The Ultimate Guide to Generating Qualified Leads Through Creating Contagious (Viral) Content

By Bill Acholla September 14, 2019

Viral Content

Are you a blogger or an entrepreneur?

Are you looking for the best strategies to generate leads for your small business?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

In this post you’re going learn techniques from top 43 experts on how to generate qualified leads for your small business.

This is the most comprehensive list of group expert interview I’ve ever done.

Whether you run an eCommerce site, a personal blog, or a small business, you’ll love this interview.

These expert bloggers will give you an answer to the most important questions we face when generating buyer leads through creating viral content.

And let me be clear about something:

This is NOT a lame “lead generation” predictions group interview.

You’ll see actionable tips and strategies that are working right now… and will work even better in 2019 and beyond.

Below are a list of all contributing experts arranged alphabetically, you can click on one of the quick links below to skip to your favorite expert’s response, or start scrolling to take it all in.



1. Tor Refsland – Time Management Chef 


You need to create something that your target audience wants to read.

Because regardless of how much you think that the blog is about you and what you like to write about, you are dead wrong.

You are only a caretaker of your blog.

The only mission you have, if you want to become a successful blogger that is, is to write for your audience and serve them awesome content that helps them to solve a specific problem.

So where do you start?

Use Brian Dean’s skyscraper technique.

Step 1: Find popular articles on other blogs within your target niche

You can use Buzzsumo.

Then the articles that have gotten the most amount of social shares.

Read those articles and find out how you can make it even better.

Step 2: Create something better

There are several ways to do this:

  • You can cover parts in the article that they haven`t covered (additional content)
  • You can target one of the parts in the article and write a more detailed article about that specific topic (zoom in)
  • You can write a more detailed and extensive article (epic)
  • You can write about the same topic but from a different perspective (new spin)

Whatever you choose to do, you have to create such an amazing piece of content that people will think “WOW!” when they see it.


I did this with an epic roundup post of 80 experts: 80 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy Experts

That turned into:

22 000+ page views in 6 days, 76 comments, 1500+ social shares and a lot of subscribers.

Later I did it again with 117 experts: 117 Tips On How To Set Goals From Successful Entrepreneurs

The result was 79 comments, 1500+ social shares and 100 targeted subscribers in a week.

Step 3: Great blog picture

A great blog picture will increase the quality of the article and increasing the amount of shares. The Social Warfare plugin is really good and it tripled my social shares (combined with refreshing my blog pictures).

I had a coaching call with the very talented graphic designer Ashley Faulkes at Mad Lemmings, and after 1 session with him, it made my blog pictures go from kind of sucks to pretty awesome.

Example – before (kind of sucks):


Example – after (pretty awesome):

say no

Here is the article:

See the difference?

It’s like night and day.

Step 4: Opt-in forms

  • You should have a feature opt-in form (created by Derek Halpern from Social Triggers).
  • Set up content upgrades on your blog posts. This means that people are able to download great resources that supplements the blog post by subscribing to your email list.
  • Exit on intent popup box (will appear when the reader is about to close the windows). The offer will be the same as the content upgrade.

Then everything is ready for the visitors to come.

There is only one thing to do…

Step 5: Promote it like your life was depending on it

They experts say that you should spend 20% creating the content and the remaining 80% to promote it.

Where should you promote it? On all your social media channels, to your email list(s), to all the influencers and people in your network.

Make sure that the article is relevant for the audience of the blog owners you reach out to. If not, there is not a big change that they will share it. And why should they?

It’s like if you are running a blog on social media marketing, and then someone approaches you with this great article on the 39 best places to buy a piano. The article could have been world class, but it`s way off topic for your audience.

It will probably the uncomfortable to reach out to people and ask them to promote in the start. That is why this should be your best article that you have ever written. So it will be really awesome, and they should be impressed when they read it.

Now you have the recipe on how to create a post that goes viral and generate new leads.

Go out there and do it!”


2. Neil Patel – Neil Patel

Neil Patel b

You can generate leads by writing content that is relevant to the service you are providing.

From there you can embed optin forms within your content and drip those users on the service you are selling.

Or you can just use tools like Hello Bar to generate leads through your posts.


3. Umar Khan – Khans Marketing 

Umar Khan

If you are managed to get good amount of social shares and comments on your content but still waiting to see the “Conversion” then there is something that you missed out.

This something is “Amplifying that content to reach more targeted audience“. For that, Facebook ads is the best option.

