9 Tools That Provide Good Examples of Sales Proposal Templates That Reflect Your Client’s Needs

By Bill Acholla August 14, 2021
Good Examples of Sales Proposal Templates

Today you’re going to see the best tools that provide good samples of sales proposal templates.

Specifically, I’ll show you 9 tools you can use to win more business without wasting hours writing and designing proposals.

These tools can be used by:

  • Sales team
  • CEO’s
  • Saas Companies
  • Freelance web designers
  • Consultants
  • Marketing Managers

The best part?

All of these sales proposal tools work GREAT.


Let’s dive right in.

1. PandaDoc

Sample of Pandadoc Sales Proposal Template

Pandadoc is a sales document service that helps entrepreneurs create and send professional looking docs that can help you win more business clients.

In addition to the above, Pandadoc can help you:

  • Simplify the process of creating business proposal
  • Create engaging quotes
  • Create business contracts with their pre-approved templates
  • Seal deals fast with their eSignature tool.

Below is an example of their sales documents you can use to streamline your sales process.

More companies are using PandaDoc to win more clients and grow their business.

For instance HPC, an accounting and advisory firm used to create project proposals in Microsoft Word, sending them out via Echosign for signatures and once the deal has been closed, they enter the details manually within their HubSpot crm tool.

It was a frustrating process especially when they were onboarding their new clients.

They decided to use PandaDoc to streamline their processes. After integrating PandaDoc into their system, they saw a 20% increase in their close rate.

So how much does PandaDoc cost?

See below:

Website: Pandadoc.com

Free Trial: Yes

Free eSign: Free

Regular Pricing:

Individual: $9/ monthly

Business: $49/ monthly

Enterprise: Contact their sales department

PandaDoc is a decent sales proposal tool. Not nearly as good as something like Proposify. But starting $9/month, it’s not a bad deal.

If you want to become proud of the work you’re sending to your clients, you need to try PandaDoc.

2. Better Proposals

Better Proposals is an online  proposal software that helps salespeople, freelancer and agency marketers send professional business proposals.

The software can help you create beautiful, high-impact proposals in minutes instead of hours.

Why Better Proposal?

According to Eman Zabi founder of The Scribesmith, Better Proposal can change the way you do business.

It can help you streamline your sales process and simplify your client on-boarding process.

What are its features?

a. The software has professional written and design templates in a wide array of industry.

B. The software can help you save time

C. You can use the software to customize your proposal inline with your business.

D. It has instant notification feature which can help you follow up with your clients

E. Its esignature is secure and encrypted

F. It has instant payment feature which can help you get paid instantly

G. It has a live chat feature which can help you make selling easy.

H. It integrates with:

  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • HubSport
  • PayPal


The software has an in-built report feature which can help you make the right selling decision.

Below is an example of their sales proposal template that has won them over $38,000,000 of business for their customers in 2019 alone.

How much does it cost?

See below:

Website: Betterproposals.io

Free Trial: Yes

Regular Pricing:

Starter: $19/ monthly

Premium: $49/ monthly

Enterprise: $129/ monthly

Side note: Each pricing plan has its own features.

Key feature: It has beautiful templates you can use to send to your clients.

3. Qwil

Qwilr is a software for creating proposals, quotes and documents. It can help you create better business documents which are easy, fast and beautiful.

The software is perfect for

  • Big organization
  • individuals
  • And teams

Why Qwilr?

According to Vuki Vujasinovic, managing director of Sling&Stone, Qwilr is a brilliant software that shows how best our work is and when a client sees the Qwilr page, they get impressed.

Qwilr works in 3 step:

  • You can use it to create pages using their simple editing blocks
  • Once done you can share your link securely with your client
  • The software can allow you to accept clients to sign, accept and pay without hassle.

Key Features:

  • When your prospect sees your documents, the software will send you notification via your email, SMS and Slack. This will help you to follow up.
  • The software can help you track and analyze your sales effectively

How much does Qwilr cost?

Website: Qwilr.com

Free Trial: Yes

Regular Pricing:

Business: $75/ monthly

Enterprise: $450

Editor’s note: Qwilr can help you reduce your turnaround time by up to 80%

4. Bidsketch

Bidsketch is a proposal software that helps customers create engaging and persuasive proposals in minutes.

The software is perfect for:

  • sales team
  • sales people
  • and anyone closing sales deals.

What benefits can you get with Bidsketch?

The software can help you:

  • Increase your revenue. They have an up-selling feature which can help you sell more.
  • Create a proposal with approval messages.
  • Know when exactly your proposal has been opened
  • Close with electronic signature
  • Cut your proposal time in half with its large proposal templates

The software can be integrated with:

  • Zapier
  • DocSketch
  • Salesforce
  • Freshbooks
  • Basecamps
  • Harvest

Below is a sample guide of a winning proposal

How much does BidSketch cost?

See below:

Website: Bidsketch.com

Free Trial: Yes

Regular Pricing:

Business: $149

Team: $79

Solo: $29

What I like about it: Their client landing page has a feature where your client can view, approve, export and comment on their proposal quickly.

5. Indy Proposal

Indy Proposal will help you turn your leads into your clients. Start with a clean and clear explanation of your services, your estimated fee for the project, or include both.

