How to Improve Your 2021 Rankings With 27 White Hat SEO Techniques: The Complete Guide

By Bill Acholla March 19, 2020

White Hat SEO Guide

You’re about to see some of the best white hat seo techniques for bloggers, that are being advocated by top bloggers and entrepreneurs to use for acquiring clients.

The best part?

I got the opportunity to interview some of the expert bloggers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to share their ideas about:

What are the best white hat seo techniques for bloggers and entrepreneurs can use to rank and attract clients to their business?

And their responses were TOP NOTCH!

Without further ado, here are the experts…



1. Justin Cooke – Empire Flippers 


One of the best ways we’ve found to build links (and authority) in the space is through building actual, personal connections with others bloggers and entrepreneurs in our industry.

That may start off with leaving a few blog comments or sending a few tweets.

Once you’ve established a connection, you can move up to guest posts, podcast interviews, etc.

By maintaining relationships with others in and around your niche, your blog or company is kept top of mind and is one of the first they’ll think of next time they add content to their site.

You can get really strategic about this, too. My business partner and I had a list of other people we wanted to connect with and put it in a Google Doc so we could both track our progress!

Ultimately, other bloggers and entrepreneurs are more likely to write about others they have a relationship with AND have been consistently in their sphere.


2. Marcus MillerBowler Hat 


It’s really important for SEO to sit amongst a solid marketing strategy.

What are we hoping to achieve from the work that we do?

What are our overall goals?

How can SEO help here?

Often, one of the smartest moves from a digital marketing and SEO perspective is the creation of great content.

Content can expand the subjects in which your site ranks for. Content can be placed on more authoritative sites to get in front of their audience and to rank for big hitter keywords on that site.

Content can be used to build links. Content can be used to drive engagement with pages on your site. Content, content, content.

Boring viewpoint and not exciting but the web is a sea of content and that is to tool you use to build authority, scope and awareness of your business.

SEO is just such an umbrella term that it is also really important to consider why SEO efforts may not be delivering.

Is your strategy to improve your visibility in search on point? Or has it failed strategically before it even got of the blocks? Content is a flexible tool but be aware of what you can hope to rank for and where it is best to do that.


3. Tung TranCloud Living 


It’s outreach link building. It can be boiled down to 3 steps:

  • You create a valuable piece of content (also called “linkable asset”).
  • You reach out the right people who may be interested in it
  • If they like it, they will share or link to your content.

Yep, it’s that simple.

What I love the most about outreach link building is that everything’s based on value.

The more value you can create or deliver, the more high-quality links you can earn.

The links are earned. Not built.

Not only this type of links are highly powerful, but they’re also completely safe.

You’ll never have to worry about getting caught by Google. Because there’s nothing to catch. In fact, Google will love you and reward you on every update.


4. Chris Guthrie – Up Fuel 


We all want strategies or techniques that we can adapt and use in our business but as new algorithm updates come out things always change.

I love trying new tactics but the core of my strategy always comes down to what we should all be doing in the first place – creating content, products, etc that are truly better than what else is out there.

Then marketing in unique ways. Look at your market and if everyone is doing the same thing that means there are other open areas to expand into.


5. Karl KangurMonetize Pros


The best whitehat SEO technique is writing your content for the right people.

Of course, you have to create killer content for your audience but you’ve also got to consider who might be linking to you.

Does the majority of your audience have related websites to link from? Probably not.

Analyze people in your industry, see what they link to and create content according to that.


6. Puranjay SinghGrowth Pub 


The single best white hat SEO method I know to get clients is a four step approach:

  • Create a content upgrade to capture leads
  • Promote this content via targeted Facebook ads + email outreach
  • Qualify each captured lead and follow-up over email

It’s a lot of work, but I find that the close rate is exceptionally high.


7. Benjamin BrandallProcess


Thanks to sites like Quora there is so much up for grabs in terms of insights what your target market cares about.

As well as using it to come up with ideas for new content, you can use it for keyword research.

Try searching for your niche and filtering the search results by topic. If people are asking questions about it, there’s likely not the right content out there to address the issue.

Write content targeting that keyword, and instead of heading over to Quora to get their answer, your clients will find your site.

I wrote a full post about how to do that here


8. Mike TemplemanFox Tail Marketing


The best technique is building out a knowledge base on their website for all of the questions their customers ask.

Google and other search engines are moving more towards semantic searches.

To this end, you need to specifically target the questions that people ask about your products or services and answer them in great detail.

Many companies don’t know where to start when it comes to link building or web design, but every company and entrepreneur should be able to share their expertise with their customers.


9. Michael King – Ipull Rank 


The best thing for these people to do is to commit a few hours per week to writing something very compelling for their audience that lives on their site and then launching and promoting it.

They should also consider writing for high quality and high traffic outlets in their space and linking back to themselves, not so much for the link value of it, but for the opportunity to get more eyeballs on their content.

The ultimate goal of any digital marketing channel is to get more users to see your content, and buy your products or services, so focusing on content, the promotion of that content and then going back to tweak it for optimizartion purposes is the most effective usage of their precious time.


10. Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier – WP-Rocket Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier

Content is definitely the best long term investment you should do.

Lots of people forget that SEO is above all a matter of words.

The most words and content you will have on your website the most easy it will be to find you.

Then your content have to be valuable and interesting. Don’t create content to create content. You will never regret creating great content.


11. Michael EricksonSearch Scientists 


In SEO – almost everything changes every year. You know what doesn’t change in the world of SEO? Creating great content and having rock solid on-page SEO.

The classic on-page SEO elements combined with wow-worthy content that engages and encourages shares will always be powerful. And you can’t get any more white-hat than that.


12. Kulwant NagiBlogging Cage 

Kulwant Nagi

The best ever white hat technique to attract clients is Guest Blogging.

This is such a big online marketing weapons that you can achieve multiple targets just with a single blog post.

Links, authority, exposure, relations, marketing are few of the benefits of doing guest blogging.

Once you use this IM weapon smartly, you can build multi million dollar business within few years.

By doing guest blogging on relevant blogs in your industry you not only strengthen your presence in the market but search engine crawlers also love this relevancy.

So I extremely recommend to run guest blogging campaign for every type of online business.


13. Ryan BiddulphBlogging From Paradise

Ryan Biddulph

Writing really, really, really, really inspired content is the White Hat way to go.

The more I see in-depth, helpful, entertaining posts on Page 1 of Google the more I feel the Big G wants you to solve problems, first and foremost, and also wants you to focus less on anything other than that. Follow your fun. Publish a resource. Enjoy the process.


14. Dave Schneider – Self Made Businessman 

Dave Schneider

I think guest posting, resource page link building, and product reviews are all viable ways to get white hat links for your business.

We have been implementing this in NinjaOutreach for over a year and it has worked well to get our name and brand out there.

The more of these you do, the more organic links will start to come your way as more people start to know you.


15. Bill Gassett – Maxreal Estate Exposure 

Bill Garset

One of the best ways a blogger can drive more traffic to their site is by collaborating with others in their industry.

Interviewing another person within your field and allowing a link back to their website as part of the interview is a great way to achieve visibility, domain authority and actual visits to a website.

Each person can do this for the other on whatever subject matter they are writing about.This is a tactic that I use all the time for my real estate blog.

Often times I will feature one of my local community pages such as this Southborough Real Estate agent page. By collaborating with another in your field you are guaranteeing yourself a link on an on topic page within your niche.


16. Susan Payton – Egg Marketing PR 


Writing informative content without stressing too much about keywords is a great way to drive traffic to your site or blog and to rank higher in search results.


17. Chris LeeRankxl 


Any business doing SEO will obviously try to rank for their specific keywords. For example, a dentist in New York will try to rank for ‘New York dentist’ on Google.

But another awesome white hat SEO technique that most small/medium sized businesses seem to ignore is SEO for keywords that their customers are searching for BEFORE they seek out their services.

For example, if someone wants their teeth whitened, they’ll likely search Google for information on how to whiten their teeth.

By ranking for keywords like this, you can get your business in front of your target audience, and even convert people who initially don’t even consider going to a professional to take care of the job.

If they do decide to look for a dentist, you’re already on their minds because you provided them with the valuable information in the first place.


18. Toby Nwazor – Toby and KC 


The best white hat SEO techniques I can recommend are:

  • Offer high quality contents, because content still rules, In other words, always write ‘Epic Shit’.
  • Guest post on authority blogs like Huffington, Entrepreneur, or Dumb Little Man.
  • Ensure that your site is very responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Deeplink to other links on your site

Doing these will improve your search performance and equally maintain the integrity of your website.


19. JohnTP – John TP

John TP

  • Find the people in your niche who has already build an audience.
  • Build a relationship with them. Be helpful.
  • Write a valuable blog post that promotes a useful lead magnet.
  • Kindly ask them for a link or a social share.
  • Build a relationship with that list. Provide massive value first.
  • Convert leads to clients.


20. Dave CollinsSoftware Promotions Dave J

Every SEO tricks you can think of is an ingredient for SEO success. Whether it’s link-building, keyword silos, page speed, mobile, internal links, domain authority sculpting, long-tail keywords.

CTR-based titles, your competition’s dead links, 301s instead of 302s, canonicalisation… all of these (and more) may have an enormous or insignificant impact, depending on your own website’s circumstances.

Asking an SEO professional for the “best white hat technique” is like asking a chef for the “best ingredient”.

It means nothing, and any given answer has the potential to ruin a whole lot of cooking!


21. Gary KoriskoReboot Authentic 

Gary Korisko

When it comes to SEO, I’m pretty big on good, old-fashioned relevant keyword research.

When you understand your audience on a deep level, you come to understand their problems… the things they’re looking for answer for and searching for.

Once you know that, it’s a matter of doing good keyword research to figure out which words they’re typing into Google to find those answers. Like I said, it’s pretty organic and old-school, but it’s worked for me.