Run an ad with just $5 daily by targeting your customers and letting them know about your content. The message should be interesting and compelling. Once they land on your blog, they will definitely get impressed to see

Once they land on your blog, they will definitely get impressed to see huge number of shares and the chances of CONVERSION in this case is very high!!


4. Patrick Coombe – Patrick Coombe 

Patrick coombe

One of the first challenges with this is figuring out how to create viral content.

For me a lot of times I won’t write a piece with the intention that it will go viral but rather it will go viral after 2 or 3 days in front of its target audience.

One rule of thumb that I live by is to always have your conversion funnel setup in case you do get a wave of traffic to your site that way you are not scrambling to try and figure out a way to convert people if one of your posts to go viral.


5. Dave Schneider – Ninja Outreach 

Dave Schneider

The first thing is creating content that is going to be shared a lot.

For that I usually invite a lot of influencers into the content.

For example, my post on Traffic Generation Case Studies has been shared hundreds of times, and that’s because I included dozens of influencers.

Next you want to have an appropriate opt in, like a content upgrade, that incentivizes someone to join the newsletter in order to get something additional, like a PDF or extra tips.

Finally, once they’re on your newsletter, you can market your product or service to them.


6. Bill Gassett – Max Real Estate Exposure 

Bill Garset

As a real estate agent, one of the best ways of gaining credibility is by sharing your expertise by having a blog.

With a blog you are able to share with the world what you know about your business. When someone is looking to buy or sell a home they want to work with an agent they know has knowledge and credibility.

It’s a fact that over 90 percent of all consumers use the internet as a tool to find a person they feel comfortable with.

When someone is going to be buying or selling a home often times they will seek out a pro online.

As a Grafton Real Estate agent, one of my best avenues for capturing business is sharing my local expertise. As you can see from the link if someone is looking for an agent in the Grafton area they will see that I have a wealth of knowledge I can share about this town.

Local expertise is the backbone of having a successful real estate transaction.


7. Ryan Stewart – Webris 

Ryan Stewart

It’s all about playing to the emotions of your target audience. What are their painpoints?

What are they passionate about?

Your content needs to be focused at addressing these and driving strong emotions within them.


8. Kristi Hines (Freelance Writer) – Kristi Hines 

Kristi Hines

If your goal is to generate leads through viral content, you have to achieve two things.

First, you have to make sure the viral content is going to attract the target audience that is most likely to become a lead for your business.

Second, you have to include calls to action around your viral content so that content consumers know what you want them to do.

If you want leads, make sure there is a lead form nearby your content if possible, such as in the sidebar next to a blog post or in the footer at the end of the blog post.

For infographics that will placed on your small business website and beyond, the call to action should be in the footer of the infographic image itself with an easy to remember and type in link leading to your lead submission form.

For guest posts, the call to action should be in your author bio. And for podcasts, the call to action should be in your introduction or sign off.


9. Matthew Barby – Matthew Barby 

Matthew Baby

One of the most important things to get right here isn’t just “getting your content viral”, it’s optimizing your lead generation capture flow.

Whenever you’re designing new content, it’s vital that you think about how you can give your visitors a reason to subscribe to your email list and that you’re creating a mechanism that makes it easy for this to happen.

A great study that we rolled out at HubSpot (by the brilliant, Pam Vaughan) found that matching CTAs within blog content with keywords most commonly searched for to reach that blog content resulted in a conversion rate uplift of leads by over 240%. You should be

You should be trialling and testing approaches like this within your content to ensure that when your content does reach a large audience (or “goes viral”), you’ll have a robust conversion process in place that will make the most of the traffic.


10. Loz James – Content Champion 


Without doubt the best way to generate leads through your content – viral or not – is to use content upgrades.

A well thought out resource that complements your post is a great way to engage with your readers – and even if you only offer a PDF download of your post – you’ll find your lead generation rates will shoot up.


11. Alex Turnbull – Groove Hq 


Despite the appeal of testing conversion hacks and other “sexy” tactics, our best results have come from focusing a disproportionate amount of time on doing one simple thing right: working hard to understand our audience — talking to them, emailing back and forth, sending surveys — and solving their deepest problems for them through content. If you can do that well, everything else becomes easy.


12. Bryan Collins – Become a Writer Today 


You can generate viral content by spending time considering the problems of your readers and target audience.

