How To Set Up and Rank Your Weebly SEO Site (Examples Included)

By Bill Acholla November 10, 2020
How to Setup Weebly SEO

In this post I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to setup and rank your Weebly SEO site.

In fact, this is the exact process that I used to setup and rank one of my clients Weebly site.

So if you want to rank your Weebly site, then you’ll love this new Weebly SEO guide.


Let’s dive right in…

What is Weebly?

It’s a drag and drop website builder which has customizable templates that is specifically oriented to online shoppers.

You can use it to build blogs and online stores for your eCommerce business.

Secondly, it has useful tools that can help you build your website and grow your business.

Their App center has a wide range of new functionalities and services that’re directly to your website.

The functionalities and services are: custom domains and a full suite of SEO tools that can help your business reach a wide audience.

Here’s my take on search engine optimization on your Weebly SEO site:

1. Your Permalink URL Should be SEO friendly

According to Brian Dean, he found out that short URL have an edge in the search results. Make your permalink URL:

  • Short and sweet. Preferably 3-5 words
  • Avoid long and ugly URL
  • Include your target keyword in the URL

Here is an example of a short and sweet URL:


Below is an example of an ugly URL:


2. Add Keyword in Your Page Title

If there’s a keyword or Keyphrase that you’re targeting, try to put it at the beginning of your page title.

If a keyword is towards the beginning of your title, it will add weight to search engines.

Here’s an example from my site:

Below are some benefits of optimizing your Weebly page titles:

  • Your pages can rank highly in search engine
  • Your page tiles will appear directly in search results giving opportunity to visitors to visits your site.

3. The Header & Footer Code

This is where you put in your Google Analytic or other tracking codes that will help you track your visitors and know where they are coming from.

If you want to track your visitors and scale your marketing campaign then you need to add the tracking codes on the header and footer area.

If you go to Weebly menu, settings and click SEO tab on the left, you’ll find:

  • Site description
  • Meta keywords
  • Footer coder
  • Header code

4. Image Optimization

When adding images to your page or post content, make sure you optimize your images so that it can also rank in the search results.

Make sure the file name contains the keyword you’re targeting. This will give search engine a clue one what your content is all about.

A lot of websites forget about optimizing their images because they think it doesn’t add value.

But from my own experience, if you optimize your content image naturally, you’ll stand a high chance of getting traffic form Google.

When Google sees images with alt text “2020 SEO Tips” and “Tips about SEO” it tells them:

“this page is about SEO Tips”.

Now let’s look at some of the best SEO tips that can help you rank your Weebly SEO site.

1. Make and Distribute The Infographics

There is absolutely no reason to doubt this, even though people are prone to do this.

Know that infographics are still in effective today and they do play a very important role in link building strategy.

The demand for infographics has also increased by leaps and bounds as told by Unbounce.

The best thing about infographics is that you will be able to continuously generate organic traffic into your blog and so earn good quality links, even if you didn’t specifically want for them.

Neil Patel found out that infographics generates about 37% more than the standard blog post.

This ensures that using infographics as link building tactics is beneficial and you shouldn’t ignore this.

Below is an example of a powerful infographic that got featured on MSN, Fox News, Lifehacker, Business Insider, Yahoo! News and Huffington Post.

2. Be Active on Social Media

Social media networks have revolutionized marketing and they can provide a big push for your link building plans as well as guest posting efforts.

So if are not active on various social media platforms then you are surely doing your brand a huge disservice.

To grow your business, make sure you connect with the right people and become active by sharing relevant posts, updates, and images.

AdWeek found that businesses and companies had embraced the whole concept of social media marketing.

This is because that is where engagement and relationship with potential prospects and customers are made. Here are some more uses and strategies of social media:

You can help your fans in finding what they want to see. They can share it on more platforms by using social media.

You will be able to boast engagement when you are active in social media, even if you are just getting started.

Consequently, you will also show your site URL and brand to more people who could, in turn, share your posts with their own target audience.

Overall, you will benefit a lot as it will boost your link building and improve your overall visibility.

