11 Reasons To Choose Yo!Kart to Launch eCommerce Marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy

By Ankush Mahajan April 18, 2020

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According to Statista global retail eCommerce sales jumped to $3.5 trillion in 2019 and are estimated to almost double in 4 years.

These numbers illustrate how people worldwide prefer to shop for products online.

E-Commerce marketplace giants like Amazon and Etsy have made these interactions possible providing the majority of these sales.

These marketplaces are hugely popular and in-demand enjoying a high degree of trust from buyers.

For vendors, setting up a seller account takes minimal effort and there are no payment or security issues.

A business owner could leverage the online marketplace business model and create unique solutions for his/her eCommerce multi-vendor store with Yo!Kart ecommerce platform.

Yo!Kart – A preferred choice

A multi-vendor platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to launch their eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy, Yo!Kart offers brands the freedom to customize and scale their businesses globally.

With its agile methodologies and tailored eCommerce solutions, Yo!Kart has become a preferred choice for enterprises worldwide.

To illustrate this point, below I’ve highlighted 11 reasons why you should choose Yo!Kart to launch your eCommerce marketplace:

1. Specialized multi-vendor platform

Yo!Kart is a multi-vendor eCommerce platform that makes no use of plugins and has zero dependencies on any third-party applications, unlike other Saas-based platforms.

It is suitable for both B2B and B2C enterprises. There are several benefits of using a dedicated platform like Yo!Kart over plugins for running a multi-vendor marketplace:

Benefit 1 – Yo!kart is highly customizable allowing business owners to easily customize the marketplace as per their unique requirements.

Meanwhile, marketplace plugins/extensions do not offer such customizations.

Benefit 2 – Better technical support and documentation with multi-vendor platform as compared to plugins.

Benefit 3 – While Plugins/extensions potentially have a low-security level, a dedicated multi-vendor platform like Yo!Kart has a multi-layer secure architecture to offer secure online transactions.

And much more.

2. User-focused design

A user-centered design approach focuses on enhancing the experience a user has while interacting with the product. It is a crucial aspect for every eCommerce platform.

Even marketplace giants like Amazon, Airbnb, and Etsy have often accredited their success to the user-focused design approach.

Yo!Kart team firmly believes that user-focused design is a must for marketplace success.

This is why they offer incredible UI and UX design features to wow your customers.

3. Secure & Up to date

Yo!Kart is developed on a secure, stable and affordable LAMP stack. The web application software stack can be classified as:

  • L for Linux operating system (OS), the single-most secure open-source OS for servers to handle large scale web applications with ease.
  • A for Apache web server, an open-source solution that handles higher traffic without compromising with network speed.
  • M for MySQL database, a relational database management system (RDBMS) that manages terabytes of data swiftly.

Developers worldwide contribute to the LAMP software stack, making it secure, up-to-date and cost-effective.

As Yo!Kart’s core platform is developed with the LAMP stack, it enjoys enhanced security.

Moreover, with a strong and efficient development team, Yo!Kart ensures regular updates and new releases staying up-to-date with the new technologies.

4. 100’s of eCommerce features

Yo!Kart is a trusted multi-vendor platform embedded with top features to make your eCommerce marketplace a success.

There are 100’s of features such as:

a. Multi-lingual functionality

Over half of all Google searches are in regional languages (not English) so a multi-linguistic functionality is crucial for an eCommerce store.

It results in improved user experience, builds a diverse user base, establishes credibility and helps in global business expansion.

b. Multi-currency functionality

While the US dollar is a global currency used for trading/buying goods, in total there are about 164 official national currencies around the globe.

And, the majority of people tend to use the currency they’re familiar with when purchasing online.

A multi-currency functionality integrated into an eCommerce store allows buyers to change currency on the website with just one-click.

c. Shipstation integration

With better shipping options, the seller could increase sales and minimize cart abandonment rates for an eCommerce store.

Shipstation API is a preferred integration by Yo!Kart that automates tasks like retrieving shipping rates, order management, creating shipping labels and more.

d. Product catalog system

A multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace must provide admin every right to create and manage as many catalogs as he/she pleases.