Use the language they use in the content you create and go out of your way to solve problems for them. It helps if you have strong supporting visuals or a captivating story.

And finally, spend time considering how you can are going to promote your content in advance. It always helps if you involve influencers in your content and then inform them when it’s live.

It helps if you have strong supporting visuals or a captivating story. And finally, spend time considering how you can are going to promote your content in advance.


13. Gini Dietrich – Arment Diet Rich 

Gini P

You have to always remember contagious content is about them, not about you.

If you remember that and your content provides intense value that no one else in your industry can give a customer or prospect, you will win.

Every time. Think about the questions you are asked in sales meetings. Think about the questions you’re asked at the register.

Think of the questions your customer service person or team is asked. These are the types of things that you can create content around because they are what your audiences want to know.

If you answer those questions—and prospects can find your answer on the web—you will generate leads.


14. Aman Thakur – Email Field 


Creating viral content takes time. So, I do everything to make sure I get full Return On Investment from that viral post. Usually, I do these 3 things to get more leads out of my viral post:

  • I add content upgrade to the post using Leadboxes. And I make sure it aligns with the blog post.
  • I try to promote the post by emailing, tweeting or whatever I could do.
  • I also try to get my viral content syndicated on some big blog.


15. Marko Saric – How to Make my Blog


It’s a bit of an indirect process that has the user as the main focus.

One thing I make sure to do is to create content of high quality (something practical, entertaining, educational etc) that is very relevant, useful and in-demand with the audience I am looking for.

Second part of this is that I aim to have an enticing (and again very relevant) call-to-action naturally within that content that presents an option such as subscribing to a mailing list, getting a trial of the product, installing an app that makes a process easier or similar.


16. Ana Hoffman – Traffic Generation Cafe 


When a post goes viral, it usually means it hit the spot.

It would be a crime against content NOT to strike it while it’s still hot.

Yes, I’m talking about offering a bonus download of sorts that gives your readers even more of what they came for – epic content, only this time it is made available exclusively to your email subscribers.

The bonus download could be anything you put your mind to – additional unpublished tips, a handy checklist, in-depth ‘how-to’ tutorial, etc.

That’s the best way to milk your viral content for all email subscribers it’s worth.


17. Eric Siu – Growth Every Where 

Eric Siu P

The easiest way to generate leads with viral content is to add a ‘content upgrade’ or some type of free download in addition to the piece of content so you can capture those leads while they’re on the page.


18. Will Blunt – Blogger Side Kick will

When it comes to lead generation (which is my primary goal for content creation) – it’s not about creating “viral” content.

Instead, it’s about understanding the core problems you solve for your customers and creating one-of-a-kind content that helps alleviate those problems.

It’s about providing so much value for free that it almost feels like people should be paying for it.

This builds trust, authority and competitive advantage that is sustainable.

If you do this enough, and of course optimize your site for lead capture, you will begin to attract high quality leads on autopilot.


19. Zac Johnson – Zac Johnson 

Zach Johnson

One of the best ways to create content for your site is to make sure it not only provides value and has the potential to go viral, but to also make sure there is a relevant and meaningful call to action at the end of each article as well.

A perfect example of this can be seen on my make money blogging guide. Not only is the article packed with great information and an original infographic on the bottom (to help with social sharing and linkbacks), but the post also provides many different examples and references on how to get started — whether it’s setting up a hosting account or recommending an affiliate program.

In addition to the on-site content and lead generation, a lot of people are hitting this page from outside sources. Once you visit this page, you will also see the popup form load, which converts very well. This is a great way to create killer content that provides value, while also adding people to your mailing list and autoresponder in the process.

This is a great way to create killer content that provides value, while also adding people to your mailing list and autoresponder in the process.

In short, combine as much value and monetization as possible without ruining the audience experience.


20. Mike Allton – The Social Media Hat 

Mike Alton

The best way to generate leads is through Content Upgrades and Email Marketing. Let me explain.

Generally, if you have a piece of content, whether it goes viral or not, that single piece of content is not going to be hugely effective at driving sales directly.

Instead, you want to give readers an easier, less-pressing “next step” – this could be a link to another piece of content, but often the best option is to get interested readers to give you their email address so that you can further the conversation via email.

But few people will simply sign up for your newsletter. No matter how awesome your article is, a simple newsletter signup form will still see only a trickle of new subscribers.

To turn that trickle into a roaring gush of interested, targeted leads, offer them something. It can be an ebook, checklist, report, white paper, email course… whatever you can think of. As long as it’s related to the content they’re reading, they’ll no doubt be interested.