22. Zac Johnson – Zac Johnson

Zach Johnson

One of the best ways to bring attention and new backlinks to your site is through the use of infographics — specifically to create your own.

If you wanted to outsource the creation process, you are looking at around $500-$2000 depending on who you go with.

Personally, I think using a service like Piktochart for $29/m is more than ideal. Just put in the time and effort to create something nice and make sure all of your data is correct and referenced.

You can see an email of an infographic I created in this make money blogging article. Not only is an infographic a great way to compliment your own text content, it’s also great for social sharing and getting others to link back to your site as well.

Once your infographic and content is live, you can then start writing about and referencing it on other sites.

You can also submit the infographic to infographic directories and most importantly, contact other big sites in your niche to see if they would like to include it within their content.

Follow these quick tips and you’ll start to see how effective a great infographic can be for your site.


23. Andy CrestodinaOrbit Media


Don’t target keywords, target topics. While you’re writing, include the words and phrases that indicate that your content is relevant more broadly to the general topic. This is a big part of what’s now know as semantic SEO.

There are many ways to discover which words are semantically linked within a topic. Some of the clues can be found at the bottom of most search results pages:

image 1

Find these words, include them in your content and you’ll indicate relevance more broadly, which is an important part of modern SEO!


24. Chris LucasBlast Media 


Conversion rate optimization improves your website’s performance. It doesn’t help people discover your webpages in the first place.

That’s what SEO fundamentals—title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and so on—are for.

CRO can help turn these essential SEO elements into conversions. Have you identified the call to action that leads to the most form submissions? Put it in your home page title tag! What benefit statements resonate with your ideal customers? Rephrase and add them to meta descriptions, subheads, and page content.

These “snippets” and sound bites of compelling copy can increase your chances of showing up in relevant search engine results. And they’ll generate profitable clicks at the same time.

Your pages need fundamentals in the same way pro athletes still need them. Your content can have the “natural ability,” but it needs the fundamentals to shine through the crowd. Here are some fundamentals to focus on:

  • Well written page titles element: Keep page titles under 70 characters & place your main keyword as close to the front as possible.
  • Optimize your URLs: Try your best to keep URLs under 75 characters. If you have a page focused on a topic or keyword, then name that page and URL extension accordingly.
  • Research & use your keywords, but avoid stuffing: Focus on your main keywords. Realize you cannot target 10 keywords on one page. Keyword stuffing can lead to your site being penalized by search engines.
  • Utilize image ALT text: Image alt text gives the search engines a description of your images. Alt text can come in handy if used properly.
  • Implement the meta description tag & ditch the keyword tag: The meta description tag displays the supporting text that goes under your site’s search result. It becomes helpful copy that gives visitors an idea of what you page is about. The keyword tag was once relevant, but no longer helps your site’s SEO. Get rid of it, unless you want your competitors to quickly find what keywords you are targeting.
  • Monitor your on-page links: It’s good practice to keep the amount of links on a single page to under 100. Initially, this number might seem high, but when you consider all the internal navigation links on your page, it’s a different story.


25. Sam Oh – Money Journal 

Sam oh

The best way to get white-hat links is a ton of outreach emails.

You can find backlink profiles from your competitors and reverse engineer the links to find sites that appreciate content like yours.

From there, you send them an email pitching your “greater” resource and explain how it closes a gap.


26. Ronell Smith – Ronell Smith 


  • Develop an in-depth understanding of your market/vertical/category
  • Single out types of content most frequently shared by the audience
  • Become active in the community, sharing and engaging around others’ content
  • Grow your own community by creating content with your brand’s voice and that meets very specific needs of a small segment of the audience, who you should feel comfortable asking to share your content [i.e., you’re moving from audience (broad) to community (specific)]
  • Use the community to help you produce and share content


27. Don Purdum – Don Purdum 


While many will go into technical details, I’m going to take an entirely different tact.

SEO continues to change at an incredible pace and with artificial intelligence taking on a bigger role in the algorithms; just following a set SEO pattern will not be enough moving forward, in my opinion.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore meta descriptions, keywords, linking, etc…

However, it shouldn’t be the most important thing you do.

The most important thing any business should do is discover “what business they are ‘really’ in”.

This is a function of messaging. It’s like asking “what do you do?”.

As SEO gets more sophisticated (how is that possible, right?) thanks to AI it is learning more about you and how to link content to your website or blog visitors.

You must learn to get rid of the old mass marketing mindset that is trying to appeal to everyone and instead learn how to create on piece of content, for one person, with one problem/need/or desire.

I know a lot of people who believe they are specific, and yet they are not.

Specificity feels uncomfortable as content creators and yet as content consumers we are all looking for something specific when we go to a search engine.

When we get specific we become relevant and compelling.

Isn’t that ultimately what a search engine is looking for?

Now Its Your Turn To Rank…

I have no doubt you’ve enjoyed the SEO tips you can use to acquire new clients for your business.

If you really, really want to get clients, then you need to implement the above white hat SEO techniques.

I’d be more than happy if you can share the article with your business partners or your friends.

If you’ve any feedback or suggestion feel free to share your thoughts below.


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