Wix vs WordPress: Which Blogging Platform Should You Use?

By Bill Acholla July 15, 2020
Wix vs WordPress for Bloggers

In this post I’m going to compare Wix vs WordPress.

So if you’re looking for key differences of these two popular blogging platforms, you’ve come to the right place.


Let’s do this!

I’ve always loved traveling.

I live for exploring new places and venture upon new experiences.

And everywhere I go, I always share my adventures on Instagram.  

After visiting so many places, and taking a ton of photos along the way, I’ve gained a decent amount of following.

Some of my followers even commented that I inspired them to travel.

So, I thought that maybe, if I share my travel stories, I could encourage even more people to get out there and see the world.

To do that, I would need an online platform to share my experiences, so I’ve decided to create a website to post my blogs.

The only problem is — I don’t know how to make a website.

I did some research about website builders, visited some sites that review website builders and then I found two that many people claim to be user friendly – Wix and WordPress.

Introducing: The Two Website Builders Competitors

Website builders are a great tool for those who want to create their own website without the hassles of starting a website from scratch.

They are convenient tools that don’t require a lot of code editing so there is no need to have a lot of programming knowledge.

Lets start with Wix.

Wix is helmed by CEO, Avishai Abrahami, who also co-founded the software Wix in 2006.

Their website builder is easy-to-use software which is why it’s not surprising that it gained a million users by the end of 2009.

Want to create a blog for free and make money?

Wix can be used for free.

Wix was one of the first website builders that I came across on the internet.

I tested it out for a few days and even had an opportunity to publish my own blog pages.

ENTER: WordPress

I heard about WordPress from friends who have been using it.

WordPress is quite established in the blogging industry.

So, I’ve decided to try it out myself.

Open source WordPress, a well-known online publishing platform, launched WordPress.com in 2005.

WordPress helps beginners develop their own website, or run a blog.

Bluehost, one of the largest web hosting platforms, assists in hosting WordPress websites.

Over 2 million WordPress sites are hosted by Bluehost.

The following review is based on what Wix and WordPress could do for your website, based on my research and my own experience using it.

1. Customization

You can customize a variety of Wix blogging templates available.

You can choose templates for Restaurants & Food, Photography, Fashion, Travel, and more.

I tried the traveler’s blog template, and the results were exceptional! See below;

2. Templates

Using Wix, you can change templates or add a blog.

You can even add some special effects, such as; a looped video playing on the background, moving texts, slideshows, and more. The result is a professional looking website.

  • Wix has an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) feature that can generate your own website by just asking you specific questions. This is a convenient option for busy people.
  • Wix gives your website a professional and fresh look. Plus, it allows more room for creativity and it can help you increase your website engagement.
  • Wix has advanced SEO Thus, it drives more traffic to your site and makes it very accessible.

3. Themes

WordPress has thousands of themes to choose from. Whether it’s for personal use, or for an online business, you will always find one that will suit your taste.

Unfortunately, you have to choose themes cautiously. Certain themes, slows the site speed down and are vulnerable to hackers.

4. Plug-Ins

There are many plug-ins that you can use to customize your website. Most of the plug-ins are free.

On the flip side, you’ll be required to pay additional fees for some useful plug-ins.

5. Managing Your Website

WordPress helps you manage your website well.

You don’t need any background in making websites, because WordPress takes care of everything you need.

6. SEO

WordPress has high-quality SEO options for improving your content and obtaining meta tags as compared to Wix.

7. Updates

WordPress provides updates to improve your website making experience.

8. Site Speed

The site speed of Wix is a bit slow.

However, once you purchased a premium plan, the site speed will improve gradually.

9. Availability

Wix is available for free.

You will have the opportunity to try it out for yourself before shelling out cash for their premium plans.

You simply need to sign up.

For WordPress, you can sign up on their website. You can also sign up for a Bluehost account then install WordPress.

Note: Bluehost’s monthly plan costs $2.99.