And if you are careful in what you offer and make sure that it’s something a prospect would be interested in, you’ll have a growing list of real leads for your business.

But wait, there’s more.

What if you made the offer even more related to the content they’re reading? We call this a “content upgrade” and it works like this.

Write a nice, long article. 2500 words or more. And then at the top and bottom, include an email signup form where you simply offer to email them a nice PDF of the entire article.

You’ve already created the content, so then it’s just a matter of formatting it into a PDF (and if you compose the post in Google Docs initially, then it’s just a click of a button).

You could also create new checklists or other resources that would be of real interest.

This is a technique that you can most likely implement on many of your articles – use Google Analytics to see which ones are still getting good daily traffic – and create multiple points within your blog that are driving real, targeted leads.


21. Ian Cleary – Razor Social 

Ian Cleary

You create content that is compelling to your audience and it’s good enough such that you could charge for it.

Don’t short change your audience with poor quality content.  Give them your best content to prove your expertise and it will be the best calling card you could ever use.

70% of website visitors never come back to your website so also make sure to build email subscribers as these will be your future customers!


22. Sean Si – SEO-Hacker

sean si

Well the easy answer is to give them a call to action inside the content that leads to your contact form or lead generation page (e-book, whitepaper, etc.) it’s really up to you. If people don’t like the content, it won’t go viral anyway.

So the assumption is they do like your content – and if people already like your content, it’s easier to nudge them a bit further and download another one of your works. That should get you the lead.


23. Chad Pollitt – Relevance


I wouldn’t say that we create “viral” content. However, we do create content that helps people with their marketing. In order to optimize the number of eyeballs we take a converged promotion approach.

Meaning – we converge owned, earned and paid media channels quite often. We also publish content on other blogs and industry publications in order to tap into other audiences.

The key for us is to cite content on our website in order to drive new subscribers.


24. Jon Dykstra – Fats Tacks Blog 


I operate several websites in different niches. I break them down into 2 categories, which are B2B niches and B2C niches.

For B2C niches, examples of which include healthy and fitness, fashion, etc. I’ve found the best incentive to attract leads is to offer a free software program that’s relevant to the niche. Software is a tangible benefit people can actually use so it works as a terrific incentive to join an email list.

For B2B niches, the best incentives for me have been special reports I author that teaches a method or strategy that has actually generated results for me. I find it’s important to demonstrate I’ve had success with the method/strategy so that the free special report is not based on theory, but instead based on real results.

With respect to getting viral traffic, it’s much easier in B2C niches because those niches are much larger. List articles perform well for me.

With respect to viral traffic in B2B niches, I’ve had best results from other bloggers in the niche sharing my blog and sending traffic. Other bloggers link to my blog because it offers case studies and posts based on real results.


25. Michael Roth – SEO Nick 

SEO Nick

Generating leads through viral content is relatively easy. The tricky part is to make a piece of viral content.

However, if it’s viral and you don’t monetize it, it’s all for nothing. You need to ensure that the content always sends people to your site/affiliate offer, and there you can truly start generating the leads.

The way to generate leads when visitors are on your site is fairly easy and straightforward: get their email, or, if you sell a product directly on the site, have a strong CTA that will ensure maximum conversion from visitor to leads to customers.


26. Dr. Rachna Jain – Profitable Popularity 


So the thing about virality is that it’s not always possible to predict, so the best advice I have is to be prepared.

Treat every piece of content you create as if it has the potential to go viral- and then take a look at what lead capturing mechanisms you have in place should any of your content items actually go viral.

Include a call to action in every piece of content, ideally pointing to one of your lead capturing methods. And if a piece does go viral, look at how you can ride the wave as long as possible- releasing follow-up or add-on content.

The best way to generate leads from viral content is the same as you would with any piece of content- be strategic and ready for them.


27. Michael chibuzor – Content Marketing Up 


Contagious content doesn’t generate leads.

It’s what you do with the content that will bring in the visitors, leads, and sales.

An important part of generating leads through a viral content is to be resolute on the type of content to create.

For example, if I want to qualified leads I’ll integrate case studies, results gotten from an experiment.

That way, prospects know that I’ll be able to achieve the same results for them, if they eventually hire me.