Below is an example of a successful blogger who always finds time to engage with his fans.

Darren Rowse:

Notice how Darren replies to comments and engage with his audience?

3. Make Use of Resource Links From Verified or Trusted Sites

When using resource links, make sure that they are either from a verified site or from a trusted site.

Think of a resource as a guide which you can create or even compile for your audience.

It is actually one of the best forms of content which can generate good links and also drive traffic.

There are some authority blogs and sites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, Copy blogger and more, who have resource pages which you can effectively use while creating yours.

Here’s an example to help you out:

If you can make a big resource article than the one found above then you will get backlinks.

Then you can expand yours to even 30, 70 and more.

Then create some fresh headlines.

After it gets written, get your links by making use of email outreach. Send out a simple email to all the people whose blogs you included.

Below is an example of email outreach:

Most email templates are simple and never fail to work. This form of email outreach performs better than any other form of link request or broken link.

That’s because you have followed up the blog right from the authority. In the end, you will have established a level of trust with them and you have depicted some appreciation as well.

As such, they will be more inclined to reciprocate by linking up to your web page.

There are a lot more of email marketing techniques which will help your blog grow more effectively, but there needs to be a separate post for that.  

4. Develop Your Own Personal Brand

This is one of the best link building strategies simply because the brand is you.

Always begin with yourself.

Understand that your own brand will evolve from your thoughts so begin to express itself eternally.

When formulating link building strategies, recognize that as your own personal brand will grow, people will also naturally link up to you.

A natural link is one which is editorially earned and is organic in the whole context on which it appears.

It’s not part of any sort to sponsorship or anything of the sort. Sometimes, a natural link is just giving credit where it’s due and this is a policy which each and every professional blogger should do.

The natural link can be a powerful tool. But keep in mind that the one major criteria to earn it back is through the quality of your brand and content.

So, your brand is the one which represents you. Apart from this, one of the most effective strategies is by using the formula of effective blogging.

This is something which I have been carrying out for over half a decade with success.

This way you will be able to grow your personal brand and get more attention.

What more can you do? When people ask me this, I always point to the one place where you can show your confidence- public speaking.

This is because there is a potential for connecting personally which comes from viewing people upfront and personally.

But know that blogging is the one strategy which is #1 and that’s what I follow as well. So get serious about blogging if link building is what you want to do.

You will get a lot of inbound links and it will also improve your rankings on the search engine. It’s a win-win situation all over.

Also, know that if you can grow your personal brand or blog enough then you will be able to sell it off for a pretty good penny.

5. Check Your Competitor’s Backlinks

The site WebpageFX says that around 45% of the reason for a site to rank highly in search engine is because of links.

In this case, let use

Go to Smallseotools (backlink feature) and type in the URL you want to grab links from:

As an example let’s plug

Click the Blue button to generate backlinks:

And you’ll see a list of backlinks to replicate. According to SEO experts from Newcastle, you should focus on the Dofollow backlinks with the highest Domain Authority (DA).

Basically, put- the more links you can get from high authority and relevant websites, the better your rankings will be on search engines.

But while you are building your own, make sure to also check on your competitors’ backlinks.

This is simply because you should have the hunger to stay on top of the chain.

Know that Google is always changing up its game but the giant is still insistent on one thing- that links should be earned and not built.

Along with this, you will discover where your competitors are getting their links from.

This will lessen to burden and let others do the grunt work for you.

If you find out that your competitors are ranking higher than you, then they could possibly be on the right path.

So while spying on them, try to determine what keywords they are ranking for and where their best links are coming from.

All this and more form part of a competitor’s backlinks. Also, always make sure that you replicate only from the best of your competitors.

Know that your blog can get you plenty of sponsorships, clicks, and views if you can manage its SEO.

A good ranking will get you fame within your niche community and everybody will trust your opinions as well.

Now it’s Your Turn

Now that you’ve seen how to setup and rank your Weebly SEO site, it’s time for you to implement the tips above and start generating qualified traffic and leads.

If you’ve any feedback or suggestion, share them below in the comment box.

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