Some of the features this amazing tool offers are:

  • Building proposals and estimating your way with all the content you need, including your logo and branding.
  • Help you get to work faster with the ability to accept either an e-signature or an approval with the click of a button.
  • Automatically generate a new invoice draft for you the moment your proposals and estimates are approved.

With a generous free trial and getting full access to Indy and all its features with the Pro Bundle for only $5.99 a month, it’s one of the best sales tools around.

6. Proposify

Do you want to know how sales are won?

If yes, you need to know about Proposify.

Proposify is a proposal software  that helps customers create, send, track and e-sign winning proposals.

You can connect Proposify with your favourite apps. The software integrates with some of the best apps so you can improve your productivity and reduce wasting time on unnecessary things.

The software is perfect for Sales Team and Sales People

Catalina Tours, a tour guide  located on Catalina Island, California saw an increase of 125% in sales after implementing Proposify.

Catalina’s goal was to increase sales in the off season period. During that time their bookings were slow some to none.

After being introduced to Prosify, they signed up with Proposify and they started seeing significant growth.

  • There team expanded
  • Their bookings doubled
  • Within a year their sale had grown by 125%.

So why Proposify?

According to Joseph Barnes Director of Marketing at Yellowstone Landscape, he says there is much you can do with Proposify if you get your mindset of PDFs and spreadsheets.

This is what the proposal software can do for you:

  • You can create on-brand template.
  • You can store all the content in one place.
  • If you’re using salesforce, the software can help you create proposals and keep your data in sync.
  • It can help you see how your prospects are interacting  with your proposals. The insights will help know when to follow up.
  • Impress your clients with interactive pricing and videos.
  • It will help you get sign-off faster and easier with their legal binding eSignature tool.

How much does Proposify cost?

See below:

Website: Proposify.com

Free Trial: Yes

Regular Pricing:Tall Plan: $19

Grande Plan: $49

Venti Plan: Get in touch with them.

Editor’s note: Proposify is one of the best overall sales proposal tools on the market. Worth a try.

7. Quoteroller

Quote Roller is a quoting software that helps customers streamline their sales process.

Majority of sales experts use the software to win more clients.

The system can help you turn your leads into paying clients.

The system lets you:

  • Create sales docs.
  • Employ dynamic quoting.
  • E-signature.
  • And streamline your sales process.

Its benefits?

  • The software can help you assembly your documents into one place.
  • It can help you configure, price and quote.
  • It has a real time commenting system that lets you address your client’s concern.
  • It has an efficient workflow that lets you eliminate busy work and speed up approval in a timely manner.

So how much does Quoteroller cost?

See below:

Website: Quoteroller.com

Free Trial: Yes

Regular Pricing:

Individual: $9/ monthly

Business: $49/ monthly

Enterprise: Contact their sales department

8. Proposable

Proposable is a software tool that helps customers streamline how they create, deliver, track and eSign their sales materis.

It can also assist you in sending professional proposals to your prospects.

Ket Benefits

The software can help you simplify your new proposal workflow

  • It can help you stand out from the rest. You can add video and engaging media directly into your proposal.
  • Getting paid is fast.
  • You can be able to sync all your sales data into on place.
  • You can track everything that happens after you have sent out your proposal.

So how much does Proposable cost?

See below:

Website: Proposable.com

Free Trial: Yes

Regular Pricing:

Team: $39/ monthly

Enterprise: $500/ monthly

Editor’s note: Proposable is pretty darn awesome software. Unfortunately, it’s expensive as compared to other sales proposal tools.

9. Nusii

Nusii is a proposal management software that helps salespeople create beautiful simple proposals in minutes.

With Nusii you get to spend more time with your prospects than creating proposals.

How can Nusii help your business win more clients?

  • The software notifies you when your prospective clients open the email. It goes ahead to remind you to follow up.
  • You can add your own branding in the templates.
  • You can re-use content for better visibility.
  • You can send your clients reports in a beatiful format which will impress your clients.

Below is an example of Nussi Templates:

So how much does Nusii cost?

See below:

Website: Nusii.com

Free Trial: Yes

Regular Pricing:

Freelancer: $29/ monthly

Professional: $39/ monthly

Business: $129/ monthly

BONUS. GetAccept

Get Accept is an all-in-one sales enablement platform that harnesses the power of proposal designing, tracking and eSignature to simplify the sales process of your sales team.

Keyw benefits of using GetAccept

  • The platform can help you leverage your sales process with their data analytic feature.
  • It can streamline all your contract management templates.
  • It can help you create an effective workflow for your sales deals.
  • It can leverage your eSignature in your sales deals.
  • You can connect with your favourite tools.

How much does it cost?

See below:

Website: Getaccept.com

Starter: $25/ month

Business: $40/ month

Enterprise: $60/ month

For developers: Contact their sales department

My Overview Recommendation…

If you’re a small business or a start-up, you might want to consider using an easy and simple sales proposal tool like Proposify.com

If you want to personalize your approach, Betterproposals.io offers customized and beautiful sales templates.

If you need a template that can allow your client to approve, export and comment on the proposal then consider using BidSketch.

Finally, for an all-in-one platform, use GetAccepted.

Anything I Missed?

So those are my favorite tools and software that provide the best examples of sales proposal templates.

And now I’d like to hear from you:

Are there any sales proposal tools that you love… but didn’t see on this list?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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