28. Joseph Gojo – Ranking Elite 

Joseph Gojo C

One tactic I love the most is content contribution to high content publication sites. I do this on Ahrefs, SEMRush, Search Engine Journal and Monitor Backlinks.

Since these websites have a large amount of targeted audience, getting attraction from these audience can make it easier for me to find potential leads. In fact, most of my previous clients were from SEJ and Ahrefs.

There are other opportunities as well in content distribution, not only the lead generation but also the reputation you are developing with their audience and exposure that you are building at the same time.

However, if you are in a different industry, you can probably create case studies or documentation report of your previous campaign.

For example, if you are in home renovation services, you can do a before and after documentation of your previous work (with client’s approval of course) to see how well you accomplished your work and how you made your clients happy. Not only this can attract inquiries but also has a potential to go viral.


29. Ryan Biddulph – Blogging From Paradise 


One weird aspect of creating viral content – for me – is the less I try to publish something viral and contagious the more easily the post gets viewed and shared.

Trying too hard creates force, and force negates. Move away from pushing. Be pulled. Relax, and those lead generating, viral ideas will flow your way.

You’ll have fun and the content will rock too, and, isn’t that the point of blogging?

Key Lesson learnt: Don’t try too hard to create a viral content, just relax and viral ideas will flow.


30. Miguel Salcido – Professional SEO Consultant 


I have to say though, that I don’t generate leads from “viral” content and I think that word is a sham.

I’ve run over 100 big content (viral) campaigns for big brands (WD-40, Bumble Bee Tuna, etc) and small over the years. And the success rate is small.

Very small. And success is never a function of leads. I can count on both hands how many leads/conversions came from all 100+ of those campaigns. Success is usually measured in stats like social shares, links, search engine optimization, engagement, etc.


31. Rob Cubbon – Rob Cubbon


The short answer is to create valuable content with a lead magnet and collect email addresses that way.

However, I am seeing great results with re-targeting on Facebook people who’ve just been on my site with an offer of a free course.

I’m split testing the offer gradually so I can see the best converting content.

I’m investing my profits into getting those email addresses. At the moment it’s 40 cents an email but the price will go down as my offer improves.


32. Larry Kim – Word Stream 

Larry Kim

Usually the “contagious viral content” has very little to do with your business (since it has to appeal to a very broad audience in order to go viral in the first place), so it’s hard to generate sales/leads directly from that asset.

Here’s what I do.

I make stuff “go viral” ever month – basically a piece of content that drives hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors.

But using Facebook ads, you can cookie the visitors and apply behavioral, demographic and interest filters. So maybe you have a million people in your big cookie pool as a result of your big viral hit, you can narrow it down to say, 10 or 20 thousand people that actually match your buyer persona.

I then advertise (Facebook Ads) to that narrow audience and it’s possible that you could get a response rate of around 5%, maybe even 10%. That’s not bad!


33. Erik Emanuelli – Passive Income 


First, you need to create in-depth, engaging content for your audience, by identifying what they want. Create catchy titles and publish compelling facts.

Use then social media marketing and blogging communities to reach your users and engage with them.

Create high-converting landing pages, using the proper tools. Build a mailing list, your subscribers are your most loyal fans.

Make a funnel, by offering more interesting and useful content. When you think about lead generation, focus on what your audience is looking for.

It’s all about understanding your users, after all. 


34. Corbett Barr – Fizzle

Corbett Barr

We generate leads by consistently publishing content we believe will help potential customers solve problems.

Some of those people become paying customers later, when they’re looking for deeper help.


35. David Leonhardt – SEO-Writer 


Long before the Internet, it was well-known that one of the best ways to get solid leads is to provide free information and tips.

Those people who cannot afford your services will gladly take that information and run with it as best they can.

  • They get what they need.
  • You have removed a number of people who would not have paid anyway, possibly saving you triage time and definitely feeling good for doing a good deed.
  • And on the Internet, some of those people might spread the word in social media and on their blogs.

Those people who can afford your services, will be impressed, realize that it’s too much or too difficult for them to do on their own to the quality they expect; they will hire you.

It is no coincidence that in the six months after publishing a blog post on how to write a best man speech (followed by a SlideShare), I got more wedding speech clients (best man, father of the groom, father of the bride, maid of honor) customers than in the six previous years.

This approach builds your credibility; you are not just saying that you can do something, you are showing that you can do it.


36. Anita Campbell – Small Biz Trends 


When people arrive on your site at the page with the viral content, show a popup as they are about to leave the page (when their cursor leaves the main body of the page).

