5 Social Media Management Tools That Can Improve Your Business Growth

By Bill Acholla July 25, 2018

Social Media Management Tools

You might not know this, but I started my career in social media management by posting stupid and funny stuff on Facebook.

I will admit that I sucked at it — most probably because I lifted most of my content from 9Gag.com

The number of my likes grew overnight — people did like their memes at that time. But when I reached 50,000 followers, that was the time that meme enthusiast found out about my modus.

They called me out, but I did not listen — it was just a fun hobby that I did not profit from.

I continued what I was doing and most of my followers showered me with rage and curses.

How dare I copy-paste content and not make my own? Well, it’s not that I didn’t want to, but it was difficult.

First, it’s hard to make original Internet memes. Second, I can’t use all my time thinking when I need to post three times a day. And third, I had a “real” job back then.

One day, a so-called Internet marketer messaged me.

He presented me with three offers: to become his social media marketer, to sell my Facebook page to him, or to still manage the page and profit by posting links to his websites on my page.

I wasn’t able to answer right away; I was dumbfounded by the potential amount of cash I could get if I said yes to any of the offers.

One of the things he said that intrigued me was that he found me to be one of the best social media influencers he talked to.

At that time, I had no idea what a social media influencer or micro influencers were.

After days of careful research, I became immersed in the world of social media management. I got in touch with the Internet marketer and gave him my answer: option three.

My research and experience made me realize that I could earn more if I improved the page more and, at the same time, start making money while doing it.

So, to start my adventure on profiteering from my social media page, I started listening to my followers.

I found an easy way to generate content without directly lifting it from websites — it was through content rewriting and recycling.

However, I immediately found out that despite being easier than creating original content, it was still time-consuming.

Another problem was that they did not react well with the attempts to insert links to other websites. I had resorted to clickbait. It worked at first, but it backfired.

It was getting more and more difficult. I had planned to hire people to do it for me, but I did not have the money.

I spent time doing research to ease my situation, and found out that there were many social media tools that can help me.

The first tool I found was HootSuite.

It was a social management tool that allowed me to research topics and schedule posts.

It also made it easier for me to post on multiple social media accounts, which allowed me to expand to Twitter and Instagram.

Unfortunately, HootSuite can be costly if you choose the Pro plan. Also, its reporting feature can be a pain since it is limited and you need to burn some cash again. Because of that, I searched for an excellent reporting tool for my accounts.

That was when I found Buffer. First of all, it is similar to HootSuite, but it has a better reporting and data analytics system.

Second, its business plan offered more features than those of HootSuite’s premium version at almost the same price.

With Buffer, I got addicted to reports and analyses. My page was doing well, and its equivalent on Twitter and Instagram was performing better, thanks to the insights the reports provided. But it was not enough, so I searched for a new tool for advance analysis.

I stumbled upon AgoraPulse.

In comparison to the previous two, their premium and for small business plans were much more affordable. Also, it offered advance analytics and reporting.

With AgoraPulse, you can even analyze your Facebook competitor’s performance. It came with an ad comment monitoring system, which allowed me to have full knowledge on how people react to my ads. Yes, I admit that I burned off some cash to extend my reach using Facebook ads.

By the way, the Internet marketer that I worked with uses MeetEdgar. MeetEdgar is a decent social media automation tool, but it is expensive considering it has limited features.

I only used MeetEdgar’s demo/trial version, but I believe it is an excellent social media tool, which is backed up with multiple positive reviews online about it.

After 11 months of consistently performing (the links I posted were consistently being clicked by my followers), I was able to save up some money.

At this point, I had already quit my day job and developed a new aspiration. I wanted to be a social media manager and an Internet marketer, and to start an Internet and social media marketing firm of my own.

I immediately considered getting a new employee. However, since it would be the first time that I was in a position to manage and hire people, I consulted my partner for some tips on how to hire the “new guy.” He recommended Fama.

Fama is a social media screening tool. It helps employers process and manage applicants. It makes the hiring process simple.

And it performs an excellent job of screening applicants using their social media information on the Web.

You may have noticed that I’ve mentioned most of the tools I used to manage me and my clients’ social media pages.

Yes, I am now a full-fledged social media manager. The Internet marketer that gave me the first offer is still one of my clients, and I give him a huge discount since he’s the guy who helped me to become who I am right now.

And since you are already here, I will let you in on a little secret. I took advantage of the free accounts that HootSuite and Buffer offer. With those two, I am able to manage at least six social media accounts free of charge.

Furthermore, I used the free social media tools from Agora Pulse: Facebook Page Barometer, Twitter Report Card, and Facebook Page Contests. They were great tools that helped me dive into social media analytics.

If you are just new and starting out as a social media manager, I wholly recommend that you take advantage of the free tools and functionalities.

Do not invest yet on business accounts. I promise you that they are not yet worth it, especially if your follower count is below 10,000.

For agencies or if you have a business and perform the marketing yourself, stick with a free social media management account.

Also, do not upgrade if your follower count is still around 10,000. Only upgrade the account if you’ve hired a team of more than two people to manage your social media pages or if you’ve passed the 10,000-follower mark.

You should focus on analytics if your social media account is only three to six months old.

However, if you plan to launch ads for your pages, you do need to get it early. Never launch ad campaigns without external third-party reports.

The lesson in this story is that, even if you do social media posting as a hobby, you can attain success.

And your rate of success gets higher if you have the budget to spend on it and if you have a company to campaign for.

Also, there are many tools out there — some of them free, which can make it easier for you to manage your social media accounts.

Take advantage of them, but only pay if you have achieved the abovementioned milestones and conditions.

Which social media management tool is the best?


  1. Lisa Kalner Williams says

    Hi there Bill,

    Great list of tools and the stories behind your use of them. Which tool (or tools) do you currently use?


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