Yo!Kart’s product catalog system offers just that. It empowers the admin to ensure the product images are of high quality with correct description and specification.

And, sellers just need to enter a product with price in the existing catalog.

e. Payment gateway integrations

Multiple payment gateways are indeed great for a multi-vendor eCommerce store and Yo!Kart excels in it too.

It offers a surprising 15 popular payment gateways pre-integrated into your marketplace with an option to integrate more through customization.

This allows the admin to keep the vendors and buyers happy.

f. Tax management

Taxes are an important part of every business (online or physical store).

A tax management system in a multi-vendor store allows admin to set product taxes easily and in a streamlined manner.

Yo!Kart comes with Quickbooks and other tax management APIs.

and more.

All these features are even available in the basic Yo!Kart package.

The platform offers all the standard eCommerce features that are required to run an online marketplace successfully.

5. Ready to Launch mobile apps

Mobile applications hold an important role in the success of an eCommerce marketplace.

As the majority of buyers use smartphones to shop online, a mobile app will do wonders for your eCommerce business.

In order to provide customer satisfaction and deliver a unified shopping experience Yo!Kart offers ready-to-launch mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Available for buyers and sellers, the Yo!Kart mobile app provides distinct features that make it convenient and easy to use.

Moreover, Yo!Kart is PWA compliant offering native-app like functionality in a web application.

It empowers brands to become omnipresent for the customers increasing sales.

6. 1-Million products in Basic Package

Dream about building an Amazon-like marketplace? Then, choose a platform that allows you to add unlimited products without any restrictions.

Yo!Kart is among the most trusted multi-vendor eCommerce platforms that can easily handle up to 1 million products with its basic plan itself.

Plus, if the need arises to add more products, the team can easily handle it with minimal customization.

7. Fully Customizable & Agile

Every business has its own unique requirements and marketing methods.

The team at Yo!Kart is fully aware of this and has skillfully created a platform that is completely customizable.

Yo!Kart, allows you to customize design, features and even integrate third-party APIs with ease.

It is a self-hosted multi-vendor platform that follows an agile development methodology.

8. Limitless Scalability

Yo!Kart is a highly scalable platform that allows business owners to build a marketplace like Amazon with ease.

Its limitless scalability can be attributed to the following features:

  • Easy to customize
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations
  • Unlimited vendors and shops
  • Robust product management system and more

Start small by opting for a minimum viable product (MVP) – a minimalistic version of your online store.

It allows you to capture the response of the targeted audience and pinpoint any flaws.

Amazon and Etsy are so huge because they started with a great MVP and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

9. Lifetime license, No recurring fees

While other multi-vendor solutions may charge a commission fee per product, Yo!Kart offers zero transaction charges.

There is a one-time fee to launch your online marketplace and the payment plans are highly flexible.

Plus, the entrepreneur can pay the amount in different milestones and get a lifetime license with no recurring fees (monthly or yearly).

10. Cost-effective among all multi-vendor platform

Yo!Kart is a cost-effective multi-vendor platform (with a basic plan starting at just $999) that allows you to launch an eCommerce marketplace without burning a hole in your pocket.

It offers both startup packages with free hosting and self-hosted packages to build a successful multi-vendor store.

You will find almost every feature in all these packages with only exceptions in custom design and post-launch marketing.

Moreover, you’ll avail several key benefits like free installation, free 1-month digital marketing consultation, and more.

11. One-year Technical support

Having a technical support team is crucial for marketplace success. It allows you to focus on your core business strategies without worrying too much about the technical issues.

This is why Yo!Kart provides a free 12-month technical support on all its packages.

It offers a dedicated team to assist you to deal with any technical difficulties and remove bugs or errors found in the system.

To replicate what Amazon or Etsy has achieved over-the-years you need a reliable platform like Yo!Kart.

It is packed with all the essential features to launch and build a successful multi-vendor marketplace.

Over to You

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