The popup message urges the visitor to subscribe to your mailing list.  This doesn’t interfere with their enjoyment of the content but often gets a lead action before they leave.


37. Venchito Tampon – Digital Philippines 


There are many ways to lead generation through content creation, a few of my favorites are:

  • Create a content piece targeted to a specific group of customers/clients (for example, we’ve been producing pieces in our link building blog for small business owners, lawyers, agency heads/managers and other sectors of our clients).
  • Invest in the format of your content. Make it appealing to your audience by adding relevant images, videos, graphs/data and/or dissecting the whole piece into different sections (e.g. Moz guide to content marketing).
  • Promote published content on platforms where audience are engaging in (Twitter and Google+ communities, Reddit, niche-specific forums, blogs, etc..)

You can check out this detailed post on creative content promotion strategies.


38. Pratik Dholakiya The The 20 Media, Preceptist & PRmention


I do not necessarily think about lead generation whenever I create any content that might go viral.

My goal has always been to focus on creating quality content that can last for long time.

But if I have to tell you what type of content works best to generate leads, then I’d definitely be confident to mention that “How-tos” and “Strategies” focused posts are best to generate leads. Such posts have helped us generate some really decent leads and we’re still getting benefit from them.

Apart from this, I’ve experienced that very long, detailed and informative content has also worked for us to acquire some good business.

There are also some posts that doesn’t help us get in business, but those help us get great visibility and really good social shares.

For example, this post ( generated over 500 shares in no time and the traffic has been tremendous.


39. Raphael Paulin-Daigle – Raphael Paulin Daigle 


If your content is read (or watched) by your perfect audience and they see you can help them, you might land a few leads; however, that’s too unpredictable and hoping people will get in touch with you because of one piece of content is not a good strategy.

You see, I might read an article on your blog that is getting lots of attention, but that doesn’t mean I know how product or service can help me. Even if I do, it doesn’t mean I’m ready to make a purchase either.

Out of all the clients I’ve worked with, getting readers to sign up to your email list from that content is the best way to generate leads.

But here’s the deal: it doesn’t stop there, having someone’s email address is good, but it’s what comes afterwards that counts: you need to have a drip email series (also known as email autoresponder) that will automatically build trust, create value, and engage your subscribers. Eventually, you can get that drip autoresponder to do all the lead generation work for you.


40. Kristen Matthews – Kristen Matthews 

Kristen word

Creating awesome content with the goal of lead generation is a very common use case. My best advice would be to only gate your content with a lead gen form when it’s worth it.

I don’t like when a simple blog post or uninspired infographic has a download form. Only use this tactic when your content is worth it.

And then be sure to vet the leads generated for a great fit and nurture them with even more awesome content!


41. Brian Lang – Small Business Ideas Blog 

Brian Lang

One of the most important parts of content creation is to focus on getting results and developing real expertise in your field.

Writing skills are helpful, but reading a lot and efficient execution of tactics are an important part of this.

Once you master content creation, activities like blog promotion and getting featured on popular sites becomes much easier as well as your ability to get leads from your content.


42. Steven J Wilson – The Visual Life 

Steve Wilson

Having the your content go viral is a great strategy to generating leads. By having social proof with tons of shares and comments etc instantly builds the trust you need to move visitors to the next step.

Now you need to have a quality, relevant lead magnet. Something that you can offer your visitors in exchange for their email address.

You now have access to someone who you can continue to build trust with on an ongoing basis and know they are interested in the products or services you will offer them in the future.


43. Casandra Campbell – Casandra Camp Bell 


Creating contagious content is not the hardest part. In most cases, if you create something really good, people will want to share it.

The trickier thing is trying to turn viral content into leads. To do this, you need to be very careful about the content you create.

You need to make sure your value proposition (aka the reason people want to buy from you) is a core component of the content.

A great example of this is Blendtec’s “Will It Blend Video Series“. The company recorded a series of videos where they blended up things like iPads and golf balls in their machines.

Not surprisingly, these videos went viral. After all, who would be crazy enough to blend an iPad? But the videos also drove a lot of sales.

You can’t watch one or talk about it without passing along a crucial piece of information: Blendtecs are in very, very strong. That is Blendtec’s value proposition.

Now Its Your Turn

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Leave a quick comment below to let me know what you’ve learnt from the expert thoughts and which technique you’ll use to generate leads through creating viral content.


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