Their premium plans are reasonably priced, so you can experiment on which one will be best for you.

10. Premium Plans For Wix

Connect Domain: Suppose you want a platform to explore your creativity, if that’s the case, you can get Wix’s most basic plan for $4.50 a month.

It connects your domain with 500 MB storage and a bonus of 1 GB Bandwidth.

Note: Bandwidth is the rate of data transfer. More Bandwidth means more media can be uploaded and displayed on your site.

Combo: Suppose you need more storage, bandwidth, and to remove bothersome Wix ads. Try the Combo plan for just $8.50 a month.

With this plan, you’ll have ad-free domain. In addition, you’ll get to customize your own favicon.

Note: Favicons are the little icons shown on address bars. Customized favicons usually indicate professionally branded websites.

Unlimited: For just $12.50 a month, you get to have your own site with unlimited bandwidth and a 10GB storage capacity.

It’s great for small business entrepreneurs and freelancers out there.

ECommerce: If you’re planning to start an online business, this plan is your best choice. The plan costs $16.50 a month.

The plan’s main feature is the online store functionality. The online store flaunts an easy-to-use shopping cart for your customers and an eCommerce pricing system.

VIP: If the previous plan didn’t satisfy you, then the VIP plan might. By investing $24.50 monthly, you’ll get email campaigns and a professional site review from Wix experts.

11. Premium Plans For WordPress

Personal: If you want to build a website for personal use (blogging, personal projects, etc.), then you can invest $3.80 a month for a Personal use plan.

The plan comes with 6GB storage, jet pack essential features, email & chat live support, dozens of free themes, and no WordPress ads.

Premium: Want to run your own business online? You should try their premium plan made especially for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The plan will cost you $7.91 a month and you can add customized plugins.

You can access unlimited themes, advanced design customization, 13GB storage, and a VideoPress support. Bloggers can make money by monetizing their site with the premium plan.

Business: Suppose that you’ve already established a business at a good location.

You want to promote your brand online for it to gain more popularity.

Consider getting the business plan that costs $22.18 a month from WordPress.

The plan comes with unlimited storage, SEO Tools, Apps and Google Analytic Integration.

In addition, you can attend courses, install themes, and upload plug-ins.

12. Performance

Performances of both Wix and WordPress websites are excellent.

Wix and WordPress have their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, I think it’s all about preference.

When it comes to convenience, I think Wix has a little edge.

It took me no time at all to adjust to the user interface compared to WordPress.

Any beginner can easily use Wix for blogging, online businesses, and more.

However, when it comes to practicality, you might want to switch from Wix to WordPress.

If you’re on a budget, you can save a lot of money by using WordPress.

Furthermore, because WordPress is partnered with Bluehost, it will be more convenient to build your website and keep it running.

I can’t say which is absolutely the best free website builder since, aside from the two, there are a number of other website builders out there.

You have the website builders;

  • Squarespace
  • Site123
  • Yola

…and more.

These website builders have similar features with Wix and WordPress.

Each has its own unique features and premium plans.

So, take the time to figure out what’s best for you and your website.

Lets look at known users who are either using Wix or WordPress.

Known Wix Users:

1. Isis King

Isis King is a transgender model. She competed in America’s Next Top Model a few years back.

Now, she blogs her experiences about fashion and thoughts about beauty.

2. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are musicians who once did an awesome online tour in 2016 with their website built with Wix.

You can look up the website of these popular musical artists online.

3. Sergio Aguero

Even football champs need an epic website. Sergio “Kun” Aguero received help from Wix.com and Manchester City, to build his website.

You can now follow his football journey on his website.

Known WordPress Users:

1. Matt Mullenweg

The man behind WordPress, Matt Mullenweg runs a WordPress powered blog in which he shares his experiences among thousands of followers on his Ma.tt.

2. Tom McFarlin

Are you familiar with Pressware? It’s a well-known website solution company co-founded by McFarlin himself.

