4 Innovative eCommerce Trends To Consider For Your Business Growth

By Usman Ali August 15, 2020

As we enter the second half of 2020, it is surprising to note that many ventures failed to meet the market standards.

Those who were already suffering the blow were further pushed into a pit by the pandemic.

According to a US Chambers Report, 1 in 4 small businesses (24%) report being shut down temporarily.

Among those who haven’t shut down till now, 40 percent report it is likely they will shut temporarily within a few weeks.

43 percent believe they have six months or less until they have to impose a permanent shutdown.

And about 46 percent of small businesses think it will take the U.S. economy six months or a year to bounce back to normal.

While these figures raise our concerns, it works in our favor if we look at the brighter side.

Many corporate companies have climbed the success ladder. This year and trends it brought forward have brought some significant changes in the way companies approach their clients.

E-Commerce – the tour de’ force of 2020, has become a game-changer for industry tycoons.

They are no longer worrying only about having the best employees on their team. Instead, their primary concern is to amplify their eCommerce trading.

The data from Statista predicts that by the end of 2020, global ecommerce sales will reach $4.2 trillion, and it will amount to 16 percent of total retail sales.

Such numbers speak volumes about major transitions waiting around the corner.

You can’t expect to rise above others unless you follow something new and unique.

Below, we have listed four innovative ecommerce trends that will boost your business growth.

Let’s take a look:

1. Integrate AR to Enhance Online Shopping Experience

AR (Integrated Reality) opens new avenues for online stores to uplift the experience of their customers.

Be it the production of creative ads on the storefront, voice assistants to guide you through the store, or touch scenes for product selection – it enables the brand to provide a whole new shopping experience to its cherished buyers.

When you think from the customer’s perspective, it is a fact that today people love to try out fun, new things.

So, when you have convinced current users of your creative element, you can use it to gain more followers on social media.

According to research by Daymon, 40 percent of buyers stated that they would be willing to pay more for a product they can look through AR.

Hence, it has the power to make your product seem more desirable and premium.

The same study discovered that 72 percent of the people purchased something they were not willing to buy only because its AR view was too tempting.

2. Use Big Data to Create Personalized Experiences

No matter how one tries to save him/her, they simply can’t escape the claws of big data if they are willing to exist in the virtual world. It is practically everywhere.

All information that you have provided online, the saved cookies in your browser, and the apps that you have used are storing your data.

Although it has raised privacy concerns among the public, some benefits are accompanying, as well.

A significant perk of big data is that it dramatically helps marketing. This domain is all about understanding your customer so you can reach out to them in a better way.

It enables you to track the shopper’s buying journey, analyze each step, and then provide recommendations accordingly.

Amazon, for instance, offers a personalized experience to each shopper, and this increases the chance of successful sales.

Similarly, you can use big data to:

  • Give personalized product/service recommendations
  • Develop flexible pricing
  • Present targeted ads

Throughout the journey, make sure that you offer a positive experience to your customers.

By informing them that you know all about them may make you look creepy and intruding.

Your skill lies in knowing how to motivate them without making them feel uneasy. This helps to retain customers.

As per the stats from Business.com, loyal customers spend 67 percent more than new customers, and 72 percent of those who had a positive experience share it with more than six people.

3. Optimize for Smart Devices

Customers nowadays are using mobile devices to find brands and goods online.

As an ecommerce brand, this gives you a chance to work on mobile SEO and attract more traffic to your platform.

Increasing the conversion rate through smart devices is all about improving the user experience.

With human attention spans shrinking down to eight seconds, you must hook them up as soon as possible.

The key is to simplify their experience, clarify the complexities, and increase the site speed.

Everything on your platform, whether it is a website or an app, should be precise, lean, and compelling.

Here are four factors that will allow you to optimize for mobiles:

a. Make your site fast and light – Google prefers sites that load in tiniest periods. It offers a variety of tools to optimize site speed.

Before you begin working on that, you can start by trimming the redundant scripts.

b. Make your site searchable – About a third of Smartphone users will quit midway if they don’t find any relevant information about a brand online.

You must work hard on your site SEO to appear on the first page of search results.

Tweak your site format for smart devices and keep your resources crawlable so Google can spot you when users insert relevant keywords.

c. Optimize your UX/UI – You can expect around half of your traffic to exit if your site is not optimized for their device.

They expect a smooth interface, with less or no hurdles. Your site’s UI/UX should be fluid, quick, and comfortable.

Consider working on responsive web design in this regard. It resizes the content automatically, so it fits the screen of every user.

d. Eliminate the Obstacles – As mentioned earlier, the more hurdles a user comes across, the more likely they are to quit your platform altogether.

We recommend that you work to remove the barriers between the customer and the purchase as much as possible.

Keep your checkout smooth and sweet. Also, use trusted third-party payment options to remove doubts.

All in all, optimizing for mobiles has become the survival tool to exist in the exploding ecommerce industry.

You can hire a local professional company or an international entity to work on your digital footprint.

So, if you reside in UAE, A Dubai web Design Company, can help you to enhance your local reach. But if you have your eyes on global reach, you can look for further options.

4. Create Videos for Better Product/Service Evaluation

If you are looking for an instant and relatively inexpensive way to boost the performance of your ecommerce forum, then the video is your answer.

As compared to the earlier days, it is now easier to script, record, edit, and publish your video.

Even for potential customers, it has become quite easy to analyze the video of the desired product/service with just a few clicks.

Take the example of GoPromotional, a U.K. promotional products company that decided to create product videos of 4000 products.

They noticed:

  • SEO improvements
  • A 100 percent increase in conversions from viewers who watched the videos

Customers of this age are usually on the go. There are very few who would take a plunge into lengthy review articles.

Most of them prefer going through a video and knowing all about the product functionality within a few minutes.

You can create educational videos, tutorial videos, or customer testimonials. The choice depends upon the need of the hour.

For instance, right now, video enlightening customers about precautions amid COVID-19 will let them endorse your sincerity towards the community.

Therefore, start strategizing on your video plan according to your goals, budget, and brand requirements.

Final Thoughts

The enlisted trends may not work for every company out there.

Before you jump onto the bandwagon, it is vital to take a brief look at your company requirements.

Know what trends will be right for you and what are the ones you can skip.

This is the key to reach your customers without draining your resources.

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