow big.

However, when that does happen, our process and technique to take into account growth is not adequate.

We keep on following the same old methods.

This inability to accommodate growth in your business can bring in more harm than anticipated.

With growth and the passage of time, our social media pages need to evolve so that they can cater to the needs and requirements of a much bigger audience.

If such a change is not carried out, then we can end up offending our new clientele and end up losing them forever.

5. Poor Communication

Poor communication happens when we are unable to relay a proper message to our targeted audiences.

The tone of voice we use is incorrect, the timing is out, the audience’s demographics and lifestyles are not taken into account, and we might end up offending valued and esteemed customers also at times.

Social media pages that fail to deliver precise, crisp, meaningful and directed content will never be able to accomplish their desired goals and objectives.

This is due to the fact that stupendous communication is a vital part of making your online businesses successful

6. Ambiguous Information

When it comes to informing your viewers, customers, prospects, or any of the other stakeholders, it is best that you keep the message simple, direct, and to the point.

If your social media communication is lengthy, unorganized, messy, and carries vague messages, then your visitors and members would feel confused.

Therefore one must avoid giving out ambiguous information. Make sure to study your target audience well, know their preferences, and what kind of communication is most suited for them.

At times the messages we give out are too generalized, and that is why they fail to create the desired impact on audiences, making disinterested in your offers and overall purpose.  

7. Meager Initiatives

Any community will fail if there are not proper initiatives that guide them to prosper.

In order to take the initiative, you need to comprehend and read your present scenarios well.

Taking initiatives to help you deal with immediate problems that your community members are facing and provide them with resolute solutions.

Furthermore, initiatives are also directed towards future growth of the forecast.

Meager initiatives will never allow you to understand your community members and keep you away from making actual progress.

Another downfall of not taking initiatives is that if a trend emerges, then you might fall back and be unable to cope up with changes taking around your community.

Many students in higher education also suffer from taking proper initiative when it comes to academic research work that is where dissertation proposal help from experts can save them from a tight spot.  

8. Insufficient Efforts & Time

We understand that technology has made us enter into a big race to get as many likes and shares possible in the shortest amount of time.

But this is, in fact, a quick sight of how you should manage your social media communications.

Without giving in your best efforts, one cannot expect to get favors from the masses.

You need to be meticulous in your design and content elements.

Creating appealing visuals and generating thought-provoking media for your communities take time.

Subpar efforts will never yield the returns that you want, it has to be a team effort, and your specialist should dedicate themselves wholeheartedly in order to seek out results. 

9. No Concern for Privacy

Social media can be intimate at times; however, the one who is managing the page or profile must draw a clear line not to get too personal.

Sharing people’s information or passing comments without any concern for their privacy can offend a lot of people.

You should always remain courteous and maintain a strict standard when it comes to your viewers and fellow member’s personal and private information.

Social media is an open platform, and even if your online community is a close one, even then you should never cross the line where people get a bad taste in their mouth as this can ultimately damage your reputation in the eyes of the public as well.

10. Horrible Networking Skills

Everyone knows that running a successful business or community requires terrific networking skills.

Networking requires a keen awareness of not only yourself but also the ones you are reaching out to form long-lasting relationships.

There is a reason why we use the word nurturing when it comes to making ties and building bonds with others, such as partners and stakeholders.

There is a considerable effort required as well as patience to make relationships work even if they are public and revolve around the corporate sector.

You can never be too pushy or irritating; otherwise, your audience will definitely start avoiding you in the future.

11. Pitiable Domain Knowledge

We all work in our domains, our professional knowledge and expertise come from our experience and pool of knowledge.

If you are catering to a specific part of the industry, then it is a must that you delve deep into the nitty-gritty details.

Lack of adequate knowledge and knowhow about your domain will make you less credible and even more untrustworthy in the eyes of the public.

If you want to build a strong rapport with the people you are interested in, then know everything about your domain.

Research your materials and stick to being authentic at all times.

Slightest negligence can cost you heavily and building your reputation after it has been damaged is near to impossible, but possible with tons of effort.  

12. Deceitful Measuring Yardstick

How we measure our own performance is important as it generates valuable feedback for improving our actions.

The measuring yardstick for your social media’s impact on your community hence needs to be spot on.

It should offer you attention to detail and must relay insights that can help you take immediate actions for overall improvement in the way you manage your pages.

Plus you should consider focusing on building your traffic, engagement, and interactions that lead towards positive output for your communities.

A measuring yardstick that offers you deceitful information will keep you blinded for the most part and when losses become evident and then making remedies can be too difficult at times.

13. Inability to Deliver Targets

Making promises and not living up to them and quickly cause anyone’s demise.

If you find your social media community to be incompetent to produce results or meet targets, then there is a definite need to change your approach and strategy.

If that also doesn’t work out for you, then it is better that you close the community rather than run it with a falsehearted undertone.

No business or corporate entity survives on making big claims and then not delivering on their word.

You have to be honest with your audience at all times.

It is what it is.  

14. Inappropriate Management

Social media requires your utmost dedication. You need to take out time, manage your resources properly and keep your community alive.

If you are not enthusiastic about your own page, believe us nobody will take an interest in your projects.

Be zealous and be active.

Post regularly and keep people enticed. Treat your community as if it is a living entity, and it is undoubtedly.

If you forget to water your plants, they might dry out and die. Same goes with your online presence.

Poor management will result in people losing interest, and your image will start to fade away with time. 

15. Too Much Fancy Technology

Amazing technology awaits you to be utilized overdependence; however, all the fancy gimmicks can hurt you at times.

If you are not familiar with the technology and have insufficient command over it, then investing all of the finances into it might sound foolish.

Many businesses nowadays are making the same mistake where they invest in brand new software but never utilize them to their full potential.

This hurts their ROI immensely, and by the end of the day, there are just complaints.

There is a reason why people say do not fix what is not broken.

So if something is working out for you quite well then stick with it unless a better option is available.

Everything that glitters is not gold. 

16. Incompetent Promotions

A lot of media is involved when it comes to promoting your social community.

You need a content specialist, visual designers, planning, and strategy to advertise and promulgate your online activities.

You might even have to give out incentives and invest in giveaways and promotional items to make it work.

Attracting audiences and creating an appeal for them is not a walk in the park.

You need a team of experts that have mastery over their skills to create something truly magnificent for your community and its promotion.

Slogans, taglines, banners, videos, blogs, and even holding contests or other events are just the gist of it.   

Over to You

There is a lot of word being spread out how social media can effectively turn around your business ventures and make your online communities grow.

However, hardly anyone sees the other side of the coin where many communities fail due to their incompetency and lack of proper management.

When these communities suffer, they often fail to realize their own shortcomings. We hope this post gives you enough directions and insights as to how you can protect your community from failing in the future.

For more information and any queries regarding the post, please feel free to share with us your feedback in the comment section below.

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