Tom McFarlin is a WordPress user, developer, and blogger. He blogs about software information.

3. Sarah Gooding

Sarah Gooding gained 13.6k followers on twitter because of her WordPress blogs.

She is a journalist, and a blogger who shares her every day activities such as; cooking, knitting, taking care of her Italian Greyhound, and more.

4. Nile Flores

Nile Flores is a developer and a blogger who owns blondish.net.

She shares her ideas on her website about WordPress developing and designing.

She inspired many of her followers to improve their website’s social engagement.

What is SEO?

You might be wondering what “SEO” stands for since it was mentioned a few times back.

“SEO” means “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO affects the website’s online visibility on web search engines.

Want to optimize your website?

Here are a few SEO tips for bloggers;

1. Create good content

Websites with excellent content are more likely to get good rankings because of Google’s updated algorithms in which perceived value is taken into account.

Besides, if you offer good content, you will get a lot of incoming links and improve your ranking even more.

Gain loyal readers by notifying them when you post new blogs. You can provide a subscription button, or notify them via email to give easy updates.

2. Optimize for Keywords

Readers look for relevant keywords that matched their search.

Make sure to optimize your content for different keyword strings that would reach your ideal audience.

You will probably have a lot of competitors for the common keywords so it would be a good idea to diversify and also opt for longer words with fewer competitors.

Perform keyword research to find out which keywords are best for your business.

Utilize the chosen keywords in your content, title tags, URL, and meta description.

3. Use Inbound links

You could drive more traffic and improve the value of your content by linking relevant articles.

4. Optimize images

Use the keywords for the file name of your images. You should also place the keywords in the description of the photo.

Content Writing

As a blogger, your job is to inspire people with your ideas and experiences.

Your content needs to be meaningful, thus, you have to learn how to write well.

Here are a few content writing tips for beginners to take note;

1. Blog name

Be creative in naming your blogs.

Don’t opt for simple titles.

The more unique your title is, the more audience will engage.

2. Single Topic

Remember, when people search on the web for a specific topic, the most relevant ones are always on top of the list.

Therefore, choose one topic and provide it with relevant information.

3. Determine Your Demographics

Are you writing blogs for a specific audience?

Before writing, it’s important to know your audience.

If you know your audience, you’ll be able to set limits when writing your content.

4. Get Feedback

Ask for your audience’s thoughts and opinions.

You can provide a content rating system for your readers, or a forum for your subscribers similar to Reddit’s message board.

5. Encourage Your Audience

Always include some form of call-to-action.

For instance, after writing your experiences on visiting Alaska, end your blog with a phrase, “If you’re looking for a new adventure on the slopes, check out the snowy mountains of Alaska!”

Take the first Step…

To all my fellow aspiring bloggers, don’t be afraid to take risks.

Explore your creativity.

If you refuse to take the first step, you’ll have nothing to lose.

However, you’ll also have nothing to gain.

Be fearless and passionate! If you have passion for what you’re doing, you’ll always get the best results.


  1. i think wix is for websites and wordpress for website plus blog

  2. Michael White says

    Unfortunately for this article you will be getting a bias response from me.

    Website builders have there place and I include partially “WordPress” into that too with their theme implementation. A website for a business is a crucial element, if you had a limousine company, why would you allow someone with no engineering capabilities service your fleet.

    Yet for some reason we all think “Graphic Design” and website designing is easy, but what about your Sales Funnel, CTA, Design Trends that show you are an up to date company and Lets not forget the “Golden Ratio” the Fibonacci Sequence.

    Wix, Weebly,Wordpress etc etc etc all have their place in the market, it’s all about using the right tool for the right job to get the right results.


  3. Shakti Lima says

    This is a good compilation of the pros and cons between both the platform.
    I personally believe WordPress is much better and easier.
    It depends on what exactly one wants to do.
    The above article is very informative and it clarifies the doubt if you any between Wix and WordPress.

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